Family Stripped – Sex Stories

Family Stripped – Sex Stories

On September 18 around 10.30 p.m., Ann Sarika M., a 48-year-old white woman, was sitting on the porch of her home at 8136 W. Drive in Indianapolis, when she felt the barrel of a gun held to her head. Three young black men wearing bandanas and clear plastic gloves surrounded her and ordered her into her house at gunpoint. Ann was subsequently ordered to go upstairs where she joined her 45-year-old husband, William M., and three children, sixteen-year-old twin sons and a seven-year-old son.

While the family was in the upstairs bedroom, the men ransacked the house and demanded credit cards. The leader of the robbers then got in front of Ann and began touching her long red hair and her face. His eyes then remained fixed on the woman’s cleavage. The young man told Ann she had nice breasts and ordered her to remove her shirt. When Ann refused to do so in front of her family, the man pointed his gun at her face and ordered her, her husband, and her children to all remove their shirts. This time everyone complied with man’s order and Ann exposed her C-cup breasts to her family and to the robbers.

The family was then ordered to go downstairs to the living room. At this point, none of the men were wearing their bandanas. When everyone got to the living room, the leader ordered Ann to remove all of her clothes. When she again refused to do so in front of her sons, the man ordered the entire family to “strip down naked” as he pointed his gun at Ann. The family again complied with man’s order.

William and his sons covered their penises with their hands. After her panties dropped to the floor, Ann tried to cover her crotch, but the leader ordered her to keep her arms along her sides, because “all of them wanted to watch her shaved pussy”. He then unzipped his trousers in front of the woman, ordering her to get on her knees. Ann refused, telling she couldn’t do that in front of her family. The leader then ordered their cohorts to lock the woman’s husband and sons in the basement bedroom.

While the other gunmen loaded the family’s car with electronics, one of the men took Ann to the laundry room in the basement. Shortly thereafter, the other two men joined them.
All the three men moved in front of Ann, lowered their trousers and ordered the woman to “suck their dicks”. So Ann got on her knees, pulled down the robbers’ underpants and began stroking their penises with both her hands. She then put the leader’s penis in her mouth, closing her eyes.

After some minutes, the leader withdrew his penis and so Ann began sucking the other robbers’ ones in turn.
Ann was then taken to an adjacent bathroom where the three young men began to kiss and touch all her body. They licked her breasts, sucked her erect nipples and inserted their fingers in her vagina and anus. Next she was again made get on her knees and the leader got just behind her, saying he wanted to “fuck her doggy-style”. The woman leaned forward and placed her hands on the floor, raising her bottom. The leader began inserting his fingers in and out of Ann’s vagina and rubbing her clitoris. The woman asked the leader to stop but he replied that “her wet pussy was making a liar out of her” and that “she wanted his black cock inside her just as much as he did”. So the young man put his hands on Ann’s hips and pushed his hard penis into her vagina. As the young black man was thrusting deep into Ann, she began moaning. The leader kept thrusting for about 15 minutes until he groaned and ejaculated into Ann’s vagina.
Next a second robber kneeled behind Ann and started rubbing his penis against the woman’s vaginal lips, while the third one got on his knees in front of her with his dangling penis exposed.

While Ann was being penetrated from behind by the second robber, she began licking the third robber’s penis shaft and scrotum, until she started sucking it.

After about 10 minutes, the two robbers switched their positions. Ann began sucking the second robber’s penis, while the third one was penetrating her with long deep strokes. When the leader asked their cohorts to “hurry up to cum in this slut”, the third robber ejaculated in Ann’s vagina, while the second one began stroking his penis in front of the woman’s face. Ann then opened her mouth, receiving and swallowing all the young man’s semen.

When the leader asked Ann if she will tell someone about that, she promised to not call the police, but the leader , who was no longer wearing a bandana, dragged Ann however over to the shower and poured soap and bleach on her “to wash all the DNA off.”
The leader then dragged Ann out of the shower and into the basement bedroom, where her family was sitting. There the three men discussed what to do with the family.

After threatening to kill the family if anyone contacted the police, the three men left in the family’s car with the family’s laptops, video games and consoles, and televisions.

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Family Stripped – Sex Stories