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Fantasy story of my first lesbian sex

Fantasy story of my first lesbian sex

This is my first story on ISS. Thank you all for the positive comments/reviews on the previous part.

Now to make things a little more clear. This story about lesbian sex is fiction. The events and characters are fictitious. The characters and events are fictitious and are not intended to represent anyone or any event in the real world. To some extent, I would also try to avoid using real places.

But still, someone somewhere could have had similar experiences. If yes, then let me know in my email. I have made this story such that it completely fits in reality. The logic and reasoning will not go wrong. I promise that the story would be really fun.

A gist of what is happening: Anu and Divya study in the same junior college. They both are very good friends. They both want to explore their fantasies. Anu helps Divya to fulfill her lesbian fantasy.

From here, the next part begins:

Divya became much more closer to me after the previous incident. I did not feel uneasy about letting her kiss me anymore. She wanted to fuck me naked. But two weeks of continuous exams in college interrupted it. Finally, that particular day came!

It was a very hot and sunny day. We both played basketball in college with the other girls from the afternoon till evening. We both got completely tired and drenched with sweat by late evening.

Me (stretching my hands): It was such a terrific day. I am so fucking tired.

Divya: We played for hell a lot of time today than usual. I also feel completely exhausted.

Divya: Anu, can you come to my house tonight? It has been a few weeks since we last slept together.

Me: No way, my aunt would get mad at me.

Divya: Come on, I know that you are not scared of your stupid aunt.

Me: You don’t fucking know what kind of punishments that witch love to give me. However, I don’t care anyway.

The argument went a little longer, but I agreed to go to her house. Soon we reached her house. Her mom welcomed us. Her mom was also a strict woman, but not worse than my aunt.

Divya was not able to stop her inner devils anymore. She immediately pulled me to her bedroom and quickly closed the door. She pushed me onto her bed and jumped on me.

Her ass was on my stomach, and my back was on the bed. She moved her face closer to mine. She placed her forehead on my forehead. Our noses touched each other. She gently kissed my lips and dropped a few salivae onto my mouth.

Me: Divya, you are stinking wet with sweat.

Divya: But Anu, you smell like roses.

Me: Not funny, I too, am stinking.

Divya: Your sweat fragrance is so strong, sweet, and pleasant. I swear, I like it.

Me(mocking): This is seriously disgusting, so stop it.

Divya: Anu, shall we have a bath together? What do you think?

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Me: Hmm… I feel that it is not a bad idea.

She immediately got very excited. I saw a malevolent glint lit in her eyes.

She removed her top, unhooked her bra, and pulled down her shorts along with her panties. My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head. She stood completely naked in front of me!

It was my first time seeing someone fully naked. Shaved pussy, round ass, big boobs. Her assets were hotter than mine, but I felt like mine was much cuter, though.

Me: Divya, is it not embarrassing?

Divya: Of course not.

Divya: Now, you too, remove your dress. Come on, fast.

She knocked me down and tried to pull down my shorts. But I caught my waistband and tried not to let her remove it.

Divya: Anu, don’t be so shy.

Me: No, wait, Divya, I don’t wish to remove my undies.

Divya: What! No way, you are getting naked like me.

Me(struggling): Wait for a sec… fuck… no… leave me.

She pinned me perfectly with her hands and legs. I tried to struggle but was unable to resist.

Me (begging): Ok, but I will remove everything myself, so please stop, stop pulling it.

She did not listen.

After a few minutes of struggle, she stripped me completely. I got stark naked! This was the first time I got naked in front of someone after puberty. My cheeks got red. I was blushing in embarrassment. I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands.

Me: You fucking goddamn bitch.

Divya (teasing): Don’t get so angry, my darling. Is it embarrassing?

Me: Yes, a little.

Divya: Are you covering it because your pussy is too hairy and your tits are too small.

Me (angrily): Shut up.

Divya: Are you jealous that my body is hotter?

Me: Fuck, no!

Divya: Uncover it then.

I then gathered all my courage and slowly uncovered my hands.

Divya: That’s my girl!

She stared at my ass, pussy, and boobs for a few moments but did not comment anything. She pulled me to her bathroom. Finally, we were going to bathe together. Her bathroom was nice and big. It had a small bathtub and a shower.

She switched on the shower. The water was warm and relaxing. We were kissing and smooching under it. Her hands were all over my wet body. She was caressing my wet boobs, thighs, navel, ass, and back.

She gave me soap and asked me to apply it to her body.

Divya: Anu, come on! Apply this on my whole fucking body.

I hesitated a little to touch her body. Seeing her lovely boobs, I dropped the soap accidentally.

Divya (laughing): You are still like a small child.

Me(picking up the soap): Sorry, I got a little nervous.

She suddenly hugged me from the back. She put her hands around my tummy and hugged me tightly.

Me: Eeekkk!

Divya: First, I’ll teach you how to apply soap to some else’s body. Then you apply it to my body.

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Me(nervously): Ok.

Divya: I will bathe you like a newborn baby touching each and every fucking part of your body, ok?

Me(blushing): Hey, but don’t overdo it.

She bent down and started from my legs. She first applied soap on my toes, ankle, shin, calf, and knees of both my legs. The sexual thrill started after she reached my thighs. I started getting goosebumps on my butt. It was so embarrassing.


After applying a little in my thighs, she spread out my legs and touched between my legs. The eerie feeling was getting more intense. She was applying soap in the pussy again and again till I said stop.

Divya: Is this fun?

Me (blushing): Sort of.

She then turned me around such that my butt faced her. My face was getting redder.

Divya (laughing): Your butt is also as red as your face.

Me: You fucking shut up and do the soaping fast.

She was slightly touching my butt crack. She did not insert her hand inside because it is, of course, dirty and stinky. I expected her to spend much more time in my butt. But she completed it within a few seconds. She then moved further up.

My lower body was now free from her. She soaped my hands, navel, and back for a few minutes. Now she was moving so close to me. I was able to see her boobs jiggling wildly. Soon she reached my boobs. My boobs were the most embarrassing part of my body to be touched.

She stood at the back of me and pressed her boobs against my back. Having some soap in her hands, she squeezed my boobs.

Me: Oh, my gosh! These sexual feelings are so heavenly. I wish my boyfriend could do the same for me.

Divya: Stop dreaming, Anu. You don’t have a boyfriend. But I think there is not much difference between girlfriend or boyfriend (laughing).

Me: Shut up, you are a bitch and no boyfriend or girlfriend.

Divya (teasing): But you must have bigger boobs for better pleasure. Your tits are too tiny for any man to get any pleasure.

Me: No, men like small cute boobs like mine.

Divya (laughing): Cute? Seriously? You are still such a baby. You are very far away from becoming a woman. Your understanding of femininity is so funny.

Me: Tell whatever you want, but men like small boobs.

Divya: Big boobs are nice to touch, really fun to play with, and look great in many outfits.

Me: Ok, but men like small boobs.

Divya: What! Are you even listening?

The argument went a little long. It eventually turned into a fight. Divya poured some freezing cold on my boobs. She said that it shrank smaller, and she laughed, looking at it. It was not funny, so I got agitated. I splashed the same on her in return, and then the water war started.

We were making a lot of noise without realizing it. The noise went to her mom’s ears. Stupid Divya did not lock the room. The bathroom door, too, was also not bolted properly. We were too careless.

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Suddenly her mom dashed opened the bathroom door. My heart stopped for a moment. I realized this a little sooner, so I had sufficient time to cover myself in a towel. But Divya was still stark naked. Her mom gave us a death stare. We were ashamed to speak a word.

Her mom caught her ear and dragged her out of the bathroom. She looked very furious. I was frightened. She locked the bathroom with me inside. For half an hour, I was locked up. I patiently waited for her to open the door, counting the tiles on the floor.

I heard a faint-loud noise from the next room when I placed my ear very close to the wall. I thought that probably Divya was getting her ass beat up. After 30 minutes, her mom opened the bathroom door and asked me to come out. After I came out, she suddenly pulled down my towel.

It was totally unexpected. I quickly sat down on the floor and covered my pussy with my legs. I held my hands tightly around my legs and closed my face with my thighs. Tears dropped from my eyes in embarrassment.

Her mom: I am very vexed with you and Divya. I don’t even know how to scold you.

Me: I am extremely sorry, aunty.

Her mom: This would be the last night in this house. Next time you are banned from coming to Divya’s house. Understood?

Me: Yes, aunty.

Her mom: I have kept your food there (pointing at the table). Wear your clothes and then eat it.

Me: Yes, aunty.

Her mom: Tomorrow morning, you will go to college directly from here. I am calling your aunt and telling her what happened here today. Understood?

Me: Yes, aunty.

Arguing with her mom was pointless. But, fuck, she said that she will tell everything to my aunt. That is not good. She then went out of the bedroom and locked it from outside. I then put on my clothes and ate whatever she kept.

Me to myself: It was fun with Divya, but why did this have to turn into a whole fucking mess.

I ignored all the bad things which happened today and which was going to happen tomorrow. I just dreamed about the good things that happened today. I was still able to have a good sound sleep.

To be continued.

I hope you all liked this story. Please do send me your feedback, comments, and suggestions to [email protected] I welcome only honest, genuine replies or comments. Sex chat will not be entertained. Thank you all. Love you, guys!

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Fantasy story of my first lesbian sex

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