Fantasy With Sexy Cousin Turns To Reality

Fantasy With Sexy Cousin Turns To Reality

Hi beautiful ladies and guys, this is my first story on ISS and after reading a lot of stories, I have finally gained some courage to share my experience with you. Before we proceed, this is my sex story with my cousin which might be offending for some readers.

So, I recommend you, ladies and guys, to read this story only if you have had a similar experience or if you do not consider it taboo.

The complete narration shall be a bit long so I will divide it into 3 parts, but I am sure you will enjoy it, so take your time to enjoy the story.

Let us now come to the incident and how everything spiced up for the first time between me and my cousin (same age).

Whenever we met at some function, we used to explore each other’s bodies.

It all actually started with me asking her one day during a function to allow me to have a glimpse of her private part, to which she readily agreed but put forward a condition that only if I allowed her to see and feel mine. To which I agreed and we moved on to find some secluded place among the chaos of the ongoing function.

Finally, we succeeded in finding one and enjoyed our exploration journey.

It was then when my cousin taught me how to kiss and smooch. From then onward whenever we met at some family function, though not much frequently, we enjoyed our exploration game.

Eventually, we got busy in our studies and exams and we did not get a chance to attend many functions, and our adventurous games faded away in memories.

I went to the hostel to complete my college and we had grown up by then and my hormones had also started to show their colors. I used to fantasize over the memories of our exploration adventures but I did not know then how sexy my cousin had grown as it had been many years since we had seen each other.

Then one day during the last few months of my college, I had asked for our camera to capture some memories of my college and the planned annual excursion.

My father brought me the camera and to my surprise, the camera was not empty, there were some pics in the memory card. Those were some pics of a recent family function that my parents attended.

While scrolling through the images, I was awestruck at a pic of a beautiful and damn hot lady in a traditional Indian yellow saree among some of my relatives.

I was not able to identify the lady as her face was partially covered by her silky hair which had a dusky shade. I started to scroll through the remaining images in search of another pic in which the lady’s face was more clearly visible.

Finally, I found a portrait pic of hers. It was then that I recognized her as my old exploration-adventure partner. I could not believe my cousin had grown into such a sexy and hot lady. She was having the perfect hourglass figure draped in the beautiful traditional yellow saree paired with a red blouse exposing her milky white waistline.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful look of hers and was gazing at her image for a long time until I came back to my senses. All our adventurous memories of exploring were having a flashback in my head.

I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy to see my cousin as such a beautiful and hot mature lady but was sad thinking that she must now be having a boyfriend and would not give any value to me being such a gorgeous lady.

She must be getting enormous attention from all the handsome guys. But this also ignited the fantasy about her in me, and then I had a much clearer and recent image of hers to fantasize about.

If someone is not within our reach, there is no harm in fantasizing and dreaming about them. I consoled myself by explaining to myself that whatever adventures we had explored in the past, all were due to our innocence and she might have also let go of those and I must as well.

Finally, college was over and I returned back from the hostel. We had bought a new house in a different city where I went to prepare for my entrance exams as I would be alone there and would be able to concentrate better.

One day my parents called me and said that my cousin (yes, that hot, sexy cousin) would be visiting me with her mother to meet me. I was thrilled at this news. The next day they arrived and I was awestruck at the sight of my sexy cousin after so many years.

She seemed happy to see me as well and she gave me a good warm hug, a casual hug, and I took it as a normal one as well. We then had a long conversation sharing all our memories.

Of course, we could not share our adventures in front of her mom and I was damn scared to bring up that topic as well. She seemed very happy to meet me after so long but it seemed she did not remember anything as she was talking very normally just as with all other cousins.

I also waived off my thoughts and consoled myself that those were indeed our innocent days and she must have not remembered anything of those. I came to know that she had a boyfriend and that was another turn-off for me which I handled and let all my naughty thoughts subside.

After that day, she and her mother visited me a few times before she got admitted to PG college but I never dared to ask her if she had retained any memories of our childhood. I had also left any hopes of getting laid with such a gorgeous girl who had a boyfriend.

After that, she went to stay in the hostel and I also got admitted to another PG college which was near our house, so I was a day-scholar there.


Hey, beautiful readers, do not get sad as the story is not yet over. The real spice in our lives started after 3 years of our college. Her course duration was of 3 years and mine was 4 years.

During the 3 years of my college, I had completely let go of all of her thoughts and enjoyed my college life to the fullest (will share in a different story). But after 3 years, during the final year, things turned drastically as I had never ever imagined.

This is getting too long, so will share the rest of the spicy experience in the next PART. Please do not miss the next parts as those have the real spice.

I would love to hear your feedback until now on my mail – [email protected] I will be waiting for your feedback and you may also drop me a mail for anything, also if you want to share your incest fantasy/experience secretly with me.

See you in the next part.

Fantasy With Sexy Cousin Turns To Reality