Finally, I Had Sex With My Cousin

Finally, I Had Sex With My Cousin

Hey horny ladies and pervert guys. This story is about how I had sex with my cousin sister. I had a major crush on her since childhood. Later on, I found out that she, too, had a crush on me, which led us to mutually explore our bodies.

Let’s come to the story. Let me first tell you about my cousin. She is fair and of average height around 5.4″ and a stat of 36-30-36. This happened recently when I was in my final year of college.

I always had a huge crush on this cousin. She always had a nice curvy body to die for. So in the final year, I was on a short vacation with my friends. I was told that my cousin will come and live with me since her college was over. She was now searching for a job.

I was on cloud nine hearing this news. I lived alone and always had a sexual crush on her. We had not spoken for a while since we got into college. I received her number and was told to help her out to get comfortable in my flat. I would be there only after my vacation was over.

I called her and guided her to my flat. I helped her out with everything to get comfortable. Unfortunately, her mother also accompanied her. I thought its okay, and I brushed away all fantasies and sexual thoughts about her from my mind.

Some days were still left for my vacation to get over and get back home. We started chatting about normal stuff. After 2 days, we were having a quarrel about me being still a kid like in our childhood days or have I become mature. She randomly asked.

She: You must still be a kid.

Me: No! you have not met me for a long time, so you don’t know how big I have grown.

She: Oh, Really! I don’t believe you have matured. I bet you are still a cute kid.

Me: You must not be in this delusion. I am an adult now.

She: Okay, Then tell me, have you completed the adult course?

Me: Adult Course? I did not get it. Is it about graduation?

She: Leave it. Forget what I just said.

Me: No, you have said already, now no going back, explain to me which course you are talking about.

She: Okay. Promise this conversation will remain between us.

Me: You can count upon me on that.

She: ‘Ghapa-ghap’ course!

I was shocked reading this. I already did get a hint about what she meant with ‘Adult Course.’ But now, I was sure that she was asking me if I was a virgin.

Me: How does that prove that one has become matured or not?

She: See, I won the bet. I knew you were still kiddo.

Me: Shut up. You did not win the bet, and this does not prove anything.

She: Just accept it, you little cute cousin.

Me: No, I won’t. It is a wrong assumption. Anyway, why don’t you confirm for me if you are matured or not?

She: I have no problem accepting what truth is. I am mature.

Me: That means you have completed the Adult Course!

She: Yes. See, I accepted mine. Now you accept that you are still a kid.

Me: No, that is not true. And anyway, if I am still a kiddo, will you help me become mature?

She: See, I knew you are still the cute little kiddo. And anyway I cannot help you. I can only give you tips for impressing a girl, and the remaining hard work has to be done by you only. I can also help you to choose your wife wisely.

All these conversations were already bringing back the flame of horny thoughts about my cousin. Still, I pushed all these in the back of my head, thinking she might be discussing all these, thinking of me as a good friend.

Me: Anyways, I would love to take your wise tips, but I am an adult.

She: What yaar. You were feeling shy to tell me all this time that you have done the Adult Course? I confessed easily. You need not feel shy of me or hesitate from me. We are like good friends, and we can share everything we feel comfortable about.

Me: Okay, then tell me when and how you completed your Adult Course?

She: Shut up! You naughty fellow, I just said you to get comfortable, not get within my bedsheet. Anyways, I had with my boyfriend in the 2nd semester of college

Me: Aha! So who was that lucky guy?

She: His name was XXX. And he was in the batch of Aviation engineering final year.

Me: Was? Now you do not have with him?

She: Shut up! Now he is in Dubai for the past 6 months and hardly takes out time for me.

Me: Oh! Do not worry. It might be he is too busy with his work.

She: No. Not because he is busy. He has got more beautiful ladies to get himself laid – all the fair Arabic girls. Even he is very handsome and can easily get any girl to have sex with. Maybe I am not at par with those girls.

Me: Chill! Do not take things so personally. If he is enjoying himself, you also explore your world. He cannot put limitations on you if he is not within his limits.

She: Yes, I know. We had a very big fight 2 months ago over the phone. It was a kind of breakup. I saw his tagged pictures on Instagram with other ladies. And ever since the fight, he has been posting pictures with different girls on his Insta. See yourself.

I saw his profile, and it was true. He even did not remove the old pictures with my cousin.

Me: I saw. He even has your pictures on his wall.

She: Yes, I had asked him to remove my picture. But he refused.

The conversation had got emotional that day. After that, we daily used to chat at night till my vacation was about to get over. We both were getting very eager to meet each other after such a long time. Finally, my vacation got over, and I returned home.

I saw my cousin in front of me for a long time. I had seen her pictures on social media, but it was the first time she was in front of me. She was looking stunning. She had an interview that day, so she was getting ready. I was too tired to spend time with her, so I went to my room and slept.

I woke up in the evening, and she was back by then. I asked her how was her interview, she said it went well. I then had a few minutes of conversation with her and her mother while having dinner.

Then I got busy with my college projects, which I had to submit the next day. I was still very tired and don’t know when I dozed off. The next day I woke up and got ready for my college. While on my way, I received a message from my cousin.

She: You go to a gym?

Me: Yes. Whenever I get time, I work out in the gym. Why? Was I looking handsome?

She: No! I noticed your boobs.

Me: Those are chest muscles. Not boobs.

She:  I know, but you have grown your muscles so big, they look like boobs.

Me: Shut up. There are lots of differences between boobs and chest muscles. And anyway, my chest is smaller than your boobs.

She: I have proper boobs because I am a girl. My boobs are meant to be boobs. But not yours.

Me: Ya, I know yours are proper boobs. But they are bigger than mine and also bigger than other girls of your age.

She: Shut up and concentrate on your studies.

Believe me, that whole day, I had a hard-on for the full time. I had to hide it the whole day. Later in the evening, when I came back, I found her sitting on the sofa. I went and hit her head softly. She turned and smiled at me. Then I got fresh, and we had a little chat. Later she messaged me when I was in my room.

She: You speak very well over WhatsApp. But you are shy to talk to me in person?

Me: No, it is not that.

She: Yes, it is. Wait, I’ll prove.

Saying this, she entered my room. I was struck seeing her in my room. She came near me and said.

She: See, you are shy now.

I smiled and said, “No, actually.”

She: Shut up.

And she went away.

Me: Wanna listen to some music?

She: Sure

She then came to my room, and we were listening to music. Like this, every evening she used to come to my room and listen to music or watch movies. We talked a lot, and slowly she started to stay back in my room until late after dinner. Her mother did not object as she thought she was using my computer.

One evening, after dinner, we were in my room joking about something. And by mistake, she touched my dick. Now, whenever she was in my room, I always had a constant hard-on and had to hide it. I used to wear tight underwear.

That day also, my dick was hard and big and struggling inside when she accidentally touched it. I don’t know whether it was an accident or intentionally. But she definitely felt that my dick was hard.

There was an awkward silence between us at that moment. We instantly buried our faces inside our mobile screen. After about a minute, I broke the silence by showing her a meme. But she was still not looking at me and then she said.

She: I am sorry. I did not do it intentionally.

Me: It’s okay. I know. Don’t worry. It happens.

And then she went away. That night till the next evening, we did not speak or chat. The next evening I asked her to come to my room, and we shall watch a movie. She came, and we started to watch a movie. I broke the silence by showing her some memes.

Then we got comfortable and started scrolling memes and laughing. Suddenly she came in front of me and came very close to me. She put her arms around my shoulders and whispered something. I really did not get what she whispered as I was busy smelling her intoxicating smell.

Her smell was so intoxicating I literally lost my consciousness of my surroundings. Her lips were right in front of mine, and I felt like grabbing her waist and start biting her lips. I was just enjoying her intoxicating smell with my eyes closed when I suddenly felt her lips touching mine.

I opened my lips apart and grabbed her waist. I pulled her closer and sucked her lips as foreplay for exotic sex. She started to suck my lips too. Oh, what a kisser she is. I forgot everything, and my mind was completely blank.

I just enjoying the kiss with my hot cousin. I then slowly pushed my tongue inside her mouth, and she readily accepted my tongue. We were now smooching with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

After about 10 minutes, we broke our kiss to take a breath. We both looked at each other and laughed out loud. I asked her.

Me: Did you really wanted this?

She: Hmmm.

And she nodded lightly and then said, “Sorry!” I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and she was standing in front of me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, and started kissing her. She lost her control, and she fell on me. For the first time, her boobs were touching me. What a heavenly feeling it was.

I always wanted to touch her boobs, and her soft boobs were now touching my chest. I was kissing her hard. Now she slowly started to move her hands below and unbuttoned my shirt. She slid her hands, caressing the hairs on my chest while she moved towards my neck and started kissing me.

She moved further down and started sucking my nipples. I was losing control now, and I pulled her up. I sat straight and kissed her while I started to press her breasts over her top. She was letting out soft moans now.

I took my hands underneath her top and went upwards to grab the soft boobs. Suddenly she left my grip and ran to her room. I was shocked. I thought she did not like it. I messaged her.

Me: I am sorry!

She: Shut up! I was afraid if we get caught. That is why I came away.

Me: Oh! So did you like it?

She: I loved it, naughty.

Me: But I want you more. I want you right now.

She: Have patience, devil. Tomorrow my mom will go home for some days, you can have me tomorrow.

Reading this, I was thrilled and could not believe that all these were actually happening. I was too horny by then. I went and masturbated, thinking of what just happened. How I felt the soft lips of my cousin. How I actually pressed her boobs and that the next day I might even fuck her.

The next day was a weekend, so I woke up very late. As soon as I woke up, I started to have the flashback of the previous evening. All these thoughts again woke up my little bunny. I consoled my bunny to have the patience of a few more hours.

I got fresh and went to drop my cousin’s mother at the station. By the time I reached back, it was afternoon. I directly went to my cousin’s room to pound her but found her to be asleep. I admired how beautifully she was sleeping like a baby with her cleavage exposed.

I quickly took a bath and came and slept beside my cousin by hugging her from the back. My penis was already hard, and she could feel my hardness on her soft ass. I slid my hands under her top and grabbed her boobs over her bra. This woke her up.

She smiled and turned towards me, and we started kissing madly. I was pressing her boobs over her bra, and she was moving her hands over my body. She unbuttoned my shirt and got on top of me, and started kissing me over my chest. I pulled up her top, and there was my cousin in her black bra and shorts.

For the first time, I was seeing my cousin topless only in her bra. It was so arousing. I pulled her below me and got on top of her kissing her neck and pressing her boobs. I had left hickeys all over her neck. She pulled out her boobs from above her bra and instructed me to suck them.

Seeing this, I was on cloud nine. I was seeing my cousin’s breasts for the first time and inviting me to suck them. I immediately took one boob in my mouth while pressing the other one with my hand. Oh! What soft boobs were they!

The boobs were of the perfect size, slightly on the bigger side, but perfect to make any man mad over them. Her nipples were also of the perfect size, not too big and perfect to suck. She slid her hands inside my pant and grabbed my 6.8″ dick.

The feel of the warm touch of my cousin’s hands on my bare skin of penis was out of the world. She was playing with my dick while I was sucking my cousin’s boobs. My penis has now started oozing precum. She then opened her legs apart, wrapped around my waist, and pulled me towards her.

My dick was now touching my cousin’s vagina over her shorts and my pant. Her shorts were so thin I could feel the outer lining and lips of her vagina with my penis. She then started slow movements with her hip so that my dick was rubbing on her vagina.

We then started rubbing our dick and vagina while I was still playing with her boobs. There were just two pieces of cloth between us, preventing the skin of my dick from touching the skin of my cousin’s vagina. My cousin was enjoying this and was letting out loud moans.

Me: Do you really want to do this?

She: Don’t you want to do it?

Me: Of course I want this. I want more than this. I want to go inside you.

She: Even I want to do this with you.

Me: Let’s do this then.

I then started to pull her shorts down when she held me and asked.

She: Do you have a condom?

Me: I did not plan our sex.

She: I do not want to get pregnant by my cousin.

Me: Okay! So a condom is spoiling our enjoyment.

She: Yes! Go and get some now. And she pushed me away.

We then decided to have some drinks at night. I will bring condoms and then we shall fuck.

Remaining part, I will post in the next part. Make sure to read that to know how I fucked my elder cousin sister’s brains off!

I would really appreciate feedback about this true incident on my email/hangouts: [email protected]. I would also love to anonymously hear about your kinky experiences or any fantasies.

Finally, I Had Sex With My Cousin