First time I was able to see with have sex with another man

First time I was able to see with have sex with another man

This story is about the very first time I had the pleasure of watching another man have sex with my wife. wont bore you with the details on how we decided to bring another into our bed, or even how we chose the guy. Unless anyone of you would like to know all that contact me I will be more then happy to tell you..

Here is my account of how I felt an what an how our first encounter with a complete stranger went. My wife was dressed in a very tight form fitting one piece dress, ( prob. a bit small). button up front. The top part of the dress was very tight around her chest an exposed a lot of her breasts to anyone who wanted to look. The dress was about mid thigh in length an hugged her tight firm ass. We went down to the hotel’s casino an began playing the machines.

As I said earlier I see no need to get into the details on how, but was not long an my wife an I along with a guy from the casino were on our way up to our room in the hotel. The guy ( will call him John, never did get his name loll) the two of the walk arm in arm to gather in front of me on way to the room. John from time to time would rest his had on my wife’s ass, as well as sneaking a light kiss in the elevator on way up.

Once inside the room very little talk was exchanged, John got right down to business. They stood along side the bed as I positioned a chair near by for me to sit in. John wasted not time in unbuttoning my wife’s dress. As he was unbuttoning her dress he started to kiss her neck an ear lob are. John pushed open her dress an exposed her bra covered breasts. He cupped one an fondled it as he continued to nibble an kiss her neck. My wife’s breathing was becoming more an more rapid as John kissed his way down her chest to her breasts. Cupping each breast in each of his hands he kissed the exposed part of her.

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By now I was starting to squirm a bit in my chair as I intently watch another man fondle an kiss my wife. My cock was starting to stir an grow. Not to mention my heart beat was picking up a bit as well.

By now John had taken her dress off. My wife stood with only her thong panties an sheer lacy, push up bra on. John stood up an removed his shirt, then he removed my wife’s bra an panties. They then kissed an john played with her tits an bit an then removed her panties an had her lay back on the bed. Smiling John unzipped his pants an got on the bed next to my wife. Laying half way on top of her they started kissing an fondling each other. John then worked his was on top of my wife spreading her legs wide open. Positioning his hard cock to the entrance of my wife’s pussy he lowered himself down sliding his cock into her very slowly.

My cock had by now won its battle with my pants an I had to unzip them an release my throbbing cock. pulling my pants an underwear down to my ankles my cock was standing straight up an leak just a bit of pre cum. My heart was beating at a very rapid rate, as I grabbed my stiff cock an began to slowly stoke it.. I was so sexually aroused. I was actually watching another man fuck my wife. something I had hoped for, for a very long time.

I could hear my wife’s soft moans mixed in with John’s light soft grunts with each of his slow deliberated thrusts of his cock into her pussy. John would bury his cock into her hold it in deep an move his ass around in a circle motion for just a bit, as he an my wife’s lips locked in hot wet kiss.

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I stood up an stepped out of my pants an underwear an removed my shirt. I then moved to the end of the bed so as to get a better clear look. my cock was throbbing even more now as I stroked it an pre cum was more evident now, covering my fist.

John had now started to pick up the pace as he started to fuck her a bit harder an faster. My wife’s breathing an moans of pleasure became more an more evident. The more she moaned the harder and faster John fucked her. The room was filled with the smell of sex, the sounds of hot passionate sex. The clear view I had of John’s cock fucking my wife along with the sounds of his lap slapping up against my wife’s thighs an ass made it harder an harder for me not to cum. It was about then my wife moaned out OH OH am gonna cum. That’s when John started to fuck her harder , much harder an faster. He layed on top of her an was fucking her in an animalist manner grunting loudly as he drove his cock into her hard an deep. Seconds later my wife’s whole body stiffened, she gasped for air an let out a loud cry of pleasure. “OMG” she cried as she wrapped her arms around John an held him tight into her. his chest pressing an smashing my wife’s tits into his chest. John held his cock deep into her not moving as my wife bucked her ass up off the bed an was obviously covering his cock with her cum..

As my wife was coming down off her orgasm high, John raised up to his knees an raised her legs up high in the air. with his cock still in her began to fuck her more, slowing his pace, but with very hard deep thrusts. my wife grunted loudly each time John rammed his cock into her burying it in deep an his balls slapping her ass. was not long an I could tell from the look on his face he was nearing an orgasm himself. an sure enough seconds later John place my wife’s feet on the bed as he slightly bent over her an grunted loudly, his body jerking an he let out a big sigh.

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Smiling he raised up an slowly removed his cock from my wife an we both watched his cock slide out of her leaving as small stream of cum from her pussy to his cock. (mmm nice messy cum filled pussy) John got up off the bed an I replaced him. I was so wanting to fuck her with another mans cum in her an get some sloppy seconds. I slide my hard cock into her well fucked pussy. It felt so hot so wet so juicy. I was so sexually aroused but it all I did not last long at all an dumped a big fucking load of cum into her.. John an I both stood back an watched as both or our cum loads leaked out of her.

Minutes later he dressed an left. we never saw him again. well hope everyone liked it.. it was our very first time but there have been many many more sense. if anyone would like to know how it all started or like to give mean comments ( especially dirty ones you can contact me at my e-mail wildtime43 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

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First time I was able to see with have sex with another man

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