First Time Sex In The Car

First Time Sex In The Car

Hi, all the beauties and handsome hunks out there. As you all have read the title of my story so you all have the idea of what I am going to tell. So let’s start with the story.

First, let me introduce you all to myself. I am Raj(name changed) age 21 recently graduated. With an average-sized dick to satisfy any girl. The heroine of the story is Alia (name changed) her stats are 34-30-34. She can make any guy go crazy with her big bouncy boobs. Her ass is something every man wants to grab.

Enough of introduction let’s start the story now. We were in the first year when we became friends. I had a girlfriend at that time but I was having an eye on this beauty to bang her hard. We became best friends very soon. I was happy with my girlfriend but was starving for sex.

Talking about my girlfriend she is slim her stats are 32-28-30. Though I don’t care about figure much but still. I and my girl had done kissing sucking boobs fingering licking blowjob etc. But I wanted the real fun I approached my girlfriend many times for sex.

But she kept on denying every time which fucked up my mind completely. Soon after 5-6 months I and my girlfriend broke up. I was starving for sex and I was not getting it from her. Then we got separated coz I didn’t want to cheat on her. That time Alia supported me as I was very sad about my break up.

Slowly and gradually I and Alia started talking more and more. We used to chat the whole day then chatting got shifted to calls we used to talk till late at night. Then once Alia asked me to take her to movie. I was very happy as I was going to spend sometime with my sex bomb.

The next day we went for a movie she had worn a hot black low neck top and denim shorts. It showed her milky thighs completely. I was shocked to see her like this as she always used to wear decent clothes in college or anywhere we went out. This was the first time I was seeing my goddess in such hot clothes.

Then she sat in the car and we started towards the theatre. I had purposely chosen a flop movie to avoid too much of crowd. So when we went the whole theatre was empty only a few seats were occupied. Alia gave a seductive smile to me to which I reluctantly smiled back.

We sat on our corner seats. Then the movie started during the first half nothing happened. But after the interval, I gathered some courage. My hand on her hand she didn’t take away her which was a green signal for me. Then slowly I started moving my hands on her thighs.

I could sense that she was getting turn on but I behaved as if it was casual. I and Alia were very open to each other. She had once told me she wanted to have sex in the car. So after the movie when I was driving the car she asked me what I was doing in the theatre with her. I got very scared.

But she started laughing then she told, “I was waiting for you to approach.” My happiness had no boundaries and it was clearly seen on my face. She held my hand and placed it on her naked thighs. I asked her, “What are your intentions?” She said, “Same as yours.”

I told her to let’s fulfill your fantasy today. She said, “I’m all yours fuck me wherever you want.” Then I parked a car on the secluded road. It was evening time the area was dark and very few cars used to pass from there. As soon as I stopped the car we both looked into each other’s eyes.

I leaned forward to kiss her to which she responded well. She was a better kisser then my girlfriend. When I told her this she said, “I’m better at many other things,” pointing out at my erected dick. Then we kept on kissing each other. During the kiss, I started moving my hands on her boobs and started pressing it.

She was getting turn on more and more she was leaving soft moans. Then I removed her top and unhooked her bra. That was the first time I was seeing my sex goddess boobs naked in front of my eyes. I was staring at her tits continuously.

She laughed and said, “You going to only see or even do anything with it?” Hearing this I started sucking her one boob and pressing the other. She was continuously moaning. I kept sucking her boobs for a good 10 minutes. Then I stopped and unzipped her shorts.

I removed her shorts and panty in one go let me tell you she was wearing a blue colored bra and panty. Her pussy was neatly shaved as if she was prepared for today. I went down and started licking her pussy. I licked it for 20 minutes. She was moaning.

Listening to this I started licking it faster then she came on my face. She had life’s first organism she had a face of satisfaction which made me proud. Then she removed my jeans and underwear. My dick saluted her she was shocked to see it and was scared to take it in.

I asked her to suck it to which she told no. Then I convinced her and then she finally agreed to take it in. I was on cloud nine. I had never got a better blowjob in my life. She was so good at sucking that I couldn’t hold it for then 10 minutes. I came inside her mouth she took everything in.

Then I told her to move to the back seat as it will be more comfortable there. She agreed and moved out of the car naked and sat back. I was shocked by this. Then I went back to her and spread her legs. I pushed my dick inside her pussy as she was a virgin.

She started crying in pain then I stopped there. I made her calm down then I told her that it will pain at the start. But it will give you pleasure by the end. Then I again pushed my dick inside her pussy. She was in pain for 5 minutes but then she started enjoying it with me.

I was banging her for a good 30 minutes then I came inside her. She was very much happy losing her virginity. Then I took some contraceptive pills for her and dropped her home. That’s it, guys. I hope you liked the story.

First Time Sex In The Car