Fistslut – Sex Stories

Fistslut – Sex Stories

My Most Nasty Master, you lead me by a leash attached to the ring you have pierced through my clit. My arms are bound behind me, the cuffs placed just above my elbows and cinched tight. I walk unsteadily on my widespread knees, dragging the bar shackled between my ankles as the chain remains taut between the ring on the collar at the back of my neck and the bar between my ankles, forcing my tits up even higher than the elbow shackles would and keeping my throat straight and ready, always ready, always aching, for your thick long hot cock. A rubber hood fits tight around my head and face, leaving (for now) my eyes, nose, and mouth uncovered. A ring is attached to the hood at the top of my head. My tits are roped, the protruding nipples clamped and chained to my neck.

I am dripping cunt juice on the floor as I crawl beside you. Despite my frequent swallows, drool pours from my upright mouth and coats my rubber-encased cheeks and chin. Only the ceiling is visible to me unless you approach and I am able to bask in the odor of your hard and dripping cock, teasing me. Please, Master, Please Master, Please Master. It is my mantra, my need to please you. You position me in what feels like the middle of this room, but all I can see is the dark black ceiling and the tops of dark wood book-heavy bookcases. The dim lights are placed low so that their light does little to assist my vision.

Not that I or my ability to see has any worth here in this room. I am your toy, your animate object. But I have heard my Mistress’ low laughter as I made the difficult journey from the door to this spot, so I know tonight I am more than just *your* toy, that it pleases you to share me.

You drop the leash to the floor, ruffle my hair, yank the chains on my tits, and walk away as I moan and drool for you. I don’t wait long though before my Mistress approaches. Tonight she is encased in black rubber, except her tits protrude from two holes in the chest, gold rings decorating her nipples, a thin gold chain shaped like a Y connecting them, the center worn like a necklace dangling freely in the air. Her shaved cunt is likewise naked, set off by the rubber suit, her lips swollen and wet.

With her latex-encased hand, she slaps my face, hard, then backhands me and the motion awakens me even more, all nerves on fire now. She reaches her gloved hand into my mouth and pulls out my tongue, matter of factly; I am not human, I am only an object for her to play with. She clamps my tongue so that it protrudes beyond my lips but can’t retract into my mouth, then she straddles my upright mouth, attaches the end of the chain attached to her tits to the ring at the top of my hood and sits on top of my face. I am buried in her scent, aching and drooling, and all I can see is the underside of her breasts stretching, out of reach, above my face.

I feel, I smell, you move behind me, in front of her, and hear, more than see, her bend her mouth to your cock, my fuckdaddy Master, and she rides me as you fuck her mouth above her glorious chained tits. I see your hands circle her stretched tits, and I watch you squeeze and caress her as she sucks you.


I cannot even shove my hungry tongue up her cunt as she rides her clit over my nose. She is in absolute control of my face. She fucks my tongue, rides my face, rubs her clit over my nose, her thick juices blocking my nostrils. She holds her hands around my stretched neck, above my collar, directing my movements with the pressure of her fingers on my unprotected throat. As you fuck her mouth, harder and faster, she tightens her grip on my throat and my sucking and swallowing increase; I am anxious to please her before she cuts off my air too long. I am in too dangerous a position to faint. But more than that, such weakness will displease you and you are all I long for. I think I hear her sucking you deep in her throat, even though her thighs cover my already rubber-encased ears. Her cunt juices are tremendous and coat my face so that she easily rides me, pumping her pussy faster and harder across my tongue. Suddenly you pull out of her mouth and cum on my face, bathing her cunt and my face with your cum.

But soon the chain behind my neck is released, and she releases her tits from my hood and unclamps my tongue. I am bent forward, face to the floor, my sore tits pressed like my soaked face to the ground until you pull me up, lifting my tits off the ground. I feel her crawl beneath me, headfirst, until her mouth begins to suckle my tits. You grab a handful of my aching, dripping cunt and shove my juices from my pussy up to my asshole. I try to relax, to open myself to you, but you are too fast. And just as you enter me, that magnificent crown I so crave popping past my sphincter, she starts to chew on my pierced nipples. I feel you shove forward, and my rectum opens for you, longing for you, clasping my hot tissue around you. My ass swallows you, and I am pleased to feel your thighs tight against my reddened, abraded cheeks.

But you don’t start pumping, you just stay deep inside me, and then I feel her rubbery, unreal fingers reaching into my dripping cunt, I don’t know how many, swirling and playing in my pussy while she alternates biting and suckling my tits. Then her fingers close together and begin to pump me, opening my cunt wider, until I feel her knuckles pushing against the entrance to my cunt and then she is inside me. She makes a fist and begins to pump in earnest, moving deeper and deeper inside me, while you stay still, filling my ass. I can’t believe how full I am.

She opens her fist inside me and begins to caress your cock through the thin tissue that separates you from her. My thin tissue. And that’s when you begin to pump, hard, slamming into my ass while her hand reaches for you, stroking your pumping cock through my cunt. She shifts downward so she can pump deeper, lifts her mouth to my cunt, sucking my pierced clit hard while she works you, and then you cum, gloriously, explosively, your precious seed blasting into my ass as she tries to wrap her hand around your cock through my cunt. I hear screaming then and realize I am outside, looking down on this scene for a moment, and suddenly know I am the one screaming, and I feel myself yanked back inside my flesh.

Her mouth is furious on my clit, and I feel such pleasure and such agony I’m not sure what’s happening to my body anymore. And then I hear you: “Cum, you nasty fistslut!” and I do, my cum and pain made one, rushing through me. You withdraw, then she yanks her hand out, too fast, while she bites my clit and I cum again, pain all the pleasure I know.

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Fistslut – Sex Stories