Fucked by flash – Sex Stories

Fucked by flash – Sex Stories

It had been a long day and after a defeat professionally as Kid Flash as
well as his breakup with Jesse, Wally paced the floor of the lab in his
yellow Kid Flash costume while Barry was the only person in the deserted
lab that was trying to help.

“I don’t know Barry, I guess I just don’t feel needed any more”, Wally said
sulkily his soon-to-be brother-in-law. “You saw how I got taken down
just then and you crushed it as usual, no wonder Jesse doesn’t want me. I’m
useless!” Wally’s ass in those trousers as he paced was one hell of a

Barry stared into Wally’s big brown eyes and felt a pang where he knew he
shouldn’t. As Wally got up off his stool, Barry took a moment to catch a
glimpse of his package. Something didn’t seem quite right. “I don’t know
what I can say Wally, to make this better for you”, Barry started as he got
up to follow his friend across the room. This team wouldn’t be the same
without you buddy. We need you here. I need you here”, he added.

Wally turned slowly as he felt Barry place a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t
do that Barry. It’s gonna take time”. As Wally finished his sentence he
looked up into Barry’s eyes, his sadness turning to lust.

Barry reached out both hands now and rested them on Wally’s shoulders. “I
don’t think time is what you need Wally”, Barry said using his speed to
push Wally to his knees.

Wally was taken aback, “What are you doing Barry? What about my sis…”, he
started but couldn’t finish. In front of him, his speedster friend had
started to unzip the crotch of his suit unveiling a pretty decent 6.5″
cock. Wally wanted to protest but they both knew he wanted this.

“Go on, you know what you need to do”, Barry gestured for Wally to start
sucking. Of all the times that Wally thought about disobeying orders, this
wasn’t one of them. He proceeded to lick his lips and wrap his mouth around
Barry’s big mushroom headed cock. He moaned in pleasure at his member being
engulfed in Wally’s pretty mouth. “You ok down there?”

Wally didn’t want to answer because he knew that would mean having to take
Barry’s cock out of his mouth so he gave Barry a moan which let him know he
was having fun. He licked around the head and then up and down Barry’s
shaft to the base.

“You’re doing a great job, but as my apprentice you’ll have to be taught
hard lessons if you want to be a productive member on this team”, Barry
said authoritatively. “Remove your headpiece, I don’t want anything that
could possibly restrict your mouth, well except my cock that is”.

Wally does exactly what he’s told and removes his hood. The view was
spectacular. Barry standing in his Flash suit while giving his cock to his
speedster trainee in yellow. Wally reached out his hands and grabbed
Barry’s leather-bound ass cheeks. Red sparks began to fly as Barry began
thrusting into Wally’s mouth harder and harder using the speed force to do
so. Wally took it in his stride as he let Barry fuck his mouth faster and
faster. Barry closed his eyes and let the waves of pleasure wash over him.

Wally wanted every inch of Barry’s cock. He’d been with guys before, but
he’d never had the chance to be with another speedster until now. Barry
began to slow down to normal speed again and asked. “Are you OK”?

“From the look on your face, I think I’m doing as well as you are, Wally
said as they grinned at each other. A little worn out, Wally didn’t want
to overstep any boundaries but decided he might never get the chance
again. He leaned into Barry and whispered, “I need you to pound me”. He
leaned back out to gauge his friend’s reaction.

“What kind of a trainer would I be if I didn’t teach you all you needed to
know?”, Barry said arching one eyebrow and smiling. He grabbed Wally’s legs
and hoisted him up. As Barry carried him over to the lab table with his
hard cock swaying back and forth out of his costume, Wally moved in for a
kiss and Barry obliged but his heart belonged to Wally’s sister. Wally felt
a little jealous but he was about to be fucked by the Flash so he wasn’t
too upset. As they approached the table, Barry put Wally down and moved his
hands to Wally’s ass cheeks. Barry squeezed “jeez Wally your ass is made of

“Speak for yourself! I felt those buns of yours earlier while you were
fucking my mouth. All this running pays off huh!”, Wally suggested. As he
looked into Wally’s eyes, Barry’s hands changed from cupping Wally’s ass to
digging his nails into the seam of Wally’s trousers. He ripped a hole in
Wally’s suit for easy access to his asshole. Wally felt a shiver on his
body. He needed Barry’s cock inside him now. Barry laid Wally down on a
table and then zapped around the lab to find his secret lube bottle which
left Wally questioning “why do you have a bottle of lube laying around the

“Look at the situation we’re in, do you really need to ask that question
now?”, to which Wally nodded. Barry squirted some lube out onto his hand
and then massaged his cock with it. Seeing Barry do this made the front of
his trousers tent. His 7.5″ cock was straining against of his leather
trousers like a caged animal needing to be released.

Wally needed to see Barry in all his glory while being fucked. Wally felt a
surge of energy run through his body and he got up off the table in
superspeed. First, the top half of Barry’s suit came off exposing Barry’s
slim frame but impressive six pack. Within 4 seconds Wally was back on the
lab table and Barry was standing in front of him completely nude. “Isn’t
that better? Iris is a lucky girl. Now come on and fuck me like a good
teacher should”.

Barry hesitated for a second asking “I’m glad you left your suit on Wally,
Kid Flash is about to get fucked”. Wally laid back and waited, with his
legs in the air, to receive his present. Within a few seconds Barry’s cock
began vibrating and sliding into position in front of Wally’s hole. He
started rubbing his cock up and down Wally’s entrance.

Wally writhed in pleasure “DO IT BARRY. I NEED IT!” Barry let Wally have
what he craved. His pushed his cock into Wally’s hole slowly. “Easy,
Barry. I’ve never been fucked by a speedster before. Not too hardÉat
first” Barry eased up and went slowly until his friend’s hole had enveloped
his entire length. Wally smiled and relaxed a little. Barry held Wally’s
legs and began pounding harder and harder pushing at Wally’s hole so that
his balls were smacking against the leather opening that he’d made a while

It’d been a long time since Wally had felt this much pleasure. Sure, being
with Jesse had its moments but nothing like this; the feeling of being
pounded like a bitch and having his hole fucked was immense in
comparison. Wally noticed that Barry seemed to have a thing for the
costumes they donned as superheroes. While Barry kept his strokes in a
rhythm, he would often start clutching at the leather material with his
finger tips and rubbing his chest. “Oh, fuck yeah Barry, fuck me harder”,
Wally gasped reaching out to Barry’s exposed nipples. Wally moaned as Barry
began to speed up, with Wally’s hardened cock needing to bust out of his
trousers soon.

“Do you like that bitch?”, shouted Barry as his hands grasped Wally’s neck
and began to squeeze. Wally was taken aback, but he trusted Barry. Barry’s
cock started sliding faster in and out of his black friend. Watching Wally
take so easily to having Barry’s hands around his neck made Barry extremely
excited. The Flash started pulsating his cock whilst inside his
colleague. Wally’s eyes began to water at the sensation. It was like having
your own vibrator, except he had a beautiful man to look at on the end of

As Wally started running out of air, he started motioning to Barry that it
was time to let go. Barry held on for a few more seconds and then unclasped
his hands off of Wally’s throat. Kid Flash gasped for air and thought the
ordeal was over. In that moment, however, Barry started buzzing with red
energy. They could feel it building.

Being inside Wally’s soft warm hole could only last so long before the
pleasure got to Barry. He started breathing heavily and his mind began to
tingle as he released his seed into Wally’s hole. With each release of cum,
Wally felt an electrical pulse run through him. Wally gasped, his g-spot
lighting up like a Christmas tree with the sensations running up through
his body. His cocked started tingling; and thinking about what he’d been
through combined with the immense pleasure he was feeling, he covered his
suit with cum from the inside. The first time, an explosion that even Barry
noticed ripple through Wally’s crotch area, with the throbbing subsiding
for his 2nd, 3rd and 4th eruption.

Barry, spent from the session, leaned over onto Wally’s chest, and
asked “How was the lesson?”

“That was wild”, Wally smiled. “I’ve never cum like that before,
ever. Thanks Barry”.

“Maybe we can go another round sometime, he asked. “Right now, though, I
gotta run. I’d invite you along but firstly, your trousers might need a
repair and secondly, I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to walk anytime
soon”, Barry grinned and disappeared in a flash.

Wally couldn’t put a thought together to even respond to Barry. He couldn’t
believe it, the only thought that came to his mind was `I’ve just been
fucked by the Flash”.

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Fucked by flash – Sex Stories