Fucked Ex-girlfriend’s Best Friend In Pune

Fucked Ex-girlfriend’s Best Friend In Pune

Hey. I am Nayan from Pune, 25 years old. I am an average built fair guy, 5’10” height and with a dick that can satisfy every girl for sure. This story is when I was doing my graduation.

Let’s call the heroine of the story Stuti (name changed). Stuti had an amazing figure. Her height was 5’7’’ and her body measurements were 34-30-36. Also, Stuti had an amazing ass to fuck!

Stuti was going through a bad breakup phase. So Stuti came to Pune to deal with her breakup where her elder sister was residing and that was when we people started hanging out. I knew Stuti already because she was also my girlfriend’s best friend.

We people planned for Lavasa on bikes. It was a rainy season and amazing weather. Her sister and another friend of mine were also with us. Her sister friend and the other friend were sitting together as they had good bonding.

Stuti was sitting with me. In between our conversation, Stuti hugged me a couple of times. I didn’t realize it until while leaving when she told me that it was wrong for her to hug me because of my gf who was her friend as well. I told her that I and my gf broke up and hence Stuti doesn’t need to worry.

I could feel what was coming. In a bit, she asked me to let our friends and her sister go ahead and then asked me to stop the bike. As soon as I turned back. she kissed me. I was shocked but started kissing her back.

The next thing I realized was that her hand were on my bulge, pressing my dick over my pants. I just couldn’t believe it was happening so fast.

We stood there at road side kissing for some time. Then I just got a call from my friends where we were left and we had to hurry. While riding, she put her hands in my boxers and started stroking my dick. And I was riding with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other!

My ex-girlfriend’s friend was wearing a skirt so I could easily reach her pussy. Sadly, we had to stop as we decided to have sheesha at a very amazing place.

Stuti was sitting beside me and I was rubbing her pussy all the while in between. I could see the reaction on her face. She couldn’t control anymore. My ex-girlfriend’s friend wanted me in her pussy and I could see it. But we couldn’t just leave cause of her sister.

So, we continued with rubbing each other that day. After she went home, she told me she wanted me badly and she can’t control. And I was waiting for that. I asked my friend for his flat for a few hours the next day. He understood why I wanted it.

Stuti told her sister that she was going to meet her school friends. I picked her up from FC road and we went to my friend’s place.

As soon as I closed the door, my ex-gf’s horny friend pushed me to the door and started kissing wildly. She couldn’t control at all. We both started kissing wildly and we were kissing for long.

Then I pushed her to the bed and started sucking her neck. She was going mad. She then came over me, removed my t-shirt, and started biting my chest all over. Meanwhile, I removed her top and was rubbing it all over her back. I removed her bra too and saw that wonderful pair of boobs. I couldn’t wait to suck them.

I started pressing the boobs of the recently broke up girl hard. Stuti was biting me all the while. Then she went below, removed my denim, and started sucking my dick over my boxers.

After a few minutes, I made her remove her denim. Stuti was in just her panty now. My ex-girlfriend’s friend removed my boxer and started sucking my dick slowly. She started with licking it on its top and then she took it all in. Stuti was sucking it like a pro and I was in heaven. It was the best blowjob I had until then.

I was pushing my dick deep in this horny girl’s mouth and gagging her. Then I came over her and started sucking her boobs. I pressed them hard and squeezed them which made her moan hard.

Slowly, I slipped my hand in her panty and was rubbing her pussy. She was wet down there completely. I removed her panty. She was clean-shaven.

I went down and started sucking my ex-lover’s friend’s clit. I pushed my tongue deep in her pussy and was licking it. She held my hair and was pushing me deep in her pussy.

I inserted a finger deep while licking from the above. Stuti started moaning loudly.

Then I came over her and started pushing my dick in her pussy. It was tight. It seemed like her ex-bf hadn’t fucked her properly.

I pushed my dick bit by bit and it was finally in. She was in pain. I waited for a few minutes and then started stroking slowly. Stuti started moaning now and I could see the happiness on her face. She was enjoying it.

I started pushing my cock deep and gradually, increased the speed. My cock started ramming My ex-girlfriend’s friend fast while she held me tightly. Suddenly, Stuti’s nails dug over my back and I realized she just had an orgasm! But I still didn’t have one.

Stuti then came over me and started humping on my dick like a bitch. I can’t forget the way her boobs were going up and down and it still gives me a hard-on.

She was riding my dick fast and I was about to cum. She realized it and stopped. She said she didn’t want me to cum so soon. She then got on her four and I started fucking her from behind in doggy. She told me that she liked doggy position as it makes the cock go deep and completely in.

I started pushing my cock deep in My ex-girlfriend’s friend’s pussy and was fucking her hard. After almost 10 minutes, I came inside her pussy and was tired.

We lied there for some time, drenched in sweat. Then we decided to take a shower together and have another session again. As soon as we entered the bathroom, she was on her knees blowing me! And I was hard again in seconds.

She started sucking me. And then I made her bent on the washbasin and fucked her from behind under the shower. I could see the satisfaction on her face. It was like she got what she wanted.

We fucked for a few more days after that at my friend’s place till she went back and then we could never meet. We talk sometimes but never got a chance to have sex again. I wish I could fuck her again. I miss those lovely boobs.


I have been reading ISS since very long but this my first story here and it is real. So please show some love. You can share your feed back on [email protected]

Fucked Ex-girlfriend’s Best Friend In Pune