Fucked Maid’s Newly-wed Daughter Keerthana

Fucked Maid’s Newly-wed Daughter Keerthana

Kishore is a rich kid who has a nice job in an MNC. His parents are abroad and he is all alone in his home which is in Chennai. He employs a maid Sunitha who is 55 years old.

Kishore lives in a 3 bedroom individual house, so to take care of that, he keeps a maid to do all chores. Sunitha has a daughter, Keerthana. The maid’s daughter Keerthana had recently got married but is now a single mom. Her dad had passed away without fulfilling the dowry amount that was promised to the groom.

Within 3 months of marriage, her husband left her with her mom and told her to return only when the promised amount was given to him.

One day, Sunitha brings Keerthana to Kishore’s home and requests Kishore to keep her as a maid. Kishore after seeing the maid’s daughter is awestruck by her beauty and willingly allows her to work as a maid at his house.

Kishore dreams and fantasizes about taking the maid’s daughter to bed but does not know how to do it. He devises a plan. Kishore knows that Keerthana is in need of money. He leaves a 2000/- note under the sofa where Keerthana cleans. He installs a small camera to catch if she steals it.

When Keerthana comes for work, he says that he has some work and leaves the house.

He comes back in the evening and checks the recording and finds that Keerthana has taken the money. He patiently waits for 3 days to see whether she will return it, as he wants to make the trap foolproof so that she cannot deny anything.

One day Keerthana comes alone for work and informs Kishore that her mother Sunitha is not feeling well and will not be coming to work. Kishore takes this as an opportunity.

He tells the maid’s daughter that he had left 2K in the room a few days back and asks her if she had seen that money? Keerthana gets nervous and says that she hadn’t seen it. Kishore says, “Ok,” and after sometime, he calls her and shows her the video.

Keerthana gets scared after seeing that video and falls to the ground and starts crying. Kishore scolds Keerthana for stealing and pretends to call the cops and says on the phone, “Make sure to put her and her mom in jail.”

Keerthana tells him that as she was in need of money, she took it and pleads that she will return the money. Kishore says, “I don’t want the money and I am calling the cops.”

Keerthana begs for forgiveness and says she will do anything Kishore says.

Kishore finally asks her to follow him to the bedroom and says that he will ask her a few questions and give her some tasks. She without asking anything has to do whatever he tells her to do.

Kishore asks her how many months it was since her husband had left her? She says that it had been 3 months.

Kishore – When was the last time he fucked you?

Keerthana keeps her mouth shut. Kishore starts dialing a number.

Keerthana – 4 months ago.

Kishore – Did you have any boyfriends before marriage?
Keerthana – No.

Kishore – Have given a blowjob to your husband?
Keerthana – I don’t know what is a blowjob.

Kishore – Did you take your husband’s dick into your mouth?
Keerthana -Nooooo! (she screams).

Kishore – Ok, now it is time for your task. You have to suck my dick for 5 minutes, non-stop.

Keerthana hesitates at first.

Kishore – I will give you 5 minutes to think and come back to the room.

Keerthana thinks a lot and then returns to Kishore’s room.

Kishore – Ok, time up. What’s your decision?
Keerthana – I will do as you say.

Kishore sits on the bed and tells his maid’s daughter to remove his pants. With trembling hands, Keerthana removes her master’s pants and then his underwear. She is shocked after seeing his 7-inch dick that is already saluting her.

Kishore – Come on, baby. We don’t have time, you have to suck my dick and make it cum.

Keerthan touches Kishore’s dick and starts putting it in her mouth. Immediately, she removes it saying she doesn’t like it and is feeling uneasy.

Kishore – It will be like that the first time. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

He then goes to the kitchen and brings a honey jar and puts some honey on his dick and asks the maid’s daughter to suck it now. Keerthana starts sucking his dick and after some time, she starts liking the taste. Kishore is on cloud 9 as a beautiful girl is sucking his dick.

After 10 minutes of sucking, Keerthana leaves. Kishore once again checks his camera after Keerthana had left the room. He smiles after seeing that the camera is still recording.

The next day also Keerthana comes alone as Sunitha is still not feeling well. While she was doing the chores, Kishore calls her in and asks, “How was yesterday?”

Keerthana keeps her head down with no answer. Kishore says, “Look Keerthana, I know you need money. I am staying alone and I need a woman who can satisfy me and I am sure you are missing a man’s touch. Let’s keep each other happy. If you keep me happy for 2 months, I will give you the necessary amount for you to return to your husband.”

Keerthana thinks about this for some time and slowly, she asks what if her mother comes to know about this?

Kishore says, “As your mother is sick, ask her to take bedrest for 2 months and inform her that salary will be paid and you alone need to come to work.”

Keerthana thinks it is a good plan.

Kishore tells her to take a bath and get ready like a bride who is ready for her first night. Keerthana takes a bath and gets ready and Kishore is waiting.

Once she comes inside, Kishore looks at her wearing a saree with flowers and feels so lucky that he is soon going to fuck her. Without wasting any time, Kishore unwraps his maid’s daughter’s saree and throws it on the sofa and makes her fall on the bed.

Kishore starts sucking Keerthana’s lips as both start a tongue war. After that, Kishore goes to her navel and starts licking it. Keerthana feels an out of this world feeling. While licking her navel, he places both his hands on Keerthana’s boobs and starts pressing them. Keerthana feels horny and starts getting wet inside her pussy.

Kishore then removes his shirt and at the same time, he removes her blouse and throws it aside. Now Keerthana is in her white colored bra. Then he removes her lehenga. Now Keerthana is only with bra and panty. Her 34 boobs are inviting.

Kishore removes the bra and starts sucking the boobs. She begins to tremble because someone is pressing her boobs after a long time. She feels awesome.

Kishore puts his finger inside the maid’s daughter’s panty and finds her to be dripping wet. He starts fingering her. Soon, Keerthana cums on Kishore’s hand.

Kishore removes her panty and makes her nude and orders her to give him a blowjob. Now she has become an expert in BJ and gives a nice blow job. After 10 minutes, Kishore shoots his cum inside her mouth and tells her to drink it.

Both lie on the bed for 30 minutes. Then his dick starts raising again. Kishore places a pillow under Keerthana’s hips. He then places his penis on the maid’s daughter’s pussy, gives a thrust and starts fucking her.

As Kishore is giving deep thrusts, Keerthana starts moaning, “Aammmmaaa..Aaah..aaahh.”

After 20 minutes of rigorous fucking, Kishore takes his dick out before cumming.

Like that they fuck for the next 2 months. As promised, Kishore gives the amount and Keerthana goes back to her husband. But whenever possible, the maid’s daughter comes to Kishore’s place to experience heaven again.

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Fucked Maid’s Newly-wed Daughter Keerthana