Fucked Sister After Drinking – Sex Stories

Fucked Sister After Drinking – Sex Stories

My name’s Jay, I am 21 and still live with my parents in Mumbai, my sister is called Parul, she is 24 Years, tall, very attractive with 36-29-37 figure, black long hairs and big boobs. She is working in a multinational bank in Mumbai. When she lived at home with us I would often fantasise about her, she was probably the cause of my first hard on. She would come into my bedroom, help me with my homework and talk with me for hours, sitting on my bed, sometimes wearing a just robe that would give me glimpses of her panties or (if I was lucky) a partial view of her tits. I think she probably knew I was taking an interest in her because as I got older her clothing became more revealing, some nights she would wear stockings and short skirts that would ride up or very thin tops with no bra underneath so that her hard nipples would poke through the material.

We would talk about most things, she would tell me about her boyfriends, sometimes going into detail about the things they got up to, she would ask me about the girls I knew and dated, what I got up to with them – I hate to admit it but at that time there was not a lot to tell. To be truthful, when she got married and moved away I was more than a little jealous. Her husband is runing small business, and keeps travelling most of the time. When I heard that her husband is going to US for 4 months and Parul will be continuing her job in Mumbai I was very happy.

I got a call from my sister that she got a new apartment from company. She wants to move from her rented apartment to company apartment. She is planning to sift to that apartment but it needed decorating – would I help? She knew I would, we had always been very close whilst growing up, I told her I would call around to have a look to see what needed doing.

I got there, throughout the week we worked every night till late getting her apartment looking nice, it was good to spend time with Parul again, although it was very hard keeping my mind on the decorating. Parul would wear just shorts and a vest, not bothering with a bra and seeing her nipples poking through the thin material was a distraction, she must have realised what it was doing to me, often bending so that her tiny shorts pulled up into the crack of her ass or her top gaped open to give me a sight of her cleavage. We joked and fooled around a lot while we worked, it was a very nice week, a pity it had to end but we could get it finished if we worked all day Saturday.

On Saturday Morning I got there at 9 AM, she prepare Coffee for myself and Parul, after coffee Parul said she was going to have a quick shower, after 5 minutes she called from the bathroom, “Jay, will you pass me a pair of shorts and a top, they are in the top drawer in my bedroom”, I did as she asked and selected a tiny white mesh like top that looked to be quite see through and knocked on the bathroom door, she opened the door a little, thanked me and took the clothes. I returned to the kitchen and waited, wondering if she would wear what I had selected for her, when I saw her my long dick started to get hard right away, the top appeared to be a size too small, her tits totally visible through the material and her dark nipples easily seen, her shorts made her long legs look great, she saw me looking at her and posed like a model.

“Well, it’s not what I would have chosen to decorate in but at least you seem to like it” she joked, she looked so sexy, we got on so well, – if only she wasn’t my sister! Throughout the day my mind was working overtime, surely it was ok to have a crush on your sister, probably many guys do but I was actually having serious thoughts about having sex with her, that couldn’t be right, could it? I remembered the times when I thought she had wore sexy clothes for my benefit when I was younger, was it my imagination? Did she have the same thoughts as I did? – No, she couldn’t have, it was simply her being nice to me I reasoned.

“Jay, didn’t you hear me shouting?” Parul called.

“Sorry” I replied, “My mind was miles away”

“I’ve made coffee,” she said.

We sat in the kitchen; I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits as we chatted. Parul said “It looks like we will be finished by 4 o’clock, as a way of saying thanks for all your hard work how about you joining me for dinner tonight, I thought about getting a Chinese meal delivered” I said that would be lovely and that I would bring the wine. The apartment was looking really good when we had finished, Parul gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek as I left her, “be back about 7.30” she said.

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I went home, and had a long soak in the bath, again I fantasised about making love with Parul, and in my thoughts I fucked my SISTER!

Parul’s door was open when I returned to apartment, I went in and called out, “I’ll be out in a minute Jay” she shouted, “Will you pour the drinks?” I opened the wine and sat on the couch, when Parul came out of her bedroom she looked stunning, she had on a very short, extremely low cut black dress, the material was almost see through enough to make out she was not wearing a bra, I could see the darker outline of her tiny panties and the black stockings she wore. The dress only just covered her nipples, I wondered why she had chosen to dress this way, surely she must have known what effect it would have on me, was she trying to tell me something?

As I stood the bulge in my trousers must have been visible, I went over to her and gave her a small kiss on her cheek and handed her a drink, Parul put on a record and sat on the chair opposite me, as she crossed her legs I could see her lacy stocking tops, we talked, joked and drank wine until the food was delivered. Parul had the table prepared and over dinner she told me how unhappy she was when she had been married, “If only he had been more like you Jay” she said, “We have always got on so well with each other, we have so much in common, we know what each other likes and dislikes, we have never argued, I think we would make an ideal, perfect couple”

We had probably both drank too much wine, she continued “The other day I thought about the times I used to tease you”, she must have seen the puzzled look on my face, “You know, when I would sit and talk with you, I used to wear sexy clothes because I wanted you to look at me, I would get this strange, exciting feeling inside, did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

I looked at her, “Parul, I don’t think I should say this, I’ve probably drank too much and tomorrow I will wake up with a headache and regret it but you were the first girl I had a crush on, I would think about you all the time, I would imagine what it would be like if you were my girlfriend, I know brothers shouldn’t say such things about their sisters but it’s the truth, when you got married I was very upset, probably it was more about jealously than anything else, I hated thinking about you being with your husband, hated the thought of him kissing you, sleeping with you, touching you, is it wrong for me to feel the way I do?”

She didn’t answer me, “C’mon Jay, leave everything and let’s go and sit and get drunk” she laughed.

As I followed her I regretted saying what I had, I felt embarrassed telling her how I felt about her, Parul had put on a record and asked me if I would dance with her, we danced with our body’s not touching, Parul put her hands on my shoulders, I held her lightly around the waist with my hands resting on her hips, we were both a little unsteady on our feet and Parul stumbled closer to me, her tits pressing into my chest, my hard long dick tight up against her stomach, we looked into each others eyes, our faces getting closer until our lips met briefly in a gentle, short kiss, we broke away both knowing we had done something we shouldn’t have, neither of us spoke but we continued to look at each other, then we kissed again, this time neither one of us broke away, our lips opening and our tongues meeting, passionately exploring each others mouths, holding each other closely, eventually we parted.

“I’m sorry Parul”, I told her.

“No, don’t be sorry” she said, “I’m not, I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, didn’t you enjoy it?”

I know I did! “Of course I enjoyed it, I love being with you but it’s not right is it, we shouldn’t be doing this – should we?”

We sat next to each other on the couch, Parul took hold of my hand and faced me, “Jay, what we have got for each other is special, sure we love each other and we always will, who is to say what is ‘right or wrong’, I want you Jay, I want you to make love to me, I think you want it too but if you want to leave now I will understand” I moved close to her and we kissed again, this time with more eagerness, more lust, and as I did I cupped one of her tits with my hand on the outside of her dress, feeling the nipple press into my palm, then lowering the top of her dress I slid my hand inside caressing her bare tit taking her nipple between my thumb and finger, playing with it, feeling it grow hard, as we continued kissing I stopped playing with her tit and moved my hand down on to her thigh, sliding it up and down over her stockings, she opened her legs a little and my hand worked its way upwards over her bare skin getting nearer to her panties, I felt her warm, moist pussy through her panties and she moaned loudly, sliding the material to one side I slipped one finger into her hot, wet cunt gently sliding it in and out.

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Parul was now moaning with pleasure, we stopped kissing and I knelt in front of her between her open legs and licked along her pussy lips sliding my tongue into her as deeply as I could tasting her juices, then fingering her, first one, then two, she was crying out for more, “Yes, that’s good Jay, it feels so good, do it harder, do it deeper, Yes! Fuck me with your fingers, More! More! I almost had my whole hand into her, she was so wet. After about 10 minutes she pulled my head up from her cunt and again we kissed, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt and in no time we were both naked apart from her stockings and suspenders, she played with my hard dick, wanking on it slowly.

“Now it’s your turn, lie back, I want to suck on your horny dick” she said and as I lay back on the couch she went down on me, licking and kissing along the length then she took it into her mouth, a little at a time sucking on it deeply until she had the full length inside her mouth, the sight of my sister sucking my tight dick was too much and it wasn’t long before I felt my long dick start to twitch and throb, “I’m going to cum” I told her, expecting her to, but wishing she wouldn’t stop, she didn’t say anything but looked up at me and continued to suck as it exploded spunk into her mouth, the first spurt must have hit the back of her throat and it made her choke a little, she kept her mouth open and I saw the rest spurt into her mouth, she swallowed what she could but some dribbled from her mouth on to her hand as she wanked the last drops out, then she licked her fingers and went back to suck on my dick which was throbbing and beginning to soften a little.

We lay on the couch, kissing, feeling and exploring each other, then Parul took hold of my hand and said “Let’s go to bed, I want you to make love to me Jay, I want you to fuck me!”

You have to fuck your own sister!” she said; hissing in my ear.

It felt so good getting into bed with Parul, we were just like a couple, it seemed so natural, Parul lay back as I kissed and licked her all over, I lay between her legs fingering, licking, playing with her cunt then turned around so that she could suck on my dick at the same time, my dick was hard again, “Please Jay, I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you inside me, fuck me now!” I positioned myself between her wide open legs, I rubbed my long dick up and down over her wet pussy lips and then slowly I entered her.

Parul moaned loudly as I buried myself into her, locking her legs around my waist, “Fuck me hard Jay, I like to be fucked hard and deep, as hard and as deeply as you can” I did as she asked, as I fucked her I mauled at her tits, sucking hard on her nipples, I kissed her, this time with no passion – only lust, I lunged deeply into her cunt, she was moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I pulled out of her and asked her to turn over, she knelt on the bed and kept one pillow below her pussy. Her ass up high and again I slid my long dick inside her, “Yes, that feels good Jay, It’s going in so deep, Fuck me hard Jay, Harder, Yes! YES!”

As I fucked her she pushed herself backwards, matching my thrusts, trying to get my long dick into herself as deep as she could, I felt her body stiffen, then she started to shake in spasms, “I’m coming Jay, It’s so good, Don’t stop, Don’t stop! Yes, YES!” She screamed out loudly, I continued to fuck her hard and I too felt myself ready to cum, I told her, “I want you to cum inside me Jay, please fill my cunt with your spunk” I lunged forward into her and felt my spunk shoot out, filling her cunt, I collapsed on top of her, my long dick still buried deep inside her, throbbing, twitching, the last drops oozing out, we turned to face each other and kissed.

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“Thank you Jay that was great” I pulled her tight to me and hugged her, I felt so happy.

“I love you Parul, I love you so much” I told her.

“And I love you too” she replied.

We lay down on bed and breathing fast, it was really wonderful time for me.
I spoke to Parul about my fascination to fuck her ass. She said “I have never sucked a long dick before. I liked it. Your cum tastes so sweet, kinda salty but sweet. I don’t think I want you to fuck me in my ass. That would hurt.” She looked at me smiled with sparkling eyes.
My dick was getting hard again. I ask Parul to turn over to initiate her ass.”
She turned over reluctantly and got on my hands and knees. I came behind her and played with her pussy and clit until she came again. I rubbed my dick on her pussy juices, put some on finger and put my finger in her ass.
I pushed it in deep, twisting my fingers around to stretch her ass. I spread her legs and ass cheeks.
I plunged my dick into her ass. She wanted me to stop, but I kept plunging it in, deeper and harder and faster, she was crying …Please… Jayyy… don’t…… force…. tooo…much….. In a couple of minutes it stopped crying and her body responded to her ass fucking. I keeps giving her strong strokes….she was enjoying each bit of force and deep digging. I was pressing her big boobs from my hands and playing with her tits. I gave few love slaps on her butts. She was moaning and feeling length of dick in her ass. It seems like she was never fucked from ass before. I felt coming, I said “I am cumming, honey, cumming. I put my fingers in her pussy, to massage her clit, help her cum.”
I came and came, and groaned as I fucked her ass harder and faster. “I am fucking you good, Parul, fucking your ass deep. I know you like it, I can feel your body jerking as I push my dick deep into your ass. I am fucking your tight little ass hole, my cock going hard into you. I love your body, oh yes, God, I love your body. I am cumming, Paaaaaaruuuullllll, cumming into your ass.” My cock was throbbing and jerking as my cum spurted out into her. It was spreading on her butts and oozing out from her ass hole. Her asshole was looking mix of white spurt and red color skin after deep and strokes fucking.

She was smiling and looking satisfied by ass fucking also. She rolled off me and grabbed a tissue to clean my cock. She kissed me hard, her tongue in my mouth. “Parul, we will have many wonderful nights and days from now on”.

We fell asleep cuddled up to each other. I quietly got up and went to the kitchen and made a coffee, about 5 minutes later Parul walked in, still naked, I started to speak, “Parul, about last night…” she walked over to me, sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, “Jay, last night was the happiest, sexiest night I have ever had, I don’t have a single regret, do you? I love you Jay”

All my fears vanished, these were the words I wanted to hear, my sister really loved me, wanted me, not just as a brother but as a lover! We discussed how we would handle the future till her husband comes back from US, we both agreed we wanted to be together, to live together as a couple and it seemed the only way this could happen would be if we moved away, We went back to bed, we had a lot of plans to make but at that moment we both wanted only one thing- SEX!

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Fucked Sister After Drinking – Sex Stories

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