Fun with bestie – Sex Stories

Fun with bestie – Sex Stories

Yo readers my name is Roy. So when a guy and girl become good friends, sooner or later the guy would want to fuck the girl’s brains out. The same thing happened in case of my girl Krithika. We live in the same colony so known each other for a long time. She’s around 34B-26-36 so yeppp any guy want her. Whenever she wears tight dresses, I’d just want to rip her clothes spread her legs and bang her hard. I also want to kick the shit out of any guy who’d look at her as well. So I’m protective as well as attracted to her.

We usually send snaps of each other in snapchat. One night i sent her a snap of me in baniyan ( a sleeveless vest worn under the shirt) to her casually. It was normal nothing changed till the next night when i received a snap of her in her BRA! I screen recorded it rather than screenshot so she wouldn’t know. And i complained again Keerthi(I call her that) wtf why did you send this. You sent yesterday what’s the difference if i send. You’re a girl!!! You you have breasts you should not send these pics i told her. She texted back i only sent this bcoz its you 🤭☺️.

That excited me and i jerked off to her pic two times that night. Since then several pics were exchanged between us and the next day i sent her a pic showing my bare chest. It was screenshot, after a few moments i received her pic in the same manner. There was not a single piece of cloth on her above the hips she had her tiny hand covering her huge breasts. Even i took a screenshot and replied 🔥🤒. By now it was clear to both of us about our intentions. From that day i kept receiving many of her pics in her inner wear only and i took screenshot of all. In one pic she was fully nude, her legs spread wide, her breasts hanging in the air but the lights were off. The outline was still visible though and i replied 🥵🥵 to it. Next day i went to her house evening and her mom told me she’s in her room and i went up. Just as i opened the door i found her back facing me and she was struggling to put a t shirt. My eyes fell on the inward curve of her waist and automatically i placed my hand on her waist and felt her hit and warm skin. She turned around suddenly and opened her mouth wide to scream.

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I immediately clasped my hand on her mouth and told her please don’t scream please please your mom’s downstairs it’ll look bad. She removed my hand and said it’s only you i thought someone else. Help me out, this t shirt got stuck to my ear ring. I went close to help her and my face was so close to hers, our chests pressing together. I felt her breath on my cheek and her hair smelled of roses and chocolate. I removed it and she just threw that aside and stood in front of me in her bra. I wanted to say something but no words were coming out it’s like something caught my tongue. She giggled and said she had a few tops and i have to decide if they’re good. I nodded groggyly looking only at her chest. She kept changing one after one in front of me and the last one she liked very much. This suit my skin right she asked. It was a very very tight top, it was so tight that her nipples were poking even though she had a bra. Plus it was only a half so her waist was exposed. That was just too much for me. It was sure that we both want each other badly but neither of us were making a move.

I decided to go first. I went to her and said You know what else would suit better my lips on yours my face all over your body and me inside you and i rubbed her lower lip down. She said i was thinking the same too and the next moment we were kissing each other violently. My hands went on her breasts. She removed her top and her bra. The first time i took a good look at her perfectly round breasts, firm and erect nipples. I cupped them in my hands as my lips touched her neck. I took those breasts into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipples. She breathed in deeply. I pushed my hands inside her pant and felt a thick bush of pubes. I was about to go further when her mom called us down, so quickly she got dressed and we went down.

That day we didn’t have any more further action except a good night kiss. Over the next few days our feelings kept increasing and we decided somehow we should have sex. She suggested some hotel room but i said no afraid of cams and all. I told her about my friend’s vacant room and I’ll ask him if it’s ok for her. She said ok so I asked him and got the room keys after 2 days. So we went to the room and as soon as we got in we wasted no time. I kissed her lips and slowly stripped her naked. She was even hotter than i imagined. The last time i touched her pussy it was full of hair but now it’s cleanly shaved and ready for savoring. I sat back in the sofa while she gave me a nice lap dance. Seeing her my penis erected and she felt it so she removed my pants and kissed the tip of my penis.

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Then suddenly she put it in her mouth and squeezed it tight with her lips. I was not ready for that. I groaned softly. She winked at me and moved her head up and down, taking my rock deeper with each stroke. 10 mins passed and i shot right up her throat. Then she said your turn to please me, do whatever you want babyy I’m alll yourss. and i stood up and kissed all over her face. Then i licked her neck, her breasts, navel, hands, legs. I lifted both her arms and licked her armpits even. I turned her around and licked her back and went straight down till i reached her butt. My tongue went over her asshole onto her pussy and she shuddered. So my tongue went over every ounce of her skin. It took me around 5 minutes of eating her pussy to make her cum. By then she said I’m feeling all sticky sticky, wanna take a bath with me?? And she went inside the shower and turned it on and pulled me inside by gripping my dick. Seeing her getting wet from the shower water turned me on again and i started applying soap on her. I lathered her boobs nicely until it was full of foam.

Then i washed her pussy thoroughly. Simultaneously she was washing my already hard dick. We went back under the water and the soap went off slowly until her shiny skin was visible again. I told her i cant hold it anymore. I took a condom put it on and penetrated her from behind. It was so fucking tight. She was already soaking wet so it was well lubricated. Slowly my dick slid in until my hips touched her ass. She gasped and moaned. I waited for sometime let her hole adjust. I massaged her boobs and talked kinky with her for sometime. Then i took out my dick except the tip and pushed it back in fast. She moaned louder which meant she was ready so i moved rhythmically. Her moans kept getting louder and she bit her lip. She tried to slow me down but i was not in the mood. So i caught both her hands and placed them on the wall and said don’t resist babe if you do then you can’t enjoy and i started humping her hard. I pulled both her hands behind her and fucked her really hard. Her boobs bouncing for each of my stroke was driving me mad. She said let’s try different positions roy… So she turned around, i lifted her one leg rubbed her clit few times and again put it back inside her.

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The shower was still on water stream was trickling down her lips so i gave her a kiss to break the stream. I pulled her hands over her head leaving her armpit completely exposed. Involuntarily my tongue went over them licking them clean and then i kissed her back again. We were totally immersed in our lust and forgot everything else. My dick was drilling her love hole whereas my tongue was exploring that sweet mouth of hers! Using one hand i pinched her nipples hard and this elated her causing her another orgasm. I pulled out and she got on her knees and removed the condom and took my dick in her mouth again.

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Fun with bestie – Sex Stories

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