Getting Drunk with Sister – Sex Stories

It is indeed wrong to have sex with a close relative but sometimes circumstances lead you to that. I am Twister a 25 year old from Dhaka working as a mechanic in an industrial firm. After passing twelweth I went to another city for learning skills. I returned back to family after two years. As for my family My real mother died when I was 8. My dad had remarried and gave me a step-mother who then gave me a step-sister. Name of my step-mother is Flow and she is 38. Name of my step-sister is Lajjah and she is a student of 10th standard. I looked at her as my real little sister till last year.

At that time, youth has just begun to form in her body. We were close to each other and I never thought wrong about her. One day we were eating fish at dinner. Suddenly a part of fish bone got struck in her throat. As she choked mom tried to give her water but I quickly put her head to side. I put my finger in her throat and slapped her chest. She just vomited it out. She became normal and my parents appriciated me. She thanked me with a red face. Later I remembered how her mango seize breasts felt in my hand. I realised that her breasts have gone through adolescence to the stage of youth. Inside the house she didn’t wear a bra, and her breasts would tremble in beautiful rhythm. They were small but looked large due to her delicate body and slim waist. She is very open to me and our relationship is good. I suffered from guilt but I could not stay away without watching them. One of the reasons was she herself as when talking to me, she would stand close to me and would look happy.

Another day, our parents went out to another city for attending a marriage. My sister and I were left alone at home. In the evening it started to rain. I have to admit that I was in habit of tasting wine secretly. I used to keep a bottle of wine hidden in my room for occAdional warm up. That day I started sipping wine Because of rain and absence of parents. Meanwhile, I saw Lajjah coming up and shouting that cloths she put for drying on roof are getting wet. She wanted me to help her in collecting them. I came out of my room and followed her to roof. To our bad luck cloths were wet already. We collected them and laid them down on a cot inside the top most shelter. After a couple of rounds in open we got soaked. I saw that her dress was stuck on her body due to wetness in rain, her braless breasts, belly and a panty were visible under the dress.

My room was near to roof so she came with me in my room and started drying her hairs with my towel. As she started rubbing her hair with a towel, I kept looking at her body charms. Suddenly she saw the bottle of wine on the side table and was shocked. I was caught red handed so I admitted that I take it occasionally to warm up in cold nights. I requested her to keep it a secret. She was in a naughty mood so she said she want to taste it too as she was feeling cold. I had little choice. We sat down on bed and I prepared two drinks for us. I wanted her to just taste but she asked for more. After two drinkes Lajjah became intoxicated. She laughed for no reason.

-Why are you laughing?
-Why are you looking at me
-Just appreciating your beauty
– You never told me that I am beatiful
– Your smile is so beautiful
– Hee hee hee
– Your eyes too
– And?
– Hair
– And?
– please say more bhai
– Your lips, Your hand, and arm
(She hides her face with shame)
– And?
-Your everything is beautiful
– Hee hee hee
– Why are you laughing?
– Have you seen all of me?
– No, but understandably
– What is understood
– I can tell if you don’t mind
– No, you can tell me everything. I have given you all the rights
– So, tell you what?
– You said nothing about my ass, right?
– it is hidden inside the panty
– Do you want to see it

I was shocked but it was an opportunity of life time. We have to take our dresses off as they were wet. I was sure that she was fully ready to get fucked.

– If you can take your dress off, I will take mine off
– Hee hee hee … good idea
– please! Do not tell anyone!
– Oh bhai, why would I tell anyone…

As I dropped my dress, my cock came out erect in the open air. It was raining outside and a storm of lust was building in us inside. I was watching my sister getting undressed. She took shirt and shalwar off by herself but asked me to help her in taking her panty down. She was more beautiful then my imagination. I was awestruck by looking at her sweet breasts.

– I can say that I never saw such shapely thighs and hips before
– and what is inside
– will you allow me a look?
– I am all yours, look as much as you can

She laid herself down on my bed and opened her legs. Before looking inside I gently moved my lips under her ear and said, I love you. I opened her legs and kissed soft crack of her cunt. Her body shivered despite wine.

– Your cunt is very beautiful. Pink. It’s a little wet.
– I’m in a lot of trouble. Will you hug me a little?
– Why not, Come on

Then I hugged her to my chest. She continues to hug my body. I found her lips and filled them with kisses. Lajjah also responded strongly to my kisses. We keep sucking on each other’s lips like crazy. Due to many days of hunger, my hand went to her chest. I touched her left breast with my right hand. Soft as a fluffy rubber, no bra, no shirt. I continue to rub the breast with my right hand. Then I pressed both breasts with both hands. There is little hanging, that has multiplied her beauty. I lowered my face and smelled her breast.

– You like these
– They are very soft, it feels good to hold. Can I kiss
– Not one, but kiss a lot

I touched the light brown nipple of the breast with the tip of my tongue. My sister trembled terribly. I saw the boot getting stiff. I took the stem in my mouth without delay. Then I started sucking like crazy. How long right breast, how long left breast, I sucked two breasts like this for a long time.

– brother, from today you are not my brother but lover.
– All right, I agree
– Hee hee hee, you’re so naughty. You bit me.
– I’ll bite more, I’ll eat more. I am hungry. Let’s mate.
– I’m scared
– Fear of what
-I heard it pains a lot
-Who says
– I heard from friends
– Dont worry, I’ll do it slowly
– Why are you so eager, you monster?
– For you
– Crazy
– Look, at me, I am not big
-Oma !!!! Is it so big ??? I can’t, please. Dont scare me
– Come on, See how comfortable it will be. You hold it in your hand, the fear will go away
– Why so hard?
-How will it to enter if not hard
– It hurts when such a hard thing enters.
– Your hole is bigger than that. You will see
– No, mine is too small
– Not small, it’s like rubber. It will grow up when I will enter. Come closer, open a bit.
-Slow Bhai slow please
– bhai again?
– Hee hee, then what should I call

I let the head of my cock slip in. She looked at it by raising her head.


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Getting Drunk with Sister – Sex Stories

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