Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma

Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma

When Zarine got up in the morning and the coffee was not made she thought it was odd but figured that Anushka was just a little hung over from the night before.

That was until she walked by Anushkas room and heard what she thought was a muffeled scream. She opened the door and screamed in horror at what she saw.

There was Anushka spread eagle tied to her bed and completely naked. She quickly untaped her mouth and untied her arms and legs.

Anushka was crying howling like a baby when she explained what had happened and that the intruder must have broken in while they were out and had waited for

them to come home and go to sleep before attacking her. They both decided enough was enough and called the police. The investigation was just as they had

expected harsh treatment by the police always wanting full details and doubting her story that she was not raped. The authoities did a thorough job bringing in

crime scene investigaters and going over everything with a fine tooth comb. But when all was said and done they found absolutly nothing. No hairs no fibers no

footprints and no DNA. The attacker had committed the perfect semi-crime.

The police promised to keep trying but it was too much for Anushka and sadly the next week she announced to Zarine that she to was moving out. Zarine had all

along suspected that the attacker was her ex boyfriend David and when Anushka told her about the size of the attackers cock her suspicions were confirmed. She

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hated him now for driving off her friends and terrorizing them for such a long time and in such a hideous manner. She told herself that she must be very careful about


where she went and who was around at all times and she needed to get some new room mates as soon as possible.

Two weeks later the labor day weekend was begining and Zarine had a date on sunday and someone was coming monday to talk about sharing the house. She

hadn’t had a phone call since Anushkas attack and was hopeful that something had caused the attacker to abandon his quest.

As usual at the ad agency all the salemen had taken off for the long weekend and Zarine and the accountant were left to close up for the weekend. He came into the

reception room and announced he was finished and could she lock up? She said of course she had done so many times before and wished him a pleasent weekend. He

told her if she did not have plans his family was having a picnic sunday and she was surely welcome to come. She thanked him but refused the invite and said she

was going for drinks tonight and had plans for sunday and monday.

As she was putting the days receipts in the safe the phone rang. She was tempted to let it ring, after all they were closed, but opted to answer. “Zarine?” the voice

asked “Yes” she replied. “I’m coming to get you.” Zarine froze in terror. All the other times he had made his threats to Nargis or Anushka, this was the first time Zarine

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had heard his voice and it horrorfied her. She dropped the phone, grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

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Getting Zarine going through Nargis Fakhri and Anushka Sharma

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