Girlfriend Shared With Best Friend In Steamy Session!

Girlfriend Shared With Best Friend In Steamy Session!

Hello guys, this is Viren from Pune. This is my first story and it is my real encounter. It is a long one so I would post it in parts. So your feedback is very valuable. The story is narrated from the boyfriend’s point of view.

Currently my, age is 21. This is the time when I was in my first year of engineering! I was dating a girl named Shweta (name changed). We were very much into each other and were having sex regularly. We were enjoying it but always wanted to explore more. We wanted to cross boundaries and fuck like there is no tomorrow.

Now, coming to Shweta, she was one horny girl with a toned body. 32 is her boobs size. She has a tight ass and pussy.

Once while watching porn, we came across a porn where the girl in it was being shared with two guys. I thought she would ask me to change it, but, to my amusement, my girlfriend was touching herself.

This led me to imagine my gf fucking me and some guy in a threesome. That feeling made me horny. It was when I realized I have to experience this.

So, I asked her about having a guy in the bed along with me. Instantly, just like any other girl, she refused. But I knew Shweta had a thing for it.

So I started sending her various links about threesome stories and porn. This used to arouse her and then we used to chat and do roleplays. She finally agreed for a threesome as she wanted to try sucking 2 cocks together.

Now the actual question was about getting a guy down for this idea. I suggested going for some stranger but I guess she was already dreaming her man.

So, while discussing, she said that she wanted to have it with my friend Viren. I know Viren for a long time and he was completely trustworthy. Convincing him was not so difficult either.

As we were much young and into love, she insisted we should keep some ground rules before having a threesome.

  1. No anal or double penetration.
    2. No cumming on face.

I told Viren about it. He was excited and readily agreed.

So the D-day arrived. We came to my place. Viren was about to arrive at 11.

My girlfriend had brought some revealing clothes along with her. She wore a transparent off-shoulder top with no bra inside and wore just panties down. The top was barely covering her!

My girlfriend asked me to get some vodka as she was getting damn nervous. At that time, Viren rang the bell. Out of excitement and nervousness, Shweta gulped 90 ml vodka in 3 shots. As Shweta was kinda shy, she told me she would wait in the bedroom.

I welcomed my friend. I explained to him the complete scenario and that Shweta was shy. Then I told him I would go inside first and initiate the session and he should join us after 5 minutes.

As I went into the room, I was surprised to see my girlfriend all high and horny!

Shweta (in a nervous voice) – Where is he?
Me – I told him that I would start fucking you and he would join us in 5 minutes.
Shweta- thank god, I am damn nervous.

And she kissed me passionately,

I was all over her, kissing her and fondling her boobs and pinching her hard nipples. I went down and was sucking her pussy now.

*Creak* there was a noise of the door opening slowly. Viren entered slowly and approached our bed. Shweta shut her eyes tightly. I could feel she was shivering out of nervousness. I signalled him to start.

Viren went on and kissed my girlfriend. Shweta was nervous for a bit. I could see as her eyes were closed but later, she started responding well and liking it. Viren was sucking her lips very hard and fondling her boobs. She was moaning like anything. I was still sucking her pussy and fingering her.

Guys, I must tell you, Shweta’s pussy was very tight when I started but as Viren was kissing her, fluids were flowing rapidly and I was able to put 2-3 fingers at a time inside my girlfriend’s pussy. She was kissing him like lovers kissing each other.

Then, Viren went near her face. She took off his underwear and took the 6-inch thick meat directly into her mouth.

In a jiffy, my girlfriend had become damn horny. My girlfriend was sucking my friend’s dick from the tip to the end. Meanwhile, I was licking her and watching my horny girlfriend.

Now Viren jumped on her and started mouthfucking her. I could see he was choking her and even Shweta was enjoying every tip of his dick

Then she asked both of us to stand up. As we stood up, she held both dicks and put it inside her mouth! Ahhh! We both moaned together.

Shweta sucked and shagged our dick alternately. Damn, my girlfriend was a master at giving blowjobs!

While Shweta was in doggy position and was sucking my cock, I went from behind and inserted his dick into her pussy! This made her more mad and she started licking me vigorously. I pinched her erect nipples, it was all very sensual atmosphere!

At that time, Viren’s phone rang which was outside in the living room. He went out to get it and as he went out, I kissed Shweta and asked how was she feeling.

Shweta – Baby, I am a slut today and I want to explore myself to the fullest.

Saying this, she went outside towards the living room. I was surprised by her move! I followed her to the living room where I saw Shweta was hugging Viren from the back and biting his ear. Trust me guys, I was feeling jealous and horny at the same time!

It was one different feeling. I was watching this from the passage. Shweta then pushed Viren on the couch and went on top of him and started kissing him like a slut. Meanwhile, Viren started pinching her nipples! I went toward them and started fucking Shweta from the back.

She was taking Viren’s cock deep inside her throat. It was so deep I could hear the gasping sounds clearly. Because of this, my friend was about to come. As per the rules set, he told Shweta that he was about to come, to which Shweta replied –

Shweta – I am your slut today, you can do anything with me. Tell me what you want!

I was shocked to hear this as she was the one setting the rules

Viren – Oh yes, my slut. Sit down and open your mouth wide!

After that, Viren unloaded his large amount of cum completely onto her face. She was filled with all the warm cum over her face inside her hair.

Viren – Don’t you dare waste a single drop of it, lick it completely.

After this even I went out and unloaded myself onto her. She was looking and stinking like a complete slut. She cleaned our dick completely.

Now, we head straight to the bathroom. What happened in the bathroom, I will tell you in the next part.

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Girlfriend Shared With Best Friend In Steamy Session!