Girls in Yoga class – Sex Stories

Girls in Yoga class – Sex Stories

56.6! showed the electronic reading on the dial of the weighing machine. I have seen the movie “The exorcism of Emily Rose alone in the night but I have not felt so much horror as much as I have felt just now looking at my weight. I wanted to scream out loud shut up, Anjali my best friend Samantha screamed. 2 kilo’s will disappear if you diet for a week. I couldn’t believe it. How can I gain two kilo’s in just 5 days! Actually it was not surprising.

I had been to my cousin’s wedding last week and I ate like a small piggy, hogging on gulam jamun to chicken biriyani and soft drinks and not to forget my favorite potato chips with ketch up. I cursed myself for being so careless. I wondered why all the fat gets accumulated only on my stomach can’t it get evenly distributed all around my body? For my 5 ft 5 inch height, till last week I had a flat belly and now suddenly I see a small bulge around my tummy.

Samantha, I have to get rid of this fat somehow. Samantha looked at my stomach covered by a white t-shirt. Looks like you are pregnant. She teased me. I looked at Samantha, she also had some flab around her belly and we both laughed at ourselves looking at the mirror two pregnant women. Samantha, how can one not eat when you see chicken biriyani in front of you? How can you avoid garam jelebi’s? It’s not necessary, Samantha said. The things that you do after we eat are all that is what keeps us in shape.

You mean gym, I enquired? No! said Samantha, have you seen Trisha, she hogs like a hippo but still she remains so sexy, and slim. What does she do? It seems she had joined this yoga classes where they have some particular asanas , that keep you in shape when did yoga become a tool to lose weight? Yoga helps us shed weight, trust me, Samantha said. I was uncertain, but I wanted to believe her. Let’s call Trisha and ask her where she goes for those classes. Samantha took out her mobile and dialed Trisha’s number.

There was this long conversation between Trisha and Samantha where Samantha bombarded Trisha with Hazaar questions. Trisha seemed quiet from the other end uncertain and refusing to give out too much information.  Trisha wanted us to join Art of living courses like everyone else but she had not gone there herself. She had gone to some other instructor. She was very vague about it. Samantha was very particular about going to the same place where Trisha had gone finally Trisha gave a phone number and asked us to contact the instructor directly.

I wondered why Trisha was so discreet about it. What does she have to hide? Samantha then immediately dialled the number before I could stop her and I felt something weird about the whole thing. I heard Samantha say. She started blabbering about how interested we both were in joining his classes and how soon we can join his classes. There was loud sigh from Samantha, probably he had stopped the classes or something.

Then Samantha said that it was Trisha who recommended this place then Samantha was all excited suddenly and she was thanking him over and over again and she hung up. Samantha told me that he had stopped the classes but he was ready to start it again. He had promised to call her back as soon as he gathers some more students. The instructor called up after 2 days and told us that he will be starting classes on Saturday. He wanted us to reach the venue by 6 am for us was like 2 am.

The time from 6 am to 8 am was the time where I get the best sleep, cuddling up on a pillow. Saturday, Samantha woke me up at 5:45. We were roommates. She forced to me to brush and then I freshened up. Now what should we wear for yoga classes. That was a mystery. I mean jeans would be so tight. So we decided to go with t shirt and track pants. We reached the venue. It was an apartment. We took the elevator to the sixth floor. It was rainy season now and mornings were cold.

I shivered as the wind hit us as we stepped out of the lift. This was a flat and the door was open and we walked in. There was a uneasy feeling inside me as i stepped inside the flat. The floor was carpeted and there were a group of Guy meditating. There was deafening silence inside the room. I pressed Samantha’s hand tightly. She was so cool about the whole thing. Noone looked at us. Samantha cleared her throat and suddenly everyone opened their eyes at the same time and turned to look at us.

That was somewhat embarrassing. The instructor got up and came towards us. He was wearing a long kurta and a pant. There were only Guy, 6 of them now staring at us. The yoga master introduced himself and told us to take a seat anywhere. We both went and sat in the corner. The instructor asked us to close our eyes and meditate for some time and get us relaxed. I closed my eyes but I could not relax. I could feel that there are 6 pairs of eyes boring at me at this time. I was too scared to open my eyes.

After 5 minutes, he asked us to open our eyes. I looked at Samantha she seemed so relaxed. She was enjoying it. I was behaving like a paranoid. I decided not to freak out unnecessarily. The yoga instructor started with some speech on the origin of yoga and its benefits. I could not concentrate; I was trying to look at the Guy around us. They were in their 30’s type. I did feel that one Guy sitting diagonally opposite to me give a quick glance at me.

I was not sure. It was a very boring lecture and it went up to 1 hr and finally we were free to go home. The fact that nobody was talking to anybody else was so disturbing Samantha did not find it spooky at all. She directly went to the instructor and told him that it was a very informative session and she liked it. He told her to come back same time tomorrow. I did not speak a word. I looked at the instructor and saw him looking directly at me.

There was something in his eyes that was totally wrong. I could not find it as soon as I came out of the place, I told Samantha that I am not going back there. Samantha was surprised, why? She was suddenly angry. She wanted to shed some weight urgently. I asked her if she did not find the whole place made up nobody was actually staring at us. I mean normal people look here and there, especially if there are 2 young girls around, the Guy will definitely stare, but it was weird that they ignored us completely.

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She gave me ugly stare and told me that she will continue coming here even if I opted out. That was a stupid thing for her to do. I did not want her to come here alone. I immediately told her that I will come along. The next day, we both came at the scheduled time everyone was there in their usual places. I looked at everyone suspiciously. Today the instructor started by asking us to do some stretching exercises.

It was difficult actually; me and Samantha tried our level best to touch our toes with our fingers and failed miserably. We saw that everyone was struggling. It was fun to look at everyone, they were all trying and falling over. I suddenly felt more relaxed, I started laughing as Samantha lost her balance and nearly fell everyone joined me with their laughter. The atmosphere was somehow better now and i became less worried as Guy were laughing and helping each other.

The yoga instructor came to us and told that we need to bend a bit more so that we don’t get cramps when we start with the yoga asanas. He laughed at me, while I tried to balance myself standing on one leg. I was swinging like a drunkard. The whole hour went on like that as we enjoyed what we did. Samantha smiled at me after the classes as she was happy that I liked it too. Since we had to stretch a lot i decided to wear loose clothing. I wore a XL size t-shirt and a loose track pants and tied the thread tightly around it.

Samantha was wearing a tight track pant and a shirt herself. We reached the flat. Today, yoga instructor wanted to teach us some breathing techniques. He told us to observe him as he demonstrates it. He got up and then he suddenly removed his shirt. I was taken aback. He told us to look at his stomach as he sucks in air and how deep his stomach goes inside. He held his breath for quite a long time and finally let it out slowly. He asked us to do the same and at the same time observe our stomach while we did it.

What did that mean? I looked at the other Guy as they removed their t shirts and sat. I looked at Samantha. She gave me a expressionless stare. The yoga instructor did not look at us or tell us anything. So we decided we will do this without removing our t shirts. Samantha was very good at this task. She could hold her breath for a long time but rest of us failed to hold on to our breath for not more than 30 sec. The yoga master saw this. He came to Samantha and asked Samantha to demonstrate it to everyone and she nodded eagerly.

He asked her to lie down. He asked everyone to stop and asked them to come near and look at Samantha was now lying down on her back. She had her eyes closed. Her breasts were rising and falling rhythmically. He asked us to look at her. It was kind of different with everyone staring at her body. I felt a wave of tingling sensation go through my legs. Samantha was beautiful. She had a very fair skin and perfectly firm breasts. Her stomach was slowly rising and falling as she was trying to relax.

There was silence as the Guy stared at her beautiful body with full permission from her. The instructor asked her to take a deep breath. She pulled back her stomach as she took in large chunks of air inside her lungs and her breasts rose up. Her stomach was now deep inside but nobody could see it, how much deep should we suck in our stomach to hold on to our breath for a longer time”, came a question. He asked Samantha to leave her breath. Samantha did so.

He then asked Samantha if she could show us how deep her stomach can go. Samantha was all beaming and proud of her abilities that she said yes on hearing this, the instructor looked at Samantha’s shirt. There were 4 buttons on it everyone including me went dead quiet imagining what is going to happen next. The instructor extended his hand and unhooked the last two buttons slowly. Samantha suddenly let out a shiver as she realisedwhat was happening.

I was too shocked to react. I wanted to stop it but something inside me stopped me from that. The instructor then slowly parted both the sides of her shirt bringing into view Samantha’s stomach. Fortunately for her, her track pants were so high that it covered most part of her stomach. There were lot of disappointment on everyone’s face. Can I adjust the pant?” he asked her. There was a moment of tension as everyone waited for her reply, yeah a bit said Samantha.

The tracks were not elastic and there was a thread tied tightly to make it stay tight. The instructor pulled one end of the thread and with a snap the knot came loose. It was happening in slow motion. There was no hurry from the instructor. The pants was now loose. He then held on to the sides of her pants and started slowly pulling it down. Her navel was beautiful, fair. The pant came down revealing the most amazing belly button. He pulled it further down till her hip bone was visible.

A bit more and her panty line would have been visible too. They were a long pause as everyone looked at Samantha. She looked so seductive a sex goddess. Her navel was in full view to everyone. I myself felt a shiver run through me. Wondering what the Guy were going through. No one took their eyes from her smooth navel. The instructor finally told her to suck air in. She took a deep breath and her navel sunk in. It was a sight worth seeing.

I was suddenly wet below. The instructor told her stop inhaling. Her breasts had risen so high and trying to burst out of her shirt. The two buttons were strong; else they would have popped off anytime. The time stood still as everyone enjoyed Samantha lying down exposing her navel. No one, even the instructor tried to grab her. He then slowly asked her to exhale. Samantha slowly let out her breath and her navel slowly rose up. The Guy were breathing heavily now and so I was I.

I kind of liked the feeling of getting attention of these Guy. I did not move. Samantha opened her eyes. She saw all the Guy staring at her body. She immediately corrected her shirt but before she could put her buttons, the instructor asked her to do the same now in the sitting position. She now sat in her meditating positions, legs crossed inside. Her shirt immediately fell down covering her stomach. The instructor then asked me to hold up her shirt so that everyone can see her doing it properly.

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I hesitated but I forced myself to kneel down next to Samantha and pulled up her shirt again exposing her navel to everyone. She sat erect and i purposely raised her shirt to maximum extent possible to study the Guy’s reaction. Their eyes were wide now. Samantha was stunning. Her entire stomach was now being relished by everyone. She repeated the task and then instructor asked everyone to get back to their places. They reluctantly left.

The instructor thanked Samantha for her co-operation. She did not have a slightest clue what effect she had left on her audience. The instructor asked us to practice this at home and return the next day and he will check whether everyone can hold their breath for at least 40 sec. I was excited to go to the class next day morning. We both reached and we saw the guys all topless again, trying out the same asana. The instructor was helping each one of them to have control on their breathing.

The instructor after some time came to me and asked me if i could master it. He then asked me to lie down like Samantha. I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was my day to expose and the Guy were eagerly waiting for this. The instructor slowly lifted my t shirt without asking my permission. Since Samantha did it day, he knew even I wouldn’t object it today. He slowly raised my t shirt bringing my navel into full public view. I closed my eyes like Samantha.

The instructor slowly kept his hand on my stomach pressing it down. I felt an enormous surge of pleasure go though I as his hand touched my navel. He asked me to take a deep breath as my stomach sank in his hand sunk into my stomach as well. I loved this feeling. He made me hold on to my breath for nearly 40 Sec and slowly released the pressure on my stomach indicating me to exhale slowly. I did it, yes.

I felt a strange tingling sensation between my legs as I lay exposing my bare navel to 6 Guy and of course Samantha as I opened by eyes, I saw a bunch of hungry eyes staring at me. I did not cover my navel by pulling down my t shirt but remained lying there letting everyone get a eyeful of my stomach and I then slowly got up and covered my stomach and smiled at Samantha. She was now getting the feel of it. She understood what I wanted to do. She somehow kind of liked it too and she smiled back.

The rest of the session we were doing different aasana in between 6 shirtless Guy. It was a very weird feeling. The next day the class was postponed to the evening. Me and Samantha we reached the apartment and found everyone waiting for us. The whole room was decorated with balloons and glitter paper. It seems that it was our Yoga instructor’s birthday. They had a huge cake in the centre. There were soft drinks and wafers etc.

They had also ordered dinner from outside. We searched for alcohol but there was no booze party so we decided to leave only after dinner. We all sang birthday songs for our instructor .He were all happy. We clapped. Some of the Guy sang old Hindi songs. Samantha also sang a song and everyone cheered. There was so much cake still left and no one wanted to have it as they could not have dinner. So one guy took one slice in his hand and rubbed in to our instructors face.

He was filled with cake on the face Noone laughed. This was so childish. Samantha couldn’t hold on to her laugh and she laughed like crazy. Hearing her everyone started laughing. Samantha went crazy. She ran and picked up one more slice and rubbed it on our instructor’s neck and face. Then it was chaos. Since it was a expensive shirt that he was wearing. He removed it and everyone were then taking cake in their hand and attacking the instructor in 10 minutes he looked like a joker in circus.

We laughed like crazy. I myself pasted a big piece of icing on his chest. Samantha now wanted him covered in pastry so she was rubbing the cake on his stomach. I joined in. We left him drenched in cake. It was too much for him to take. He got up and took some cake in his hand and ran behind Samantha, Samantha ran. He then told the Guy to catch us as his birthday gift. That was too much. Suddenly the guys were all after us. Two of them caught my hand and I tried to break free but they were far stronger.

I looked at Samantha, she was screaming laughing running. Finally one guy caught her by her waist and pinned her onto the floor. They brought me near her. The instructor asked them to pin me also to the floor. We were now both lying next to each other and our hands and legs were now held tightly by 6 Guy. The instructor now came with 2 big slices of cake in his hand. We pleaded not to put it on us but he was not willing to listen.

He rubbed the cake on mine and Samantha’s face. Samantha was laughing like crazy. The instructor asked the Guy where they wanted him to splash the cake on us. They all wanted it on our stomach. Lift their shirts commended the instructor 2 guys now loosened the grip on our thighs and now pulled up our t shirts exposing our navel yet again to everyone there. This is going to be merciless he said. He gave everyone some slices of cake and told them to rub it on us like we did it to him.

The guys did not even wait for him to finish. They were now rubbing their hands on my bare flesh of my stomach. Someone was tickling me. I did not know whether i should cry or laugh. There was hands all over my stomach, waist and even on my back. I felt a hand brush on my breasts. I looked at Samantha, she was being mauled by 3 Guy. She had cake all over her stomach face hands, her elastic pants had slid down and her panty was now visible to everyone. I begged them to stop finally they stopped.

There were tears in my eyes because of all the laughter. I was also in a state with cake all over me. The instructor and Guy they helped us get up. We wiped our face and stomach and cleaned the cake. We were so tired. We had a quiet dinner. The instructor thanked us for coming and thanked us for coming. He asked us to take rest the next day as it was quite late now and come the following day. The day after, me and Samantha when we started, it was pouring heavily.

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We were drenched by the time we reached the flat. It was only 5:45 am but it looked like midnight as we were the last to come in and the instructor closed and bolted the door from inside and then closed the curtains. The Guy were also so wet. I and Samantha were wearing t shirt and track pants which were fully wet. The instructor asked everyone to dry themselves. The Guy simply removed their shirt and pant and were only in their undergarments. It was an erotic view.

They penis was bulging and the outline was easily visible through the underwear. Some of the Guy had worn such small underwear that some part of their penis was visible to us. They did not bother to hide it from us. I looked at Samantha. She did not have towel. The instructor came to us and gave us a towel and we wiped out hair and head dry but we were feeling cold as the wet clothes felt ice cold against our skin. The fan was also on, we started shivering.

Looking at us, the instructor told us that we can go back and come tomorrow, but the rain was pouring so hard that we did not want to go back. I looked at Samantha, she was so wet that her pink bra was clearly visible. Since we were little comfortable around the place now, we did not bother. The instructor asked us to remove the t shirt as we might get fever. We were so embarrassed that we decided not to remove the t shirt. Then the instructor told us that they will forcibly remove it like day before.

We were suddenly alert. I mean we would be in our bra if they completely remove our tops. We looked around, like a bunch of hungry hyenas they surrounded us. We were totally helpless. The instructor came forward and told us to remove it. Samantha looked at me but she did not move. That was it the instructor signalled with his hands and the Guy, nearly naked themselves pounced on us and we tried to dodge.

We ran in different direction but within a min we were caught. One guy hugged me from behind in a bear hug. I could not move an inch. He had me caught tightly by my waist. Another guy came to me and without any hesitation caught hold of my t shirt and lifted it all the way above my neck and out of my head. My body now rubbed the guy who was hugging me from behind. I felt cold as he purposely caressed my stomach with his hand.

I was in my white bra now. My bra was not big enough for my breast as most of my breast stood exposed to everyone. I covered my breasts with my hands immediately to avoid further shame. I looked at Samantha. She was pinned to the wall by two Guy now. Samantha was struggling to break free, but one guy had already lifted her top halfway up and the other guy was now loosening the thread of her tracks.

She was desperately trying to stop her pants from falling down. Alas her efforts failed as I saw her top flying past her head revealing her pink bra and her pant falling down on the floor exposing her rose panty with one hand now she covered her breasts and another she tried to cover her pussy. She was shocked. Looking at her, the guy hugging me from behind wanted to strip me off my pant too.

He inserted his hand into my tracks and slowly pulled it down. I offered no resistance as i felt my pant slide past my legs and out of it in a jiffy. I stood in my black panty. I did nothing to cover my pussy as i knew it was of no use. I also removed my hands from covering my breasts and let everyone get a good look of my bosoms. The guy who was hugging me from behind had an erection and his dick was pushing into my panty.

Samantha looked at me and realised that it was worthless fighting. She relaxed and stopped covering her private parts everyone in the room had eyes on us. The instructor then said that since all the Guy were in their undergarments it was fair only if we also come down to the same extend of nudeness. I stared a 6 dicks, they were fully erect and one trying to tear past my panty inside my ass.

Samantha was still in the state of shock. The instructor came and pulled Samantha towards him. He shook her and gave a squeeze on her ass. His hands covered most of her ass as he squeezed it. Samantha suddenly woke up with a jolt. She probably realised that we were going to be Guy handled by these Guys if we did not co-operate. The instructor then asked me if I was feeling comfortable. I nodded. The guy hugging me from behind reluctantly let go of me.

He asked everyone to assemble towards the centre of the room as today he will teach us some regular exercises. He knew very well that the Guy were on fire and they wanted to rip us apart. He wanted us to get into the mood rather than them forcing themselves on us. He called us to come near him. Samantha looked at me, I nodded. We went near the instructor and aren’t they looking beautiful” asked the instructor and everyone screamed in unison.

The momentum was building in them .He then slowly put his hands around our waist Do the girls deserve a kiss? Yes said everyone. Who wants to kiss them? Asked the instructor and everyone raised their hands. Samantha blushed on hearing it. Who wants to hug these pretty babes? We could hear a roar and the events that unfolded afterwards will be described to the best of my knowledge in the next part.


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Girls in Yoga class – Sex Stories

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