There’s a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend’s handsome dad, the friend’s friend and a wife with a fetish

There’s a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend’s handsome dad, the friend’s friend and a wife with a fetish

Sunny loved to masturbate. She had her hand inside her
jeans underneath her panties, and she was finger
fucking herself good. It was Saturday night; she was
watching an Orlando Bloom movie on HBO.

“Ahhhh yeah,” she moaned as Orlando kissed his leading
lady. Sunny’s finger jiggled in her tight cunt. She
loved to bring herself to the brink of orgasm and then
hang there. She slid her ass to the edge of the sofa.
Her legs were stiffly spread; her mouth made an ‘O’ of
sexual anticipation as her finger twitched over her

On the screen, Orlando dramatically swept off his
shirt. “Oh yeah, that’s it, you big hunk,” thought
Sunny. She loved how his well muscled body looked, not
weightlifter heavy, just lean and sexy. He gracefully
slid into bed with his leading lady and kissed her
hard. In fact, there was a whole montage of kisses and
caresses and looks of carnal desire. Glimpses of her
tits and his tight butt flashed across the screen.
Finally, the couple went at it, frantically humping one

“Oh fuck, yes,” moaned Sunny. Her finger slammed in and
out of her pussy. “Give it to me. Fuck me hard…hard.”
Her body became rigid and trembled as the liquid
slapping sound of her palm hitting her clit filled the
room. “Ohhhhhh…” she whined in a long gasp as she

Sunny caught her breath before she carefully arose from
the sofa. She didn’t want to leave any evidence of her
orgasm on the leather upholstery. She loved her more
than spacious living quarters, and she wanted to keep
them pristine. She lived in the home of her employer,
Ashton Wagner and his wife Sarah.

Sunny couldn’t believe how lucky she’d been in landing
her job. She’d grown up in the small town of Upnor,
North Carolina. By the age of eighteen she’d already
finished high school, plus she’d also taken most of the
classes need for an associate’s degree in business from
a local community college. One day, one of her teachers
had called her into his office. He had a friend in
Wilmington on the Atlantic coast. His name was Ashton
Wagner, and he was a producer in the television and
film business there. Wagner needed an assistant, but he
didn’t want to advertise and have to sort through
scores of applications. Was there anyone Sunny’s
teacher could recommend? The teacher had recommended

Sunny knew there was one good reason she’d been picked,
besides her good grades. Her teacher had the hots for
her. That was understandable. At five-feet three inches
tall Sunny was a walking wet-dream. Her full c-cup tits
stood round and firmly her chest. She had a heart-
shaped bubble butt that left guys staring in her wake.
In between those two fantastic assets was her tiny
waist. Add in a sweet face, large brown eyes and long,
full brunette hair and she had a killer package.

Sunny had squealed with delight and accepted his offer
before he even knew what happened. All that he got out
of the deal was a quick feel of her breasts on his
chest as she gave him a brief hug. Not that he had a
chance at more. Sunny was no virgin, but she was hardly
experienced at sex. She’d had exactly one serious
boyfriend. They’d gone between the sheets a few times,
but then he’d gone to college. The school wasn’t all
that far away, but apparently the sexually
adventuresome college girls had been more appealing to
him than waiting for the weekend and a skinny little
high school kid. Sunny had been a late bloomer and he’d
missed out.

The next day was Sunday. It was a day off for the
Wagner’s maid and cook. Since Sunny lived at the house,
she’d volunteered to make breakfast. That had been her
treat to her parents on Sunday mornings at home. She
was a whiz at breakfast food. Mrs. Wagner had arisen
early and taken only coffee and toast. She sold real
estate and she’d left that morning to show a house. She
was a tall, elegant blonde who was always impeccably

Once she left, Sunny sipped at coffee and read the
paper until Mr. Wagner got out of bed. He came into the
kitchen wearing a gown and smelling of aftershave.
“Good morning,” he told Sunny.

“Good morning,” said Sunny. “Would you like some bacon
and eggs?”

“That sounds great,” Wagner said. He took Sunny’s place
in the nearby breakfast nook, sipped at a fresh cup of
coffee and read the paper while Sunny cooked. At least
he read the paper when he wasn’t looking at Sunny.
Damn, the girl looked hot this morning. She was wearing
probably what she’d worn to bed. Her outfit was a pair
of violet colored string pants that set low on her
hips. She had a matching tank top that left her midriff
bare and showed off her impossibly slim waist. He bet
that he could make his fingers touch around that waist,
or maybe it just seemed that way because her tits
filled her top to overflowing. He bet that he could
bounce a quarter off the material stretched tight
across her ass.

“Here you go,” said Sunny as she put the breakfast
before Mr. Wagner.

“Thanks, dear,” he said. As he ate, he watched Sunny
move around the kitchen. He especially liked it when
she reached for something and stretched her tits tight
against her top. She stood on tiptoes reaching to
replace a jar on a high shelf, and Wagner swore that he
could see the rounded bulge of her tit as it peeked
from under her top. He felt his dick begin to grow
between his legs. That was no small matter. He sported
a thick nine inches and he wasn’t wearing any
underwear. He wondered what she would do if he stood up
and exposed his erection. After weeks of watching Sunny
flounce her amazing body, he was willing to risk
finding out. After all, if she didn’t like it, he could
simply claim that it was an accident.

Wagner vacillated; he read his paper and drank more
coffee, but his hard-on wouldn’t go away. He notched up
his resolve and loosened the belt on his robe. When
Sunny finished her work in the kitchen and turned in
his direction, he stood and said, “Thanks for cooking
breakfast, Sunny, it was very good.” He twitched his
hips and felt his robe brush along the stone hard nine
inches of his cock as it fell into the open.

“You’re wel…come,” said Sunny. Her voice broke when
she saw her employer’s cock flop out of his robe. “Oh
my,” she whispered.

Wagner studied Sunny’s reaction. She wasn’t running out
of the room. In fact she seemed mesmerized by his cock.
He looked down and feigned surprise. “Oh, I am so
sorry,” he said. He pulled his robe loosely closed over
his cock. In fact it was so loose that his cock was
uncovered once more as he stepped closer to Sunny.

Sunny ogled the huge hunk of man-meat that was closing
in on her. Mr. Wagner was tall and handsome and he was
looking at her with hunger in his eyes. “Sir…” was
the only thing she could say.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said. “You did this to me.”

“I did?” said Sunny. As she watched, a wad of pre-cum
formed at the tip of his cock. It twitched and the wad
spurted onto the floor. Mr. Wagner came closer; his
cock waved from side to side, pre-cum sloshed out at
every step. Suddenly, she was in his arms. His steel
dick shoved against her flat tummy.

“I can’t believe how beautiful you are,” said Wagner.
His hands roamed over her form, squeezing her tits one
second and her ass the next. He thrust his tongue in
her mouth while his hands went inside her pants. The
soft skin over the twin globes of her ass felt like

Sunny didn’t know what to think. One second she was
cleaning up after breakfast and the next second her
boss had her in a hot clench. His tongue was like a
snake in her mouth, twisting and turning like a wild
thing. Her heart was pounding madly. She broke off
their kiss with a loud gasp and said, “Sir, we
shouldn’t be doing this.” But when she looked down and
saw the cum covered head of his cock, she couldn’t
resist reaching out and grasping it in her fingers.

“Oh yes,” groaned Wagner. He couldn’t believe that this
hot teen was fingering his cock. He took the hem of her
top and peeled it over her tits. They were as
magnificent as he had imagined. They were full and
rounded, high and firm, yet they tapered ever so
slightly to perky nipples. He could feel the heat from
the reddened flush of her perfect skin. He gave
reverent kisses to the top of those perfect breasts. He
was about to lick the jutting nipples when a noise
intruded on his sex addled consciousness.

Thunk. The sound of a car door closing made the
impromptu lovers jump. “Oh shit,” cried Wagner,
“Sarah’s back already.” Mrs. Wagner was home from
showing the house. He tried to pull away from Sunny,
but the girl had too tight a grip on his stone hard
dick. “Sunny,” he hissed loudly. He shoved his hips
forward once more and her grip loosened somewhat. Damn,
but he was hot and so close to an orgasm. The fact that
his wife was getting nearer just made him want it more.
He plunged his cock back and forth, fucking Sunny’s
hot, cum-slick hand.

Wagner came. A shot of cum leapt from the tip of his
mighty cock and streamed across the kitchen floor; more
cum followed. He hadn’t shot a load like this in years.
“Sunny,” he said weakly and she finally released his
dick with a startled gasp, putting her hands to her
face as she watched the incredible streams of cum that
flowed from his cock. He staggered backward as the
streaks of cum lessened to drips and drabs and he could
cover his dick with his robe and flee the kitchen.

Sunny had the presence of mind to grab a handful of
paper towels and wipe up the hot, soggy mess that Mr.
Wagner had made. She was stuffing the towels in the
garbage even as she heard Mrs. Wagner’s steps in the
hallway. At the last second, Sunny reached up and
pulled her tank-top over her exposed boobs just as Mrs.
Wagner walked into the kitchen.

“Well, I’m back,” said Mrs. Wagner. She laid her purse
on the kitchen counter.

“How did it go?” said Sunny, trying not to look as if
she’d just jerked off the lady’s husband.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she sighed. Apparently, the showing
hadn’t gone well. “Is Mr. Wagner up?”

Sunny choked back a laugh at the unintended pun. “Yes,
ma’am,” she managed to get out. “He just finished

“Hmmm…” said Mrs. Wagner. She poured a cup of coffee,
gathered up the newspaper and left the kitchen.

Sunny went back to her room. She’d masturbated the
night before, but damned if she wasn’t ready for more.
She didn’t think her fingers would do. She pulled a
suitcase out of her closet and opened it on the floor.
From underneath a heavy jacket that she kept stored
away in the summer, she pulled out an oddly shaped bag.
Out of the bag came something only a woman could
appreciate. She’d been the captain of her high school
softball team, and at the end of her senior season the
team had given her a present. Sunny had gasped with
laughter when she’d seen the multi-function dildo. The
thing would pulse and writhe and vibrate. It even had a
curved piece with a little forked end that fit over her

Sunny dropped her pants and panties and flopped on the
bed. She spread her legs and eased the dildo into her
cunt. She didn’t need to worry about lubrication. Her
vaginal lips were already puffy and moist from Mr.
Wagner’s talented fingers; not to mention the sight of
his magnificent cock. In other words, she was already
so hot and horny she could hardly stand it. She set the
dildo to twisting in her pussy as her mind went back to
just a few minutes ago. “Damn, did you see that dick?”
she mumbled to herself. “It was so fuckin’ big, I can’t
believe it.” She hit the button that made the dildo
softly vibrate. “Mmmm…” she moaned, remembering his
kiss and the way his heart pounded in his muscular

Sunny’s hips were pulsing in time with her writhing
dildo. She set the dildo to vibrating at its highest
speed. “And I made him hard,” she whispered. “I made
that big dick swell up.” She was nearly there. She
pressed the dildo’s plastic tongue against her clit.
“And then it shot off,” she moaned. “It shot soooo
muuuuch stuff.” Her pussy clenched and she was cumming.
“So much stuff…and more, and more cum,” she groaned
as her hips rose and she shoved the dildo in and out of
her flowing pussy. Sunny felt her orgasm approaching.
She held the plastic tongue of the dildo against her
clit. “Ohhhh…” she gasped. The vibrations on her
sensitive sex-button were almost too much to bear. Her
back arched as she ground out her cum on her bed.

Thirty minutes later, the dildo was hidden away once
more. Sunny had taken a shower and dressed in shorts
and a tee-shirt. She had to decide how to spend the
rest of her Sunday. She doubted that it would be as
exciting as the morning had been.

There was a soft tap at her door. When she opened it,
Mr. Wagner stepped in. He was wearing running shoes,
shorts and a mesh tank top. The Nike Swoosh was
emblazoned on all of his expensive gear. “Sunny, I
couldn’t get you out of my mind,” he said. He was
staring openly at the twin swells of her tits.

Sunny could see his dick already growing in his shorts.
“But your wife…” Sunny began.

“She’s at the other end of the house with her nose
stuck in the real-estate section of the paper. She
won’t come up for air anytime soon. Besides, she thinks
I’m out running,” he said advancing into the room.

Sunny had to admit that the man looked good. His legs
bulged with muscle as well as did his pecs and biceps.
The man stayed in shape. He came to her and immediately
cupped her pussy mound through her shorts. “Oh sir,”
she protested, but she had to admit that she liked it.
She like the way she made him hard. She liked the feel
of his erection against her hip. He massaged her pussy
with his talented fingers until they were both panting
like two horny teens in a backseat.

Wagner stepped back and pulled aside the leg of his
shorts. With a flourish his dick sprang into the open,
pre-cum slinging sideways through the air. “Look what
you do to me,” he said.

“I did that?” Sunny asked, trying to sound innocent.

“You know you did,” he growled. “Take off your shorts.”

“What?” she said.

“I’ll stay over here; just take off your shorts,” he
demanded. Sunny unbuttoned her shorts and stripped them
off her fine ass. He began to stroke his cock. “Your
panties � let me have your panties.”

“My panties?” said Sunny. They were only plain white
everyday bikini panties, but Mr. Wagner was eyeing them
as if they were exquisite lingerie. As if in a dream,
she pulled off her underwear and tossed them to her

Wagner caught her panties and lifted them to his face.
He inhaled deeply. “Nothing like the smell of hot
pussy.” He wrapped her undies around the head of his
cock and rubbed his hand around in a corkscrewing
motion. “You have one fine ass, young lady,” he said.

“I have?” asked Sunny. She turned so that her backside
was three-quarters to his view. She looked over her
shoulder and lifted her heel as she’d seen models do in
a thousand ads.

“Oh shit, you know how to show it too,” he moaned.
Sunny slowly shifted her weight from one leg to the
other making her sweet ass sway as the muscles rolled
under her satin skin. She bent over and ran her finger
the length of her vaginal lips, dipping her finger into
her wet pussy. Wagner frantically beat his meat. This
girl was too much. He felt the cum boiling in his
balls. It wouldn’t be long now. “Your tits, show me
your tits.”

Sunny straightened up. She loved what she was doing to
Mr. Wagner. His eyes were glazed and he stood on bent
legs, his hips thrusting out. His big cock seemed to be
swelling even larger. She gathered up the front of her
shirt in her fingers. She lifted the material until she
could grasp the bottom of her bra cups, and then she
pulled out and upwards. With hardly a jiggle, her
shapely breasts revealed themselves to Wagner’s fevered

“Fuck yes,” huffed Wagner. “I’m cumming, Sunny, I’m
cumming to those big, luscious tits of yours.” Around
the tip of his cock, Sunny’s panties jumped and
throbbed as they absorbed Wagner’s load of cream. The
material darkened and grew absolutely soggy with his
spunk. Finally, they fell to the rug with a wet splat
as a long drool of cum followed them downward.

The next day Sunny went back to work in Wagner’s
office. For tax purposes it was a separate building,
but it looked as if it were part of his house �
compound really, the place was huge. Her desk sat in a
reception area, surrounded by file cabinets and backed
by a kitchenette and bathroom. His room was much more
luxurious with its large desk, meeting table and
sitting area.

Mr. Wagner came in. He was looking good, as usual. He
was wearing pressed jeans and loafers as well as a
white dress shirt and navy sport coat. “Good morning,
Sunny,” he said cheerfully. “Could you step in here a
few minutes,” he said as he walked into his office.

She followed, and watched as he went to his desk and
began putting files into a briefcase. “Okay,” he said,
“as we discussed, I’ll be in Hollywood about a week.
There’s no need for you to be in the office every
minute. I’ll check in around noon and then you can take
the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Sunny. She too was looking good
this morning. She was wearing a summer print, strapless
dress along with open-toe pumps. Her auburn tresses
flowed across her bare shoulders.

“I’m going to miss you, you know,” said Wagner as he
looked her up and down. He squeezed his crotch for

Sunny could easily see that her boss was becoming
aroused once more. “Sir, you shouldn’t,” she said as
she watched him rub the length of his cock beneath the
leg of his jeans. “You can’t go to the airport with a
boner in your pants.”

“I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to,” he said. He
took Sunny’s hand and led her to one of the armchairs
in the conversation area where she took a seat. He
pulled at the zipper of his jeans, and in a few seconds
his rapidly filling cock was waving in Sunny’s face.

“We shouldn’t…” began Sunny even as her hand went to
his dick. She ran her palm up the length of the
prominent cum-tube and was rewarded with a handful of
clear pre-cum. She smeared it over the swelling lump of
his cock-head. “I mean your wife and everything.”

“Don’t worry about her,” he said, nudging his cock
closer to Sunny’s pouting lips. “I’m going to make some
good deals in California and you’re going to be

Sunny was no dummy and it certainly didn’t take a
rocket scientist to see what was happening here. She
didn’t want to be an office bimbo. She kissed the end
of his dick and gave him a soulful look with her big
brown eyes. “You’ll get out there with all those
talented starlets and forget about me.” She licked the
end of his dick and a shot of pre-cum splashed into her
mouth. His balls must work overtime, she thought.

“I won’t forget about you,” Wagner said with little
jerks of his hips encouraging her lips to accept the
end of his cock. “That pretty face and fantastic body
can take you far if you let them,” he said.

Sunny licked and slurped at the end of his dick as if
it were an ice-cream cone. “I did some amateur acting
in high school; the teacher said I had some talent,”
she said between licks.

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There’s a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend’s handsome dad, the friend’s friend and a wife with a fetish