Hard fucked by Coach – Sex Stories

Hard fucked by Coach – Sex Stories

I am Basil, 27, employed as a physical training instructor in the local college. My job is to identify students who have flair to become atheletes and sportsmen or women. Being in the college I have to deal with boys and girls who are in their teens. Many a times, I may have to take them to inter collegiate, inter university, inter state tournaments.

Giving them coaching in their selected field sports activity is indeed a difficult task. We have teams for foot ball, cricket, hockey for boys as well as girls. Some show talent and others come just to vile away their time. Once I had to accompany two girls to Kolkata for an athetele meet. All the three of us have to sleep in the same room.
Many a times they change their clothesin my presence and I in their presence. Girls gigle when they see me change my underwear. I ask them why should they laugh, one girl, Suja, who was bold, told me that because of my size, they laughed. I was shocked. Usually I keep aloof from them without gossiping.

But from that day I thought I should indulge in small talk with these girls just to vile away time. There were occasions when we have to simply sit looking at each other. I thought I will first get friendly with this girl Suja. She is tall, lean, good looking, with not much of bossom or ass. But she has a firm body, thighs etc.

She said she is 20 and in the degree course and may sit for the final exam soon. The other girl was Rosy, 19, in the degree class. She had some boob and round ass, firm thighs etc. In the night after supper, we go for a walk and then come to the room for sleep. These girls observe many things.

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They said there were three or four teams where there is only one girl participant with the PTI. They both stayed in the same room and may be having a jolly good time. I was surprised. If you are interested in jolly good time, I am game. Both the girls laughed. Our room was in the corner in the second floor and lot of street light was entering the room through the window.

I asked the girls to go and take a wash, wash the sports wear they were wearing and change into someting light. They both laughed and told me that they dont have any extra clothing except a lungi for change. But washing the sportswear and putting it to dry in the night is a good idea, because by tomorrow we may get fresh clothes to wear.

After all we are all together and we should not feel shy one against the other. Rosy told us that she will wash the clothes and asked us to remove and give it over to her. Suja removed her sports banian and gave it to her, She was topless. She wore a lungi and gave her pyjama also. I also gave my top and bottom and wore another lungi.

Rosy removed her own clothes and was sitting in the bathroom floor with soap and washing our clothes. I asked Suja to come to me and we both were sitting in my bed. She had nice small boobs, which she had covered with her crossed hands. My cock was in full erection and was creating a tent. I took the hand of Suja and placed it on my cock.

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She inserted her hand inside my lungi and probed my cock and caught hold of it. In the meantime her own boob was exposed. I leaned across and planted a kiss on its nipples. With the other hand she embraced me and we kissed each other. Rosy was looking at it from the bath room and was shouting whether the action has started without her.

I asked Suja whether she was a virgin.She said no. I pulled her across to sit in my lap with her legs on both of my sides so that my cock is positioned directly into her fuckhole. I rubbed the tip of my cock on her clitoris and made her to moan.

Suja was in a hurry. With the cock at the entrance of her cunt how can she be patient. She pushed her cunt forward and took my entire cock inside. It was tight. I placed my hands over her ass and pulled her towards me to make a deep penetration. In the meantime, Rosy had completed her wash and brought the wet clothes to put in the clothesline.

I just lied down and asked Suja to complete the fuck. Suja started to fuck me with my cock well inserted inside her. She moved forward and backwards and up and down and finally she came to her big orgasm. Pulsating she lied on my body. Asking her to get up, I asked Rosy to come and to take the positon. She removed her lungi and came totally nude to my side.

Putting her legs across, without any shyness she just sat on me and guided my cock into her. I asked her whether she was a virgin, she said no. I rolled over and made her to come on the bed below me and fucked her in the missionary style and then changed to doggy style. Her boobs were nice to lick and suck.

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Rosy was moaning loudly, I had to warn her that neighbouring people would listen and not to make any sound. Both the girls enjoyed the sex thoroughly and we had it almost every day. A new kind of relationship developed between us that we began to narrate all our sexual experiences to each other. Girls had lot of stories to tell. I was just listening and enjoying.

Hearing these stories made our own sex more pleasureable. Our two weeks stay was most enjoyable. On almost all days we fucked. Girls came and told me stories of other camps where the Instructor and the athelete stayed alone. A new kind of atmosphere existed there. They all thought that this is a chance for them to get fucked and enjoy.

We decided that we three will go to other training camps also and enjoy like this. Within three months we went to Ludhiana, Mussourie etc. Our girls performed well and worn the accolades of all concern. In the night they won my accolades for being the best bed mates. Now a days we three occupied the same bed and fucked while all the three enjoyed.

The End……………….

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Hard fucked by Coach – Sex Stories

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