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Harry Potter and the Accidental Casting

Harry Potter and the Accidental Casting

Before she could go, Harry’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm. “Wait.” He gasped. He slid off the bed and lay on the floor, never relaxing his grip and dragging Hermione down with him. “It’s fading. I can breath again.” His limbs began to move and he was regaining muscle control. He sat up and looked at Hermione’s concerned face. “I think you need to look at that recipe again.”

He started to laugh, but was interrupted. He fell back as another wave of pain shot through his body, but this one was deeper. More concentrated in one place. Hermione watched, helplessly as the effects of the potion took him. “Harry?”

He leapt to his feat, n obviously pain. He began thrashing at his robes, half pulling, half tearing them off. “Too tight.” He yelled as he threw the black robes across the room and turned to his other clothing.

Hermione saw a bulge in his jeans, threatening to rip the denim and still getting larger. Harry yanked open to buttons and pulled away his jeans. “My god.” She gasped.

Harry’s boxers were ripped in two and through the torn material was a rapidly growing and hardening cock. Eight inches, and still gong. Harry collapsed to his knees and in obvious discomfort. Ten inches, slowing down, but still going. Hermione leapt over to his side, sweat was pouring down his face. Twelve inches, an inch and a half wide and was rock solid.

Harry lay gasping and stared at both Hermione and himself. “The recipe is fine.” He finally gasped. “It’s just the use you need to look at.”

Hermione barely heard him, she couldn’t take her eyes off of his massive dick. Thick veins throbbed all along the shaft, and a drop of pre cum was sitting on the circumcised purple head. Her body had a natural reaction and she could feel her pussy demanding attention.
Harry snapped his fingers in front of her face and she snapped out of her trance and turned her attention to his face. Unbelievably, he was blushing. How he had the blood for that monster and his face was less magic and more miraculous. Harry didn’t even try and hide his dick, with it being so large, trying would have been pointless. “Any thoughts about reversing it?” He asked embarrassingly. Hermione remained silent, her attention turned back to the dong. Her cunt was dripping, she could feel her panties were soaked and her juices were beginning to run down her leg. “I have a few thoughts.” She said to him. “We would need to get to the student potions storeroom.” “You are not leaving me here, anyone could come along and find me.” “What do you suggest, come with me?” Harry’s face finally paled at the thought. “No, definitely not that.” Hermione smiled, she’d got him into the verbal trap she was looking for. No he would think he had no choice. “I have an idea.” Harry leaned forward, eager to hear anything. “Don’t keep my in suspense. What?”

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Hermione adopted her lecturing face. “Many books of biology state; that the male erection withers after ejaculation. All you need to do is cum and away it goes.” Harry looked shocked and appalled. “I am not going to jerk off. It would take hours with this monster.” Hermione stood up and began to pull away her robes. “I have a better idea in mind.” She tossed her robes aside and began to work on removing her blouse.

Harry jumped to his feet, an impressive feat considering the imbalance of weight. “We can’t. It’s not right. Hermione you’re my best friend.” She silenced Harry by pushing him hard onto the bed. “Harry don’t talk. We’re both getting something out of this. Your getting the release you need, and I’m getting the stuffing I’ve always dreamed of.” She had to stand on the bed to get herself in the position.

She gently gripped Harry’s cock and positioned it at the entrance of her slit. She braced herself as she placed his cock at her entrance, knowing that this was going to hurt a lot.


Hermione lowered herself down, spreading lips far apart and tearing away her hymen. Harry groaned with the tight pleasure that was engulfing him, but the fact Hermione was in pain did not escape him, he placed hands on her hips and stopped her moving further down. “Are you okay?”

Hermione bit her lip, trying to deal with her pleasurable agony. “I’ll be fine. Just let me keep going.” Harry looked concerned. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” She replied firmly.

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Harry released her from his grip and, ever so slowly, Hermione continued to lower herself onto the massive meat a little at a time.

Hermione certainly felt pain, but very little of it was from her hymen.

Most of it came from Harry’s magical endowment stretching her insides more than any normal man could. Finally she could take no more, Harry filled her completely at ten inches.

Harry rolled over, so that Hermione was now laying on the bed and he was on top. He began to pull himself out, and she felt the tingles of pleasure through her aching discomfort.

Harry continued his tentative pace for a minute, only speeding up his thrusts after all traces of pain left his lover’s face. That was when he fully began to feel what he was doing. The pleasure of her insanely tight, wet cunt wrapped around his hardened meat was unimaginable. Hermione still felt a bit of discomfort, but the ecstasy of making love drowned it out almost entirely. She had never felt such feelings before. Every place he touched her felt like a heated poker as the flames of passion erupted into a hotter blaze. She groaned loudly and squeezed her tits, heightening her joy a little bit more. Her logical mind was gone, she didn’t care about what they were doing, or why they had done it. Only the moment was all she cared about. “Harry.” She yelled. “More, keep going, I’m almost there. HHAAARRRRYYYYY.” Her body began to convulse as her orgasm gripped her with tortuous euphoria.

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Harry became lost in animal lusts, he slammed down on Hermione over and over again. His ball tightened and he felt a pressure building up in his massive member. Then, with a deafening roar, Harry came, spraying hot cum inside her. He pulled out but he wouldn’t stop spraying, coating her stomach and chest with more streams of spunk.

Hermione lay panting, trying to recover her breath and energy. She scoped up a little of his cum and tasted it. “Bleh! Too salty.” She complained. She swallowed what was in her mouth, her parents had taught her never to spit, but she decided not to swallow any more. She sat up and saw Harry lying on the floor. His dick had softened to six inches. Harry stared at it with amazement. “I get the impression it’s not supposed to be that big.” She grabbed her wand from the floor and pointed it at her cum drenched tits. “Scougify.” The cum vanished and she was clean again. She stood over Harry, placing one leg at either side of him, knowing full well that it gave him a view of her pussy. “Shall we get you to the potions store for a cure? Or the girls dorms for a really good night? I know a few people who’d love to see this new you.”

Harry smiled and Hermione knew the answer without him even having to speak. It looked like their remaining years at Hogworts were going to quite enjoyable.

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Harry Potter and the Accidental Casting

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