Having helped my next door wife experience swinging she asked me to help again

Having helped my next door wife experience swinging she asked me to help again

Three months had passed since I took my neighbors wife to a local swinging club when one evening the door bell went and there she was at the door. I invited her in and as always marveled at her sexy body.

She said hubby was out for a couple of hours but wanted my help next week. He was going to Switzerland on a training fortnight and she wondered if I would help with another swinging experience. She said that an old friend of hers living in London had asked her to come and stay and her hubby new this and said OK. She had talked with her mate who said her and her husband had joined a swingers club for all nationalities and colors. She was dying to be fucked by a black man and her friends husband fitted the requirement.

After some thought I agreed to help by going with her, we left on the Friday evening and went to stay at the apartment of her friend. They were both very friendly and after supper and over three bottles of wine things got a bit daring. Te friend said to her husband it was time ti play cards and of course it was strip poker, I was doing well but the guy clearly was not as after an hour he had lost all his clothes and was sat there with all of twelve inches of rock hard cock Gill could not take her eyes of him and by now was down to her thing with nipples rock hard, His hand was stroking his own tool when Gill said she could not wait any longer and removing her thong bent over the table saying please stick that monster in my cunt.

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He needed no further instruction and we watched as he eased it into her I swear she climaxed after less than six strokes her friend Cathy had moved next to me on the sofa and taken out my erect cock and started sucking off I played with her soaking pussy as she was licking me hard I turned her over the arm of chair and entered her quickly filling her clit with hot cum. We stopped for a rest and noticed the other two had done into the bedroom we could hear the bed creeping as he was clearly having a second fuck of the cherry and she was moaning to every stroke of that enormous dick.


The next day we went out to eat late afternoon and then took a cab to the swingers club after nine p.m. the bell went to say clothing was no longer required Cathy led me into a small hall area and in the middle four white women had a table they all bent over and a number about twelve guys all colored and not one with less than ten inch dick taking it in turns to fuck the woman. The girls all taken by the desire for large black cock being filled every time by thick hot cum.. I could see she was wanting every drop so Cathy took me to the next room and told me to help myself to any woman she was going to have a session in a less area.

I moved around and each time I found an unfilled cunt I would place my dick into the hole and fuck her, The night went on and about four hours later I met Cathy who said she wanted to go home and they would come when ready. We got back to the apartment and she invited me to sleep with her so we could fuck in the morning. We awoke and she was ready for a shag we both noticed the others had just come in and we could hear them sharing the shower,

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After some tea we said our goodbyes and agreed to do it again. on getting back home I was staggered when Gill said i should stay the night for the last fuck of the weekend. Thank god her hubby still had over a week before returning her body would need it to recover.

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Having helped my next door wife experience swinging she asked me to help again

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