He offers wife to boss in exchange for promotion.

He offers wife to boss in exchange for promotion.

I had absolutely no idea what my husband wanted me to do! He had rung me from his work and told me we were meeting his boss at a restaurant at 7pm and I was to get ready for a wonderful night out! He further said I was to dress up so that I would be very attractive to his boss and, if I hadn’t got myself dressed by the time he reached home, he would help me dress properly! John and I have been married for 7 years and have a wonderful relationship and enjoy being married to each other. We have never done anything much out of the ordinary but then again we didn’t really want to because we were so happy with one another. The only time we had actually discussed playing around with other partners was when we had heard about close friends of ours who had been caught out swinging and their children had been very upset. Of course we don’t have any children yet although we are planning on starting a family in the near future. I am 27 and John is 31 and we are totally compatible in every way.

When John tells me to dress properly and to attract his boss I started to wonder just what he was expecting of me. Before John arrived home I showered and shaved my underarms and legs and thought about trimming my pubic hair but I know John loves my very bushy hair and I didn’t want to shave or trim it unless he approved first.

I really didn’t know what to wear so I simply put on a small housecoat and waited until John arrived home. He greeted me with a passionate kiss and felt up my tits as he usually does when he comes home and then asked me why I wasn’t dressed as it was getting a bit late. I told him straight out I didn’t know what to wear and he just grinned at me and said he would fix that!

John took me into our bedroom and soon rummaged around in my wardrobe until he found a very thin blouse (one I hadn’t worn much because it was too revealing even with a bra) and one of my mini-skirts! I haven’t worn mini-skirts for some time as I no longer consider myself teenage material and it is the young ones who wear mini-skirts. John told me these two items would look great and with that I reached over to my underwear drawer and took out a bra and some panties. John quickly grabbed these off me and threw them back into the drawer. He told me he wanted me to be very sexy with his boss and I certainly wasn’t to wear either a bra or panties. I was quite shocked because in all the 7 years we have been married John has never asked me to go out without my panties! Sure, I have left off my bra lots of times at John’s request but these occasions were never where we were likely to be seen by any of out friends. I have reasonable sized breasts and pointed nipples and, although I like to wear a bra, I feel it is very sexy when my breasts bounce as I walk without a bra.

Naturally I protested to John that I couldn’t wear that see-through blouse if I wasn’t wearing a bra but John insisted. We argued for several minutes before John finally gave in and told me I could wear a bolero jacket which was one of his favourites. Next was the argument about my panties! Of course I wanted to wear panties but John insisted and finally I knew I just wasn’t going to win so ungraciously I gave in and stood there in front of my husband wearing my very see-through blouse, my very short mini-skirt and a pair of high heeled shoes! I wasn’t very happy at all and in a fit of temper I demanded to know what the hell he thought he was making me do? He kept on telling me we were going to be late if we didn’t hurry and this made me all the more reluctant to go with him. Finally I stood up in front of my husband, the man I love so much, and said, “Well John, what exactly is it you want me to do? You have me dressed as a slut and that makes me a slut! What do you want me to do to your boss? Do you want me to fuck him?” My outburst shocked John but he held his temper although I thought he was about hit me. He said, in a husky voice, “If that seems to be what is needed, of course you should fuck him!” With that said, he walked out the front door and I had no alternative but to follow him.

When we were in the car driving to the restaurant I again asked him why he was promoting me as a slut to his boss. All I could get out of him was that it was what he wanted and I should do it or there would be big problems. He finally agreed he was trying to impress his boss and knew there would be a big promotion soon and he wanted it! If that meant he had to make his wife act like a slut towards his boss then so be it! I almost burst into tears but somehow held them back mainly because I didn’t want his boss to see me crying. I had met his boss before but only once. He is a big black man who has complete control over the company in our city and my husband is about 4th in the line of command. I know my husband is very ambitious but I never in all my dreams thought he would be this pathetic to offer his own wife to his boss. I really felt sick in my stomach and just couldn’t think of any way I could get out of this mess.

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We arrived at the restaurant roughly on time and were ushered to a rather secluded table at the rear of the premises where his boss was already seated. The men shook hands and the boss – Damien – shook my hand but held in much too long making me feel very uncomfortable. Damien literally pulled me around the table so that I was sitting next to him on this very soft bench seat while he motioned John to sit on the seat on the opposite side of the table. Drinks were served and we began chatting about seemingly nothing and I really wasn’t thinking straight because I just wanted to find a way of leaving and going home.

I was shocked out of me reverie by suddenly feeling Damien’s hand on my leg just above my knee. I gave a slight jump and looked immediately over to John to see if he knew what was happening but if he did he chose to ignore my predicament. Damien then asked me if I wanted John to be promoted to a more senior position in the company. Almost in a trance I said, “Yes, Damien, that would be very good for John but is he likely to get that promotion?” Damien’s reply was totally predictable. He said, “Well, Dianne, that depends almost entirely upon you! I suppose John had explained I would like to get to know you a lot better and if you are prepared to treat me right then he surely would be promoted!” My heart fell as I heard these words. I knew John wanted his promotion but I also knew it was up to me now to do whatever Damien wanted otherwise the promotion was off!

Damien’s hand on my leg slowly made its way up my leg until it was only inches from my pubic bush. I tried to remain calm but I found it just too difficult to maintain a conversation while this man’s hand was running up my leg. John seemed totally oblivious to what Damien might be doing and kept up a patter as if nothing was wrong. A gentle pull on my leg told me Damien wanted my legs apart and almost in a trance I spread my legs as Damien’s hand reached my cunt and he began stroking me. Now I couldn’t avoid reacting and as his fingers rubbed around my genitals I just couldn’t help moaning and as I looked at John he just ignored my reaction to Damien’s hand and kept on talking about the company.

When Damien managed to get at least 2 fingers up inside my cunt and another finger stroking my clit I couldn’t help myself and I had an orgasm. Now there was no way John could avoid seeing I was being felt up by Damien but still he took no notice. By now my skirt was almost around my waist having been pulled up by Damien and I was sitting on the leather seat with my bare bum. As I moved on the leather I made noises as if I was farting and this embarrassed me but Damien thought it was funny and John still ignored me completely.

Damien told John he was a very lucky man to have a wife who is so beautiful and willing to make his boss happy. John, the fool, told Damien he really wanted his wife to take care of his boss and was very happy no matter what he, Damien, wanted. Our second course had been served and dishes removed before Damien leaned over to me, his hand still on my pussy and his fingers inside me, and kissed me on the lips. At first I pulled away but when I looked at John he glared at me and so I returned to kissing Damien. He had big black lips and at first they repulsed me but soon he had his tongue in my mouth and it was doing wonderful things with my mouth and I just had to give in to his demands. After several minutes of kissing Damien eased back on his seat, still holding my pussy, but now told me to undo the buttons on my blouse. Again I looked over at John but he just nodded and so realising I had little alternative I started undoing the buttons. When I had about half undone I stopped but Damien wanted them all undone and although I didn’t want to undo any more he didn’t push me. Instead he told John to come around and sit next to me. I was terribly upset when John sat next to me because he could now see my skirt around my waist, my pubic hair on display with Damien’s hand between my spread legs! John ignored my state of embarrassment and simply sat alongside me. Damien then told John to undo the rest of the buttons on my blouse because I somehow seemed to be reluctant to undo them myself.

John didn’t hesitate but simply continued undoing the buttons until they were all undone – all 9 of them – and then Damien told him to pull the blouse apart so he could see my tits! He didn’t even call them breasts – to him they were just tits! With almost a happy expression on his face, John pulled the sides of my blouse apart until the edges were under my arms and my breasts were exposed to his view. I am not ashamed of my breasts in fact I am very proud of them and, apart from a few boys I had dated before I met John who had bared my breasts, nobody else had seen them. Oh that isn’t quite correct. Once before when we were on holidays we had gone to a beach and at John’s insistence I had removed my bikini top and sat on the beach bare breasted with hundreds of men (and women) walking past and looking at my exposed breasts. The few boyfriends who had seen my breasts didn’t really count although they and all had a good feel and a number of them had actually sucked on my nipples but nobody had fucked me before I met John. This wasn’t to say a lot of the boyfriends hadn’t played with my cunt and brought me to orgasm and I had jerked a lot of them off as well but I had never been fucked! I was very proud of that fact and I had disappointed a lot of boys.

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Damien looked at my bare breasts very carefully but to this time he hadn’t touched them. He still had his hand between my legs and his constant fingering had brought me to orgasm 4 times already and I was getting close again. Damien then told John he thought the bolero top was getting in the way so John took this off me leaving me with only this very thin blouse already tucked well under my arms totally exposing my breasts to his and anyone else’s gaze. Fortunately we were in a private part of the room and no other people were dining nearby but the waiter kept coming back with food etc., and he had a good look at my bared breasts when he was near us.

Damien then told John to take off my blouse altogether as it was in the way! I have never been so embarrassed in my life as John slipped the blouse over my shoulders and arms and right off my body. I was now sitting at the table naked to the waist and apart from my mini-skirt which was now more like a belt around my middle, I was naked below my waist!

Reaching over and taking a breast in his hand, Damien started stroking my breast and nipple and now I was turned on so much I knew I was about to cum again – aided by Damien’s hand still fingering my pussy. Once I had cum Damien leaned over and started licking my nipple before he took it into his mouth and began sucking it quite hard. This also had the effect of making me aroused and with the finger still playing with my cunt, I came again! I was overly excited and feeling hot and damp and badly wanted Damien to stop playing with me but he didn’t! He suggested John move back to his former seat and this left just Damien and myself together. His hand on my pussy never let up and he had me squirming all the time.

After our main course was served – Damien managed to eat his entire main course with one hand continuously on my pussy – and the dishes cleared away, Damien told John we should go up to a room he had already booked in the hotel next door! I felt terrible now realising I was probably about to be fucked by John’s boss. John came around to my side of the table and helped my replace my bolero jacket but this didn’t meet in the middle and in fact only closed to within about 6″ leaving my cleavage totally visible to anyone in the restaurant. Also the front of the bolero wasn’t shaped like my breasts and so it just sort of hung down over my nipples making almost all of my breasts visible to the other patrons as we walked out.

I had managed to pull down my mini-skirt so that looked acceptable but it was my breasts which worried me because I was so exposed. Damien hadn’t even paid the account for the meal – he had just nodded to the waiter and it was accepted he would pay later. We walked out of the restaurant with Damien’s arm around me with John trailing along behind us. We walked next door to the hotel and straight into the lift which soon whisked us to the top floor where Damien had booked a room. I was very upset that John was just allowing me to be taken along by John but no matter what I wanted it was obvious I had no choice.

We entered this huge apartment Damien had booked and first glance showed me there was a huge bed in the center of the room, a separate bathroom and another room which presumably was a dressing or perhaps storage room. Damien motioned for John to take a seat on a chair near the bed and with that Damien left the room and entered the bathroom. I rushed over to John and demanded to know what was going on but all he would say was that he really wanted this promotion and the only way he was going to get it was for me to fuck Damien. He also said, “My Dear, it is your duty to help your husband and I expect you to really take care of Damien!” My only response to John was short. “Well, if that is what you think of me as your wife I have only one thing to say to you – Yes, John, I will fuck Damien and get you your promotion but this is the end of our marriage no matter what you think! As soon as I get home from this debacle I will be seeing my solicitor to begin divorce action.” John’s look of horror gave me some satisfaction but I knew I could no longer love any man who would prostitute his wife for his own promotion.

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Once my words were said there wasn’t time for John to react before Damien returned to the room. He walked over to me and started kissing me quite passionately and, because I had said my piece to John, I now started to return his kisses. He kissed me hard for a long time with lots of tongue and despite the fact I shouldn’t have been enjoying myself I actually liked it all. Soon he stopped kissing me and took off my bolero exposing my tits again. His hands soon covered my breasts and he took my nipples between his fingers and thumbs and rolled them back and forth making me very aroused. I really loved what he was doing to my breasts and without him prompting me I reached up and began kissing him again. I think he was a little surprised at how passionate I was becoming but right now I wanted this man to fuck me and fuck me good in front of my useless husband. It wasn’t long before Damien was sucking on my nipples and I was having mini orgasms all the time. I was beginning to tremble with excitement and this wasn’t lost on Damien.

Once his hand touched my knee and rather quickly moved up the inside of my leg, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be fucked by this huge black man and I wanted him right now. He continued to play with my clit and I kept on cumming and he loved this. He took off my skirt and now, apart from my shoes, I was naked in front of this black man and right now I was anxious for him to fuck me, particularly because my idiot husband was sitting there watching it all. It was rather awkward for me to be standing with my legs quite bowed so that I could allow Damien full access to my cunt and he soon recognised my position and literally lifted me over to the bed.

Damien seemed to be very accomplished at making love because he didn’t rush things but took his time arousing me all the time. Once I was flat on my back on the bed he gently arranged me so that my arms were above my head and my legs, although slightly parted, were flat on the bed. He then leaned over me and began kissing me on the mouth further arousing me. His mouth then moved down to my nipples where he sucked and sucked them both again arousing me and giving me mini orgasms again. Once he seemed to think I was totally aroused from his sucking on my nipples, he slowly kissed down my belly until he came to my navel. I have always been sensitive around my navel and now he was again arousing me with his tongue. He satisfied himself with my navel and then moved slowly down through my treasure trail (it is only rather sparse but a trail nevertheless) until he reached my pubic mass.

He kissed my pubic hair gently tugging it with his teeth and this was something new and arousing until he moved his fingers down through the hair reaching my cunt! His fingers were parting my bush and exposing my clit and my cunt lips. I am blessed with almost no lips and my slit is very smooth and neat to look at. He couldn’t keep his mouth away from my cunt and soon I was very wet not only from my own excitement juices but also from his saliva from his licking. He began sucking my clit and I can tell you I can’t stand much of that before I find it too arousing and must stop. Once I told him to stop he did so and in turn took off all of his clothes and showed me his rather long and hard cock! It was certainly the largest I had ever seen and, although I had seen quite a few before I met John, I had never felt another cock inside me except for John! This was going to be a great experience provided I was able to take that much larger size inside me. I was completely used to John and his cock but this was a different story – his cock was much, much larger than John’s puny (by comparison) cock!

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He offers wife to boss in exchange for promotion.

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