Hostel Warden Aunty Gives Student Special Treat

Hostel Warden Aunty Gives Student Special Treat

Hi guys, this is Sonu and I am back with another experience of mine. Let me first introduce myself again for new people who will be reading my story for the first time.

‌I am Sonu (name changed) from Hyderabad and I am 25 years old. This is a sexual encounter with my hostel owner which happened 3 months back. It’s a real story.

I come from a middle-class family that consists of my mom, dad, and an elder sister. I am 5.7 height having a well-built body as I frequently go to the gym. My dick is decent too with 6 inches (15 cms) and I am happy with that.

Let me now come straight to the story. My hostel owner aunty’s name is Vasundhara. She is around 50+ and has round-shaped boobs. Her statistics are 38-36-40. She is our hostel aunty and is in-charge. The hostel is located near Uppal side Hyderabad. The people who stay in this city will know this place very well.

By the way, her husband is no longer alive. So, she is alone and maintaining the hostel. Her children will come once a month. When I am alone in the hostel, I will lock my room from inside and masturbate when I am talking with my girlfriend on a video call. I have done this so many times.

One fine day, I came from college to hostel and I found no one in my room. We usually share the rooms. So I decided to call my girlfriend. I told her to come online, and she told me she will come online in 10 minutes. So I changed my dress into shorts and a t-shirt and lay on the bed with a blanket. She called me and we were talking on a video call.

First, we had romantic talks and about normal activities, and then we switched to sexual talk. I began masturbation and she was fingering her pussy and showing me her boobs. This continued for 10 minutes.

Suddenly, my door was pushed open and my hostel aunty was there. She caught me doing masturbation. I quickly covered my nude lower half with a bedsheet and kept quiet.

She waited for a few moments and then left without saying anything. I was shocked by what had just happened. Many things are running in my mind, as I was wondering what she will think of me? Will she tell anyone what she had just seen?

Anyway, I relaxed after some time and thought that I will not have to face her till the next morning. So I slept and as usual, after completing my work, I went for breakfast in the kitchen. There I saw aunty standing at the door. I didn’t make any eye contact and took my food and started to go out.

Suddenly she said, “Sonu wait.” I turned back. Then she asked me about last evening and what I was doing. I did not say anything to her. She said, “I know what you were doing and it’s common in this age.” I feel relaxed and smiled at her. She told me she needs to talk about this later. I said, “Ok.”

After one week on a Sunday, as I don’t have college, I was resting in my room. She came to my room and sat beside me and started talking about that day. She was talking about sex etc. By hearing her words, my dick started to get an erection and she caught that.

“Sonu, I think your brother is waking,” she said. I tried to cover the area with my hands but she took hold of my hands and removed them. Then I understood what she wanted from me but considering her age, I did not say a word. She started a conversation about my evening, and slowly kept her hand on my thighs and started to rub them.

I told her that it was not correct and started to leave my room. She told me that she needs my help for many days. Seeing that there was no one in the room, I too started getting horny and held her.

I placed my hand on her big boobs and started pressing them. The main attractive part about her is her big boobs. After some time, we shifted to the bed, and she came over me, and we had a long smooch.

Then she kissed all over my body and finally, she took my dick inside her mouth. She gave me a nice long blowjob until I splashed my ejaculate fully inside her mouth. This was one of the best blowjobs I ever had and that too from a 50+ aged woman.

After that, I came over her and kissed her all over her face. I sucked her boobs like a baby for about 10 minutes. Then I moved towards her pussy and started to touch it with my hand. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. She did not have even a single hair there and the smell was awesome.

I planted a kiss over her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside her pussy. I kept licking her until she released her juice. It was so tasty. She was moaning loudly at that time,

“Ahh..Yesss..Ahh. Don’t stoppp.. Sonu nannu dengue Aaaaa..Aaaa.” (She was moaning in Telugu also). As I know it’s not a private place to do, so, I did it all quickly as I was in the hostel. Guys her boobs are so soft like a pillow.

Then came the main action. I positioned myself between her legs and put my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I moved my dick over the pussy and started to insert it slowly. It was tight because she didn’t have sex for many years. After some pushes, it went fully.

I slowly started stroking with my dick. Her moaning sounds made me go crazy and faster. She started to moan, “Aaaaaa..Aaaaa..Aaaa, fuck me harder Aaahaaa.”

In that position, I fucked her for about 15 minutes. After some time, we changed the position, and she came over me. She held my penis and moved it inside her pussy and started to fuck herself. She was riding my dick.

I was in heaven. A woman who I never excepted to fuck, was riding my dick like a horse. She did this for about 10 minutes. She was like a professional. Meanwhile, I was pressing her boobs and sucking like a baby for about 5 minutes.

After a few minutes, we both reached our climaxes and released our juices together. She then lip-locked me for 2 minutes. We got up and dressed, and for the last time, she kissed me on my cheeks.

She said that she had the best sex after many years (not final though) because we had many sex sessions from there-on. She went to the kitchen to prepare food for our hostel students. That’s it, guys.

Hope you enjoyed my story. This is a real one, and I will try to write more clearly in the upcoming one. Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

I really loved the feedback and your comments. In my last story, I couldn’t respond to some emails but please don’t ask me for my nude pics. If you are interested in secret relations, then I am into it. I am not interested in time pass chats or sex. Better stay away from me.

Any girls/aunty can message me. Especially Hyderabad girls/aunty/widows can mail me because I’m staying in Hyderabad. Your privacy will be safe.

My email id is [email protected]  You can ping me in hangouts also.

Hostel Warden Aunty Gives Student Special Treat