Hot sex with Michel in Paris

Hot sex with Michel in Paris

He was really enjoying it, he had me lying there and his hands were running all over my body. He kissed my lips. The hands moved down and started to remove my dress. I must admit the Indian traditional dress is always a puzzle to foreigners, especially saree. May it be putting on or putting off.

But he managed to remove my blouse within seconds and now he on my bra, for just seconds, it was off too.then he started to fondle my one breast. Then started to tease my tits with his finger, he pushed it a bit back and released. It happened again, so I opened my eyes and asked “what?” He did it again. he was looking at my boobs bounce back. Like a little child. Then he did it again, I smiled “what?”

“They are perfectly natural. as I saw them first I thought they were not……I never saw something like this with this color” oh ya, since he is from Paris, natural boobs are rare, and with Indian color is one in a million…wel he didn’t stopped there he did his quality experiments with my tits for some time, like pinching it, turning it, sucking it and biting it,

at last ending up with sucking them like a real man, who know how to arouse a women, I was enjoying it. He made it into my panties through my saree, so I decided to get rid of it, a kissed him and stood up, then he tried to remove my saree,, he picked one end of it. I made some rotational movement so that to unwrap it.

then there was my skirt, I removed it too, he was looking at me and kneeled in front of me, for a second I thought he was going to propose me but he brought his face to my pubic areas and looked at me like “May I?” He didn’t need an answer. He pressed my pussy through the panties and started to rub it, then moved the cloth to a side and found my clit.

After one or two rubs he pulled my panties till my knees and buried his face there, then started to kiss there, I was little bit hesitated, like what we’d smell there or so . To my surprised he didn’t had any problem, he was moving his lips over my vigena…

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through the cracks and while doing so, touched my clits once or twice that gave me a kind of special sensation that like to have more so I opened my legs a little wider and yes, he got the message, he started to play with it, it was heavenly, I had nothing to do but enjoy. I was opening my legs more open and he brought his finger there.

Till then it was moving over my opening but as I felt he is opening my lips hole with his thumb and finger. I worked magic rubbed my clit firmly and twisted it then finally founded the hole and entered there, don’t think his lips were not attending they were still licking the crack through every sensitive points.

Michel pushed his hands through my hole and it started to move like a piston, a drilling shaft, or I don’t know but it was awesome I don’t know how but his touch sent shivers down my spine and I shuddered in pleasure with a significant moan. I surrendered to the sensation building inside me and let the things happened and shivered repeatedly with a touch of Michel’s thick and rough tongue over my love opening.

holding my fleshy thighs apart he was licking and sucking me with his full affection and very soon his tongue started sizzling bit inside my hot and wet hole I started moaning intensely and in a fraction he roamed inside my pussy with his thick tongue and aching my back with a quiver in my spine I just went crazy in pleasure.

My erotic cry aroused him further high and he started sucking me more intensely, while holding me from my waist he went on burring his mouth deep inside my thighs and sucked me hard and I just kept on moaning and gasping in divine pleasure. It was hard for us to do in standing position but it was doable. And at that situation doable was enough for us.

He just went in sucking me and I just went on enjoying and eventually reached to the point where I started trembling very differently, I moans changed significantly, now I was gasping with broken breath, I could feel that I was about to burst and it was evident to Michel too and he stopped as he realized that I am crossing the limit. But it was no time to back off.

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I sprayed it right into his mouth. And I exhausted. So exhausted that I think I was gonna collapse within no time he grabbed me to the coach, I was relived, ‘such a gentle man’ but what I would have thought was ‘what a fucking monster’ because in no time I was about to see the mighty French warrior and I Assure you, monster is not enough to describe our little Michel.

He certainly he has a longer Penis but he was much-much thicker than what anyone I knew had and as I got glance of his monster I went through a shiver with a thought that now it will go inside my pussy. I was already flooding at my pussy and just in a fraction I saw him naked and ready to fuck me I felt streaming out my pleasure juices more intensely and that made me grunting He opened my thighs and guided his monster,

kept it over my love opening and along with my breath it enhanced my pleasure. Finally I was about to get fucked by him, after going through tough and long shift. It would be wrong to say I never had any imagination about him with having sex. Like every other girl in town I too fantasize about men I see out there, I look at them and evaluate them, then if I’m attracted to them,

of course I’ll masturbate thinking about him. When this stranger French man came, I had a good time to look at him and yes I did like him the pleasure in masturbation was nothing compared to what I get in real, “Ahhhhhhh….” Keeping one of my thighs over his shoulder and holding other leg from my ankle wide apart he flexed his ass forward and my pussy got stretched wide to its maximum.

My God it was so pleasurable; he skipped deep into my pleasure hole in a fraction and reached to the depth where I was never touched by a penis. He started fucking me without showing any hurry; with a steady pace and kept on looking at my facial expressions. I was enjoying getting fucked, it was evident in my pleasure moans but I could open my eyes to look back at him.

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I don’t know how much sound I was making but just like we see in porn movies he went on moving back and forward while holding my leg wide and apart. And next in excitement Michel kept his lips over mine and started kissing me, I hesitated a bit but in a moment I responded to his kiss and enjoyed getting explored at my mouth and cunt at the same time. Must be the French way of doing it.

His heavy hips rose and fell over my crotch like a machine and his huge length was moving in and out of my pussy incredibly fast and while fucking me like that he looked into my eyes “Indians are spicy as hell” he was just amazing and after that every thrust he made inside my cunt, I cried out loud with a bursting sensation.

Then his speed increased, I came at that time, I was shivering and lost track of time. I knew that Mick is also going to have is ejection; I let it happen in the cunt, I was not worried. I was ready to receive the semen from his penis. I was almost driven nuts with that fuck session. And then he came, came again and again……there were more small waves of his penis I sensed.

Then he moved to the coach side, lie with me, I closed my eyes. I went to a nap, the deepest and peaceful nap I ever had. After some time I woke up. There was my dress, flooded and arranged neatly. He was there too. He ordered some takeaways…

we then chitchat for some time. And I came back to my flat, did some work. And went back to his flat, spend the night like a loving couples.

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Hot sex with Michel in Paris

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