Hot Sex with my friend’s wife Hema

Hot Sex with my friend’s wife Hema

Kartik here with new experience happened last week.i am 26yrs old guy basically from chennai working in coimbatore and while i was having chatting with one person from trichy called babu he said “i want to see my wife get fucked by other man” , i was instantly had hard on because that is my favaroutie fantasy to have hot wife in front of the hubby. on further enquiring i come to know that they are 28/26yrs age and no kids. the only problem is how to talk to his wife regarding this because she was not at all liking the group sex.
we had terrific phone chat and many times chatting and we met in coimbatore, (myself and babu) he shown me his wifes photos the moment i saw those photos i was totally horny to have this cute girl. she is tall figure and exactly the replicate of gayathri raguram(actress in tamil circuit ) huge boobs and great lips and shapely ass…. so on.
we made a simple plan for this 3 some (actually he wanted to see thats it, so it may not the exact 3 some). as planned i came to srirangam and taken good lodge just in front of the temple. and phoned him that “i took this lodge and number is so and so”, he brought his wife to the temple and told her let us visit my friend here who also came to srirangam for official visit.
she was not having any doubt as it was kept secret to her that she is going to be fucked by the stranger within hour.
when they entered my room in the lodge i was only in my lungi and without any ungergarments. i was in only lungi and with bare body after she and him came inside i could see her face the uncomfortable facing me and she was not at all looking at me . i had a terrific hard on after this gal for the real. this is visible through lungi and even babu was having some tensed up this point. i made them to sit in the chairs and i ordered tea for them and he introduced me to her as long time friend and she was hesitantly looking at me and after seeing my hard on she could not able to speak anything just she said “hi how r u?” . i was standing in front of her without hiding hard on in front of her through my lungi.when the tea came and she was telling him”ok lets leave to temple …” he was looking at me in a confused manner as if “what should i do next?” .. i asked hema (her name is hema latha but called just hema) to dance with me for some minutes and leave because i have to practice for next dancing event in my office party (it was an just some reason i told her) even babu told her hema just help him out for few minutes then we will leave as he dont have any girls known to him for the practice just dance with .. she was reluctant and babu said thats ok hema only dance practice as couple for few minutes then we leave.( she wanted to outside as soon so she agreed ) she said “ok only 5 minutes not more than that ” i said ok. she got up and stood in front of me . she was in sarree and i was only in lungi . i held her hands and kept over my shoulders and i caught her waist by both hands and pressed agasinst me in the process i laishly pressed my hard cock over her hip she could sense and the moment it touched her body she wanted to leave but i held her firmly she was trying to go away from me.

i held her close to me and by the mean time baby ensured the doors and windows are all locked. she said to me please leave i dont like this type of dancing and let me go.i held her tightly and said to her please only for 5 minutes as you said lets practice some movements and i will leave you as i will face frustation in office party as i dont know how to dance at the same moment babu said to her from behind and please hema just for few minutes he is not going to do anything ..
she kept quit for few seconds and closed her eyes as i held her even firmly. my cock was touching her hips and her both hands was around my shoulders my one hand was over her ass and another was over her neck and this time i held my face close to her ears i said ” shall we star hema” she just moaned “ok” in my ears and said” please be quick i dont like this since babu is telling i am doing this funny dance” i said ok dear then started to move my hips and hers i said her just move your body as i am telling she said ok.
i was so horny that i pressing my cock deep in to her hips and trying to trace her cunt over her saree and i lifted her from the ground i indicated babu to remove my lungi…. this time i held her above the ground like a baby and my hands where inside her arms and ..she closed her eyes
when i carried her to the bed in the same fashion she saw me i am naked got panicked “hey what r u doing please leave for the god sake” babu was having his full tension and i carried her to the bed anyway and she tried to escape by pushing me away .
i asked babu to help me and i placed her on the bed and immiediately i was over her . babu came and caught her hands and held it over her head. now baby was holding her wifes hands over her head and i was over her all over her naked while i am pressing my cock over her hips and removed her pallu and teared away the blouse.. and started to massage one boobs and sucking and byting the other boobs over bra. i held her both legs against mine and she was looking terryfied towards me and telling her husband what are doing your wife is molested by this fellow and ur helping what kind of person you are?
he was laughing now and said hema darling i want to see you with other man and this is my long time fantasy even you knew it this is the only way . it is better if you enjoy with us otherwise he is going to fuck you by any means..

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As they were talking i was busy in opening the bra and removing the sarree and she was not giving way to remove the petticoat by closing her legs together.
i simply taken the knife kept by the side of bed in the table and teared the whole petticoat vertically and even teared off the panty.
she was crying please dont spoil my clothes ” i dont have spare one how i will go”
he said be quit we have another piece for you . she said ” you shameless creature you people already planned for this ??/” we where just laughing now she too become naked and i was all over her with my cock over her cunt lips caressing i was sucking her boobs one by one and held it together and sucked both nipples together and really one should see the face of babu how happy he was looking as his wife molested and enjoyed by his friend.
she was able to do nothing other than telling some bad word about us.
now i opened her legs and got in to the favourite spot of cunnlingus…..
she was clean shaven( this was his idea as he know i love clean shaven pussies).
this is the weakest part of any woman as i started to lick her cunt she started to move her hips… i kept her legs over my shoulders and i told him leave her hands as expected she kept hand on my head ( caught my hairs) and pressed to wards her cunt even further……
i started to lick from bottom to top and top to bottom finding out the g-spot and started tease with my tongue….( i die to eat pussies…. so far all the ladies came to me only because to get their cunt licked by me).
i spread her cunt lips wider and my eyes closed as her eyes to and she was pressing her legs on my back and her hands over my hairs on the head.
she started to moan suck me pls even deeep….. babu who got naked by te mean time started to kiss her lips and sucking her boobs.
she that time told him “thanks babu even i liked to be forced by stranger and this happened in front of you even looks great….” he could bot believe his luck said thanks hema and kisses her lips and i was watching them kissed now taken her legs from my shoulders and kept around my hips … my cock touched her cunt wich was full of her juices flowing..
i seperated her from him from kissing and i started to kiss her in her mouth and started to pump her madly……………

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she was giving me thrust by her hips and and the bed got rocking instantly…. now it was perfect missionar position…. he was enjoying took out my handy cam started to record this action………………(now i used to enjoy this by seeing we have two copies one with them and one with me pls dont ask for this)
she was telling me in ears” nalla azhuthu kartik pls innum nalla azhuthi okkanum” (press ur cock even harder deeper kartik…)
it was just 15minutes of continuous marathon fucking in the same position. while babu took cam from around the bed …
within that i released my cum deep inside her pussy as she held me tightly..
i was lying there only without taking out my cock . it was damp wet as i about to go away she held me tightly and said you great kartik….. i just smiled and kissed her lips but she opened her mouth and taken out her tongue which i started to suck like a baby…..
she was not leaving me she held me tightly by her hand around my neck and legs around my hips……….
i was kissing her lips and tongue i told her lets clean ourself she said no need dear now she came over me and started to pump me now she was on top of me.
i told her it will have some time baby before i am getting erection let babu fuck you now . he said” i already cummed by seeing you actions it will take time for me” she immediately took my cock inside her mouth and started to lick like hungry dog she was massaging my balls and sucking my pole and cleaning my cum and her cum.
it was about 10 minutes babu was recording her wifes licking my cock and even i was seeing through this cam how her face expression looked like….
it was awesome experience….
now she kept my cock inside her mouth and like a lollypop she was eating it.
sucking it and my cock getting back to life slowly and withing few minutes of the same sucking she got on top of me and placed her cunt over my cock and started to pump me ..

it was a masturbation by her cunt lips around my cock…… she held my hands over my head and started to fuck like i did to her… ” how is this sweet revenge kartik….” she asked babu to hold my hands as he charged up and kept my hands over my head and while she came to my lips started to suck my lips and sucking my nipples and chest and byting my neck
babu and me could not believe what is happening …. even i thought this is there plan ( but later she told me it was her long time fantasy to get forced by the total stranger that made her real hot)
now i started to moving my hips along with her hips and it was slow pace and as it was second pumping for me this time i held my erection longer period she said to babu to leave my hands and i taken her face by her hairs and started to kiss her lips and again she given me her tongue to taste….. now she kept her face by the side of my neck i too started to byte her ears and as we where automatically increased our pace of pumping to each other.
she was rotating her hips in circular fashion clock wise and anti clock wise..
and finally after 25 minutes and more( thanks to handy cam it was exactly 28minutes) of pumping both came together…….. again she held me tightly and this time she was over me and playing with my tongue and mooch( mustach)… we where relaxing as babu came from behind over her inserted his cock over her hips and ( they started to fuck her ass recently)
this time he actually not inserted into the ass but kept over her ass and pressing hard this made her cunt to press my cock and i pressed back her cunt with my cock and this made her ass to press babu cock back….
he was over her and she was over me and we were playing each other in the same bed she was sandwiched between us…….
we where not knowing how the time went we oredered lunch and ate their itself . before having lunch we took bath together…….( i had her in the bathroom for the third time )
it was doggy in the bathroom while he was holding hema from front. she bent over and sucking babus cock.
we had very good sleep and this was around 7pm when i got up ( they came in the morning around 9 am)..
as all where sleeping naked inside the same bed sheet?(the bedspread we used as bedsheet and she kept her hand and legs over babu and babu was facing the other side)

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i was having my legs and hands over her from behind as i got up i became hard again and pressing her ass with cock and taken her boobs under her arms and started to massage and kneading her nipples and byting her ears……
within few second i got hard on she was in deep sleep and i rotated her towards me and opened her legs and inserted my cock inside her pussy ( i wanted her ass but her cunt so juicy and tight i loved to have her cunt again and again)
she too got up and giving me thrust slowly and it was again the perfect missionary position and this time we taken out the bedsheet and thrown over him and he got up and saw what was happening and went back to sleep as the cot started to rock again due to our heavy pumping……..
this time we had good chat while pumping with her she told me please come to our house again and i liked to have your cock it is real nice and your way of cunnlingus is making me mad…. i was telling her your body is beautiful…. you look like that actress and the moment i saw you in the photos babu shown to me i loved you boobs and lips and you ass and while i was slapping her ass and massaging her boobs and sucking her nipples like a baby……………
we had great fucking till 0745pm. as we where relaxing in the same position and playing with each other mouth and tallking dirty to each other babu said hema lets go its time….
but hema was in no mood to go away from me as i we where held to each other as newly married couples…… she told him why cant we stay here tonight for that he really shocked…..
he was begging to me and hema . i told him it is your wife you ask her. but he said kartik your the real lover to her pls tell her to come with me now. i told her hema please stay back she was so excited and kissed my lips and again we locked our mouth together.. then he said ok let me tell the house( we are staying in our friends house ) he told let me go out side and bring some dosa for you people atleast close the door…. for which she said ok. as babu went away hema his once shy wife was totally naked followed him and closed the door firmly and jumped back to me in the bed i had her in doggy style and she loved it every moment.
as she requested i was eating her cunt to my hearts content and her cunt got so much reddish in colour i never had seen so much red in colour and so much juices . when babu came back with dinner we where in no mood to have that as i was having wonder ful dinner i.e. her cunt.
he got surprised to this cunt and he said only a day her cunt changed so much in colour and lips started to came apart wow……..
waiting for ur feedback and till then bye then.

The End……………

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Hot Sex with my friend’s wife Hema

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