Hot Single Mother And Mind-boggling Fuck

Hot Single Mother And Mind-boggling Fuck

Hi friends, I am new to this site and sharing my experience for the first time. I would love to hear the feedback from my fellow readers and writers so that I can pen down my other experiences soon.

I am a research analyst at a private firm in Mumbai. I am a fitness fanatic, Punjabi – Gujju boy, carry 6 pack abs, 5 feet 8″ tall with a perfectly chiseled body for which often I get lip-smacking expressions from women at the gym or pool parties.

My boss invited me to his daughter’s 5th birthday party at her place in Kandivali West (Mumbai). As I am at a higher post of an analyst and I stay in Kandivali itself, I had to attend it.

I usually don’t attend birthday parties as there would be no beer and Gujaratis do not keep non-veg also. I rather prefer going to the gym and chisel my muscles. But, this time, I had to go as my promotion was due and I had to gain an overseas project. So, I had to butter my boss.

So I searched on Google for the nearest toy shops. I found this amazing toy shop ‘House Of Toys’ which was in the next lane of my boss’s building. I went there. The interior of the shop was superb, neat and clean. The AC was on with a nice aroma.

I asked the owner to show me a few options for a 5-year-old girl for her birthday and said that the budget was not an issue. The owner and his worker both started showing and explaining to me niche products that were of superb quality and worth the money.

Finally, I bought a globe with mobile-based augmented reality which educates the child with population, currency, etc. It costed 2600 rupees.

I asked them to gift wrap the same and went towards the payment counter. I gave my credit card, but the machine was low on battery. So, he asked me to wait for a few minutes till the gift was being wrapped and asked me to have a seat.

Then a lady entered the store. She must be in her mid-30s. She was fair and white and was wearing a blue t-shirt and grey denims. She had a perfect figure, 34D-32-36.

The lady asked the owner to show a few options for the 5-year-old girl for her birthday. I was awestruck looking at her – perfect figure, amazing features, polished long nails, brown hair, pearl earrings and she was wearing an expensive perfume. She had worn a pink lipstick and her smile was out of the world.

Then I was looking at her boobs, waist, and ass only. I was seeing such a charming lady after a long time. Meanwhile, she looked at me from the corner of her eyes and was smiling as she noticed I was checking out her voluptuous body.

She packed her gift and was looking for other toys for her kid (probably). She saw me looking at her continuously. So, she smiled at me properly and looked at my chest which had 2 buttons of my white pure cotton shirt open and blazer was in my hand.

I understood her intentions and she also knew what I wanted.

We took our gifts and left the store. I was walking behind her and suddenly, she stopped and turned back. She then said, “I think we both are going to the same party”.

I was shocked but then realized we both had written Inaya’s name on the gift. I smiled and said, “Then it is gonna be an interesting evening as I will have such a charming lady around me”.

She smiled and said, “Even I am glad to have such a handsome man around me at the party. See you at the party”. She started walking and sat in her car and left.

I reached the party and was amazed to see all the kids enjoying the party, running around in the chota bheem mascot and the elders having snacks and drinks and chatting in their groups.

I spotted my boss and his lovely wife welcoming the guests warmly with their charming smiles. I went and met him and complimented him for nice arrangements and greeted his wife and wished happy birthday to his daughter and gave the gift I bought for her.

I was around my boss in case he needed my help. I was glooming around the guests but my eyes were searching for someone and then she entered the party with a nice golden one-shoulder one-piece gown. Hell of a beauty, I thought.

I was mesmerized looking at her meeting the other guests and walking around with the aura. Suddenly, my boss snapped his fingers in front of my eyes and said, “Meghna, isn’t she is hot?” I was shocked but nodded yes because I was not still out of her aura.

Then my boss’s wife, Nishaji called for the cake and asked everyone to join. We all sang the birthday song and had super fun.

I was standing in one corner. I was having my peg and starters. I felt a pat on my shoulder and to my surprise, it was Meghna with her charming smile and mesmerizing perfume. I had a shine in my eyes and she caught that.

We were chatting for a few minutes and then her daughter came up to her all messed up as she tipped off on the floor while playing. Meghna was like, “I need to go home now, I am sorry, but it was nice meeting you”.

I did not want her to leave. So I asked to come back after changing her daughter’s clothes. She said she will make her daughter sleep but can’t come back but asked me to join her at her place for a few drinks. I readily agreed and left the party without meeting the hosts.

I drove her car and we reached her house. Her daughter had already slept in her arms. She asked me to whisper as her daughter was sleeping. She told me to get comfortable on the couch while she went inside to make her daughter sleep.

I went to the balcony and was sitting on the chair enjoying the view. After a few minutes, Meghna came with a bottle of red wine and sat beside me. We cheers-tapped and started sipping the amazing wine. We started to talk.

Me: So Meghna, you stay alone here?
Meghna: Yes, I am a single mother.

Me: What do you do for a living?
Meghna: I am a freelancer and I do data filling and data mining for online learning courses.

Me: That’s really nice. I am in love with you. An independent single mother, so strong, so active and soooo hotttt!

Meghna was blushing. She leaned ahead for the kiss.

We kissed and kept on kissing for a few long minutes. It was so bloody wonderful, the wine was taking its role and the breeze plus Meghna’s exotic perfume! Fuck, I was on cloud 9!!

I did not want to break the kiss but Meghna heard some sound from the other room and thought her daughter was awake. So she rushed to the room to check. But her daughter was still sleeping.

She came back to the balcony smiling and started kissing me from behind. She kissed on my earline and neck. She licked my earlobes. I was so turned on by then.

The hot air blowing from her nose was making me hot. She started rolling her fingers on my chest and opened my shirt. Her lips and tongue were working on my neck region and her fingers were running on my nipples and chest.

Her nails were so smooth. I was fully turned on. I stood up and started kissing her on her lips, neck, ears, and cleavage. She was breathing so heavily and moaning now.

I stripped her clothes off and she was in her inners. Her padded tube bra was making her look so sexy and making me mad. I bit on her cleavage and pulled down her bra. Her big jugs popped on my face, fuck so hot!

Meghna’s wheatish colored cotton mountains were so yummy. I started kissing and licking her boobs. The light brown nipples were fully erect showing signs of ultimate pleasure.

While she was standing at the wall, I ran down her stomach and caressed her stomach. Then I moved down to her clean brown valley. The skin down there was so soft and without any hair. It was like icing on the cake.

I started licking Meghna’s pussy and she was moaning more and more, “Aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhh mmmmmmm uuuuhhhhh fuck yes yes yes yeessssss..”

She was going crazy while I was eating her pussy but she was not loud as her daughter was sleeping. I generally do not eat a girl until I am super turned on. Here, chills were running down my spine and I wanted to make her go mad.

After a few minutes, her love juice started flowing out of her vagina. She gave a long and loud moan, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”.

After a few seconds, she was back on earth.

She then made me stand and went on her knees and started blowing my 7″ long and thick cock. I was enjoying the hot blowjob. In fact, I was loving it. Her tongue was rolling on my dick-head and it seemed she had some hell of an experience.

I was loving her act so much. I was standing holding the railing support and enjoying and praying for this time to not finish any soon. Meghna kept on pleasuring me.

After a few minutes of such a lovely blowjob, I could not control and exploded in her mouth. First, I thought she will be angry as many women do not like to swallow cum. But, to my surprise, she had some kind of spark in her eyes when I did that. She drank all of it and had a broad smile as if I had given her something that she wanted so badly.

We both were wet and sweaty after a mind-boggling hell of a sexual intercourse.

We then had a shower together, kissed each other goodbye and I left from there.

After this incident, we regularly meet and go for outings. Another wonderful monsoon experience will be shared in my next story, stay tuned.

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Hot Single Mother And Mind-boggling Fuck