Hot story of affairs with mother and daughter

Hi guys, my name is Raj. I am 25 years old, living in Mumbai for the past few years. When I came to Mumbai, I didn’t have a girlfriend. Like any other young boy, I wanted to date a girl or have fun with any woman of any age.

Just a year ago I started working as a real estate broker for some quick earning.  I used to meet all types of clients from single girls or sometimes even families with hot wives. I liked my job as it allowed me to speak to a few girls or even married ladies. But never got a chance to get so lucky with any of them.

One day, I was sitting in my office when two women walked into my office. I greeted them and they introduced themselves as Shivani and Rashi. They both were a mom and daughter duo.

Shivani was a 45-year-old woman. But she had such a perfect curvy figure and looked too young. If I have to describe her, she had a figure like Shilpa Shetty.

Her daughter Rashi was around 23 years old and was pretty too. But she was too lean and I think her boobs were not as big as her mother’s. They both came to my office in an Audi car. So I assumed they were quite rich.

Shivani was wearing a one-piece blue dress. She told me that her husband has recently shifted to Mumbai as he worked in a company. They were looking for a flat for rent in that area.

I had started getting hots for Shivani. She was a damn hot milf with a curvy figure. I was thinking about how wild she must be in bed and was already imagining her naked.

I showed her a few flats in that area. I finally showed her a rented flat in my own society, which I knew she would definitely like. As I thought, they finalized that flat. Soon I helped them in shifting to the new accommodation.

Her husband was a nice guy too. She looked the dominant one as a partner. She had my number. I had told her that whenever she needs my help I am just a floor away. I lived on one floor above their flat. Her husband was a busy man. He would leave for office early and would return late in the evening.

I helped her with all the necessary documentation in society. As usual, I started going to her flat for some reason. Soon, both Shivani and Rashi were quite comfortable with me. But I had eyes just on Shivani.

One day I Shivani invited me to her flat for tea. When I went we started chatting. Rashi was also there. Shivani asked me about myself. So I told her that I am just 25 years old, and I am doing my MBA. For some quick cash, I am doing this job.

She smiled and said that even Rashi will start her MBA from the same college I am in.  I was happy that now I will have a good chance of hitting on Shivani. Soon, Rashi joined our college. In no time, we had become good friends. My relationship with this family has now gotten to the next level.

I would often spend time at their place, watching Shivani in hot milf dresses. She would chat with me. On occasions, we three would go together to local pubs and malls for shopping and fun.  I was getting closer to Shivani, and my comfort level had grown.

Next what happened to me was surprising. One of my friends told me that Rashi likes me. Though I had more hots for her mom Shivani, I was desperate. Rashi was also good looking if not as busty as her mom. I took this as an opportunity and I increased my closeness to Rashi.

One day, she openly confessed to me about her feelings. I too Accepted her feelings as I wanted to feel her mom’s genes in her. One day around midnight, Rashi messaged me.

She told me that she will keep the main door open. I can come to her room directly as her parents would be sleeping. I went inside the flat. As I was about to move to her room, I heard some sound from her parents’ room. I was amazed to see her father was on top of her mom, Shivani.

I could just see her mom’s sexy thighs and legs around her dad’s hips. He was thrusting her hard. I could hear some moans. Trust me, I was hard down and wanted to stay there in the hope of getting a glimpse of Shivani’s hot body.

Suddenly, Rashi from behind pulled me and said, “What happened, Raj? That’s my parents’ room.” As soon as I entered her room, I was already hard down. She saw my hard-on and taunted me naughtily, “Looks like my dear is ready for our first time together.”

She pulled me towards her and we got into a romantic smooch and kissing on the lips. She was a good kisser. I was happy as she was the first girl in my life. She was wearing a white top and blue shorts. She removed her top for me and also her shorts. She was in a sexy red color pAdded bra and pink panty.

She unhooked her bra for me. Her breasts were not that big but not less too. They must be around 32 something. They were soft but her nipples were hard. I immediately started playing with her cute boobs and sucked her juicy honey-colored boobs. She was enjoying it.

While I was caressing her boobs, she whispered in my ears, “Raj, I have a tight pussy and not had much sex. So please be gentle.” I removed her panty and could see slight hairs on her pussy. But it looked tight. So I fingered her pussy a little to open up her hole.

While I was fingering her pussy, she had closed her eyes in pleasure. I went down on her pussy and started licking it and rubbing her clit. She looked completely turned on. She unhooked my denim, pulled it down, removed my t-shirt.

She slowly started kissing my neck and chest. She went down quickly and grabbed my cock, and started sucking it. When she was sucking my cock I imagined Shivani. I didn’t want to lose my erection soon. So I quickly got her in the doggy style.

I took a condom from my pocket and quickly wore it. As I was trying to enter her pussy I could feel she had closed her eyes. She was telling me, again and again, to insert slowly. I was slowly entering her pussy. I knew my cock was quite big and hard.

As soon as I started stroking her pussy I could hear her putting her hand on her mouth to not scream in pain. Within a few minutes, she had achieved her climax. But since she felt the pain from the cock she asked me to take it out.

I knew she was not able to ride my hard cock. So she asked me to lie down and gave me a blowjob just to release my hard-on. I was happy with a blowjob to end it. Soon I cummed in her mouth.

We kissed each other and I left for my flat. My cock was still hard when I reached home as I was remembering the scene of her mother. Now I was pumping Rashi regularly.

But from inside, I desired Shivani, a hot milf. I knew she would be bliss in bed. Whenever I used to see Shilpa Shetty on TV, I would feel remember her.

Guys if you liked the first part of the story, do like it. I will share the second and final part, where I finally enjoyed Shivani. You can also read my other stories here.

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Hot story of affairs with mother and daughter

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