How I Become A Sexy Crossdresser

How I Become A Sexy Crossdresser

My name is AJ. I am 26 years old bisexual guy here with smooth fair skin tone. This story is going to be a series about how I become a cute crossdresser.

During my college days, I got grouped in the bus by one of my seniors. From there, my bisexual interest started to awaken. Due to my smooth fair non-hairy skin look, I developed a liking for being a bottom.

Now coming back to the story, I wanted to explore my girlish fantasy of dressing completely like a girl with full makeup and wig on. I wanted to have fun with a clean decent good looking married top.

I started searching on Locanto. One particular Ad caught my eye – “Wanted girlish CD, decent top with a place and can provide CD wear”.

I got really interested, so I mailed the ad owner. After a few hours, I got a reply. We shared email ids and started chatting in hangouts. He was a married top and now living alone for a few months.

After seeing my body pics, he got really interested and wanted to meet. I was excited to try out my fantasy. We planned to meet on that Saturday morning. He shared his location to me.

The whole week, I was looking forward to our meet. On Saturday morning, I got up early cleanly shaved my thighs and made my body smooth. I took a bath, got ready, and pinged him. He said, “I am eagerly waiting for you, babe”.

I reached his place. It was a nice gated community. Once I reached his apartment, he opened the door and welcomed me warmly. His flat was a cozy one.

After going into his flat, I was nervous. He made me relax and we sat on the sofa. He sat near me and started to caress my hands. He then took me to his bedroom and showed me the wardrobe. I was excited, it had everything – wig, bikini, pantie, bra, thongs, and a complete makeup kit.

He said, “These are my wife’s. Today you are my wife, get ready babe. I want you as a girl with these”. He then locked the door and went out.

I was excited and confused about what to wear. Finally, I made a decision. I wore a black bikini, wig and applied makeup and lipstick. Everything was done. I saw myself in the mirror. Wow, I really looked like a girl, my smooth fair body with wig and bikini. I was looking sexy. I opened the door and asked, “Well, how do I look?”

He really got happy and said you were born to be a girl and started smooching me. I was getting kissed by a man the first time in my life. I slowly started to respond to his kiss. He was eating my lips and catching my tongue sucking it.

After some time, he let me breathe. He took me to the bed and came on top of me and started to play with my lips again. I was really feeling like a woman.

He slowly moved down and kissed my neck and undressed the bikini top and started to kiss my nipples. I was in a full erotic mood now. He circled my man boobs and nipples with his tongue. He slowly started sucking it and went on with it.

I literally started to make little moans, “Oh god, my boobs, honey, like that..lick it..suck it.”

By hearing my moan, he got more in the mood, I guess. He started to move on my navel and thighs. He did a lot of smooching on my body which aroused me more.

When I am fully aroused, I can be slutty. So, I made him lie on the bed and started to move closer to his underwear. I kissed it and smelled it. I felt the smell of man’s sweat and musk odor. I got hornier so removed his underwear.

“Wow, you have got a lovely cock”, I said and slowly started to kiss his pink cherry top.

I was circling my tongue around it. He closed his eyes and started to enjoy my actions. I slowly kissed his cock, took it in my mouth gently. I kept it like that for some time. Then I slowly started to suck his cock. His was good 7.5 inches. I was trying to take his cock as deep as I can.

He started to moan, “Oh yes, my babe like that suck like it a lollipop”.

I kept sucking his cock deep like a lollipop as he had asked.

After some time, he made kneel down on the floor and started to gently fuck my mouth with this cock. He held my head and gently pushed his cock into my mouth deep. I tried to follow him fully. But his cock was big so it choked me. He stopped and said, “Sorry honey, I got into the full mood by your sucking”.

I said, “I like it dear, do it slowly and gently, treat my mouth like a pussy”.

He became happy after hearing that. He started to mouth fuck me gently.

After 10 minutes, we switched positions. He took me to the dining table and made me lie on the table. He then started to explore my girly body again. His lips were all over me and it made me horny again. Then he gave his cock while I was lying on the edge of the table.

I was sucking his cock like no tomorrow. My lips were taking his cock as deep as possible.

He started to fuck my mouth gently again. In 15 minutes, he said, “Babe, I am going to cum.”

I knelt down before him and started to suck continuously. After a minute, he said in a loud voice, “Ah my slut, I am cumming! Take it!”

The next minute, he reached his climax. There was a lot of cum. I swallowed some and I spat out the remaining. I was looking like a cumslut.

He hugged me after that. “You are really a girl! Now onward, I am going to call you as Sheena”.

I was blushing like a girl only. He helped me clean up. In the shower also, we had fun one time. I was literally his wife the whole day.

We met again and did more spicy fun, my first CD photoshoot and a lot more fun. Stay tuned for the next part.

Meanwhile, any good looking decent married top with a place in Bangalore and can offer me girly wear and accessories connect with me via [email protected] See you have a nice time.

How I Become A Sexy Crossdresser