How i fucked my mom on mothers day

How i fucked my mom on mothers day

Mother’s Day

( . Y . )

“Hey Captain!” I said into my phone.

“Hey Sailor!” my dad said.

“How are they hanging?” I queried.

“One in front of the other, for speed!” He’s a fighter pilot, that’s the standard reply. “And yourself?”

“I’m high speed, low-drag sir!” We both chuckled. I’m not in the Navy, just going to college, but I know the lingo pretty good.

“You’re going home for Mother’s Day, right?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, dad. I’m going home, uh, Friday afternoon. After class gets out. Please tell me you sent something?”

We both laughed again. Dad once had the impression that since his wife wasn’t his mother, he didn’t need to get her anything for Mother’s day. That is the wrong impression, believe me! He’d been over-doing it every year since, but I still teased him about it.

He had to send something because he was TDY (temporary duty) in Italy. Dad was a Captain, bucking for Admiral, so he was very busy. The house is in Alexandria, Virginia, so he can be near his job at the Pentagon. I’m down the road a bit at the University of Virginia.

I’m not ashamed to say it; Dad’s my hero. He shot down a MiG-27 in the first Gulf War. He was a Blue Angel for 3 years, including serving as Flight Leader. He was the CAG on the Ronald Reagan, he’s cool under fire, great under pressure, and a fucking funny guy and a great dad.

The only problem is that he’s not around much. He’s probably missed more than half my life.
My brother and me were pretty tough customers as kids growing up, but we were no match for Mom. I’m not saying she ruled with an iron fist, but you learned early on when ‘enough was enough’. Or rather, I learned early on. My older brother never quite picked up on that and always pushed way passed the boundaries. He’s now living in New York with his new wife. She and Mom are cordial but a little strained.

Anyway, I was finishing up my last class of the day on Thursday, Psych, when I got an e-mail blast from my History professor that the Friday class was cancelled.

Cool. I went to the frat, packed up my shit and laundry and sped for home. My girlfriend and I broke up last week so I had no reason not to go home early. Speaking of fucking retards, god she was needy. Texting me all fucking day, getting angry when I didn’t return the “I love yous” within seconds. Hey babe, I was taking a test, calm down. No! You don’t love me blah blah blah, christ what a chore.

We’d lived in Alexandria only a couple years, and with Dad being gone so much, Mom really looked forward to my time at home with her. She’ll be happy to see me home early, I thought. I’ll surprise her.

The two-hour drive went by pretty quick, and I pulled into our little mansion. It’s a Navy-owned house that they have for use by certain Pentagon-ers. We pay rent, but not what it’s really worth. Just a perk that we don’t tell the taxpayers about. Anyway, the house is 5 bedrooms, colonial style, big in-ground pool in the huge backyard. I stepped out into the heat. It’s weird, being so hot in early May.

I unlocked the door and stepped into the cool house. I heard some funny noises upstairs; is that the TV, or does Mom have some people up there?

I walked up the stairs to investigate. I didn’t call out. Why not? I wish I would’ve. The noise was people, women’s voices, sounded like they were having a party or something. Couldn’t make it out exactly.

I made my way down the hall, stepped into my parent’s bedroom, and got the shock of my life.
There, on the bed, was my mother.


On her back, her head propped up on some pillows. Her large breasts cradled between her arms. Her arms were together because she had two hands on a big purple vibrator and she was driving it into her bare pussy.

But that wasn’t all.

Laying next to my mom was another woman, also naked, also plowing herself with a big dildo. Pink, I think it was. They were laying right next to each other, their arms and legs touching each other. One of their legs was overlapping the other gal, I’m not exactly sure whose.

I turned my head to the flat screen on the wall, the source of all the noise. A porno played, a bunch of girls doing one of those lesbian squirt orgies. Actually, I had seen this one. It had Flower Tucci, a black chick named Jada something, Britney Stevens, and a bunch of others, too. The porno is where one girl gets “girl cum” sprayed all over her face by all the other chicks. But, it looks pretty much like pee. But it’s not yellow, it’s all clear like they’ve been drinking beer. Anyway, that’s not the point of the story.

The point is, my Mom is masturbating while laying down with another naked woman.

All this takes longer to describe than it actually took place, I think I was only there a couple seconds when I blurted out:

“Hi Mom.”

Both woman jerked their heads towards me, screamed, and tried to find the covers. However, that took a few more seconds as they had been kicked off the bed completely. Looking back, it was kind of funny, or even damn funny. But at the moment, I was pissed.

What the fuck was Mom doing? How could she do this to Dad? He’s out serving our country and she’s… doing whatever the fuck this is? Goddammit!

I turned and walked back down the stairs, and out the door, with Mom calling my name the whole way.

As I drove away, my phone rang. Mom. I’m not answering that.

I begin to head to the freeway to join the traffic jam out of DC to go back to school. I didn’t know what else to do. The phone rang again, I looked at it on the passenger seat when there was a big


What the fuck did I hit? The car is still moving… nobody’s around me… I check the rear-view mirror and I notice a major fucking pothole receding in the distance. Just about then, the steering gets weird, and the front wheels go all wobbly and shit. I managed to pull over to the side of the road. Looking under the front end, I could see a metal bar hanging down. I don’t think that’s supposed to do that. Fuck.

Triple-A came in about 30 minutes and towed me to the nearest auto repair dude. Fortunately, it was one we’ve dealt with before and he took a quick look.

“Tie Rod,” he said. “Can probably get one tomorrow, have it done by the end of the day.”

Great. None of my buddies are home yet. Guess I have to face Mom. I dialed her up.

“I’m so sorry Travis I can explain–”

“Mom!” I tried to interrupt, she just talked faster.

“Itwasn’tanythingreallyitjust happened–”

“MOM!” I hollered into the phone.


“Can you come get me? the car broke down.” I gave her the address.

“Sure, um, I’m leaving right now.”

“Make sure you’re dressed, ok?” I had to give her a dig.


So now I had some time to think about this. And I came to the conclusion that I didn’t know what to think. Was she cheating on Dad? Kind of. Maybe. Yes. But not quite. Was she lying to us? Absolutely. “And we always tell the truth in this house!” That line was drilled into me, by her, for years. Oh gawd…

Mom picked me up, we had an uncomfortably quiet ride back home.

I went up to my room and shut the door. I just felt so weird, seeing Mom naked was so confusing. I mean, she’s always been ‘the hot mom’. When my folks had squadron parties, all the junior officers would just kind of hover around her; let me get that, I’ll pick up the dishes, no let me get the trash, I’ll get more ice… all that kind of stuff. Dad would get a kick out of it. She was a serious looker, for sure. But she’s also, Mom. Mom, who would yell at me for not feeding the dog, having dirty shoes, getting a ‘B’ in science. Mom, who knew all my buttons and just how to play me to get what needed to be done.

It was getting on towards 6:30 when she called me down for dinner. I’d rather not eat, but I was fucking starving. Oh well, here goes.

“Do you know how your dad and I met?” she asked me as she set the table.

“Um… at some banquet or something, I guess.”

“It was at an Air Force base in Texas, Lackland. Your dad was doing some kind of liasion crap with the boys in blue. We met in the ‘O’ club, and I know it sounds dumb, but I knew he was the one for me in about 5 minutes. And sure, he liked me straight away, but not in a serious way. He was older than me, 8 years, and kind of saw me as a plaything.

“So, as you kids say, we hooked up. For two weeks straight.”

I kind of blushed and turned my head. I don’t want to hear about this!

“You probably don’t want to hear this, but I need to explain some things to you. Things that parents don’t normally share with their kids but, in light of certain… circumstances… I think you deserve to know.”

She started dishing out Aunt Betty’s famous chicken recipe. My favorite. What a coincidence.

“After the two weeks were up, he had to go back to California. On a whim he said I should go with him. So I did. We were married a month later.”

“Now, in the Navy, it isn’t just about how well you perform. Like any group, politics play a big part of your advancement. And let me tell you. I was a </i>big asset<i> to your father’s career!” She posed for a moment, sticking out her chest and ass before she sat down.

“He knew it, I knew it, and we played the game. Yes, your dad is very sharp and all that, but I played a big part. It never helps to shmooze your commanding officer, or have your wife do it.”

I was incredulous. “You mean, you slept with his–”

“Oh! Heavens no! But a little flirting goes a long way. But it never went beyond that. I was always true to your dad.”

“Except for today.”

“Yes, well… I still am technically true to him. I’ve never fooled around or hooked up completely. The same, however, cannot be said for him.”

I sat very still. No. Say it ain’t so. My dad would never do that.

“The Blue Angels, that was the first I heard of it. Just little whispers at first, perhaps some sympathetic looks from other wives. They knew. Finally, someone told me. I confronted him, and he admitted it. He said he loved me more than anything, but his urges outweighed his vows. It wasn’t his fault, he said.

“So I had a choice. Continue to be the ‘good Navy wife’ and raise you two boys and make a life for us, or bail out and struggle on my own.”

She paused for a while so she could eat, I was trying to process all this. Mostly I was wishing she wasn’t telling me all this.

“It wasn’t easy, and we had a lot of fights. Some very big ones.” I remember some of those. Not good times. “But in the end, I wanted the life. I wanted a husband who loved me to death and would do anything for me, while he was around, and I wanted a stable home for my kids.
“He toned down his activities, and it was just something that happened ‘on the road’ and he never brought it home. I turned the other cheek, looked the other way, what ever you want to call it, and we have a pretty good life for all of us.

“Now, he’s what, 52? No, 53. And he hasn’t done anything for years. I know, he wants his admiralship too much so he won’t even scratch his ass in public, let alone fool around.”

“I… I didn’t know, Mom.”

“Of course you didn’t! It’s not something that needed to be discussed with you guys. Like I said, he was discreet, and then it tailed off and it’s all gone now.

“I love your father very much. Always have. And I love our life together. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” She was serious, not just bull-shitting me.

“However…” I said. Trying to get some answers on her activities of today.

“Yes. However. Well it ain’t always a bed of roses, kid. I shit you not. You know this, Dad could be gone on deployments 6 months, 8 months, one time he was gone 11 months. 11! And…” she dropped her fork on her plate.

“Well… shit… I have needs, too. Just like him. Maybe even more so. but I never acted upon them. I stayed true. All this time…” I didn’t say anything snarky, I just waited her out.

“I kept thinking, he would just belong to me at some point. But, he’s up for admiral, and the stress of that and his age have ganged up on him. He can’t… for the most part… um… he’s not quite the man he used to be.”

I was crestfallen. My dad. The Navy hero. Shot down bad guys, highly decorated, almost an admiral, and he’s cheated on my mom and can’t get his dick hard. Jesus Christ, what a day.
We talked some more about it as we finished dinner. She even pulled out some of her letters from him from way back. He was apologizing for some woman named “Bambi” that he had apparently fucked. This was back in the day of hand-written letters. You could see the ink smears where Mom’s tears had dropped on the pages.

“And so… I get lonely sometimes. Jeanine, my friend you saw today, is another Navy wife. She’s younger than me by a few years, but in the same boat. We got drunk once and spilled our guts, our deep, deep guts! And after several months of talking, we decided to have a little joint session today. You were coming home tomorrow, so…”

“Really? That was the first time?”

“We always tell the truth in this house!” she said.

We looked at each other for a moment, then we both busted out laughing. That was kind of our motto, but turns out it was a bit empty.

“Ok Mom. Well here’s a truth from me. I… don’t know what to say at this point. I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s still a lot to digest. But I’m sorry I judged you so harshly at first. Obviously, that wasn’t fair, or very nice.”

We both stood up and went to each other, we had a very nice hug. She cried a little bit on my shoulder, I reassured her that it was okay.

“I love you son,” she said, and turned to face me and gave a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you too, Mom.” And I kissed her back for half a second.

We had a little dessert, then I excused myself for the evening as I was very tired. Mom understood.

I went upstairs and played some X-box for awhile. I had to let my mind unwind from all of this. As I got tired, I pulled out my laptop and did some searches for MILF BIG TITs and found some old favorites. It occurred to me then that that was kind of a weird topic, for me. Hot Milfs. Why was that interesting to me? Was there really some truth to all that Oedipus shit they talked about in my Psychology classes? I searched instead for that LESBIAN SQUIRT PARTY that Mom had on earlier.

Found it. This was one raunchy vid. It’s not so much that I’m into watersports, because, it’s kind of weird. It’s more that, this is just kind of… wrong… on so many levels, and yet these chicks are having such a fucking blast! They are either some great actresses (doubtful) or they are so tuned into sex that they just love this shit. I prefer that explanation, that they are just fucking sex fiends and will do whatever it takes to cum 9 times in a 45 minute flick.

I whacked off, and I couldn’t help but picture Mom on her bed now and then. And she had a friend, too. Maybe Mom would like to eat that chick’s pussy and whoa… fuck… cum flew out of my cock at close to Mach 1! I had to keep it’s head down or that shit would hit me in the eye or even go on the wall. It’s happened before, trust me.

I slept pretty good that night. I’d like to tell you about some crazy sex dreams, but I didn’t actually have any.

( . Y . )

I slept in till about 10 on Friday. That’s NOT something we do when dad’s home. But, obviously, when the Captain’s away, the sailors will play! I whacked off again and then went downstairs where Mom made me a nice breakfast of eggs and bacon and hash browns. She asked for my help in the garden; it was time to plant some flowers. In the old flower bed off to the side of the big swimming pool.

So after we cleaned up the kitchen, I went and got on my cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Went out back and started gathering the shovel and rake and gloves and other implements of destruction.
Mom came out a few minutes later, wearing some red short shorts. And I mean short. As in ‘not long’. Short. They went at least two or maybe even three millimeters passed where her legs separate from her midsection. At least two millimeters past her… private area. She also had on one of dads old Navy khaki shirts, long sleeve. But she had it where she’d taken the long shirt tails and tied them into a knot in front. This exposed some of her belly to me. And, unlike yesterday where I only saw her for a second, I could glance at her bare midriff for quite a while.

Wait! What the fuck was going on? Why was I looking at Mom and appraising her as I would some college chick? I was mentally tabulating her assets and was ready to assign her a number? This isn’t right!

I saw the old flower bed and attacked it with my pick and also with a damn fury. I need to think properly. Straighten up and fly right, dumbshit.

Although, since I had already calculated a number, I might as well share it: 9.5.

Now, you may say that’s a damn high number for a mid-forties woman. Well, fuck you. And the horse you rode in on. Mom was rather statuesque at five foot nine. And she had curves, and they were tight. And her frame, while not tiny like a starving model, was very pleasing. Her boobs were… big. I don’t fucking know how big. Is the cup size that important? I guess a ‘D’. Probably more. Double that. Or more. They seemed to be freestyle inside her shirt which now looked like a halter top. But the best part was her face. Good chin with no hang-downs or doubles going on. Nice skin as she kept out of the sun for the most part. She kept her teeth white, which makes one younger looking. But the best parts were her eyes and her smile. When she smiled at you, it wasn’t all fakey shit, her eyes lit up and you knew she was smiling at you and that meant something.

Mom called to me, and smiled at me as I turned around. It was that great smile, too.

“Easy tiger, you don’t have to do it all in one minute, you know!”

We got the flats out and the topsoil and worked the ground together. We used to do this a lot, especially moving around like we did. We usually got some half-crappy house so Mom always wanted to plant flowers to make it look nice. As an old man of 21, I find it very therapeutic to plant and make things grow. We chatted about all kinds of stuff, until she brought up a funny subject out of the blue.

“So Travis,” she began. “Speaking of masturbation…” she let that hang there.

I raised my head up from the shovel and looked over at her. She was sitting on her knees with her legs tucked under her. Her breasts jiggled as she tried to break open a plant flat.

“I didn’t know we were speaking of masturbation?” I said. Or asked. Kind of both.

“I just wanted to let you know that you were the winner.” She said.

“I’m the winner? Of masturbation?”

“Oh yeah, you beat your brother by a mile.”

I laughed out loud at that one.

“Are you sure? How do you know?”

“A mother knows. Crusty socks, crusty old T-shirts, kleenex in the bedroom garbage can… a mother knows!” There was that smile again, with the twinkly eyes.

“Well, Sam always was a bit of a pussy!” Not really true. Sam was a tough guy and played college football. But still, he wasn’t much with the ladies.

“It just made me a bit nervous, I thought maybe you were going to turn into a sex freak or something.”

“Well, how do you think I felt, mom!” We laughed again. “Like you said, Sam was pretty, uh, well not much of a sex drive. I felt like a maniac compared to him. I mean, morning, noon, afternoon, night time… wait… why am I telling you all this? Goddammit!” somehow she tricked me into talking about my whack off activities.

Mom laughed at my discomfort.

“Well look at my gene pool!” I argued. “I didn’t have much choice of not being a sex fiend. I mean, Mark got none of it, I must of got all of it from both you and Dad!”

“Well, Trav. Let’s not make each other uncomfortable then. I propose that there be no masturbating this weekend. It’s too messy.”

Well she was right about that, my shit gets everywhere.

“Ok then,” I responded. “I can take it if you can. But remember, ‘We always tell the truth in this house’! So no fibbing.”

“Me?” Mom responded, as if she was aghast at the suggestion. “Fib? Never? It’s on. But there must be a penalty, in case someone loses control…”

“Hmmm. Penalty.” I thought for a few moments. Then I came up with a great and terrible idea.

“How about,” I began. “Whoever ‘loses’, has to have the other person watch them ‘lose’ again?”

Holy fuck what did I just suggest? One of us watch the other masturbate? I’m some kind of sick fucking puppy and I don’t know if there’s a heaven but I’m pretty sure there’s a hell and I’ll be in it with all the other derelicts and deviants and killers and–

“Deal!” Mom said.

We worked the dirt for a while in silence.

“Who said it could get this fucking hot in May?” I wondered aloud. I pulled my T-shirt over my head to try and catch some breeze. I got back to work, I was trying to chop the roots away from some other fucking tree that was invading the flower bed.

“Foul!” Mom called. “Um… Un-necessary Buffness!”

“What?” I teased back. “There’s no fouls! There’s no rules! It’s jut win or lose, mama!” I had bulked up over the years, though. Nice to be noticed. I made sure to flex my arms more, now that I knew she was watching. ‘Foul’, my ass! Ooh, yeah, my ass. I should turn a little more away from her so I can bend over for her and grab some fucking roots.

“Foul!” Mom said again. “You can’t point your smelly ass at me!”

“It does NOT smell! Okay… it probably does… but that’s not a foul because you made me come out here!”

Mom was muttering under her breath just barely loud enough for me to hear her. She was teasing some more. “God damn kids… show no respect… put em through college… they cheat at the games…”

I just chuckled until Mom sat up straight and stretched. She arched her back and stuck her arms way up in the air. Her chest swelled to enormous proportions as she breathed in a cleansing breath.

“You were right,” she said. “It’s damn hot out here.”

I kept sneaking looks as she went about her business like I wasn’t there. She undid the top button on her old ratty shirt. Then the next. And another one. Christ! How many buttons are on this fucking shirt? She undid all of them, just leaving the shirt tails tied right at her belly button.
I could now see exposed boob flesh.

Cleavage. Lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep. And many days before I… masturbate.

I returned to my work, trying to hide my rising boner. I sneaked peaks back over my shoulder. Mom was on all fours, moving about, lifting a hand to grab a petunia and place it in the ground. Her breasts swayed back and forth, and they shook and trembled as she moved about the garden.

“Alright!” I yelled. “Foul!”

Mom smiled at me sweetly, her breasts hanging down such that I could see about 47% of her total tits. Not the nipples, of course, they were straining her shirt.

“There’s no fouls, remember?”

“There should be. Illegal Motion in the… front…”

“You mean this?” Mom shook her breasts.

“Yeah, that. Stop it or I’ll go on strike and form a union and picket your house. ‘Unfair to workers’.”

We finished about an hour later. The garden looked very nice. We didn’t, though. Dirty, sweaty, smelly, and there was potting soil all over the walkway.

“You put away the tools?” Mom suggested. “And I’ll get the hose.”

I put away a few things in the shed. When I came back Mom had the hose going, washing down the bricks of all the dirt. I took in the rest of the tools.

“Hey,” I said when I came back. “I’m going in for a shower.”

“Not like that!” Mom snapped. She pointed down at my feet. I had shoes on, but they were filthy and dirt had gotten inside. I kicked off them off and told her to rinse my feet off.

“Okay, stand back. The water shoots out pretty hard.” Always thinking of how to be good to her kids, Mom was.

She pointed the nozzle and sprayed my feet and got the dirt off. Got the dirt off my shins and calves, too. Good not to traipse all that dirt onto the rug.

Then, Mom raised the hose and shot me in the crotch! And the chest and face! She was hosing me down! And that fucking water felt COLD!

“No!” I cried. “You did not just do that!” I stood there and took it. I even turned around so she could wash my back.

“Are you done?” I asked when she stopped.

“Almost!” and she sprayed me one more time. “Ok, done… Travis… wait… don’t… TRAVIS!”

I charged Mom and scooped her up in my arms. She’s not light as a feather, but it wasn’t a problem for an adrenaline and hormonally charged young man.

“Stop it!” she begged. “Put me down! What are you… no! Not the pool!”

I unceremoniously threw Mom into the deep end of the pool.

As she came up for air, I did a cannonball right next to her.

Jesus! I thought the hose water was cold! We don’t turn on the pool heater until Memorial Day! Fuck! We both started to swim to the shallow end, but I was wearing cargo shorts. The kind with like 17 pockets and shit. These were not High-Speed Low-Drag swimming trunks! I could barely move, and I used to be on the swim team! I unsnapped and unzipped and kicked them off underwater. I kicked hard and caught Mom, gave her a yank on the leg, and passed her.

I quickly got to the steps and started getting out. I could here Mom sputtering behind me.

“You dirty, rotten, cheating little bastard! I was winning! Oh you’re an infuriating piece of shit!”

I turned to help her out so she wouldn’t slip. As Mom rose out of the water, so did my cock. Rise, that is. Which wasn’t that big of a problem, except I was standing there in my wet skivvies.

But, you see, when Mom came out of the water, the cold water, I couldn’t contain myself. Her nipples had hardened to near diamond strength, and they made sure everyone knew it. Those fuckers stood out at least an inch through her shirt. The wet material clung to her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Oh look, there’s even a little mole on the one side.

Mom was still fussing at me as she tilted her head back to gather up her hair and wring it dry. That only thrust out her enormous tits even more. I was now at full attention and didn’t know what to fucking do. We were just playing around, right? This isn’t serious, right? Is it? Fuck!

Mom kept up her funny tirade. “Little rat-bastard! It’s on now! You can count on that! Wait until I tell your father–” She stopped mid-sentence as she happened to look down and saw my raging hard-on.

“Tell dad… what? Tell him what, Mom? I’m thinking maybe we don’t tell him this…”

Mom suddenly realized her wet nipples were drilling through her shirt. She crossed her arms, trying to cover them up. That was funny, because her boobs are too big for that and she just said “Oh! You!” and began to walk off.

I patted her butt as she walked past.

“Hey!” she cried, still walking away. “None of that, now! And no masturbating, either!”

“No fibbing!” I called to her. She flipped me off.

Well, I thought. That was kind of a fun afternoon.

( . Y . )

I got out of the shower. Yes, it was mostly a cold one. I had to get this thing back down. No masturbating, that was the bet. And I sure didn’t want to lose! Ok, truth be told, I’m sure that I had masturbated to Mom at some point in my life. But… shit… it wasn’t all the time, hardly ever. I just didn’t think of her that way. Until today. Or maybe, yesterday. But definitely right now. I gotta fucking clear my head.

“Honey?” Mom called from the hallway. “There’s a sandwich downstairs. I’m going to clean up and do some shopping for some shit. You can go do whatever, but I was thinking we could go out somewhere tonight. Maybe, Fleming’s?” That was a high-end steakhouse. The kind where a potato is twelve dollars.

“Yeah! Sure! Sounds good!” I dried my crotch but kept moving. Fuck! I didn’t know it was this hard not to touch myself!

In my room, I heard the shower go on. Mom’s naked in the shower. Now this, I thought, this is the moment of truth. Are we kidding around or are we playing with fire? This will tell. If I go in there, we’ll find out.

I walked down the hall to her bedroom.

Put my hand on the knob.

No, I can’t do this.

I’m a fucking pussy.

Then I began to twist the knob.


Fucking bitch! I thought to myself. She knew… she knew I would try. Which means… what? No? Never? Not now? Go jerk off? Oh Mom… you’re a sneaky one.

Well, I certainly never got a hard on playing X-box, so I went and did that. With my sandwich, of course. You can’t play Xbox and not eat.

( . Y . )

Got a text from Mom later in the afternoon.

-Bought something for tonight! Let’s be ready to leave around 6:30. Dinner reservations are at 7. Dress kind of nice. Love, Mom.

Mom doesn’t know that you don’t have spell out every word in a text. Or she doesn’t believe in it.

I replied.

-Yep luv u 2

She came home an hour or so later. Poked her head into the study, said ‘Hi’, and locked herself in her room again. Whatever.

At 6:15, I put on my nice black pants and a black silk shirt, it’s got some white little paisley action going on over one shoulder. Mom bought it for me at Christmas and I hadn’t worn it yet.

Brushed my teeth, shaved, spiked my hair up… boom. Looking pretty sharp! I went downstairs and got the car keys.

At 6:30 I hollered up, “I’m ready!”

At 6:40 I hollered up, “We’re going to be late!”

At 6:43 I hollered up, “We could probably get a seat at McDonald’s or maybe Burger–”

I stopped speaking. I stood at the base of the stairs as Mom tiptoed down in a black dress and high heels. But that’s like saying the Eiffel Tower is a metal structure.

This dress, wow! Satiny material, deep and dark black. It went to about her mid-thighs so it wasn’t real slutty, but it was tight up top. Very tight. Fitted, I guess is the term. Fitted like a small glove around her voluptuous body. You could see some motion in the dress. I wasn’t certain, but I was guessing no bra. However, the dress was cinched a bit and seemed to provide some support for her beautiful babies.

As she walked past, I got another surprise. The dress had no back. Backless. Bareback. There was a little string of faux diamonds going across the back, holding it together. But that was it. And it was backless to the small of Mom’s back. The very small of it. the smallest part. What I would call, ‘Below the belt’ even.

She did a little turn for me in the foyer. Her dress flew out a flew inches as she spun. I like that.

“So?” she asked. Mom had her dark hair done differently, some big curls and waves and flips instead of her usual flat. Dark red lipstick and gorgeous eye makeup completed her look. She was waiting for me to say something.

“Fabulous… fabulous… holy shit… you don’t look like anybody’s mother!”

She flashed me a demure smile, seductively put a fingertip in her mouth, turned halfway and kicked up a heel.

“Like the shoes?”
Black patent leather, stiletto heels, and extra straps that went up her ankle far more than is legal in some southern states. The heels were perfect; high, but not so high as to make one look stupid when they walk.

“Holy shit, Mom! Where’s dad’s gun? I think we’ll need one tonight!”

Mom laughed.

“I’m serious!” I continued. “We’re not taking the Explorer. I’m getting the Jag keys!”

Dad’s Jaguar, a 1963 XKE with a 12-cylinder engine, didn’t get out much. I wasn’t allowed to drive it. He inherited it from a rich uncle some years back and he probably put 200 miles a year on it. He probably spent a thousand dollars a year on it just trying to keep it running, too. Brits, good people but don’t understand much about electrical systems.

I started the Jag, she just purred like a kitten. I backed her out of the garage. Mom reached for the door to get in, but I stopped her. I jumped out and ran around to her side. Taking her hand, I eased her into the seat.

Revving the engine, the car shook and vibrated, filling us with promise of a fast and dangerous ride!

I popped the clutch and tore down the street. 13 minutes to go! We screeched and careened and did a couple power slides but still made it to the restaurant about ten minutes late. The valet took the car and backed it in, right by the front door. That’s respect!

The waiting area was crowded, I was trying to check in with the Maitre’ D. Mom was behind some tall asshole.

“Yes,” Fritz was saying to me. “But you see, sir, we are very busy tonight and we can’t hold tables all night…”

Tall guy moved away and Mom came into view and held my arm, and smiled her award winning smile at old Fritz. Really, she did win an award in 8th grade for best smile. We only tell the truth… ok I’ll shut up.

“… but… you are in luck as a table by the window just opened up. This way, please?”

Mom made sure to brush her breast against Fritz a little, and complimented him on his tie. I tried to tip him $50, he refused. No, no money! Not for such a beauty as this! You need your money young man!

The waiter came up right away.

“Good evening folks! Welcome to Fleming’s! And, may I just say that your mother looks stunning tonight on this Mother’s Day weekend…” He smiled, all pleased with himself.

I spoke very slowly, and very quietly, but with passion.

“This… isn’t… my… mother… you insolent, arrogant, insulting fool!”

Mom did a face palm.

“Now look what you’ve done, you’ve embarrassed her! Fritz!” I stood up to get Fritz and a ruckus ensued. Could I describe the ruckus? Not really. Just a bunch of staff rushing around, apologizing, bringing a champagne bucket with Fritz’ compliments, a pate’ that was obviously on it’s way to another table, and various breads and rolls, and what else can we get for you? We got a new waiter, too. She was much better and kept her damn mouth shut. The other guy was moved across the room so we didn’t have to see him. They assured us of that. We finally placed our orders and they left us alone.

“Who knew you were such a little shit?” Mom asked. But she was laughing, also.

“Hey, I learned from the best.”

“Well,” she continued. “If I’m not your mother, then maybe we should sit a little bit closer, don’t you think?” And we scooted closer. I placed my arm around her, my hand on her warm, bare back. I toyed with her hair as we sipped champagne. Good man, that Fritz.

“Mmmm,” Mom cooed. “That’s better. Now we look like a couple.” And she patted my knee under the table. And she kept it there. And I almost said that they can’t see under the table but I was able to shut my stupid mouth up just in time.

The dinner was tremendous. The filets were tender and succulent, the potatoes fabulous, and the company was… divine. Mom and I were touching practically through the whole dinner. Shoulders, or feet, or something. It wasn’t forced, either. It felt easy, almost natural. I regaled her with stories of bad girl friends and bad sex times; now that we were on a different level, we could talk about a lot more stuff.

Sadly, the dinner came to an end. The check arrived, in the amount of forty seven dollars. I protested to Fritz that it was too low, but he insisted. We tipped him and the waitress very well, though.

“Hey Fritz?” I asked as we were leaving. “Can you recommend any dance places around here?”

“But of course! Across the street is the fantastic Voodoo Lounge! You can leave your car here and call us to come get you! I will call my friend at the door, you won’t wait in line.”

Mom tugged on Fritz’ arm as he turned to leave. She gave him a big hug. A full body hug. and she kissed him on the cheek.

Fritz went into full flabbergast mode. He stumbled away, red-faced but smiling.

The Voodoo lounge… now here was a place. Swanky. Expensive. $12 beers and $20 drinks. But Fritz got us set up with a nice little booth far enough away from the band so we could talk, but not out in the boonies, either.

The warm-up band played 80’s pop music, Mom’s favorite. Having grown up in her house, I
knew most of the songs too.

“Trav, I haven’t danced in ages! Please???”

Who could resist? Not me. The floor was pretty crowded, which was good. We stepped up and got our ‘Super Freak’ on. After a few songs we went back and sucked down some Goose Gimlets.

“This is… SO MUCH FUN!” Mom shouted to me. Okay it was pretty loud. She moved in closer to me to speak into my ear. “Thank you so much sweetie, I’m loving this!”

“Me too, Mom!”

“No, not ‘Mom’, remember?. Um… call me… ‘Dixie’!”


“Yes, Dixie! It’s kind of a slutty name, right?”

“Sure, I guess?”

“So Travis, anything you need to admit? Any confessions?” I looked at her quizzically. “Silly boy! Were you able to not molest yourself this afternoon?”

“Oh! Shit! That! Haha! Well it was… hard… very HARD… but I managed not to.”

“Hmmm, too bad. I was kind of hoping to win.”

Holy shit, did she just say that? Because ‘winning’ meant that I would have to masturbate while she watched. Um… too much thinking…

“Let’s dance some more, Mom!”

We got up and ‘Walked like egyptians’ which was terribly funny. But then. One of her favorite songs came on. ‘Lady in Red’, a slow song about dancing with his lover. I was ready to evacuate the dance floor, but Mom pulled me back.

“We’re dancing,” she informed me.

“You’re not wearing red.”

“Shut up and hold me.”

“Yes, Dixie.”

She smiled at that. I placed my right hand on the small of her back. Her bare back.. My left hand held her right hand, and we swayed to the music.

“You’re so beautiful, Mom.”

“Thanks Travis… but, this isn’t middle school. There’s no chaperone.”

“Right,” I said. We were dancing about a foot apart. I pulled her closer. Her slight, yet intoxicating, scent almost overwhelmed me.

Her chest bumped into mine. I pulled her closer still. Her chest pressed into me. Closer… her head lay on my shoulder. With her heels, Mom/Dixie was only about an inch shorter than me.
I pretended to stumble and pulled her tight, to steady her of course. Her thighs pressed against me. I caressed her lower back, slipping my little finger down, under her dress. I felt no panties where there should be some, only a little tiny string.

I was trying to keep my enormous erection from touching her, but it was no use. Inevitably, it bumped into her. Dixie just sighed, and she kissed my ear. Emboldened, I slid my hand further down the back of her dress and cupped a warm ass cheek. My Mom’s warm ass cheek. This was it. It’s official. I’m copping a feel off my Mom, right now. And she just wriggled tighter into me and ground her pelvis against against my cock.

I pulled my head back to look at her, she turned and looked at me. We were very close.

“You’ve got a little something back here,” I whispered to her. Then I Ieaned in and kissed her neck, just below her right ear. I lingered, and kissed a few more small kisses in the general area. Dixie breathed in heavy, crushing her breasts into me. I turned up a little and kissed her ear lobe, being careful of the diamond earrings that Dad bought her. I nibbled her ears a little more.
I wasn’t sure if we were still dancing, or just swaying on the dance floor. I whispered into her ear.

“Dixie, I want to see you masturbate for me. Would you like that?”

There was no movement, then a slight, almost perceptible nod of her head. Yes.

“I’ve already seen you, for just a moment, though. I want to see you finish.” Again, a head nod. I released her right hand so I could put both arms around her waist, and she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Travis… honey…”

“Yes, Dixie?”

“You love me, right? I mean, for real. Not just ‘yes Mom of course I love you’…”

“I do love you, Mom. And not… not just as a son.” I emphasized my statement with a hard pelvic thrust. I know what I’m doing, i thought to myself. Don’t I? Do I? What the fuck? What about Dad? He doesn’t deserve this?

Suddenly, Katrina and the Waves started singing about walking on sunshine.

“Let’s sit back down?” I suggested. “But, stay close in front of me. This is embarrassing!”

We walked off the dance floor, Mom holding my hand and me trailing her very closely. I didn’t want everyone to see I had a massive hard-on.

The waitress took our drink order, and Mom snuggled up against me in the small booth.

“You’ve got quite the rager going there, don’t you?” She gave it a little pat. It throbbed in response to her touch. She kept her hand there. I tried not to think about it, but… I caved in.

“Well, no wonder. Looking the way you do, Mo– Dixie! I meant Dixie! You look sensational. You should see the other guys checking you out. Some of the girls, too.”

“Really?” Mom asked. She crushed her breast into my shoulder and arm. I swung my free hand over and under the table. I reached up and cupped her other breast, still inside her dress. I hefted it, checking it’s weight and size. Mmmmmm, very squishy, yet firm, fucking fantastic. Her nipple rose to greet my palm. I tweaked it, rolling it between my fingers. She gasped just as the waitress came by with the drinks.

“Anything else I can get you folks?” she asked. then she noticed Mom’s red face, and my hand rubbing her big tit. “Well… I’ll just leave these here then…”

I kissed Mom’s neck again, and munched on her ears. She downed her drink. All of it.

“I have to go to the ladies room.” She looked at me. “By myself.”

She scooted out as I tried to re-arrange myself and look presentable. It wasn’t easy. Several minutes went by, I began to get concerned. Ten minutes. Well, sometimes there is a line, maybe?

Then I spotted her, over by the bar. She was talking to two young guys! And she was doing a shot! And laughing! And another shot! Fuck!

She walked back to our table and plopped down hard next to me.

“Having fun?” I asked, annoyed. “I’m not.”

“Oh it’ss fine,” she said. A little slur to her speech. “I just needed another drink to… well… I have to admit something to you and it isn’t easy.” Mom reached into her tiny purse and pulled out a wad of black material.

“These are my panties! Or… well not panties… G-sh…. G – Shtring. My G-Shtring. And they’re too wet to wear anymore. See?” She held them up to my nose. They were wet, and the strong womanly odors coming off them was unmistakable.

“I needed to admit to you that you won! I had to go to the ladies room so I could cum and not make a mess out here! I’m so fucking wet…”

“You what?” I asked, wanting to be sure. “You just came? Here?”

Mom smiled a wicked smile and nodded her head.

“Yep! You grab my tits in plublic…plub… where people can see, I’m going to cum. Every time.”

We laughed and hugged. While I was paying the bill with her credit card, she told me to hurry. I thought it was because we were in a hurry to get home. But, no.

She was in a hurry to find a wastebasket, or a plant, or something to get sick in.

( . Y . )

We took a cab home so I could monitor her on the way. She only got sick the one time, outside the club, thankfully, and then she passed out.

I carried her upstairs to her room and sat her on the bed. Even passed out, she looked beautiful. I removed her shoes, gently, caressing her feet a little. I eased her out of her dress, which isn’t fucking easy at all with a dead-drunk person. Concerned about how she would feel tomorrow, I hauled her into the water closet and woke her up, eventually, so she could drink some water and go pee. After several minutes, she got down about 12 ounces of water. The whole time she was spouting off “I’m sorry I’m sorry”. Yep. I know. I’m sorry too.

She kind of helped me get her into some silk pajamas, then she passed out completely on her bed. I put her on her side in what’s called ‘the recovery position’, so if she gets sick again she’ll be alright.

Okay, yes it did occur to me to feel her up or finish what she started, but I’m not actually a rapist. Just a sex-fiend. There’s a difference.

I crawled on top of the covers next to her and went to sleep.

In the kitchen the next day, I was reading some stuff on the iPad when I heard the house creaking a bit. Somebody upstairs is moving.

I put the Keurig on again. A head peaked in.


“Yeah Mom, how you doing?”

“I’m not sure… oh good you have coffee,” she said as she slid into a chair.

“I’m… kind of fuzzy on some things… but I’m pretty sure I wrecked our night, right?”

“Well, it didn’t end with a bang, no.”

“So… I remember Lady In Red, and then we were… sitting… and… oh shit! I orgasmed in a restroom? Did I do that?”

I just smiled enigmatically at her.

“Oh shit, I did! Didn’t I! Jeez I’m such a slut. I’m so sorry Travis, thanks for getting me home.”

“Well, fortunately, we have one car left. the Jag is at the restaurant and my car is at the shop. I’m hoping you can help me get those later today.”

I filled her in on some of the details as she had her coffee. She forgot some, and remembered others.

“Travis. Again. I’m sorry. I wanted… I was struggling with… I mean… Shit. I’ll just say it. I don’t know what I was thinking last night… I was ready to, um… fuck you, and I thought if I got enough alcohol in me I could go through with it. But that didn’t really work out.”

I sat down and we clasped hands.

“Mom, or is it Dixie?”

“It’s Mom, son.”

“Well, Mom, that’s not the only chance we’ll ever have.”

“Trav, did you want to? But it’s so… well we know it’s not the right thing to do. The moment was right, the time was right, but maybe it didn’t happen for a reason. And maybe it’s for the best. I’m sorry if I led you on, but… I can’t do this anymore.”

Mom stood up and went back upstairs. I heard the shower go on.

Deflated, I went to the music room. Yes, the house has a music room. Which is good because we all dabble with something. I try to play guitar. I’m not bad, was actually in some little bands for awhile in my teens. Growing up with Mom and Dad, music was always around us. And we didn’t care what it was as long as it was good.

So I played for a couple hours, it really helps me to unwind and not think about things.

Eventually, Mom came back down, all clean and refreshed. She looked fucking great, actually.

“Don’t stop, keep playing.” Mom always liked my guitar playing. “Do some oldies!”

I picked ‘And I love her’, an acoustic piece from the Beatles. Mom looked startled, then she settled into it. I followed up with a little Classical Gas, then I played some Kentucky Woman, Mom’s favorite.

“Let’s go get the cars and some lunch,” she said right after that.

We chatted about this and that, but it was kind of strange. We didn’t mention the fact that I had held her ass, cupped her breast, ground my raging cock into her pelvis. Or the fact that she gripped my cock, and masturbated in the ladies room. Yup, didn’t mention those things.

We got home after a couple hours, kind of beat from running around town.

“Maybe we should stay in tonight?” I offered. “Get some pizza? We’ll do something special tomorrow for Mom’s Day.”

I went back upstairs for awhile. I had to think. I was ready to nail my mom last night, and today, it’s like nothing happened. Back to normal. But I’m not liking normal. I don’t like it at all. Is Mom not interested anymore? Or was it just a spur of the moment thing? Random chance? We were so connected yesterday. Dancing with Mom was indescribable. We were hot and heavy, seriously hot and heavy. I wanted to do that again. But not just dancing. I wanted more. I wanted it all. I wanted all of her.

My breathing became ragged, it was like my blood was beginning to boil.

I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.

I stormed into Mom’s room. Nothing. Ran downstairs, where the hell is she? Ah, there she is, sitting out by the pool. With a glass of wine. I guess she’s fully recovered then. I marched outside; a man on a mission.

“Oh hey, honey. Just relaxing a bit–”

“Mom. We need to talk. Now.”

“Well, sure honey have a seat–”

“Mom, stand up.”

“What’s this all about?” she asked, as she stood up.

I bent down and scooped her up in my arms.

“Travis! What… where are you taking me? Wait… no… huh uh… put me down.. PUT ME DOWN YOUNG MAN!”

We were halfway up the stairs before she stopped squirming.

“So… we’re… we’re doing this?”

“Yes Mom. We’re doing this. And we’re doing this now.”

“You’re sure?” Mom asked as we entered the bedroom.

I gently laid her down on the bed.

“I’m sure Mom. Or if you want to be Dixie, that’s okay too.”

She shook her head, but held her arms up for me.

“Well then, Travis. Come and give your mom a hug and a kiss!”

( . Y . )

I climbed on top of Mom. With my hand on her cheek, I leaned in and kissed her with all the gentle passion I could muster.

Her soft lips yielded to mine. Our lips folded into each other, gently, testing each other. I opened my mouth some, so did she. I slipped just a little tongue inside her mouth, rubbing it along her teeth. It felt like sparks flew when her tongue met mine. So soft, so wet.

She reached up with her free arm and held me close. Our bodies blended together, my chest pressing into hers. We kissed and tongued for a long time. Both of us were breathing faster, our blood racing through our bodies. Our gentle passion turned to furious passion. My arousal was physically apparent to her, and I’m sure she was soaking wet, but I didn’t want to rush things. I was kissing a beautiful, sexy, vibrant, intelligent woman. You don’t get women like this everyday. I’ve had lots of girlfriends, but not like this one.

Eventually, we broke our kiss and just smiled at each other, both of us breathing heavily.

“Take me,” was all she said.

I got off her and stood up so I could strip. Mom rose up on her elbows so she could watch. Of course, she arched her back to thrust out her chest. She ran her tongue over her lips slowly.
I bent down to take off my skivvies. When I stood up, she gasped.

“Eight inches?” she asked, grinning.

“Eight and a half, but who’s counting.”

“Holy shit!”

I bent down and grabbed her shirt. It was a woman’s shirt, but looks like a man’s long sleeve white dress shirt.

“Is this expensive?” I asked, grabbing it like we were in a fight.

“Yes, it’s from Italy.”

I yanked the shirt apart, buttons flew and fabric ripped. I grabbed it lower down to rip it open completely.

“A bra? Really?”

This was an industrial strength jobbie, no amount of manpower can rip through these things. I pulled her to a sitting position and kissed her hard as I reached behind her to unhook it. One hook, two, christ! Three fucking hooks? Finally undid it.

I pulled the shirt off her, and yanked the bra off, revealing her perfect tits. Yes, I saw them the other day for about 3 seconds, but this was different. These were here, now, for me. I stared for at least half a minute as they heaved with each breath. My cock couldn’t get any harder, but it wanted to.

“Don’t stop now, baby!” Mom encouraged as she lay back down on the bed. She lifted her hips for me.

I undid her capri pants and pulled them down over her hips, revealing a red G-string. I flung the pants behind me, again admiring the view of my naked mom, save for the little patch of crimson held be some tiny material.

“Lady in Red” I said softly.

I yanked on the G-string. It’s strings broke and came off in my hand. My mom lay naked before me. Her breasts splayed out to the sides, her bare pussy looked so inviting. I reached over and spread her legs, her scent immediately appeared from her now open area.

I had run this through my mind many times, how it might go. She sucks me, then I eat her until she orgasms, or the other way, or playing with her tits until she cums or maybe…

But the look in her eyes said, come and get me, now!

I climbed between her legs, and rested my body mostly on my elbows, but laying on top of her. Then I reached behind her head with my left hand and held her neck, while my right snaked down between our legs and I grabbed my cock.

Mom lifted her legs, making it easier. The tip of my cock found an amazingly hot and wet spot. I rubbed my head up and down, slathering her juices all over my mushroom cap.

I pressed in a little, my cock entered her pussy and went in about an inch or so.

I let go with my hand and brought it up and held her face.

We looked in each other’s eyes as I sank my cock lower… and deeper… into her pussy. I fucked back and forth a little, then just drilled through the last four inches up to the hilt.

My raging, eight inch cock lay deep inside Mom’s tight, steamy hot pussy.

I leaned in and we kissed and tongued each other. Her legs naturally wrapped around mine as we began to make love. Pressing into her, my pelvis mashed into her clit. I just pushed for a while, pressing her into the bed and relaxing but leaving my cock down at it’s full depth.

Mom broke the kiss, just to whisper my name.

“ahhh… Travis… Travis…”

And then I started fucking her.

My favorite trick is to pull my cock out most of the way, and then ride it back home. Ok, that’s not a big surprise, it’s probably every guy’s favorite trick. But anyway, Mom loved it. Each slow withdrawal and quick thrust back down brought a quick little “hoo!” from Mom. She grabbed my ass to make sure I came down hard into her cunt.

Faster and faster we fucked. She rose to meet my thrusts and I tried to drill her through the fucking bed. Last night I gingerly held her breast, this afternoon I molested her left tit. I squeezed her hard and pulled her nipple and pinched her nipple and fucked her faster.
I held on to her tit for dear life as I dropped my left hand down and forced it under her ass cheek. Cupping her butt hard, I could fuck faster. Both of us were breathing through our mouths, grunting like animals. We tried kissing but couldn’t anymore, we would’ve banged our teeth. My steel cock continued pistoning inside her for several minutes. I buried my face in her neck, sucking and kissing it and making her sqeal.

I rose up on my straightened out arms so I could take a good look at her. She cupped her breasts and pulled them up so her chin was resting between them.

“You… are… so beautiful!” I managed, through the panting.

“Thank you… Travis… thank you… for fucking… me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck your… mom”

That familiar feeling was building inside me, from way down deep but rising fast. I lowered back down onto mom and slid both hands under her ass cheeks. My right hand went further into her slippery crack. I rubbed her little backdoor for a few moments, and easily slid my middle finger up inside her ass.

“Jesus!” she cried out. “Cum in me, baby!”

Panting, I grunted in her ear.

“I love… fucking you… Mom… fucking… love you…”

My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, right in the middle of my first squirt Mom’s cunt contracted as she orgasmed, too. Spurt after spurt, I dumped all I had into Mom’s spasming vagina. I felt… so connected to her… as in we ‘cleaved into one flesh’…

We giggled and kissed, and I collapsed completely on top of her, utterly spent. Her pussy still contracted in little spasms.

“Travis,” Mom whispered. “That’s the best… the best fucking I’ve ever had.”

“Me too, Mom, me too…”

“Lay down honey, it’s okay.” I rolled onto my back, Mom lay along side me, humping my leg with her wet pussy.

“Do you mind? It feels good to rub on you.”

I just nodded and smiled, dreamlike.


“Yes, honey?”

“We fucked! I can’t believe it!”

“I know, baby. You okay?”

“I’m good. A little tired. Give me a couple minutes though, and we’ll begin Round Two!”

“Really!” Mom purred. “I haven’t had a Round Two in a long time!”

We kissed and snuggled a bit. Then she surprised me.

“Maybe this will get you going again? I’ve seen it online, maybe you’ll think it’s hot.”

Mom got up and straddled me, then she manipulated her pussy and my cum and her cum dripped out onto my stomach. Then it poured onto me. With a devilish look on her face, she backed down, and bent down, and rubbed her face into the hot cum. She sucked it up like a vacuum, swallowing it all down.

“Oh my fucking God, Travis! I haven’t eaten a man’s cum in… years!! Oh god it’s so perverted!”
She was right. I thought it was hot. So did my cock. It sprang back to full strength in just a few moments.

Mom noticed the return, and promptly arranged herself around it, not touching it, though. She sniffed it, then went down to the base, extended her tongue, and looked me in the eye. As she came up my shaft with her glorious tongue, we never broke eye contact. She pushed out some seminal remnants, then she looked down and took me into her mouth.

It’s a good feeling, having your mom suck on your cock.

And she was good at it, too. Firm pressure, good tongue action, no teeth, and she really seemed to enjoy it. The good thing about the ‘second’ hard-on, is that it takes more stimulation to cum than the first one. I got to enjoy Mom’s blowjob a good long time.

Mom like to mix it up, too. She seemed to know that men are visual, so she made sure that I could see what she was doing. And she brought her awesome tits into play, also. She ground them into my thigh, played with them, rubbed them on my cock.

“Mom,” I said.

“Yes, dear?”

“I have a complaint.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I haven’t properly been introduced to your tits. I mean, I squeezed one, but I need some time with them. If you don’t mind.”

She smiled her award-winning smile again, and crawled up my body, dragging her luscious hangers up my chest. She brought one to my face, swinging it a bare inch from me. Her dark nipples hung an inch or more from her large aereolas, she let it graze my cheek.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed the fucker and sucked it. The nipple expanded in my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying to suck all of her tit into my mouth. My hands grabbed this tit, her right, and squeezed and fondled while I sucked the shit out of it. Truthfully, I was hoping to suck so hard she would milk. But, unfortunately, I was about 20 years too late. Still I sucked this one breast for minutes, never once letting go. Mom mashed her tit down onto my face so I was nearly smothered.

Finally, I relinquished her breast. But there was another one. I noticed Mom had a hand in her crotch, she’s fingering herself, I thought. Good, I’m glad she’s not bored.

I pushed on her so she rolled onto her back. I could then work on this left tit with a little more leisure and purpose. I licked gently, blew air across her wet nipple to make it stand up. I kissed and licked all of her tit flesh, not just the nipple. I moaned a lot, I think, I’m not sure. I was lost in
tit heaven.

“Jesus, Travis!” Mom exclaimed after about ten minutes of this. “You really like tits, don’t you!”

“Am I boring you? I can stop or–”

“God no! Keep going! It’s like the best massage in the world! But don’t touch my pussy, or I will cum.”

I gave her a doubtful look, then I cupped her pussy mound and rubbed my palm into her clit.

True to her word, she shuddered and came, right then. Kind of a small one, but I liked it!

I got back in between her legs and slipped my cock inside Mom, unassisted. I hunched over so I could still work on her left boob. I wasn’t done. It obviously needed more suckling.

“Mom, can you help me with this one?” I asked, indicating her right one.

I pushed her breast up so she could reach it with her mouth, too. By the way, I continued to fuck her pussy slowly.

“Really?” she asked. “You don’t think this is… silly?”

‘Silly’? What the fuck? Was my dad, the war hero, a total retard? He didn’t like this?

“No, not silly. It’s fucking hot as hell!”

Mom went at her own tit with gusto, just as much as me, maybe even more. I love seeing a woman make love to her own tit, it’s so fucking fascinating.

I pulled my cock out of it’s home, but I brought it to a place just as nice, Mom’s nipple. This way she could tongue my cock as well as her nipple at the same time. The fact that now her cunt juice was on her tit and my cock only seemed to excite her more.

I swabbed her pussy with my hand, getting more juice, and slathered it in her tit valley. I sat astride her stomach as she grabbed her breasts and held them wide, then pressed them together, nearly hiding my cock entirely. Only a bit of the tip stuck out at the top. Mom kissed it.
I slowly fucked her wonderful tits. Then I quickly fucked them! Mom opened her mouth so my cock head would touch her tongue on the upstroke. Furiously, I fucked her tits like a madman.

“Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth, or on my face, just cum on me! Come on, cum for me!”

Well, with her encouragement and with that much pressure from her tits, I had little choice.

My first cum blast went right into her mouth, followed by the second. The last few I pulled back so the cum just dripped onto her nipples. Mom swallowed down her loads, then she bent her head and licked and sucked all the cum from her tits.

Tired, but excited, I slid down between her legs and breathed in her heady aromas.

A lot of the time, ok almost all the time, when I eat out a woman, there’s kind of a method going on. Do this, gently, then that more, then something else quicker, etc.

But here, I just wanted to rub my face all over her cunt. Which I did. And I kissed, and licked, and sucked, and probed her for hours. Or maybe 10 minutes. I also did her trick, which was to look up into her eyes. But most of the time they were closed or I couldn’t even see them on account of her tits being in the way. I stuck a finger in her ass again, just to keep her on her toes. She squealed at that.

Again, the realization hit me. I’m having sex with Mom. And she’s LOVING it! And this won’t be a one-time thing. I don’t know how this will work in the future with other people in the equation, but we will be fucking. Oh yes, there will be fucking.

As Mom came for the umpteenth time, she coated my face with her female cum.

“Come here, baby!” she said, with her hands outstretched for me. Grasping my face, she kissed me deeply. her flavors actually dripping from my chin. She lapped up my chin with her tongue, like a good mommy.

( . Y . )

“How do you fell about anal sex, Mom?”

“Sure, but not now.”

“Why? I’m sure we can find some lube or–”

“Travis, darling, the um… the ‘tracks have to be clear’. You can’t do that if there’s a train in the station.”

It took me a couple moments.

“Ohhhh! Yes, for christ sake. We don’t want a collision in there!”

“No we don’t!” agreed Mom. “But the station will be clear tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah baby! That will be my Mother’s Day present to you, an anal attack!”

“I’d like that, son!”

“So Mom, tell me more about this woman the other day.”

“Oh… Jeanine.”

“Yeah, Jeanine. What were you guys going to do?”

“Well… Jesus this is embarrassing, Travis!”

“Mom, I’ve eaten your pussy. I’ve seen you suck cock. You can tell me about your little ‘playdate’ with Jeanine.”

“Oh, alright. Well, Like I said, we had spilled our guts one night. And we talked about how nice it would be to have an orgasm without being alone all the time! We were quite drunk, and we said we should help each other out.

“Days went by, neither of us said another word about it. I just put it down as a silly conversation between drunk people.

“Then… what was it, Wednesday I guess, she called me. She was watching some porn and… she came with me on the phone.”

“Holy shit!” I interjected. “That’s hot! What did you do!”

“I did what any red-blooded female would do. I came too!”

I gave my mom a fist-bump.

“So we said we should get together the next day. We were just going to be in the same room. We promised. We said we weren’t lesbians, just kindred spirits looking for a little companionship.

“So then, she came over after lunch. We had some wine, okay, maybe a lot of wine. We were both very nervous. After our second glass, which polished off the bottle, I took a deep breath and said something like, well the TV upstairs in my bedroom is connected to the internet, if we wanted to watch something.

“We went up and sat on the bed, and I asked what should we search for? And Jeanine typed in ‘Lesbian squirt party’. And… holy fuck. These women, they were such ho’s! They were so brazen and forceful and yet, submissive also. And the squirting was just ridiculous.”

“I know!” I agreed. “It is just pee, or what? But, nobody can just pee like that, right? I mean, they pee like 4 feet into the air.”

“I don’t know what it is, and it looks stupid. But… it was so… I guess ‘debauched’ would be the word, if it is a word… Debauched and wrong and taboo, and therefore it was also VERY sexy to me. And obviously to Jeanine, since she picked it to watch.

“Before I knew it, I was rubbing myself through my clothes. Jeanine thought maybe we should undress, wouldn’t we be more comfortable that way? So we got naked. And, to tell you the truth, I’ve never seen a grown woman naked, in my actual presence before.

“I got, very nervous again. Jeanine did too. We just stood there and looked at each others naked body. She looked beautiful, but then we argued as to who was more beautiful. Suddenly, one of the gals on the video screamed and sprayed an enormous squirt on the other gals. We remembered why were there.

“I got vibrators for both of us, and we lay down on the bed. We spread our legs and started… using the vibrators… and it was nice. Very nice. To have a warm body next to me.

“But not as nice as this, of course!” she grabbed my flaccid cock. It tried to respond but couldn’t.

“Nowhere near as nice as this!” She leaned over and kissed me. She’s a good kisser, I just kind of go all stupid when we kiss.

“And then what,” I asked. “I walked in?”

“Yep. Jeanine had just suggested we swap dildos, which we did. But… she put the one I just had in my pussy into her mouth. then she stuck it inside her. She looked at me, kind of expectantly, as I held the other dildo, all covered with her stuff. But I chickened out. I just stuck it inside my puss.”

“But you wanted to taste it.”

Mom sighed. “To be honest… yes. Yes I wanted to taste it, her. But I couldn’t bring myself to cross that line. She put her leg on mine, and then, well, you know the rest.”

I smiled at her. “Sorry for the lesbo interruptus!”

“We weren’t lesbo-ing!”

“Not yet! Seems like you two have unfinished business.”

“I guess. But, since we’re talking… what are we going to do? With… ‘this’… with us?”

I sighed. “I… don’t really have a plan. Um, what do you want?”

“I wish we could just be like this,” she answered. “For a while at least.”

“Me too. And we can. Dad isn’t due back until… September? Yeah? Well, finals are in two weeks and then I’m done for the summer. isn’t that some phrase? ‘The Long, Hot, Summer’?”

“We could maybe do that,” Mom mused. “But how… how am I going to face him? And talk to him on the phone? And… a divorce would be so bad for him right now.”

“Well, you shouldn’t get divorced, maybe. I’ll be back at school, you guys can reconnect, maybe… I don’t know…”

“Do you want that, Trav? You want us to reconnect? You want me to make him take some blue pills and start fucking me again?”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what to say. This was all so stressful. It was so wonderful 15 minutes ago, and then the fricking real world reared its ugly head.

“I don’t know Mom. I don’t know.” I switched gears on her. “What I do know it, we should go for a nice brunch tomorrow. It might be too late to make reservations, but I’ll bet old Fritz would find a table for us!”

Mom beamed at the suggestion.

“And uh… what’s Jeanine doing tomorrow? Does she have kids or what? Maybe she could join us.”

Mom smiled and called her up.

( . Y . )

The alarm went off at 8:40, Sunday morning. Mother’s Day. But… WHY!? Why are we getting up so early?

“Your dad is calling me at nine. You know he’ll be on time. I want to be awake and ready.”

Well, shit, I’m awake and ready right now! Let’s go Mama!

She scrambled out of bed and ran to the bathroom, locking herself in. Humphh. After all the good fucking I’ve given her, and she hides from me! Can’t blame her, I guess. She probably needs to get into the wife mindset.

I lay back on the bed, my hard-on just hanging out. We fucked two more times last night. Each time seems to be as good or better than before. When Mom cums, she just really enjoys it and she squeals and squeaks like a little girl at Christmas. then she kisses me so much… Well my hard-on isn’t going away thinking about her. Thinking about how she looked in the candlelight as she rode my cock like it was a bucking bronco and she was the ball-busting cowgirl! Her tits didn’t just jiggle, they seemed to move of their own accord and charged around like they owned the place.

Mom came out of the bathroom in her robe, an ugly one, but she had her some makeup on and had brushed her hair. I could still see some dried cum in it, but I didn’t tell her.

“Go on,” she ordered. “Scoot! I need to talk to your father. And do something about… that!” She pointed at my cock.

I just laid there and turned on the TV real low. One of the Diehard movies was on. Cool.

Mom, pissed, sat at the desk and did some more maintenance on her face. Plucking her eyebrows or some such shit, I don’t know.

At 8:59, the phone rang. The Captain is on the line!

They exchanged pleasantries, I turned the TV onto the Internet setting and pulled up my favorite porn site, and found the Lesbo Squirt Party. In less than a minute I was at full staff again. Mom was settling into the call in the swivel chair.

“Yes, he’s here,” she was saying to Dad. She swirled around, only to find me stroking my cock and hardcore lesbos on the screen. Quickly, she turned back the other way so she couldn’t see.

“Yeah, he’s fine, he’s been a bit of a pill, though, lately… I think he broke up with that stupid girl he had… yeah that one… yeah she was an idiot, but she was just about his speed…”

I thought it was time I got involved in the call. Mom was holding the phone to her right ear. It’s a corded handset because Dad didn’t like cell phones. So I stood up and stuck my hard cock into Mom’s left ear.

She tried to bat me away, but it didn’t really work. Still, she was distracted.

“Yes honey… No, I’m listening I just dropped the phone for a second… uh huh… yes… Admiral Johnson’s wife? Really?” and blah blah blah…

I tried fondling her breasts, but she kept tightening her arms to her sides and fighting me off. I spun the chair around so she faced me. I climbed on the chair with her, and forced my cock to her lips. Dad rambled on about Navy politics in Italy as Mom has about a third of my cock in her mouth. Suddenly she had to spit it out.

“MmmmhmmmMmmph sorry dear, was clearing my throat. Yes that would be great! We’d love to see you next month for a week! That’s so awesome!”

Mom pushed me hard, I had to get off the chair.

“Yes honey, he’s right here somewhere… Ok… I love you too… thank you so much… bye love… here he is, TRAVIS!”

Good God, I’m right here! But she had to make it look good. She waited a few moments, then handed me the phone.

“Hey Dad! Happy Mother’s Day!… yeah you too ow fuck! I mean, sorry, I kicked the chair with my toe…”

In reality Mom had taken my cock and bent it downwards. When it’s this hard, it doesn’t bend downwards.

“So you’re coming home soon?… that’ll be cool… maybe you can teach me some go-o-o-lf…”
Mom just slipped a testicle into her mouth. Jesus that feels nice.

“Yeah I’m taking care of her… uh huh… I will… Ok dad, show them who’s boss!… love you too.”

Mom could tell we were getting done, so she ran into her bathroom and locked the door. Shit!

“Open up in there!” I yelled as I banged on the door. “It’s Mother’s Day! Mommy needs her present!”

Her muffled voice replied, ” Go away, get dressed. We’re going to brunch with Jeanine.”

Oh yeah! Ok then, down boy.

( . Y . )

Jeanine, Mom, and I sat down promptly at 10:30 for the fabulous Fleming’s brunch. Fritz doubled his efforts to ensure we were satisfied. The waitress, the same one as the other night, ASKED if there were any mothers present before she made any statements.

Jeanine, it turned out, was on her first marriage but her husband’s second. A Commander in the USN, he was currently deployed at sea. His two kids were at their mother’s house this morning. Jeanine was to pick them up late this afternoon.

Jeanine was quite different from Mom, more in kind of my generation. Little shorter, little trimmer, smaller breasts but very perky, short blond hair. Like Mom, however, she was a looker, no doubt about it.

Both ladies had on very tight skirts. Mom had a nice cashmere sweater which really accentuated her shape, while Jeanine wore a plain blouse.

“So how did you and Mom meet?” I asked, trying to get the ball rolling. It wasn’t too hard, we
already had two Mimosas in us.

“Well there’s this support group, a forum, for Navy wives. You go online and type stuff about… whatever’s bothering you, or try to help someone else who needs a hand. You know, there’s sections for bases, so the gals local to a base can help each other with baby-sitting, doctor’s appointments and things like that.

“And we had talked online many times about stuff, then met in person to talk about things we didn’t want to talk about online. And, well, here we are!”

“Cool!” I responded. “And um, sorry for not knocking the other day…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s fine, really.”

“Can ask you a personal question, Jeanine? Are you planning on staying with your husband?”

“Absolutely! I love him to death! But… he knows I need to have some contact once in a while. He doesn’t mind as long as it’s just girls and we just goof around. I tell him all about it. We have quite the festival when he comes home!”

“Jeanine,” Mom started. “I, I mean ‘we’, were thinking maybe you’d like to spend the rest of the day at our house…”

Jeanine did this little smirk that was just sooo fucking cute. “I could do that. But I have a rule. I don’t like it, but it’s all or nothing.”

“Go on,” I said.

Jeanine looked at me. “You, mister, can’t touch me. At all. In any way. And I can’t touch you. And I won’t. And you won’t.”

“Oh,” I said, dejectedly. But Mom was so looking forward to this. “But, I can be nearby?”

“Sure, you can be two inches away, you just can’t touch me.”

“Ok, I’m in!”

The rest of the brunch dragged on forever! But mom regaled Jeanine with cute stories about me and all the dumbass things I’ve done over the years.

The moms had many more mimosas, i didn’t as I was driving. But they were giggling like school girls, and getting all touchy feely like women do. But there were looks, and lingering hands, and little caresses here and there. I got a raging hard-on. I wondered how hard and fast Jeanine’s No-Touching rule really was.

We finally got up to leave, both gals kissed Fritz, then they kissed the waitress, too. She was more shocked than Fritz! If I was a betting man, I’d say she wanted to come with us. I gave her a hug and a pat on the bum, her breasts pressed into me nicely. I winked and told her we’d see her again sometime.

“All of you? Or just you?” she asked, smiling. Mom grabbed my hand and whisked me away.

For the ride home, Mom sat in the back seat while Jeanine sat up front with me. I didn’t know why for a couple minutes, but then it became apparent; Mom wanted to massage Jeanine!
Jeanine gave a little “Oh!” when Mom’s hands first appeared from behind the seat. I looked over at a red light to see Mom cupping Jeanine’s left breast. Jeanine leaned back, her eyes closed.
Then they fiddled with the seat and got it reclined. Mom could now get two hands on Jeanine’s boobs. First over her shirt. I had to swerve several times to stay on the road as Mom’s hands deftly unbuttoned her friend’s blouse.

Horns honked at me as I saw Mom pull Jeanine’s bra up and over her breasts, still connected but out of the way now. Jeanine just moaned softly.

We were almost home when Mom took off her own sweater. I hoped no taller cars or trucks came alongside, they would have a good view for sure.

“I guess we should go in the garage way, instead of out front.” I said to nobody. The girls were lost in their little dreamworld. I put the garage door down and had to pull Mom out of the car, she didn’t want to leave Jeanine.

They went upstairs while I made myself a nice vodka tonic, with not much tonic. I figured I couldn’t touch, but I could watch! I headed upstairs.

The gals were on the bed, but they still had their skirts and shoes on. No tops, though. Jeanine was lost in Mom’s boobs. I know the feeling; it happens when you’re surrounded by that much tit. Mom looked over at me, dreamily, and made a hand motion of sucking my cock. Really? Ok!
I stripped and got on the bed, careful not to touch the precious Jeanine. I brought my cock to Mom’s lips, she devoured it.

Jeanine looked up with some shock registering on her face. “Oh my god, you guys weren’t kidding!” I guess it’s one thing to hear about incest, quite another to actually see it. She went back to sucking on Mom’s tit, but kept looking up at the blowjob action.

Mom sucked and licked vigorously, my cock totally enjoying the feel and the view of another woman sucking her tit.

“You guys going to stay dressed all day?” I asked.

Slowly, Jeanine pulled away. She looked right at me as she unzipped the side zipper, then shimmied out of her skirt. Her white garter looked fabulous as it framed her trimmed pussy. I guess she forgot to bring panties today, oops. Then she crawled up to Mom.

I pulled away, wanting Mom to have her moment of being stripped by a woman. Jeanine undid Mom’s skirt and slowly pulled it down. Mom also forgot her underwear today, what’s with these women today? Can’t seem to remember anything…

“Come and get her,” I said. “I’m stepping back for a while.” And I moved away on the bed a little to give them room.

Jeanine laid down on Mom’s legs, then she slowly crawled up Mom’s pelvis, crushing her tits into Mom’s pussy as she went past. She climbed up past Mom’s tits and got to her face where they kissed for several moments… then she continued up until her tits were in Mom’s face. Soon, though, she moved again so that her pussy was right in front of Mom. Christ Jeanine was horny, I could smell her from here.

She straddled Mom’s face and lowered herself down… onto Mom’s waiting tongue and mouth. I moved around to get a better look. Yep, Mom’s eating cunt. Her first! She gently tongued Jeanine for a while, then got bolder with each passing minute until she was eating out Jeanine like there was no tomorrow. Jeanine was loving it, I loved watching it. Although it was hard not to touch Jeanine. Her tits were begging to be manhandled. Jeanine started moaning and grinding her cunt into Mom while Mom grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled Jeanine harder onto her.

Jeanine slapped the wall with her palm as she came violently. Her whole body shook and trembled as she screamed “Fuck” over and over again. She finally slumped down and I was stunned at Mom’s face; all covered in girl cream and this huge smile on her face. I went to Mom.

“Hey no tuching!” said Jeanine, suddenly wary of me.

“I’m not touching you, but I am going to lick up some of your cunt juices.”

And I did, just as she watched me do it. I pushed some into Mom’s mouth and kept the rest for myself. MMmmmmmm… woman cum. Different from Mom, but still pussy juice. I looked jeanine in the eye as I swallowed it down. She smiled, but kept her distance from me even as she moved down between Mom’s legs.

I held Mom’s head so she could see better, and I massaged her tits for her.

“Can you believe this, Mom?”

“No! Not really! This has been a very good weekend!”

“She’s licking your pussy, right now, Mom. How is it?”

“Fucking fantastic! Yes Jeanine… oh God, both of you… what are you guys doing to me… I’m such a slut!”

I reached over to the nightstand and found a vibrator, I handed it to Jeanine. She used it swiftly and delicately. I tried taking mental notes as women seem to eat pussy different than men, or at least different from me.

Mom’s breathing deepened, then quickened as her orgasm approached. I pinched and pulled her nipples, thinking it might help. It helped me, anyway.

“Shit yes! YES! YES! YES! YES! yes… yes…”

Jeanine drank down all of Mom’s stuff, then pulled off and smiled up at us.

“Pretty good? I’ve never done that before!”

“You’re awesome!” Mom answered.

“But I thought,” I countered. “I thought you fooled around with girls before?”

“Well, yes, but just fooling around. Some kissing and touching. Never this! Oh my God I love it, I love it!”

Well, I had been about as patient as I could be, but enough was enough. My raging cock needed some action today, now. I’m the Man of the House, I’m getting some!

I got Jeanine to lie on her back and Mom crawled up on her in a sixty-nine position. But not the friendly, on all fours way. No. Mom just laid down completely on top of her, spreading her legs over Jeanine’s face.

I then mounted Mom from behind.

It took a little work to position myself, but I figured it out. I had never been with more than one other person in a bed before, and now one that I’m not supposed to touch.

Mom’s pussy was so wet and slick, My cock just went in like it was nothing. Not that she was loose or anything, but I was so hard and her cunt offered no resistance.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… home sweet home…” I mused as my shaft sank completely into Mom’s puss.

“Be it ever so humble…” Mom said.

“Dares mo pace ike ‘ome,’ Jeanine said with her mouth stuffed with pussy lips and, if I wasn’t mistaken, my balls were hitting something back there. Her nose, I think. She didn’t complain.
I withdrew and pushed back in; yep, my balls were dragging on something! The thought of touching the untouchable Jeanine just fired me up more. Mom moaned as my cock thrusts ground her pussy more into Jeanine’s mouth.

“Okay you guys,” Mom said between breaths. “This is now… my favorite fucking position… of all time… fucking holy shit!”

Mom had been eating out Jeanine, but she couldn’t concentrate and just rested her head on the Commander’s wife’s cunt.

I had a hold on Mom’s hips, but I decided she needed a spanking.


“Ow! What was that… oof… for?”

“Retribution, Mom.”


“Payback’s a bitch!” I laughed.

SPANK! her ass cheek was turning nice and red.

“We never–” Mom protested.


“We never spanked you!”

“Oh.” Pause


“Well you probably should have!”

Both Jeanine and Mom laughed, their trembling felt good on my cock as it kept up it’s relentless attack.

I fucked Mom faster.

“Yeah Mommy… yeah… ooh yeah Mommy… ”

“Travis baby… fuck me… so good… fuck me… fuck your slutty mommy… fuck me like I deserve… to be fucked… fuck your slutty mom… I’m your slut… Fuck your nasty slut….” She seemed to like saying that. I liked it too.

I was at the point of no return, a few more seconds of this and I would be done.

“I’m going to cum, Mom! I’ve got to cum!”

“Do it baby! Cum in me… cum in my slutty cunt… your Mom’s slutcunt… cum in me…”

I did. I came. The explosion ripped through me as I drove my cock as hard and deep as I could into Mom’s cunt. My throbbing cock loosed spurt after wonderful spurt deep inside her. It was like shooting gasoline into the lava, though. So fucking hot… Mom’s pussy suddenly contracted spasmatically, she moaned for God and Jesus and the holy fucks as she came.

I don’t know what was happening to Jeanine down there, was she she drowning? I pulled out to check on her.

The moment my cock came out, my sperms followed, flowing right down onto Jeanine’s tongue.

“Mom! She’s eating it all!”

“Jeanine, save me some!” begged Mom.

Jeanine swallowed some, then held the rest in her mouth. She patted Mom on her ass,
indicating Mom should get off and come and get some.

Mom spun around and she and Jeanine kissed a cummy kiss.

I lay back on the bed, and then Mom came and kissed me with a little bit of cum on her lips.

Slutty Mom!

After several minutes of cooling down, Jeanine said she had to leave.

“No, don’t get up! I’ve got to get the kids. And… it’s your special day, Cheryl.”

We were disappointed, but at the same time it was kind of nice just to be alone with each other. Jeanine let herself out.

I rolled on top of Mom and we kissed. And we french kissed. And we soul-kissed. And we kissed for many long minutes, not just a few moments.

I only broke the kiss to go to her nightstand and get out some Astro-Glide I had seen earlier. I fully lubed up my cock. Jesus, I had never used this before. It felt great!

“Where are you going with that thing?” Mom asked.

“Hows the train schedule?” I asked.

“The tracks are clear!” Mom said, and she spread her legs wide for me.

I dribbled some of the lube from the bottle right onto her little brown rosebud.

I crawled up on top of her, and squeezed some more lube into her left hand. She used that to guide my cock in the right direction.

My cock hit a wall. No wait. There’s a little indentation in this wall. I pressed a little… the indentation let me move forward…

I locked eyes with Mom. She smirked and wiggled her hips and tried to spread her legs wider.

With a sudden release of tension, my cock head poked through her sphincter. I was in! Only seven inches to go.

With little thrusts, my cock forced it’s way deeper and deeper into Mom’s slutty body. Mom grimaced a couple times, but then she grabbed my ass and pulled me down. The lube overcame the friction and down I came.

Eight and a half inches of cock, mine, were buried in Mom’s tight asshole.

“Travis… it’s been years… before I married your father… that anyone has done this. To me.”

“You like? I do”

She nodded. “I do! It’s so wrong… this is all so wrong… but I like being a slut… I’ve pushed it

down so long… it’s nice to let my freak out! Thank you, Travis. I love you, honey.”

I couldn’t think of anything else to say, except

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

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