How I impregnated my family’s young Filipino maid

How I impregnated my family’s young Filipino maid

I lay awake naked on my bed, staring up at the ceiling in the dark. We were going through another blackout and the air conditioning was dead. The sweltering Bangkok heat was unbearable, even in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep anyway; I was a few months over 18 and my near-uncontrollable sex drive had no outlet. My big cock was a steel pipe that I gripped and pumped in my hand, lubed up with a palm of spit.

I was frustrated; I was a good-looking white kid from a well-off American expatriate family. I went to a private international high with the sons and daughters of diplomats and rich businessmen. I had a group of friends, same as everyone else, but when it came to girls, I was shy, nervous, and inexperienced. Plenty of guys my age had a steady supply of pussy – mostly the expat chicks we went to class with, but sometimes Thai women – and loved to brag about their conquests when we hung out around the villas after school. I’d smile and try to act cool and lie, all the while trying to figure out how the hell they did it. I wasn’t a virgin anymore but I was shit when it came to the opposite sex.

I jacked off angrily, thinking about a hot girl in my class that I wanted to fuck. Katie Barrows. Some Canadian chick with nice-sized perky breasts and a cute feminine face. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes. Petite and slender, real sexy. I thought about taking her against her desk at school and fucking her with her legs wrapped around me while she wore her preppy school uniform with the pleated skirt hiked up over her hips. Yeah, biting her bottom lip, eyeliner-painted eyes closed in pleasure, naughty fucking bitch…

I tried not to make too much sound as I pounded my cock in my hand. My snobby parents were sleeping a couple of rooms down and I didn’t want them to know what I was doing. It’d be a lot better if I was sitting in front of the family computer watching porn, but the fucking thing was in their bedroom. So it was just me, my hand, and my imagination.

I closed my eyes and fantasized. My mood wasn’t helping so I went harder, going from fantasy to fantasy. Sexy Spice, Christina Aguilera. I started to sweat as my brain became saturated with lust. I lay my head back into my pillow and gritted my teeth as I stroked harder.

Fucking, fucking, fucking. Video game characters, Lara Croft, Chun-Li, that slut Rogue from Diablo, all flesh and sex in my head as I pleasured myself and got closer to my reptile brain. Getting sucked off by sexy, young Thai sluts. Pounding their little brown skanky farang cock-hungry pussies. Crying for my seed and my big fucking naked dick that was stretching their cunts out so much they would never get satisfaction from anything smaller again. Filling their whore wombs with my spunk so the next time I passed Patpong I’d see them leering with rounded stomachs.


I finally went back to nubile little Katie Barrow, only this time she was naked and on all fours on my parent’s bed before me, wagging her cute round ass at me, puffy pussy wet and ready. I grabbed one shapely ass cheek and she spread her legs, revealing the little round globe of her 6 month swollen belly hanging down along with her milk-filled teenage teats. She arched her back and cried out as I pushed in her steaming wet gash and started to saw in and out, rutting her pregnant pussy while she mewled and moaned like a true breeding whore, cradling and caressing her growing belly as it swung beneath her, breasts mashed into the bed.

The thought of knocking young Katie up and fucking her stupid, adolescent mother-to-be brains out sent me over the edge. I grunted and stifled a cry as my cock bloated and bucked, shooting long ropes of sticky cum into the dark over my bed.


I lay there panting and covered in sweat, my spent cock still semi-hard and oozing cum onto my thigh. I’d never came that much before – the idea of making a girl pregnant, of claiming her, of forcing their body to change to bear your child while the whole world could see the product of your potency – shit, the big tits and belly on a slender frame were hot as hell to me.

It hadn’t been much of a fantasy up until now, but with my libido and size, the urge to breed was a curse that was bound to come along sooner or later.

It was a depraved epiphany that I couldn’t get out of my head after that.

Like it or not, I was a lonely stud come of age without a proper mare.

I groaned as I grabbed the matted hand towel I had ready and wiped off my cum from my leg and dick. The goddamn thing was about eight and a half inches long and the thickness of a wrist when it was hard, as much good as it did me. My balls were normal-sized, and despite the sheer volume of the load I’d just blown, definitely had plenty more left in them. I’d be able to go again soon if I didn’t try to get some sleep, but I needed to clean up and get a glass of water.

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I swore in the dark as I realized I’d came all over my bed. I tried to wipe it all down and at least make the evidence less obvious. We had a live-in Filipino maid named Maria who took care of the house. Would she know what cumstains looked like? Fucking embarrassing if she did. Worse if she told my parents.

I didn’t know much about Maria other than she was like 23 and cooked okay. I guess she was all alone in this country, trying to make money to send back home but I never really gave it a lot of thought. Filipinas had a good rep with the expat community for being honest, hard-working housekeepers. Less bullshit, a little more expensive than the local Thais but way better service. Maria though, she probably barely graduated high school, so I doubted she got much more of a salary than our last maid, who was Thai. I don’t know if Maria was from a dumbfuck village or what back in the Philippines, but she didn’t speak good English – she had a thick Filipino drawl. She didn’t seem all that smart either, but what could you expect from a housekeeper?

Maria wasn’t a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, but she was a good-looking chick, definitely better than any slutty bargirl I’d seen in Soi Cowboy. I don’t know if my dad wanted a nice young oriental thing around the house or what, but I’d never seen her flaunt it or flirt with him, she just did her work and kept to herself. Maria was really just a fixture of the house. She’d been with us for about a year on the recommendation of another expat family after we replaced our shitty Thai maid Loi, who my mom accused of stealing from us.

I’d never paid much attention to Maria other than her body, which was lithe almost to the point of being skinny. The woman had nice light brown skin, a toned stomach, big tits for her slender frame – probably at least a D cup – and a nice ass that I stole a couple of looks at now and then, especially when she wore a tank and work jeans around the house. Maria had long silky black hair that went past her shoulders; she wore in a ponytail when she worked. Our maid was a recognizably pretty Pinay – her features were exotic and slightly elfin. She had a pouting mouth with dark pillowy lips, brown slanted almond eyes, a pert Filipina nose and angular cheekbones, good white teeth and a cute smile. Definitely fuckable.

Thinking about Maria like that made my cock start to stiffen. I was a little ashamed at how depraved I was, even considering fucking the help.

I chucked the hand towel into the hamper and peered around the dim confines of my room, past the band posters and disused desk and my rumpled, sweaty bed. The digital clock read 1:34 AM. I had school in a few hours. I cracked a window to let in the seething sounds of the Thai evening in – we lived in a gated community in Sukhumvit that had a big yard with what felt like encroaching jungle with the city’s building’s beyond. Immediately I could hear the crackling spark of bad wiring on one of the power lines outside, the bark of a stray dog, insects buzzing lazily, distant cars honking. Bangkok was alive beyond, all lights and jungle and bustle and sex.

I checked myself out in the gloom of my mirror – good-looking guy, slim, decent muscle tone from my time at the track. I was covered in sweat and my big cock looked engorged and obscene as it swung down between my legs. I felt parched as I ran my fingers through my short hair, determined to get a glass of water. I doubted anyone was up and cracked my door to walk out into the hall naked.

The villa house we lived in was older than many of the others in the compound, so that meant creaking wooden floors and more places for roaches, spiders, and other vermin to get in. I knew we had snakes in the yard too sometimes but I’d lived in Thailand long enough that it just didn’t bother me much anymore. Out of sight, most of the time, so out of mind, right? I crept down the stairs in the dark, more awake than asleep, but only just. I flicked the light switch at the bottom a couple of times – no dice of course. The path was well-worn and lit enough from the moon outside that I could make my way through the upscale living room and towards the kitchen.

As I got closer to the kitchen, I noticed a light was flickering from somewhere inside. I could hear soft sounds too. The fizzy chatter of Thai TV, mostly. I guessed Maria was up too, watching that piece-of-shit battery-powered portable mini television she had in her room. I peeked in and saw that the door to the maid room was ajar to allow for circulation now that the power was out, light dancing weakly in a fan across the floor, enough to see a couple of cockroaches flee at my arrival. I was about to give up on the drink and go back to my room when I started hearing something else between the Thai sitcoms and commercials.

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Soft, feminine moaning. Gentle, needy grunting.

My jaw dropped in disbelief, a grin forming as I put a hand to my forehead.

Was Maria fucking someone? Had she snuck a boyfriend in somehow? No way…

Heart pounding, I crept into the kitchen to see for myself. The slut was so freaking fired! Holding my breath, I inched forward in the dim light to peer into her room. Even thought I was naked, I was ready to grab a knife from the kitchen too if I had to – I don’t know what I was thinking.

The maid’s room was just that. A cramped little room. Servant’s quarters. Mostly made of tile, like a bathroom, it had a raised shelf for a bed and space for a dresser and an end table, but not much else. There was a bathroom next to it that was even smaller, with a squat toilet and a tiny space for a shower that Maria used. Compared to the rest of the villa house, it was shit. Maria didn’t have air conditioning either, just an electric fan. I thought it was unlivable, but then she was the help and I was her rich employer’s kid. The door to Maria’s room was a little more than half open, so as I snuck around the side, I could see everything that was going on.

Maria was laying on her bed, back up against the far wall and her pillow, long naked legs spread, knees bent. She wasn’t wearing anything except a large old t-shirt. Her eyes were closed tight, teeth bared in an almost animalistic way as she plunged two fingers into the wet, pink insides of her Filipina pussy, fucking herself slowly as her hips rocked, her other hand squeezing and kneading a covered breast.

Holy. Shit.

I could see her light brown pussy glistening in the flickering light of the TV as Maria fingered herself, biting her bottom lip as she stifled another moan, the saintly picture of Jesus turned away on her nightstand. Maria’s slit was shaved, leaving only a womanly triangle of black hair tufting above, slick and matted with her desire. The Pinay’s onyx-painted toes curled into the pink floral print of the cheap bedding beneath her, ass shifting as she squirmed in pleasure. Maria’s coffee-colored skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat, beaded on her forehead and rolling down a cheek as she knocked her head back and let out a little lusty squeal. The maid’s black bangs were plastered to her forehead, the slender curve of her neck exposed as she started rocking her hips and gently arched her back.

I felt the blood pulse to my genitals as my big cock started to grow and harden almost painfully. I stood there in front of the doorway, watching silently. If Maria opened her eyes she’d see me there and I’d be busted, but I just didn’t care.

“Unnn…” Maria mewled softly as she withdrew her fingers from her sopping Filipina cunt, sticky with her desire. She rubbed the tips of her digits over the bud and hood of her swollen little clit, driving herself deeper into a sexual frenzy. I could smell her now – Maria’s sweet, feminine musk, a heavy, heady aroma in the hot, humid air. This girl was like a fucking bitch in heat.

My cock engorged to its full hardness, screaming for relief as I watched our family maid fuck herself in the dark. I felt excitement, growing lust and desire for the writhing, sexy oriental female in front of me. Danger, too, and fear that I might get caught, but I couldn’t leave. It didn’t make sense, and I wasn’t thinking…but this was better than porn.

Maria’s hand crawled over her flat stomach to lift the hem of her shirt up and expose one ripe breast to the air. The heavy, tan-colored tit bounced gently as it was freed. Her perfect, full teardrop breast was large and upturned, capped with a puffy, silver-dollar-sized light brown areola that was almost pinkish in hue. The nipple was fat and hard, begging to be sucked. Maria’s hand squeezed and caressed it in growing ecstasy as her cries grew louder and more frequent.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was throbbing; Maria’s show was turning me on more than I’d ever been in my teenage life. The extremely prominent, vulgar Y-shaped vein on the side of my penis stood out more than ever, the large, mushroom head of my cock angry and inflamed. I gripped the base of my cock and started to stroke it slowly as I watched, not having an endgame of any kind. Not really thinking. Living in the moment. Not knowing what I’d do if she opened her eyes. Not caring.

Maria plunged her fingers back into her needy, steaming cunt and, as she went down to her knuckles and her whole slender body spasmed with pleasure, her slanted eyes finally opened.

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First they were rolled back with her orgasm, then glazed. Then they shot wide with fear as she saw me standing in the doorway, then sparked recognition; then filled with fear again. Maria let out a little shriek as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy to wrench her shirt down. My maid scrambled back and grabbed her bed sheet to cover herself up to her chest. I could see the terror in her eyes as she stared at me, mouth agape.

I don’t know why I did what I did. I was just so fucking horny that I didn’t think – I didn’t give a shit. I stopped stroking my cock and just held it at its base, letting her see it in all its glory. We stared at each other, neither knowing what to do. I knew Maria was afraid for her job – but at the same time, even with that terror, I could see her dark oriental eyes roaming over my body before they fixed on my big cock. It throbbed in my hand and dripped precum, standing strong and proud and absolutely turgid for her in the gloom.

I watched Maria as she stared at my huge white dick.

I don’t know if it was in awe or fear or a lingering sexual haze, but in those long moments I swear to god I saw her lick her lips. Her tongue just barely parted them, but I saw it. Our maid shifted uncomfortably under her sheets as something flickered in her eyes but then the spell was broken as her face screwed up and she came to her senses.

“Carl, no!” Maria cried suddenly in her heavily accented Filipino English. She pushed forwards from her bed to shut her door on me. I could hear it lock.

I stood there numbly for a moment before I turned and walked quickly back up to my room. I felt a thrill; strangeness knotting in my stomach. But mostly excitement, and quickly returning lust.

I was conflicted. Maria was completely beneath me. She was our housekeeper, some dumb Filipina bitch that barely qualified as a person. She was like five years older than me.

But she was a desperately wanton slut. Maria had a body I found irresistibly sexy, one that was just built for fucking. I wanted it.

It was like a sign.

I couldn’t get slinky, sexy Maria out of my head after that. I jacked off three more times that night, and came hard each time, thinking about that hot Filipina pussy. Fucking it.

I thought about Maria sucking my big dick with her cocksucking Pinay lips. I fantasized about licking her ripe tits and crushing them, loving them in my hands. Running my fingers over her brown skin, kissing her mouth. Filling her lithe little Asian body with my cum over and over.

I realized that I had found my broodmare. I was going to fuck Maria and make her my woman. I was going to breed her, and I was going to impregnate her many, many times. I was going to fuck her every day as her belly swelled with my children.

I didn’t sleep at all that night.


As the sun came up, the power sputtered back on. My morning wood turned into a hardon that just wouldn’t go away, even in the shower. Every time I thought about Maria, it just went back to raging full-mast. I turned the jet to cold, pounding my fist into the wall. Why hadn’t I fucked her last night? Why had I just stood there like a fucking moron? I should have just pushed in there and taken her, but I didn’t. I wasn’t ready, or I was scared, or…shit, I didn’t know what.

I was in a fog of lust for this girl that wouldn’t lift.

I’d calmed down a little after my cold shower and got into my school clothes. It was some ungodly hour, like 7 AM or something, and I knew the school van would be pulling up in about 20 minutes. It was another humid-as-hell monsoon season in Bangkok and it was back to school, second week in. It was my senior year and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I got into my dress-code black khakis and school shirt, along with a pair of Airwalk sneaks. I put my Walkman headset over my ears and trudged down the stairs to breakfast with Tupac in my skull. As I took each step, my heart was thumping – would Maria be there? Had she told my parents about last night? Or was she scared shitless that I would tell them what she had done?

I walked into the dining area to see my parents at the table. My dad was a 50-something balding businessman and my mom was a trailing expat spouse; neither of them were around very much. My dad chased the Asian dotcom thing and my mom was shopping all day with her friends, ‘volunteering’ and whatever the fuck else rich women do.

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How I impregnated my family’s young Filipino maid

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