How I saw my Botany Madam Naked?

How I saw my Botany Madam Naked?

When i was studying inter second year i was always intrested to see my botany madam nude.

To tell about her she was a fair lady with 5.3 height little bit fat with 35 30 36,.She used to stay very far from our college and it takes 2 hours time to reach her house from college.She used to wear silk saries and when ever i used to go to correction i used to stare at her boobs from the top to see if any cleavage can be seen.My quest to explore her body increased day by day.

In the afternoons she used to sleep in the lab as it was free time for her.And i wantedly used to visit the lab for the sake of bringing records etc and she used to sleep recklesly leaving her sarie free and once i could see her beautifu legs and i masturbated thinking of her body several times.

Once it was our college day and this day my dream fulfilled on seeing my madam naked.As her house was far she brought her saree and her ornaments to college and she was about to get ready in the lab itself she was telling to zoology madam not to allow any students come towards the lab as she needs to get dressed up.I supposed to hear those words.I wasnt able to control and had a plan in my mind i already entered the lab before anyone has seen me and i went and crept under the table and placed our lab stools very close so as no one can observe me and hide behind them and my heart beat started raising .I was waiting and after 1/2 an hour madam closed all the doors and windows of lab and it was little bit dark and my god my heart was beating so fast as if i thought it would stop.In silence i was observing my dream madam undresing her sarie and she slowly unhooked her blowse and she removed her peticoat and she was standing in black bra and pink pantie.My dick already rose and her boobs were almost comming out of her bra.She took her new peticoat and wore it and she took the blowse and wore i was unhappy as she dint open her bra.But suddenly while wearing her blouse her bra strap turned upside down she removed her blouse and was adjusting her strap and she kept her hands back and removed her bra WOW what a sight her boobs are so big i almost cummed in my underwear seeing her boobs.She took her hand bag and removed some bust cream and applied it to her boobs and wore her bra again and wore the blouse and she tied saree and nearly she was dressing and combing her hair for 1 hour and she opened the door and went out I was looking for a moment to go out but waited to make sure no one see me comming out of the lab.
I waited till the function started and assured no one was around the lab and came out but my bad luck my zoology madam saw me.But something odd happened…..

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Zoology madam saw me coming out of the botany lab she just called me to zoology lab.Her name is sunitha slim young and beautifull structured madam though recently married she used to wear all low cut saries and was a sexy lady.I was bit tensed about what to say about the act the function was going on and zoology madam and i was alone in the lab.She asked me what i was doing i said i just came to take my record.She saw seriosly and asked i knew what you were doing i will complaint it to our principal.I said please madam dont do that I will not repeat that act again.
She then said if i obey her order she would not complain i said ok i will do what ever you say.
Madam told me to come close to her and she shouted go close the lab door and come fast i was in confusion why she made me close the doors,then she made me stand very close to her.She in a harsh voice said open your pant now.I was bit ashamed and i said i will not open.She started getting up and was saying that she is going to principal.I said ok madam please wait i am opening and as i opened she was smiling seeing my wet underwear which was filled by my semen which flowed seeing botany madam.She slowly pulled my underwear and caught my penis and it was in semi erect stage and on her touch it became like a rod she said catch your penis and masturbate.I started moving my skin slowly she said do it quick i started moving my hands quick but i was not getting any cum as i was not in right mood.She saw like that for 10 min and said what happened why are you not cumming i said it is not comming and my erection was loosing.She said ok catch my boobs.I was in shock did i hear it correct she said again catch my boobs and masturbate but i dint dare to touch it.She then kneeled on the floor and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking and it slowly raised and she started unooking her blowse and she asked to remove her bra and thats it she was topless She insited me to suck her boobs, in fright in excitment i started sucking she was moaning and said now masturbate i was just about to cum and she quickly placed her mouth onto my penis and started taking my cum into her mouth and swallowed it she quickly dressed her self and washed her face in the lab sink and i too got dressed and she said when ever she called i should come and masturbate in front of her but next time i dint masturbate but i fucked her in her house itself.
She was a bitch fucked by me and 2 of my friends and one of my senior also fucked her.She is a real bitch her husband was a little bit old fellow which made her look for us.

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The End…………………

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How I saw my Botany Madam Naked?

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