How My Wife Became My Dom

My wife, Julie, and I had been married nearly ten years. We had been happy, our sex life had been good, and finances secure. But lately, the spark was gone. It used to be that when we had sex, it was exuberant, frenetic, sweaty, fuck-till-you-drop raunchy humping. Now, the sex was routine. It was the same thing every time, over and over. Nothing was new and it wasn’t exciting anymore.

This Friday was our tenth wedding anniversary and I thought if I did something special for her we might put some of the fire back into our marriage and sex life. “Julie, I thought we could do something special for our anniversary. Something you want to do.”

Her eyes lit up and a little smile came across her face. “I want to stay in. I want you to make dinner and then I want us to spend the evening together doing what I want.”

“You’re on.” I eagerly Accepted hoping the evening would be like the ones we used to have.

“You have dinner ready for us at seven. I have to stop on the way home and pick up a few things,” she explained.

* * *

Friday came and I prepared dinner as I’d agreed. I set the table with flowers, candles, her preferred Merlot, and then waited for her in anticipation of what she had planned.

She arrived home a few minutes before seven carrying several shopping bags. “I’m going to change. I’ll be out in a few minutes. Pour me something to drink,” she said while dashing into the bedroom.

I put dinner on the table, poured the wine, and stared at the closed bedroom door in contemplation of what she was up to. When it opened and Julie stepped into the doorway, my shy, reserved little wife had transformed herself into a seductress. She wore a red corset trimmed with black lace and a tiny pleated, plaid miniskirt. Her long slender legs were accentuated by black, lace trimmed, thigh high stockings and she was wearing stiletto heels. Her wavy auburn hair hung loosely and provocatively about her bare shoulders and her hazel eyes sparkled in the flickering candlelight. I was immediately aroused and arose to embrace her. She put her hand up to stop me as I approached.

“First feed me, then fuck me,” she said in a soft yet demanding voice.

She sat at the table, crossed her legs provocatively with her knees high in the air because of the spike heels, and placed her hands in her lap. I returned to my seat and began to eat.

“What are you doing?” she said in a tone as if scolding me. I looked at her and shook my head in puzzlement. “I told you to feed me, and that’s what I want. Remember the deal for tonight. I get whatever I want.”

Now I understood where she was going with this. I pulled my chair around to the other side of the table and sat facing her. Then I began to feed her as she slowly and lasciviously removed the morsels from the fork. I watched her savor the complex flavors as she chewed, and then lick her lips with the tip of her tongue. I became more aroused from the sensual display and my growing dick was making it uncomfortable to sit, crammed inside my pants as it was. Still, I didn’t dare get up and continued to feed her until she’d had her fill.

When she was done, we went into the bedroom. “Now I want a bath,” she demanded.

I ran the bath water and when I returned Julie was sitting on the edge of the bed; her legs crossed as before, knees high in the air. She kicked up one leg and wiggled her foot at me. I knelt and removed her stiletto. She reversed her legs and raised the other foot in the same fashion. I removed that shoe then ran my hands up her slender leg until my fingertips were just past the top of the stocking and touching the bare skin of her thigh. With just a small amount of encouragement, I could have cum right there from just the soft, supple feel of her skin. Instead, I focused on the task and slowly slid the stocking down her shapely leg to her ankle. Then I raised her lower leg by placing my hand under her calf muscle and rolled the stocking over her heel and off her foot. I removed the other stocking in the same manner and she rose to her feet.

Still kneeling, I unclasped the miniskirt and let it fall to the floor. She wore tiny, white thong panties trimmed with lace which I pulled down and helped her step out of. Then I ran my hands up the outside of her legs, over her hips, and on to her waist to steady myself as I stood. I began the arduous task of unfastening the corset. It fell to the floor in a heap along with the other garments and Julie was now standing before me, completely naked, looking like a goddess. It had been a long time since I felt this way just from seeing her in the buff, but it made me horny as hell. I wanted to jump on her right then, so I put my arms around her and attempted to kiss her.

“No, no, no,” she said as she backed away and shook her finger in my face. “Bath first.”

We went into the bathroom. I helped Julie into the tub then knelt beside it. She handed me a bath sponge and body wash. I carefully soaped and rinsed her luscious body. Her slippery wet skin felt like silk. She raised each leg in turn and I soaped and rinsed them as well. Then she sat on the edge of the tub and handed me scissors, a razor, and shaving gel. She leaned back and spread her knees wide. She wanted me to shave her pussy.

Julie was indeed a redhead. Her bush was as auburn as the hair on her head. She had never shaved her pussy while we were married, but she did keep it closely trimmed and her bikini line well in check. Even so, I had always wanted to know what her pussy felt like bare, and guessed I was finally going to find out. I used the scissors and judiciously trimmed everything down to short stubble, then lathered her up with the gel and carefully finished with the razor. While rinsing, I ran my hand over the entirety of her vulva, checking my work to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Her pussy felt soft yet firm, the skin smooth and slick. She moaned softly from the new sensation of my hand gliding over her bare skin. I gently toweled her off then we moved back to the bedroom.

“Time for you to strip,” she playfully demanded and I eagerly complied. My dick was quite cramped inside my shorts and welcomed being released from the constricting clothes.

“Onto the bed,” she said, pushing me down and guiding me on where to lie. Then she retrieved something from one of the colorful shopping bags, but hid it from my view while she climbed into bed. I realized what she had taken from the bag when she pushed my arms over my head and I felt handcuffs being placed around my wrists. She had run the cuffs through a spindle in the headboard and secured my hands to it. I was not going anywhere.

“Let’s get something straight here,” she said sternly. “Today I get anything I want, right.”

“Right,” I answered.

“Well, what I want is you. I own you. I can do whatever I want to you and you’ll do whatever I say, right.”

“Right,” I answered. This was a side of Julie I had never seen or known she was capable of; forceful, dominant, and sexually aggressive. It scared me, but I liked it.

She took a blindfold from the bag and placed it over my eyes. I couldn’t see anything. The next thing I felt were her fingers on the head of my cock. She started at the tip then began gently rubbing over and around the glans. My dick began to throb. She slid her fingers down the length of my cock, occasionally stopping and squeezing tightly.

Then I felt the soft, moist sensation of her lips close around the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue across the tip and used her lips to rub over the edge of the glans. The stimulation was overpowering. All my senses shut down and the only thing I was aware of was the intense sensations on the end of my dick. I was transfixed.

She slid her lips down my shaft, continuing her exhilarating assault on my glans with her tongue. Her grip on the base of my shaft was causing my prostate to spasm as her lips moved up and down my cock bringing an explosion of sensation. I was nearing orgasm. “I’m going to cum,” I shouted out.

She stopped sucking on my dick. “Oh, no you’re not,” she said. “I’m not done with you yet.”

I felt her moving around on the bed and then caught a whiff of the fresh inviting scent of her pussy as she straddled my face. There was a hint of baby powder left over from the shaving gel mixed in with her sweet musky aroma. I felt the warmth of her pussy getting closer as she slowly lowered herself onto my face, stopping just as her inner labia touched my lips. They were soft, smooth, and moist. I gently flicked my tongue over them causing her to flinch and moan quietly.

She continued to lower herself onto me and I drew her labia into my mouth, gently squeezing them between my lips and running my tongue over the tips. Julie moaned her approval and pressed her pussy further onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue into her vagina, I had no choice; her vulva was firmly pressed against my mouth. Her wetness ran onto my tongue and spread around my mouth. It tasted sweet, flowery, and intoxicating. I pushed my tongue into her opening as far as I could reach.

Then she slid her pussy across my mouth. My tongue contActed the underside of her clit and she flinched. I ran my tongue around the perimeter as she moaned loudly and slid her pussy back to where my tongue was at her vagina. I thrust it in deeply. She gasped and rocked her hips back to where my tongue was on her clit again and I licked it furiously. She bucked back the other way and was now moaning continuously as she slid her pussy across my mouth. Her juices ran down my cheeks and chin.

“Oh, my god,” she yelled, thrusting her hips forward, stopping and shuddering in ecstasy. I plunged my tongue into her vagina as deeply as I could manage. Her muscles tensed and her thighs squeezed together when I contacted her g-spot. She bucked again, and again my tongue touched her g-spot.

“I need you inside me,” she screamed and turned around to straddle my hips. Then she lowered herself onto my cock and began bucking back and forth and up and down with more enthusiasm than ever before. I never knew she could have this much energy. I felt the walls of her vagina constrict around my cock as she stroked up and down my length. “My pussy feels so damn good!” she exclaimed.

Julie’s exuberance began to bring me to orgasm. She slid herself up and down my cock with such ferocity I was quickly on edge. Her soft, slippery pussy enveloped my cock while her orgasmic contrActions squeezed me. The overwhelming urge was upon me. I thrust my hips up just as Julie was slamming down upon me. She screamed at the deep intrusion and I came. She picked herself up and drove down upon me again. I bucked up, plunging deep inside, and ejaculated again. Julie screamed once more. I felt her kegel muscles contract and grip me tightly and I came again. She continued riding me. Bucking up and down as waves of passion overtook her senses. I came until I had nothing left.

Julie finally slowed her motions as she ran out of energy. Between the orgasm and the physical exertion, she was exhausted and collapsed on top of me. A mixture of her juices and my cum oozed out from her pussy and ran down my shaft, puddling at the base of my cock.

We laid there for several minutes, recuperating. When we had caught our breath, Julie sat up, my flaccid dick still inside her, and removed the blindfold. I blinked to adjust my eyes. She looked gorgeous kneeling on top of me. Her hair was mussed and she had a glow from the exertion of screwing, I had never seen her look so lovely or in control.

“From now on you’re my play toy. I get to use and abuse you as I wish and as often as I like,” she said in a strict and demanding tone. I was scared yet delighted not knowing where it would all go. Our marriage had definitely heated up.

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How My Wife Became My Dom

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