Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 3

Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 3

Susan got the video camera going again, and Mistress went over to talk to the two guys who had just fucked me… and who were about to leave.

“Will you both come back to my home tonight? Our group consists of my three lady friends…” Helen said, indicating the other three women, “Me… and my subservient TV husband. He’s agreed to be our sex-slave all this week, and I intend to use the time to cuckold him… with as many men as possible!”

“Sure ‘Lady,’ I’m sure that Mike and I would love to… as long as we can use your submissive hubby too!” One of the guys replied.

“Yeah, we’d like that…” Mike added, “I’m Mike, and this is Dave. Would you like us to invite a few more guys? I’m sure that some of our mates would be interested!”

“Yes, we’d like that.” Susan replied at once. “How many more could you bring over?”

“Including us, there’d probably be about eight of us guys.” Dave replied. “Both our girlfriends would probably like to join in too, if more women are ok with you…”

“Sure,” Helen replied, “the more the merrier!”

“Great, we’ll make a few calls… where do we meet you?” Helen gave the guys our home address… and the party… make that the orgy… was scheduled to start again for those of us who had gone out, in two hours!

As soon as we got home, I was instructed to strip and to bathe. Once my bath was finished, and I had dried off, the women covered me in scented lotion, leaving my skin soft and sensuous, and my body femininely perfumed. They changed my look, gluing a short blonde wig to my head, instead of the long black one that I’d worn previously. It was styled in the ‘Purdy’ bob, and looked very sexy. My silicon breasts were once again stuck to my hairless chest, using the adhesive bond.

I began by putting on my fishnet, hold-up stockings. I followed this with a bra, which held my silicon ‘falsies’ in place. Once again, I pulled on a pair of ‘Sex-Cache’ knickers, especially made to hold my cock between my legs, thus hiding my manhood, so that there would be no bulge through my clothing. I decided to wear my waist-clincher again… the corset that I’d bought, which reduced my waist to a very feminine twenty-four inches!

Helen decided that this time, I should wear the ‘sexy’ schoolgirl uniform that she’d purchased at an Anne Summers party… only recently!

It was made up of a micro-mini blue skirt, a see-through white blouse, white ankle socks, and a straw boater! I was told to wear my four inch heels, as they were white, and they were styled as strappy sandals.

The sides of my wig were tied into pig-tails, and I was made to sit at my wife’s make up table… for the finishing touches.

The foundation went on quite thickly over my face and my neck. I used super-lengthening mascara on my already very long ‘fake’ lashes. I delicately applied three shades of pink colour to my lids, dark on the outsides, blending to a very pale pink over my eyes by my nose. I added some pale pink blusher to my cheeks, and then went to work on my lips. I covered the already tattooed colouring with an ‘extreme-shine’ lip-gloss, highlighting the lusciousness of my very luscious mouth.

The final effect made me look like a ‘fantasy schoolgirl’ hooker! Alice placed my collar and leash around my neck… and I was ready to go!

Helen and Susan handed me a card, and said:

“You are to open the door for our guest, and you will greet them by saying what is on this card. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, you will obey any instruction that you are given tonight, no matter what it is… or by whom it is given. Failure to comply will mean a public thrashing. Do you agree to these terms?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good girl, Pippa.”

I read the card that I had been given, it read:

‘Welcome… My name is Pippa, and I am the Party Slut tonight. I am here to serve, and will do ANYTHING that I am told! Please feel free to use or abuse me.’

Now, I knew that I was in for a very busy evening, and that I was sure to be worn out by the end of it!

Moments later, Dave, Mike, and their two girlfriends arrived…

“Welcome… My name is Pippa, and I am the Party Slut tonight. I am here to serve, and will do ANYTHING that I am told! Please feel free to use or abuse me.”

Janet and Trisha, (the two girlfriends,) grinned lasciviously, and replied:

“You were right lads, tonight is going to be a riot!”

“Yeah,” Trisha turned to me, “Bend over and touch your toes, you slag!” I complied immediately. “Go on Janet… give her a dozen hard slaps!”

“Why not?” Janet giggled.

She spanked me quickly, and ferociously, tanning my hide until it was pink and burning!

As I straightened up, I noticed that Mike had stripped off his trousers, and that his cock was poking through his boxer shorts, already semi erect.

“Get it hard for me, you slapper,” Trisha ordered, “Suck my man’s dick until he’s ready for me!” As I began to do so, I saw Dave removing his trousers too, waiting for his turn to come next! “Don’t make him cum… or you’ll regret it!”

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Janet opened it widely, allowing the next guests to see me ‘at work’ on Mike’s cock! I looked up, took the cock from my mouth, and still bent over, I said:

“Welcome… My name is Pippa, and I am the Party Slut tonight. I am here to serve, and will do ANYTHING that I am told! Please feel free to use or abuse me.”

Six men and four women entered the house.

“Looks like my kind of party,” one of the guys commented. “Everybody get their kit off! This slut looks ready for action!” One of the women said to me:

“Fold all of our clothes and store them in a bedroom… then come back to serve us!” At once, I began picking up fourteen peoples clothes, and neatly stored them away!

I returned downstairs, just as the doorbell rang once again. I opened it to see a group of people in their late teens and early twenties. I wondered if they were gatecrashers, but without an invitation list, I could not refuse them entry, so I greeted them, saying:

“Welcome… My name is Pippa, and I am the Party Slut tonight. I am here to serve, and will do ANYTHING that I am told! Please feel free to use or abuse me.”

There were three guys, and nine girls… all wearing ‘clubbing’ gear, and all of whom looked as if they had probably dropped a few tabs! The eldest girl seemed to be in charge, and she addressed her mates, loudly commenting:

“We’ve hit the jackpot everyone! This is gonna be a MENTAL party!”

“Yeah,” shouted another, “check out the other room! Everyone’s starkers!”

All twelve of them steamed into the house, joining the party. There were now four ‘hostesses’ and twenty six guests at the party, with only one sex-slave to serve them all… me!

“Are you really the Party Slut?” one of the girls asked me. She looked about nineteen or twenty, and had an evil glint in her eye.

“Yes miss. I am here to please any of the guests. In whatever way they wish. Nothing that I am requested to do will be refused. May I serve you in some way, Mistress?”

“Wait a minute… you’re not really a girl, are you? You’re a bloke in drag! I’ve only just realized!”

“Yes miss. My wife… your hostess this evening… has force-feminized me. She is the one who has ordered me to obey any of the guests here tonight.”

“Wicked! Just wait until I tell the others!”

I felt a chill run up my spine as she said this… My situation had just gone from bad to worse!

My Mistresses called me into the lounge, instructing me to join in the festivities, and to make myself available to the guests! Entering the main room was a little odd, as only the original fourteen guests had stripped off their clothing… the remaining twelve, the group of youngsters, were still dressed… or at least semi-dressed!

I saw many of the younger group whispering to each other as I entered the room. I may have been a little paranoid, but it seemed to me that they were planning something for me!

Karen grabbed my arms, and forced them behind my back. She placed the pink handcuffs over my wrists, and locked them together. I felt very vulnerable like this! Alice approached me next. She pushed a three inch rubber ‘penis-gag’ into my mouth… securing it in place, by buckling it tightly behind my head. I could see Susan, adjusting the ankle spreader bar to its shortest length… sixteen inches apart. She handed it to Helen, who attached it in-between my legs, cuffing each end to my ankles!

Bound in this fashion, and wearing high heels, I could only hobble around the room. No matter what anyone did to me now, I would be completely unable to escape from them!

I became the room’s main attraction. Almost immediately, I began to feel people touching me. My silicon boobs began to get squeezed… my bum was pinched and slapped, and my legs were stroked.

Before long, I felt my skirt being pushed up over my hips, showing my panties to everyone in the room. Soon after this, one of the teenagers, a girl of only eighteen or nineteen, came over to me with a pair of scissors in her hands. She snipped each side of my knickers, pulling my Cache-Sex away through my thighs, and releasing my hidden cock from its restraint.

Embarrassed and humiliated though I felt, I was amazed to realize that this whole scenario was turning me on! I could feel a stirring in my loins, and though I tried as much as I could to stop it, I knew that I was getting erect! I was getting a hard-on!

I tried to keep my prick between my legs, but with my ankles forced apart, I failed to do so… and soon, my rampant cock was bouncing out in front of me… raising the front of my skirt, and standing proud for all to see!

Susan came over, and forced a cock-ring on me, down to the base of my shaft! I knew that with this on my cock… it would be virtually impossible to lose my erection!

Before she moved away from me, Susan placed a blindfold over my eyes! Now, as I staggered around the room, I’d be unable to stop myself from bumping into the others.

I heard some girls giggling, and people stroking, grabbing and rubbing my dick. I felt hands around my waist, and become conscious of the fact that my skirt was being removed. The buttons of my blouse were next, and though it wasn’t taken off me, it was opened from top to bottom, exposing my corset and my bra! I could feel hands everywhere now, as people explored every part of my body. I was surprised, as I felt a warm mouth engulf my rigid member!

“Go, go, go, go, go, go, and go! Go on Lisa! Suck it hard! Yeah! Go on, Lisa!” The crowd seemed to get riotous, as the unknown ‘Lisa’ blew me in front of them.

“Go on Rita… Yeah, strip her off! Get her kit off! Yeah… Get yours off too! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip!” As Lisa was stripped bare, and Rita followed suit, the crowd went mad, cheering:

“Woo-hoo! More, More, More, More, More, More, More, More! Go on Rita… now that you’re both in the buff… get your tongue in her pussy!! While she’s blowing him… Make her cum!”

“Go on Stanley… Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip! Let’s get it on!” Suddenly, I felt an oily glob lubricating my arse! A finger pushed it into my rectum! What was going on?

“Yeah!!! What a buzz!!! Go on Mister… you take the slapper, while Stanley takes Rita!”

“Go on Stanley. Let Rita have it while she brings Lisa off!”

“Go Lisa… Go Lisa… Go Lisa… Go Lisa… Go Lisa… Go Lisa… Go! Make the slapper give you his cream! Suck Lisa… Suck Lisa… Suck Lisa… Suck Lisa… Make the Tranny cum!”

At the crowds urging, I felt Lisa redouble her efforts to bring me off. I was determined however that I would only cum when I wanted to!

Blindfolded as I was, I could only imagine the scene before me… Lisa blowing me, whilst Rita ate her pussy… as Stanley pumped into her!

With all of this running through my mind, I almost missed the fact that the anonymous ‘Mister’ was about to ram his cock up my arse! When at last it happened, I was caught off guard… and I suddenly felt a large prick slamming into me!

“Helen, quick… Get this on video!” Susan shouted above the din… I had little doubt that the whole scenario would be recorded for posterity! I was pushed over a near table, allowing the man who was fucking me greater access. This change of position however, had not denied Lisa access to my dick, and with the mystery dick pushing against my prostate, I found it much more difficult to deny my cumming to Lisa. Luckily, before she brought me off, Rita managed to over-stimulate Lisa’s clit! Lisa had to release my cock from her mouth, as she began to wail loudly… cumming all over Rita’s tongue! I was lucky to be blindfolded, as for Stanley, the image of Lisa cumming was too much, and he pumped his seed into Rita’s warm, wet pussy.

“Next! Next! Next! Next! Next! Next! Next! Next!” The crowd screamed.

As they screamed, the cock that was up my arse filled me with jism! I felt my gag being removed, only to be replaced by a dripping wet pussy, as an unknown woman sat on the table before me! Almost immediately, another cock replaced the first, pumping deeply into my rear.

“Come on everybody… Let’s get naked!”Someone pushed a pill down my throat! Another swiftly followed, and then a third! My mystery pussy quickly returned to fill my mouth!

“That was two Viagra and an ‘E’ that you’ve just swallowed… so, I hope you are up for a long night!” A voice whispered into my ear.

My handcuffs were removed, followed by my blouse, but my hands were rapidly filled, by two enormous, erect penises!

I suddenly heard my wife’s voice, as she whispered to me:

“You’re doing better than I could ever have imagined! I love you Pippa… keep it up! We’re getting it all on video… so, we can watch it together another night!”

“Helen… don’t you think that it’s time we removed Pippa’s blindfold?” Susan suggested to my wife.

“Okay… I’m ready if you are!”

My blindfold was removed, and I saw my wife… naked… climb up onto the table in front of my face! Lining up to fuck her was a queue of six men, each wanking themselves hard.

Beneath the table, I felt someone playing with my hard prick. The next thing that I knew, I was sliding into a man’s arse, and fucking him slowly! With a wet pussy to suck on, an arse that I was fucking, and two cocks that I was wanking off, I could hardly complain that Helen was being gang-fucked! I watched her being pleasured by all of these men, whilst I sucked the pussy on the table for all I was worth! I felt my leg restraints being removed, and Susan approached me, and said:

“Now, let’s see if you keep your word… I want you kneeling in the middle of the room, whilst all the men who aren’t fucking your wife use you as their Bukkake slave!”

I complied, and I walked into the middle of the room, only to be surrounded by a group of wanking men! I helped to stimulate them, using my hands and my mouth, until… one by one… they shot cum all over my face!

The men moved aside once they’d finished, and I was told to lie on the floor, on my back, whilst each of the women at the party sat on my face. I was expected to use my tongue to bring each of them to climax! One at a time… I did exactly that!Upstairs, in the TV/TS room, Liz was about to begin a role play scenario. She had met up with Sasha and Helen… and Helen’s submissive husband Pippa. They had decided to use the two submissive husbands for their own enjoyment, and so Pippa and Charlie became the lead roles!

Helen was lounging on the sofa idly, but she looked up when Liz escorted Charlie in.

“I think you know Helen, Charlie,” she said smiling, “Helen, this is Charlie, the guy I told you about.”

“Oh,” said Helen, getting up and winking, “You’re the dress-up guy.”

“Remember you agreed to dress up for me,” Liz said, “Well, Helen’s going to help you get ready. I’ll leave you in her capable hands.”

Helen took Charlie by the hand. Charlie could feel his cock grow hard and a wet patch of pre-cum grow on his trousers as at the touch and closeness of the beautiful blonde.

In the bedroom, the clothes Liz wanted Charlie to dress in were laid out on the bed, and Charlie’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw them.

At a quarter past eight the doorbell rang again.

On the doorstep, Pippa stood waiting as nervously as Charlie had some fifteen minutes earlier.

Like Charlie, he had made an effort with his appearance, and felt slightly more confident about the evening ahead with his dream woman.

Confidence that was only damaged slightly by the arrival of Liz opening the door to let him in, looking sexier than ever.

Liz took him by the hand and led him upstairs towards an empty bedroom.

“Remember you promised to dress up?” Liz said.

Pippa nodded eagerly, keen to play a part in Liz’s sex games to be able to get into his dream girl’s knickers.

“Sasha will help you out,” Liz continued, as Pippa saw Liz’s friend Sasha sitting on the bed in the room.

This made Pippa quite excited, although a little skinny and flat chested; Sasha was a tall, slender, blonde bombshell.

Pippa felt his cock tugging at his trousers at the thought of Sasha dressing him up and then getting involved in a threesome with her and Liz.

Pippa didn’t know how it had happened, but his dreams and fantasies were suddenly coming true and he felt keen to exploit it.

However, when Liz left him with Sasha and he walked into the bedroom, Pippa was shocked to see the clothes that Liz wanted him to dress up in… They were laid out on the bed for him to change into.

Laid out on the bed in front of him was a red lingerie set, with a bra, panties, stockings, a garter, and a red dress with a short skirt and low-cut neckline.

Pippa looked confused for a moment, and then realized that this sexy ensemble was probably what Helen would be wearing.

He turned to Helen and smiled.

“What will I be wearing then?” he said.

Helen smiled back pleasantly and said in a voice that was equally pleasant although with a harder, patronising edge to it:

“That’s your outfit there on the bed.”

He gulped and began to panic, what had he gotten himself into?

At that moment Liz swayed into the room.

“Ah, I see you’ve found your outfit, what do you think?” she purred sexily.

He began to stutter and panic.

“I… I’m sorry Liz, but this really isn’t what I wanted to do.”

Liz smiled and spoke in a calm, soothing, coaxing voice that he desperately wanted to respond to.

“Come on, Pippa, you never know, you might like it. Besides, it’s the only way you’ll ever get what you want,” she winked as if to indicate that meant her self, “and nobody but Helen and I will ever know anyway.”

Liz’s gentle coaxing calmed him down as he began to realize she was right.

There was nothing that he wanted more than to get into Liz’s knickers, and he began to realize that if that meant also wearing them then maybe that would be ok with him.

He realized that he’d basically have done anything for Liz right then, so after a pause to consider, he said:

“OK, I’ll do it.”

Liz smiled reassuringly.

“Great, don’t worry, Helen will help you to become the perfect woman. I’ll leave you with her.”

Liz left and closed the door behind her, leaving him alone in the room with just Helen and the lingerie.

Helen smiled at him.

“Now, let’s get you undressed first,” she said.

Shyly and reluctantly, he stripped from his trousers and shirt.

Although he often desired to strip off in front of a beautiful girl in his fantasies.

Pippa wasn’t entirely comfortable with his small, slight, hairless body.

However Helen smiled reassuringly at him, assuring him that his small body could be far more convincingly feminine.

Although his body was virtually hairless, Helen told Pippa to have a shower in the adjoining en-suite bathroom, cleaning his body and shaving it totally clean and smooth.

Although he’d always felt hairless, Pippa now took pleasure in how silky smooth he had become.

After drying himself off, Pippa wrapped himself in a towel and rejoined Helen in the bedroom.

Helen ran her hand up his smooth, clean shaven legs and nodded her approval.

Pippa felt his cock twitch in anticipation at Helen’s light touch on his legs.

Dropping the towel, Pippa slipped into the dark red satin panties that felt so sensual on his arse and cock, while Helen helped him into the matching dark red bra that she filled with two large silicone falsies.

Dressed in the underwear, with his skin smooth and hairless, Pippa felt more feminine already.

He didn’t want to admit it but the sensual satin underwear was beginning to make him a little aroused.

Meanwhile, Charlie was also shocked at the outfit laid out for him in the other bedroom.

There was a black lace basque, and a long black dress that was slit right up the side.

Like Charlie, Pippa was suddenly a little unsure about this.

He looked over at Liz who had come back in and was standing next to him, she nodded to him reassuringly.

“You know Charlie,” she purred, “It might be fun. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be a girl? Besides, only I and Sasha will know… and it’ll get you to enjoy my threesome.”

Faced with all these arguments, Charlie decided he didn’t really have anything to lose by dressing as a girl.

He had to admit he was curious and at that point he would have readily done even more if it got him his dream girl.

So Charlie, under Sasha’s direction, stripped and showered, shaving his body totally hairless, and came back into the room, concealing his modesty with a towel.

Despite his athleticism, Charlie had been with very few women, he was embarrassed to be naked in front of them because of the size of his cock. Sasha reassured him that in this case it was good as he could conceal his true identity far easier.

“It’s not much of a cock,” she admitted, “but it’ll make an excellent clit.”

Helen had now attached Charlie’s garter, and slid the dark red silk stockings sensually up Charlie’s smooth legs. Charlie was now truly getting into it and he was now beginning to struggle to hide his arousal at the sexy underwear. Charlie now became Simona!

Helen’s fingers were running over his body as he lifted his arms, and she slipped the little dark red dress over his head, so that it fell around him.

Although looking down, Simona could mostly see the outline of a sexy woman, there was an unsightly bulge at the front of the dress.

Simona could feel the knickers slightly stained and wet by a small patch of pre-cum.

Helen noticed this too and shook her head.

“We can’t have that,” she said, reaching down and grabbing his cock through the material of his dress and panties.

Simona felt like his cock was about to explode, as Helen ducked under his dress and pulled his knickers down to his stocking clad knees. Helen took Simona’s whole cock in her mouth and quickly and efficiently sucked him off.

It wasn’t long before Simona felt his knees buckle and his cock twitch and shoot his wad into Helen’s mouth. Helen efficiently swallowed all his cum so as not to stain his outfit and, without comment, took Simona over to the make-up table. She did not allow him to see his reflection just yet.

Simona, however was delighted by the joy of Helen’s blowjob and found himself almost as pleased that, as he sat down, he could smooth the skirt of his dress in a perfectly feminine way with no tell-tale bulge.

Meanwhile, Pippa became Chloe, and was now dressed in the black lace basque which was, like Simona’s, filled with silicone falsies, and the long black dress, the slit up the side ran all the way up his long legs, which, now shaved, looked perfectly smooth, sexy and feminine.

He sat down on the bed as Sasha applied heavy make-up to enhance the femininity of his androgynous features while at the same time she styled his long, dark hair into sexy dark curls that framed perfectly his well made-up face.

When Sasha had finally finished and he was allowed to see his reflection in the full length mirror.

Chloe was unsure if there even was a mirror.

Staring back at him, completely unrecognisable as the River Falls basketball star, was a tall, slender, sexy girl with dark curls and a black dress slit up the side to reveal her long legs.

Sasha took him by the hand again and led him back down to the living room, this time much slower as Chloe was now learning to walk in the three inch heels of his black stiletto sandals.

“Now, there are just a couple more things,” Sasha told him as he sat down on the sofa, remembering to cross his legs in a feminine way, causing the dress to fall away and reveal the full length of his smooth long legs up to his hips:

“I’ve got to leave now. Liz will be in here in a few minutes with the other girl. The other girl doesn’t know you’re not a guy so you have to play along and be a girl called Chloe, OK?”

This surprised Chloe a little as he’d assumed the threesome was going to be with Sasha and Liz, however by now he wasn’t particularly bothered about being with another girl instead.

“Good luck.”

Sasha leant over and kissed his cheek so as not to stain the dark lipstick on his lips and left the room.

As Liz led Simona down the stairs he was equally surprised to find out that Helen was not going to be the other girl.

He now felt confident and happy, dressed as a girl.

His outfit had been topped off with pointy red heels and a blonde Marilyn Monroe wig with sluttish scarlet lipstick and heavy blush.

“Remember, the other girl doesn’t know that your not one too,” Liz was telling him, “So you’ll have to play along as a girl called Simona.”

Coming into the living room, Simona was introduced to the other girl.

Chloe, every bit as stunning as Helen, and all his worries went away, knowing it was going to be a great evening.

Simona sat down beside Chloe and Liz left the living room to bring them drinks.

Chloe smiled nervously at him, she’d probably never done anything like this either. Simona smiled back reassuringly at her.

Attempting to speak in a high, feminine voice, Simona tried to reassure Chloe; he placed his hand, given a scarlet manicure to look more feminine, on her knee.

Her legs were crossed protectively, but this just allowed the slit up the side of her black dress to open and show off this long leg that Simona liked the touch of.

“Don’t worry,” he tried to assure her, “I’m a little nervous about all this too.”

Chloe smiled back more confidently.

Simona noticed happily that she didn’t put up any objection to his hand on her knee.

“Thanks,” she replied in a sensual, throaty voice, “It’ll be good to have you being there.”

Simona was surprised that Chloe rested her hand, painted in a similar way to his, on his and kept it there.

When Liz came back in with a glass of wine each Simona and Chloe were already seated much closer together, with Simona’s stocking clad legs pressed against Chloe’s bare ones.

The closeness of this contact made Simona’s cock begin to twitch again.

Chloe didn’t seem to notice as she began to sip her wine in a demure and ladylike way, trying not to smudge her lipstick.

Simona tried to copy her in a similar style.

Feeling a little light headed from the wine, Simona felt a little more confident around Chloe.

He moved a little closer, moving his hand up her smooth, soft thigh.

Liz noticed this and said to Chloe:

“Why don’t you kiss her? You can see how bad she wants it.”

On hearing Liz’s encouragement, and feeling the wine going to his head, Chloe looked across at the other girl, Simona.

She was a sexy, buxom, little blonde and Liz was right, she had been coming on to him.

Her hand rested gently and felt arousing on his shaved smooth thigh, worryingly close to his panty clad cock.

Placing his hand on her bare shoulder, Chloe leant over and placed a kiss on Simona’s lips.

It was a wet, lipstick filled kiss and Chloe felt Simona open his lips with her tongue and began to explore the inside of his mouth.

Her left hand continued to feel his thigh while the right lingered over his false breast.

Chloe could feel his arousal growing and, for once, was glad that his cock was too small to betray him.

As they broke from the kiss, Chloe saw Liz was now standing over them:

“Why don’t we get onto the bed?” she said and winked.

Taking Chloe by one hand and Simona by the other, she lead them up to a king-size double bed, next to a wall with an enormous wardrobe whose doors were mirrors.

By now Chloe was beginning to forget all his fantasies about Liz as he began to see her as more of a go between. What he desperately wanted now was to be involved in a girl on girl relationship with the little blonde Simona.

On entering the bedroom Simona only had one thing on his mind, and it wasn’t Liz, there was something about the tall, mysterious brunette that was really turning him on.

Grabbing Chloe by the back of her long black curls, Simona decided to take control of the situation, pulling Chloe’s lips to her and passionately kissing her again.

Simona found his hands running down the back of her dress to her pert arse as he pressed Chloe’s body against his, desperately hoping Chloe wouldn’t see the bulge that was growing in his satin panties.

Still kissing Chloe, Simona unzipped Chloe’s dress and allowed it to fall to the floor as they broke from the kiss, leaving Chloe in just a sexy black lace basque and stiletto sandals that showed the full length of her gorgeous legs. Simona licked his lipstick covered lips in anticipation and Chloe smiled to see it.

Simona could do little to stop Chloe as she helped him pull his red dress over his head. His emotions were becoming confused, he desperately wanted this gorgeous dark girl, but he didn’t want to reveal his true self, he didn’t know how Chloe would react to it.

However now he no longer had a choice, as he cast away the dress to reveal his small, feminine figure in just the dark red lingerie, his bulging member was obvious inside his knickers.

“Sorry,” he said, looking into Chloe’s eyes as he pulled the panties aside to release his firm, hard cock.

Chloe paused for a moment and then, licking her lips, seemed to make up her mind about something and, to Simona’s joy, dropped to her knees in front of him. As Simona pulled her sensual dark red knickers aside to reveal a hard, erect cock springing free, Chloe had realized that Liz had set him up.

However by now he was utterly enthralled with Simona, and, with the wine rushing to his head and his increasing joy in womanhood, he began to act totally on impulse, doing as he knew Chloe would do.

Dropping to his knees he began to lick around the head of Simona’s throbbing cock, drawing a string of pre-cum from her cock into his mouth as he had seen in porn movies he licked his lips, savouring the surprisingly good taste.

Looking in the mirrors, Chloe could see what looked like a gorgeous girl on her knees sucking off another sexy girl and this turned him on any more. He knew that there was no turning back now and he enthusiastically, if a little inexpertly, began to take Simona’s cock into his mouth and suck on it as he felt his own arousal ever growing.

The groans of pleasure his sucking was giving Simona just spurred him on further. As a guy he’d never been able to give a girl such pleasure, suddenly Chloe felt he was where he wanted.

Chloe’s cocksucking may not have been as skilled as Helen’s earlier, but Simona was utterly enthralled with her, and was even more turned on by the reflection of them that he could see in the wardrobe mirror.

It didn’t take long of Chloe’s eager cock sucking to send Simona over the edge and completely forgetting about Liz as his knees buckled once again and an orgasm shook through him as he spurted his load into Chloe’s mouth. Although Chloe appeared eager to swallow, her inexperienced mouth could only take in a couple of mouthfuls and Simona was experiencing one of the greatest orgasms of his life as he withdrew from Chloe’s mouth and continued to squirt his warm, sticky cum all over her face and chest and into her hair.

Finally Chloe, face stained in cum, stood up and kissed Simona again, the mixed taste of wine, lipstick and his own cum was heavenly to Simona and her eagerly stuck his tongue into her mouth in an attempt to enjoy the taste of more of his juices before licking her face clean. As she stepped away from the kiss, still dressed in her black lace lingerie with her make-up smudged and cum in her hair, Chloe began to look a little bashful again.

“I’ve got a confession to make,” she said shyly in her throaty sensual voice as she pulled her own underwear aside to reveal an erect cock, much smaller than Simona’s but a cock none the less, and Simona realized Liz must have set them both up.

However, by now Simona was fully enthralled in the experience and fully infatuated with Chloe, so much so that he didn’t care at all about her having a cock, she seemed to deal alright with his after all.

“That’s alright,” he smiled reassuringly, pulling her back against him and kissing her once again as he felt his cock becoming hard once again.

He reached down to Chloe’s tiny girl-cock and began to rub it, jerking it off.

Chloe felt a shudder of pleasure run through his body and moans escape his girly lipstick covered lips as Simona began to stroke his little girl-cock while she still kissed him and licked her cum from off his face.

Suddenly Chloe realized what he really wanted from Simona, what he knew would make him a true girl, something he knew now he wanted deeply. As Simona bent down to lick her cum from his chest, Chloe leant over and whispered sensually into her ear.

“I want you to fuck me Simona. I want you to fuck my pussy like the little sluttish girl I am.”

Simona was becoming really turned on by the close attention of Chloe and the joy of rubbing her little girly cock, but he couldn’t prepare himself from the joyful arousal as Chloe leant over and whispered in his ear that she wanted him to fuck her. He needed no more than a second to think about it.

Although somewhere inside him he knew Chloe was as much a guy as he was and he knew he’d never had sexual feelings for another guy, he also knew that Chloe was a gorgeous sensual girl, just the kind that Simona was desperate to fuck and he was delighted by the offer as his cock twitched in agreement.

Chloe knelt on her hands and knees and pulled her underwear aside to give Simona access to her tight arse. Simona touched the head of his cock, now fully erect once more, against the rim of Chloe’s anus and he felt a shudder run through Chloe’s body. Slowly, Simona began to force his cock into Chloe’s tight arse, but the vice-like grip of Chloe’s arse made it hard for him. At one point Chloe cried out and Simona offered to stop.

“Don’t stop Simona,” Chloe replied, “I need you inside me, I want you to be the one to take my cherry, I’m a slut, fuck me hard like I deserve.”

Simona didn’t need any further invitation to fuck Chloe’s tight virgin arse, the tight grip as he pulled his cock out and thrust it back in was stimulating him like now pussy ever could as he heard Chloe’s cries of pleasure he knew she was enjoying it just as much.

Looking in the mirror at the sight of a sexy buxom blonde fucking the arse of a leggy brunette. Simona couldn’t help but feel totally aroused.

Chloe was in heaven as Simona slid her hard, large cock in and out of his tight virgin arse, it was the greatest stimulation he’d ever had and he wondered how he’d managed to live so long as a guy, when deep down his desire had truly been to be fucked like a girl.

At moments Chloe thought he was going to pass out from the extreme pleasure of it as his cock was already as firm and large as it’s small size would allow, when Simona reached down and began to jerk him off in time with her arse fucking.

This was far too much for Chloe and he felt his arse tighten around Simona’s cock and an orgasm shaking out from his arse through his body as he screamed a girly… “I’m cumming!” and blew his load all over his chest and Simona’s hand.

As Chloe’s girl-cock began to twitch and cum all over his hand and her arse became even tighter around his cock, Simona too was pushed over the edge and he let out his own loud moan.

Grabbing Chloe’s long, dark curls, thrust one last time, deep into her arse causing her to groan again and her ejaculation to continue as he blew his load right up into her arse.

As the two of them collapsed on the floor, still dressed in sexy lingerie but stained in cum, with their make-up smudged, they heard laughter and clapping and looked up to see Liz standing in the door with Helen, Sasha… and Olivia and Clive, all looking and clapping.

They’d been so engrossed in each other that they’d both forgotten these others who now stood there laughing. Helen had even been filming with her video camera, having had no idea her plan could have resulted in so much.Liz dragged Charlie by his hair, and marched him out of the room! Helen turned to her husband Pippa, and said:

“Get dressed slut!”

The following is from Pippa’s perspective…

I tried to complain, but I was silenced with a hard slap on the arse, and the threat of my mother seeing the photos that had just been taken… of me with Charlie!

Quietly I dressed.

“There you go,” she said, “that wasn’t so bad was it? Now look at yourself in the mirror and see what a slut you look.”

Slowly, I walked over to the full length mirror in the corner of the room.

I looked ridiculous.

Black fishnet stockings, suspender belt, silk black panties and a black basque were topped off with a small leather mini skirt, and a white blouse.

“Hmmm… I can see there’s still a lot of work to be done before you’re a proper little slut,” my wife laughed!

“Now come with me…” I meekly followed her into the main room.

In front of the TV she had placed a hard wooden chair. Several lengths of rope were lying beside it on the floor. I followed her instructions, and I sat on the chair with my legs apart, facing the TV. Within minutes, my hands were tied behind me, and my ankles were tied to the front chair legs.

She told me that she was going out, and without another word, she pressed play on the VCR, turned and left. The TV lit up, and straight away I recognized one of my favourite porn films playing on the screen in front of me.

Damn! Pippa obviously had some of the same videos as I did, but I thought I’d hidden mine somewhere she’d never find them! This particular film was a hardcore BDSM movie, starring a big titted shemale submissive, getting thoroughly used at a bondage party.

Immediately, my erection sprung back into life, still bursting with the need to cum. It seemed like forever until the end credits started to roll on the TV screen. The tape rewound itself, only to begin playing again almost straight away.

My cock was straining under my skirt, as I watched the shemale onscreen getting fucked anally by a group of guys. Suddenly, I heard the door open, and my wife entered the room carrying lots of bags.

“Well, well,” she said “judging by that bulge in your skirt, I’d say you’ve had fun while I’ve been gone.”

She went on to tell me that she’d been out buying a few ‘surprises,’ and a lot of sexy new outfits for herself. All on MY credit card of course. To my horror, she informed me that she was going out tonight, looking for a bit of casual sex with a real man. I hung my head in shame, knowing that she meant what she said.

“By the way, I’ve bought you something slut,” she said, and she reached into one of the bags.

It was another video tape, which she slotted into the VCR, before I could see what it was. Again she pressed play and left the room. I wasn’t expecting what I saw appear on the TV screen… Gay porn.

Hardcore footage of a bondage scenario, featuring a submissive male, being put through his paces by some well hung guys. He was tied, whipped, forced to his knees, and made to suck cock, until eventually he was taken in the arse by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

My own cock throbbed, and my balls ached as I watched. I’ve fantasised for so long about being fucked by other men, and in my current position the images on screen were making me incredibly horny. Just then my wife returned, only this time she was naked.

“Enjoying yourself, slut?” she asked.

When I didn’t answer, she roughly grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back.

“Answer me!” she yelled.

“Yes… Mistress,” I replied quietly.

“Good. Now… I’m going to untie you, and I want to see what you can do with that tongue of yours, slut”.

She untied me from the chair, but kept my hands tied behind my back. She went over and sprawled on the sofa, with her legs wide open and her beautiful cunt exposed.

“Now, slut.” she said, “Get over here, and get that mouth to work on my pussy.”

I didn’t need telling twice, and I quickly knelt in front of her and leant forward, bringing my lips to her cunt. I went to work on her with my tongue, and she grabbed my head and pressed my face hard into her hot pussy. It didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm, and her whole body shuddered, as she pressed harder on the back of my head. When she had recovered her composure, she again made me sit, tied to the chair, watching gay porn, while she disappeared off to get ready for her night out.

The scent of her pussy on my face, and the porn on the TV, meant that my cock was still hard and throbbing. My balls ached, and I wanted to cum so badly that I thought I would do anything to get an orgasm. When she came back into the room, she looked stunning. There was no doubt that if she wanted a man tonight, she would have no trouble getting one.

I begged with her not to go and to untie me, but she just laughed. I begged her to at least let me have an orgasm, but again she laughed.

“That cock belongs to me now,” she said, “and I’ll decide when it gets to spurt its little load. Now be a good slut, and watch your film, while I go out and have a little fun. Olivia and Clive will see to it that you don’t try to get loose! I’m really very horny now, and I can’t see any cocks round here big enough to satisfy me.” She laughed, and with a slam of the door, she was gone.

It must have been quite late when she got back. I’d had to watch the gay porno at least four times over. My cock was still bulging as I watched the guys in action on screen. I wondered what it was like to suck cock and get a mouthful of cum, or feel a big hard cock slide inside my arse. I’ve always been totally straight, but have often wondered about what it would be like with another man.

“Hello my slut,” my wife said, as she walked in. “I hope you’ve been good while I’ve been out!”

She was obviously a little drunk, as she started to tell me about her night. She had gone to a club, and before long was approached by the handsome, muscular owner, who was obviously only after one thing. His name was Tom. He got what he wanted. My wife explained in great detail, about how they had sneaked off to his office at the end of the night. About how they had fucked like a couple of horny teenagers, right there on the desk. She told me that he had a huge thick cock and a big pair of cum filled balls.

“In fact,” she said, “I’ve got something to show you.”

Reaching carefully into her handbag, I couldn’t believe it when she pulled out a used condom. The end hung heavily, full of Tom’s cum.

“I didn’t like to waste it!” she laughed as she approached me with the condom. “See that? That’s cum from a REAL man.”

The condom was held right in front of my eyes. I could clearly see the thick white cum inside.

“Tilt your head back and open your mouth!” she ordered.

I shook my head, and she reached under my skirt and grabbed my balls. She squeezed them hard. She squeezed them, until I reluctantly tipped my head back, and I opened my mouth.

“Good slut,” she purred and with that, she turned the condom upside down over my face.

With her other hand, she squeezed cum out and into my mouth. I gagged, as the cold, slimy spunk dripped onto my tongue and into my mouth.

“If you want to be a slut, you’d better get used to the taste of cum,” she laughed, as she emptied the entire contents of the condom into my mouth.

There was so much of it that I had no choice but to swallow the spunk of this man who had just fucked my wife. My wife seemed very pleased, and she lifted my skirt, to reveal my still rock hard cock, protruding over the top of my panties.

“Hmmm… I bet you’d like to fuck me now.”

She pulled my panties down exposing my throbbing cock. I franticly nodded and begged.

“Yes Mistress… please let me fuck you!” She laughed, and proceeded to roll the used condom onto my penis.

“THAT is the nearest your pathetic cock is ever going to get to my pussy!” she sneered, before getting up and leaving the room, to go to bed.

I was left tied to the chair, with the aftertaste of cum clinging in my mouth, and a condom that had been used by another man to fuck my wife, on my cock, which still remained hard after all this time. Eventually, I nodded off to sleep with the porn film still playing in the background.

…and so it goes on…

The next day, my wife woke early and came and untied me from the chair. My whole body ached from having to spend the night tied upright, and at last my erection had subsided, although my balls still ached with the need to cum.

She allowed me to shower, and led me into the bedroom. She made me stand naked in front of her. She started to explain a few of her rules to me. From now on I was hers. At all times in the house, I was to wear nothing but female attire.

To the outside world we would carry on as normal, except that I would always be wearing female underwear if I went outside. I would continue to go to work, but to stop me from masturbating… I would have to wear a chastity belt. She would have as many lovers as she wanted, and next time, she would bring them home for sex in our bed. I would obey her every command, and be tied up when my services were not required.

After I reluctantly agreed to all of this, she reached into a drawer and produced a small curved metal tube with some leather straps attached. I realized immediately that it was a chastity belt.

“Your little cock is not going to get to cum for quite some time!” she laughed, as she roughly pulled my cock down through the tube, before attaching the strap to hold it in place.

She put a small padlock through the rings in the strap and snapped it shut. Taking the key, she placed it in an envelope, which she then sealed.

She ordered me to get dressed and go to work. When I was ready to leave the house, she said that she had something for me to do on the way to the office. She handed me an envelope. As I took it, I realized that it was the same envelope she had placed the key to my chastity belt in, except now there was an address written on it. Our address!

“Post that for me on your way slut.”

“But…” I stammered.

“Quiet!” she yelled. “I don’t want you secretly trying to jerk yourself off, so I figured that if the key wasn’t here, then you’ve got no chance!”

“Anyway,” she continued “it’ll be back in a couple of days, and if you’re a good boy, I may even let you cum!” The thought of being able to cum caused my cock to twitch in the steel tube. As I turned to leave, my wife shouted to me: “Let’s just hope it doesn’t get lost in the post!”

As I walked, I thought about opening the envelope and taking the key. I could go to the men’s room at work and jerk myself off. She’d never know! I thought of what she might do if she found out and anyway, she did say that she was going to let me cum when the key came back.

…Hesitantly, I dropped the envelope into the mailbox.

It was a long day at work. My cock was constantly straining in its restraint, but there was no way it could get erect. I tried to find a way of removing the chastity belt, but it was too secure; but with it on, there was absolutely no way I could even touch my cock, let alone jerk myself off. I also felt as if everyone in the office knew I was wearing women’s panties. I was paranoid that, somehow, they DID all know. I was glad when it was time to leave off, and I walked home very slowly, unsure of what my wife may have planned for me when I got home. I quietly shut the door behind me, and straight away my wife shouted from the living room.

“You know the rules, slut. Go to your room and change then come in here.”

I went into the spare bedroom, where I was to be sleeping from now on. Laid on the bed, was a selection of women’s clothes. Mainly underwear, but also a few tarty looking PVC outfits, and several leather items.

“I’ll let you choose!” She laughed from the other room… “…and don’t be too long!”

I slowly took off my own clothes, and I proceeded to get dressed for my wife. I chose black silk stockings/suspenders, a black bra and panties, with a black PVC mini skirt and a see through black lace top.

As soon as I was fully dressed, my cock again tried to harden but to no avail. My balls ached as they felt the cool touch of the panties. Taking a deep breath, I turned and went into the living room, where my wife was waiting for me. She was standing in the centre of the room, in a skin tight black dress, which really showed off her incredible cleavage, and a pair of black leather thigh boots, with at least a 6 inch heel. She looked stunning. I could think of nothing else, but how good it would feel to fuck her there and then.

“Stop!” she barked as I entered the room. “From now on you will always be on your knees in my presence! Now, kneel… and then crawl over here you pathetic slut!”

As I knelt before her, she told me that she had something for me, and from behind her back, she produced a long, blonde wig. She wasted no time in positioning in it on my head. She stood back and said:

“Good, you look more like a proper girl now, slut!” She took out the camera, and continued: “We’d better have another few pictures while you’re looking so pretty!” She proceeded to take several photographs of me dressed as a slut, and kneeling submissively on the floor.

“Now, follow me,” she ordered, as she walked seductively off towards her bedroom. I followed as fast as I could on my hands and knees.

“Lay on the floor under the bed!” she said.

I did as instructed, and I slid myself on my back under the bed. My hands and my feet were tied to each leg of the bed, until I was completely helpless. Picking up the phone, I heard her saying:

“Yes, I’ve got him! Let’s do it now. Bring Sámi and the others, he won’t be any trouble.”
Pippa panicked and began to struggle against his bonds.

He’d been treated with the utmost respect by Sámi, and to be exposed to her like this would be embarrassment in the extreme… and yet the very thought seemed to make him yearn even more for it to happen. He was caught up too tightly in the belt behind his back, and he daren’t pull too hard, as it was fastened to the collar around his neck. The doorbell rang, and as was the norm with Sámi, she walked straight in and up the stairs. Helen looked at Pippa and said:

“You’re for it now,” The sound of multiple footsteps, running up the stairs, made Pippa visibly wince… and he simpered towards the door.

Sámi and Katie waltzed in… followed by an entourage of female friends.

“Well,” Sámi said, looking Pippa up and down and giggling. “You have done a right job on him.”

Pippa looked away highly embarrassed, as Sámi picked the handle of the dog lead up, and dragged him into the front room… to show him to the other girls that had assembled for this spectacle. All this time, Pippa was concerned about the knickers that were tightly yet playfully around his thighs… and yet his manhood was straining behind the flimsy knickers beneath the semi transparent playsuit.

Although he was his wife’s submissive… he had never experienced what it was like to be forcibly feminized! He watched the girls, intentionally avoiding looking at them. His pleading eyes turned to Helen, as he tried to intone psychically… ‘Help me!’

“Pull those fucking knickers up.”

Helen went into the bedroom, and brought out a dressing gown. She wrapped Pippa in it, and tied it tightly around the waist. Pippa could feel the stockings against his shaven legs, and the playsuit against his shaven chest… and he could see that his nipples were bright red. He knew that his face was made up garishly, and in an overly ‘girly’ way, and he became scared when she took the lead from Sámi, saying:

“C’mon girls, we’re taking him to the Pub!” Pippa wept, as he was dragged down the stairs. Helen said:

“Don’t worry… Remember the night that you had me tied over that chair… and that you left me open, to be spanked by anyone who should wander in? Remember the night when you stole my whisky… and poured it away? Remember the night when you confiscated a bottle of my wine? The list goes on… and to top it all off, you’ve been pinching my underwear! So now, it’s your turn!”

The girls all tutted, and they agreed that he should be punished like this. As he was dragged up the garden path, his bathrobe came loose. Sámi grabbed it from behind, exposing him in the street. She folded it over her arm, and continued to walk with them towards the main road, beyond which was the busy pub. Helen turned to her, and said:

“We’ve no need for that now, throw it away!” Sámi did as she was asked, and she threw it in the field.

With no means of escape, Pippa began to wonder if he should just brazen it out. Of course he had no choice, as the more he struggled, the tighter the grip on the dog lead became. She dragged him past the pub, and towards a busy shopping centre.

She passed a row of shops, and continued on through the busy car park towards Sainsbury’s… whilst the girls followed on, laughing and jeering… and passers-by stood agape at the spectacle. She tied him to a dog hitch, outside the car-park’s busy main entrance at the rear of the supermarket… and handcuffing his wrists behind his back, she turned to leave… with the rest of her girlfriends in tow.

“Oh, and one more thing,” she said, turning back… and pulling the frilly knickers up tightly around his waist. “Don’t forget that I love you… as girlie as you are. We’ll come back to get you in two hours time… so, try not to get arrested before we do!”

Leaving him there, wearing only his frilly undergarments, his high heels and his wig… and made up to look like a cheap slut, the group of girls returned to the orgiastic fun of the party! Helen continues the story:

On the way back to the party, I told the girls of the only other occasion that I had managed to convince Pippa to dress up for me.

I explained to them what a little whore I am, and how my obedient little husband cleans and licks my body, after I’ve been fucked by my lovers. The last time he’d cleaned me up, was after I was gang-banged by five ‘anonymous’ hugely rampant cocks, in a ‘dogging’ car park, about three miles from our home!

I had decided to shave my husband of all of his body hair, to both humiliate him, and because I liked the way it looked. It made his puny little dick look bigger and fatter. Why did I have this sudden change of heart? Because Tony, my married lover, had been caught by his wife, who had threatened to sue him… and to take his entire bank account away, if he didn’t dump me. As sweet as my hot little body was, I guess his money was more important. He did leave me with an envelope… filled with cash, after our final night together… two-thousand pounds to be exact!

That same week, another of my ‘regular’ fucks called… Terrence. He said that he was through with me… because I was too much of a whore, and he no longer wanted his dick near my sloppy holes. Too much of a whore? …Well, fuck him. I wasn’t as upset by him as I was by Tony, but now I was lover-less. The life that I had grown accustomed to had been turned upside down. I wondered if it was some sort of sign from the sex gods.

Pippa couldn’t believe it when I started staying home every night. I would let him eat my pussy after the kids went to bed. I even let him fuck me once, but found that his small cock still didn’t satisfy me. He became even more attentive to me and the kids, and I was actually starting to enjoy it.

One night, after I was trying out a new vibrator that I’d bought, one of those life-like ten-inch models… I had a kinky idea! I watched, as Pippa licked the vibrator clean after I’d cum on it, and I decided that maybe… what my husband wanted, was to suck a real dick. I would make that happen, but first… I had another idea.

Rebecca lived on the floor below us. She was in her early 40’s, had FOUR kids, and had been widowed over five years ago. She often criticized my lifestyle, but I knew it also turned her on. She was very religious, and had confessed to me that she’d been celibate since her husband’s death.

I tried to imagine life without sex for five years …but I just couldn’t. I decided to try and seduce her. I thought it would be fun… and besides, my self-esteem was at a low point, because I was no longer getting fucked regularly.

It was a holiday weekend in January that I decided to put my plan into motion.

I told Pippa that he would be getting laid very soon, if he obeyed my every wish …that was no problem, since he was already doing that. So, he eagerly took the kids out to a movie that Sunday afternoon when I asked him to.

I phoned Rebecca… and I invited her up for a cup of coffee. Now, Rebecca may have been forty-two years old, but she was still a sexy woman. She was a little chunky, but her forty-four DD breasts commanded attention, and I noticed the looks she always got from the other men in our building. The rest of her was well proportioned, her hips were nicely rounded …as was her arse. Her thighs were meaty, but not fat. Her face was soft and gentle, motherly… in a comforting sort of way.

I had fantasized about her eating my pussy sometimes when Pippa was down there. I think it was her goody-goody attitude that made me want to corrupt her. She thought Pippa was a total saint, because of the way he put up with me, and how well he took care of the kids. I knew she was very fond of him.

When she came up for coffee, I made sure that I was dressed properly. I had on a silk kimono, and a sexy little pair of panties. I was braless, and because of the cold apartment, my nipples stood out proudly, pushing points through my robe. Rebecca was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, her huge tits straining against the material.

I turned the subject to sex, and I asked her if she’d noticed that I no longer went out at night. She said that she had, and told me that she had prayed for me to change.

I told her how I was masturbating all of the time now, because I wasn’t used to this lack of sex. She laughed, and told me how she had been masturbating for years… and that it was normal.

I asked her why she didn’t date, if she was so horny… and she explained that there were too many bad things in the world, and that maybe someday, when all the kids were gone, she would date. I took this opportunity to tell her about some of my escapades. I could see that she was getting turned on. Her nipples must’ve been huge, to show through the thick sweatshirt that she was wearing. I was getting really turned on too.

I lied, and I told her that I had a confession. I told her that Pippa had called her name out several times during sex, and that I thought he must have a real hard on for her. I told her that sometimes, when I masturbated …I thought about her myself. I lied again, and told her that I’d never been with another woman in my life. I touched her hand, and I asked her if she’d ever wondered what it would feel like to kiss another woman… to touch her, to taste her… to feel the softness of another woman’s breasts. I could tell that she was getting really turned on, and that it made her uncomfortable. She got up… and very nervously left.

The next morning was a Monday, and it was a holiday. I had Pippa take the kids to his mother’s for the day. When he arrived back home, I had some women’s clothing laid out for him on the bed. I had taken some of the money Tony had given me, and had ordered a French maid’s costume …in Pippa’s size. I’d even found a pair of women’s black pumps… in a size nine, for him. I took him with me to the shower, shaved him down again, and then helped him to dress. I could tell by his erection that he was into the French maid’s outfit.

I wrapped a studded cock-ring around the base of his cock and his clean shaven balls, pulling his package through the crotchless panties. His cock looked obscene, until I had him cover it with the apron. He was wearing fishnets, a garter, a padded black bra, the crotchless panties, and the little maid’s hat …along with the high heels. I put make-up on him …and I must say that my hubby looked like a little French slut.

I told him of my plan to seduce Rebecca. He was surprised at me, and he said that we would never be able to pull that off, because she was such a straight lady. I told him my sexual prowess wouldn’t fail, but he would have to follow my lead.

I called Rebecca down, and I told her that we needed to talk …and that I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I was surprised that she agreed to come down. I expected her to hesitate …but she didn’t. This may be easier than I first thought. Pippa was really excited. I instructed him to open the door, and to stand behind it, to let Rebecca in …so she wouldn’t see him until she was inside.

I wore a pair of snug sweat pants and a t-shirt… no panties, and no bra. Rebecca was at the door a few minutes later.

When Pippa closed the door behind her, she looked shocked …seeing that he was dressed like that. I told her that he wanted to be one of the girls’, and to sit around and talk with us, while we had coffee. Again, I met no resistance, and this surprised me. As Pippa went to get us coffee, she told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about what I had said to her yesterday. She whispered to me that she had fantasized about Pippa while she’d masturbated. I feigned a surprised look.

Pippa came back in, and sat on the chair across from us. When he sat, his cock made a tent in the apron. Rebecca looked right at it. This was going nothing like I had imagined it would, because Rebecca was giving no resistance whatsoever.

I started by telling Pippa that I’d told Rebecca how he’d called out her name sometimes, when we were fucking …or when I was sucking his dick. He looked a bit surprised, but was smart enough to go along with it.

“Look at that erection. The moment that I told him that you were coming down he got hard.” I stood up, and sat on the floor by his legs. “I bet it’s been ages since you saw a cock? Especially one that was so hard for you.”

Rebecca nodded, looking at us with pure lust in her eyes. I reached under his apron, and I touched his hard cock …again, it just seemed so much bigger than usual.

“I think he’d be willing to show you it to you… if you maybe let us see those boobs.”

I wanted to see them as much as Pippa. It took some time, but eventually Rebecca was sitting there in a sexy bra and a pair of black panties, looking delicious.

I told Pippa to tell Rebecca how much he wanted to lick her all over, and how much he had been jerking off, thinking about doing that to her.

He was no dummy. It may not have been true, but he saw the chance for some hot sex here. So he did, and for effect, he rubbed the lump in his apron.

I crawled to Rebecca’s feet. Pippa followed me. I moved up, and I began touching her legs, then her arms, before I moved in to kiss her. She pulled away at first, but soon our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. She moaned. Pippa had started licking her legs, making his way up to her wet panties. Her full thighs opened to allow him access to her neglected pussy. Pippa is such a horn dog!

He just pulled her wet panties aside, and started licking what had to be the hairiest pussy that I’d ever seen. She forgot me for the moment, throwing her head back, and enjoying my husband’s talented tongue work. I unfastened her bra …and I let out her forty-four DD’s. I immediately went after her large, dark nipples, and began sucking on them. She didn’t take long to have an orgasm. It was so loud that I was expecting the next door neighbours to slam on the wall. Pippa kept at it though, and so did I. Before long, she was moaning, and was headed for her second quick orgasm. She was like me, in that she really got wet when she came. I kissed Pippa, and I licked Rebecca’s juices off his mouth and cheeks. Mmm, I liked it.

Pippa knelt, took off his apron, and pulled Rebecca to the end of the couch. He shoved his cock into her pussy. I sat close to them on the couch, and I watched his cock sliding in and out of her hairy pussy. I ripped off my sweatpants and my shirt, and I leaned in close. I could smell the sweet smell of Rebecca’s overheated pussy, as Pippa began to just pound her. She reached out and pulled me toward her, and as we kissed she rubbed my pussy. I was so hot that I started to cum. She had her third orgasm, and a minute later, Pippa pulled out… and he came all over her big tits. She sat back, and Pippa and I licked her tits clean. Rebecca was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the couch.

I was still horny, so I let Pippa fuck me in the arse. Rebecca left later that day, but begged us to have her back. I’ve been getting so horny, just thinking about it… that I’ve been letting Pippa fuck me, and eat me constantly.

I’m working on bringing home a well hung stud, so that Pippa can suck his cum right out of his dick… after he’s fucked me and I’ve forced Pippa to watch… probably whilst he’s tied to a chair, or something!I am just coming out of the loo, when I notice that there is someone in our master bedroom. Clive is nearby in the hallway, and I ask him to come with me and investigate. As we stealthily enter the room, I notice that one of the guests is searching through our private stuff… A young woman of about twenty-three is rifling through some drawers… it’s the usual excuse: she’s looking for things to steal …for some quick cash. To her surprise, she is grabbed from behind, and though she struggles hard, whoever it is that is holding her, is stronger than she is. Eventually, she calms down… and Clive says into her ear:

“That was a big mistake, trying to rob this house…”

He drags her across the room. He throws her down onto the bed, pinning her down with his body, before she has the chance to try to escape… he says:

“Well, well, well… I think I’m going to have to cuff you, and then I’ll call some mates to take you off to the station.” She starts to beg him not to, saying that she’ll do anything that he wants her to.

“Anything… hmm?”

We decide that he might as well have some fun. I whisper to him that I am happy just to watch, and that he should be sure to keep her to her promise… making her do anything that pleases him!

He ties her hands behind her, with an article of clothing, pulled from a drawer. He grabs her hair, forcing her to kneel in front of him. Pulling at her thin shirt, it tears easily, and he sees that she’s not wearing anything underneath it. As he pinches a nipple cruelly, he tells her to open her mouth …and to suck his cock. She reluctantly complies, fearing that he will twist her nipple clean off.

Impatient with her clumsy sucking, he takes hold of her head, and he forces himself all the way into her throat.

She makes pained whimpering noises, as her face is pressed up against his stomach. He tells her to get his cock good and wet, because he wants to fuck her arse.

He pulls out of her mouth. She starts to beg and plead for him not to fuck her there… she’s never had a man take her there before, but he pushes her over roughly, so she falls onto her shoulders and knees. He impatiently pushes her skirt up to her waist, and he pulls her knickers down. He puts the head of his cock at the entrance to her arse… he grabs her hair, and he starts pulling her back, making her impale herself on him. She cries out in pain, and she pleads:


This just makes him angrier. He shoves his cock the rest of the way into her. She screams, and she tries to wriggle away from him. He holds tightly onto her hair, and her tied wrists. He waits for her to exhaust herself, and to submit to his will. Sobbing, and panting quietly… she eventually stops trying to get away, and he begins fucking her arse. Thrusting slowly at first, he becomes faster… and rougher with her, until he’s nearly ready to cum.

He pulls out of the girl’s arse… he flips her over, pulling her mouth open, cumming into her mouth, and over her lips… telling her to lick it all up, and to swallow it. She pleads with him to let her go, saying that he’s had his fun …and that she’s learned her lesson. He just laughs. He says that he hasn’t had any fun with her pussy yet.

She tries to get up and run, not getting far, because he slaps her hard across the face. She falls back onto the bed. Taking more things, like ties and belts, from his drawers …and his cupboards, he ties her ‘spread-eagled’ to the bed, with a couple of pillows under her arse, exposing her completely.

He leaves the room for a little while, leaving the girl to struggle against her bonds, and to curse her predicament. When he returns, he’s carrying a bag …with several items in it. First, he uses some scissors …to cut her clothes off completely. He pulls out a police baton. He runs it lightly over her skin, and she breathes sharply, fearing that he will beat her with it.

Soon, she feels it pressing into her cunt, but she can’t twist away from it, and she feels its hard smoothness, as it slides into her.

He presses into her slowly but firmly, stopping only when it can’t possibly go any further, and the girl wails in pain. He pulls it out quickly, and just as fast, he shoves the baton into her arsehole, causing another squeal to escape from her throat.

Searching in the bag again, he pulls out two small vice grips. He straddles her torso, and he takes one breast, squeezing the nipple and making it harden, then fixing the grip around it and squeezing it closed, until the girl’s face is scrunched up with the agony of it. He squeezes the grip even closer, and she strains against the material which ties her down, desperate to get away.

Leaning down, he takes her other breast, and he sucks on the nipple gently, giving it almost the opposite treatment to the first but soon, he places a clamp on that nipple too. Tears run down the girl’s face, as the blinding pain in her nipples overwhelms her.

His cock is hard again now, and he moves down to kneel between her legs. Without ceremony, he forces himself into cunt, made tighter by the presence of the baton that he had shoved into her arse. As he thrusts into her, he sometimes squeezes her breasts and nipples; sometimes he scratches his fingers down her body, leaving red marks.

He moves one hand to her cunt …finding her clit, and he begins to rub and twist it. To her shame, the girl’s body responds to the stimulation, and she begins to breathe deeply …her stuffed cunt getting wetter. Just as she is about to near orgasm, he reaches up, and he twists the grip that is holding her nipple, so that she is subjected to intense amounts of both pain and pleasure. Her cunt is clamped around his cock, and he begins slamming into her, turned on by the look of exquisite agony on her face, and by the tears rolling down it.

She doesn’t know how long he continues to fuck her, but eventually he collapses on top of her, and she can feel his cum leaking from her cunt, along with her own juices.

He pulls out of her cunt …and he removes the baton from her arse, leaving her feeling rather empty… he removes the vice grips quickly, making the girl scream, as the blood rushes back into her nipples.

He unties her, and then he hands her the shreds of her clothes, and he warns her not to even think of reporting this… otherwise, he continues, he has quite a few friends who’d just love to take advantage of a slut like her.

With that, he pushes her out of my house, and into the alley that runs behind it.Helen was taking a nap, so Barbara told Pippa that she would invite one of the other couples to join them… as ‘visitors’ to the basement. Steve and Pat agreed to join them… Pippa continues the story…

I was getting nervous about our visitors. Barbara had me dress in the short skirt, low cut blouse, crotchless pantyhose, and an underwired bra, with silicon breast enhancers that forced up my chest to give the impression of cleavage. Putting on the corset to give myself a more feminine shape had been an ordeal, and I had trouble breathing. I was heavily made up, with a new, auburn wig.

As we waited for them to arrive, she gave me a strong drink to “settle my nerves.” Barbara wore her jeans and a shirt. When the door was knocked on, she went to answer it, and I tried to take a deep breath, as the couple entered the room.

She was a small, blond haired woman, with full breasts and wide hips. He was tall, large boned, and dark complexioned. They introduced themselves as Pat and Steve. Barbara asked if they would like a drink after they were seated, and while she made the drinks, I tried to overcome my nervousness, by having a conversation with them. My nervousness must have been apparent, because Steve asked:

“This is your first time isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

“Well. I must say… you look very feminine and attractive.” he told me, after taking a sip of the drink Barbara had brought.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him.

After a couple of drinks and some small talk, Barbara suggested we adjourn to the bedrooms, which Pat and Steve readily agreed with. As we got up, I thought that I would be going into a bedroom with Pat.

I was shocked when Barbara and Pat went into the other bedroom together and closed the door. I numbly followed Steve into our bedroom.

Inside, Steve turned to me. He suddenly pulled me to him, and brought his lips onto mine. I struggled briefly, but his strong arms around me started a melting process inside me, and I found my arms up around his neck, and responding to the tongue that he’d suddenly shoved into my mouth.

His hand slipped down to my arse, and pressed me against his crotch to feel his huge hard-on against my belly. His other hand reached down to my crotch, and began to rub my cock through my skirt, as I moaned in response.

“You’re a hot little bitch aren’t you?” he murmured in my ear. “I’ve got the thing that hot little bitches want.” He took my hand to his zipper, and I slowly slid it down.

Reaching inside, my fingers found his throbbing manhood, and I worked it out of his boxers, to pull it free in my hand. I was amazed at the size and feel of it, as he continued to hold and kiss me. This was the first time I’d ever held another man’s sex organ. The large head was circumcised, and felt spongy with firm glans around it… and the shaft was rock hard and ready. He placed his hands on my shoulders, and he pushed me to my knees, where I found myself looking at the huge, purple head of his cock… with precum around the slit in the end.

A hand at the back of my head gently pushed me toward it, and I opened my mouth to welcome it inside. I felt elated that I hadn’t hesitated, but truly wanted it in my mouth to submit and please him. I remembered my training, as I cradled the shaft on my lips, as my tongue explored the head and tasted his precum.

“Suck it! Suck it! Make me cum! Rub it with your tongue!” he whispered, as he slowly began to fuck my mouth. “That’s it! That’s it! Oh, you sweet cocksucker.” I began to work both my hands on his shaft, as it moved in and out of my mouth, and I could feel his cock beginning to throb and pulse.

“I’m cumming!” he groaned, as a large glob of cum hit the back of my throat, followed by a host of others, so that it quickly filled my mouth.

“Swallow it, slut!” he told me, as he rigidly held my head, and I was forced to gulp it down or drown.

His monstrous cock finally stopped releasing its load of cum, and began to soften.

“Lick it clean darling!” he ordered.

I began to lick the head that I still held in my mouth. I decided that the taste and texture of his cum was not that much different than the taste of my own cum, which I liked. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and said:

“You did a good job. You make a wonderful cocksucker darling! Now lets get undressed and on the bed.” As I stood up and began to remove my clothes, I realized that I was a true cocksucker now.

The taste and feel of his cum was in my mouth, and as I ran my tongue through the slimy coating, I knew that I would want more. We quickly removed our clothes and got on the bed, except I left my bra and crotchless panties on.

“Here,” he told me, “Suck on my cock and get me hard again.”

I moved my mouth to his soft cock. I began to manipulate it with my hands and tongue, and immediately felt it harden.

“You have a nice touch darling. Now get on your back and raise your knees.” Lying back on the bed, he shoved a pillow under my arse, as I raised my knees to give him access to my “cunt.”

“I love these crotchless panties.” he said. “They let you in front or back.”

He positioned himself, brought his cock head to my anus, and pushed it in. I was glad for the previous experiences I’d had with the big dildo and the butt plug, because he easily slid inside me as I relaxed to give him entry.

“Oooouuuu!” I moaned, as he claimed my body.

“Oh darling,” he whispered, “It feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes!! Oh yes!!” I used my hands on his arse to pull him in deeper. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

My cock was being rubbed against his stomach, as he began to fuck me in long thrusts, with his rock hard member.

“Ugh!! Ugh!! You have a nice snug pussy.”

I thrust my hips against him, and felt his balls banging against me, as he continued his relentless assault of my arse. His mouth came down on mine, and my arms went around his neck to return his kiss. Our tongues entwined, as we moaned in the throes of our approaching orgasm. I didn’t notice the door to the bedroom open, as the two women, fresh from their own love making, entered and sat in chairs by the bed to watch us. Suddenly, Steve began to gasp.

“I’m cumming! You slut! I’m cumming!” I felt his cock, deep in my arse begin to throb, as he emptied his seed in my bowels.

“Oohhh… that was good darling.” he murmured to me, as he slowly withdrew his cock from my arse, and went into the bathroom to clean up…

I opened my eyes, and I saw Barbara smiling at me… with her fingers in her pussy, masturbating herself.

“How’s my sweetie doing?” she asked.

“I see that you were enjoying yourself. Pat and I had such a good time. It was my first time with a woman… and she’s such a good teacher. It’s too bad they have to go now, as I would have enjoyed spending the night together, but we’re going to get together with them this weekend for more fun.”

Her face was covered in cunt juice. I smelt the musky odour of woman, as she bent forward to kiss me.

“I love you!” she told me.

I felt totally satiated and complete in my femininity, as I gently returned her kiss with my cum covered lips. Later, after Steve and Pat had gone, she let me remove the cock ring, and she fucked me until I came in a flood of cum, and she straddled my face with her hips. She had me lick and suck my cum out of her cunt.

“That’s your reward for doing such a good job tonight sweetie.”Meanwhile, Simon had lost a bet to Tina… and she wanted him to honour his debt!

“You lost the bet and now you’ve got to do whaaaaateeeeever I want!”

“You made a bet and lost. You said if you won I had to be your ‘stunningly sultry, servile sex slave,’ and if I won that I could choose a task for you. And you lost!”

“Stand up,” she commanded me.

I obeyed with haste.

“Start taking your clothes off, loser. And turn around and face the wall as you do. Oh, yeah, keep your eyes shut, too. That is if you know what’s good for you!”

I pulled off my shoes and turned around, debating whether to peek at what Tina was doing or not. I decided to continue removing my clothes. No sense in tempting fate. Or Tina. As I was taking off my shirt, I heard her open the closet door. The screech of metal on metal assaulted my ears, wire hangers scraping across a steel rod. She finished with whatever she was doing in the closet and started to rummage in the dresser drawers. I was getting nervous, but I finished undressing anyways. I stood quietly waiting a few moments as she continued looking in a drawer, muttering to her self.

“Finished?” she inquired sweetly.

I said yes and started to face her. A sharp smack on my bare arse cheek stopped me mid-turn.

“I did not tell you to turn around. And keep your eyes closed, arsehole.”

Another smack, harder this time, accompanied her remark. Not wanting to be swatted again, I did as Tina told me.

“Very good!’” she praised, “Now turn around, keeping your eyes shut.” Meekly, I turned.

“Ok, put your right arm up and make a loose fist.” As I did, I felt a few hangers placed on my hand, the slight weight of them pulling it down a little.

“Ok, open your eyes,” I was told.

I looked at what she had hung on my hand. It was a white poet’s blouse with a ruffled collar and long sleeves ending in a double ruffle at the wrist, along with a denim button-front crinkle skirt. A lacy, thong bodysuit hung from the third hanger. It was white, too.

My jaw dropped to the floor at the same time my heart leapt to my throat. She stood in front of me, arms crossed and legs wide, an expectant look on her face.

“Put them on.” I hesitated and tried to say anything that would change her mind.

“I mean it,” she said. “Here I’ll help you.”

Tina took the things from my hand and laid them on the bed save the bodysuit. She adjusted the shoulder straps, making them larger and motioned for me to step into it. I shook my head nervously.

Her green eyes darkened and her jaw tightened. I swallowed and stepped into the offending attire, Tina pulling it up around me as I did. Slowly she slid the straps over my shoulders and tightened them a little.

I had seen this very same under garment on Tina many times and always thought it was a very sexy thing for her to wear. I even told her so on numerous occasions, that usually culminating in a good lay. But now I didn’t know what to think, as Tina’s gaze travelled down my femininely clad body to my crotch.

She reached down and carefully slid my cock and balls from the confines of the lacy garment so that they were hanging loose. She pulled the lower half of the bodysuit up a hitch. This caused the thong to ride up my arse crack and I told her this.

A smug look appeared on her face and her eyebrows arched. She thought for a second as she appraised me again.

“Hmmmm,” my tormentor murmured, as she placed some padding in the bra cups and adjusted them. “That gives me an idea. But later, now I want you to get used to this.”

She lightly tapped my cockhead from side to side as she said this, watching as my member came to a semi-erection.

I took a moment to glance in the wall mirror and noticed the bodysuit had nipped an inch or so from my waist and stomach. That, along with the padded bra, gave the illusion of at least B or C breasts. Tina noticed me looking and answered my unasked question.

“It’s a body briefer with a padded bra, dear,” she told me, “To make a girls figure more girlish.”

“B-but I… I’m not a girl,” I stuttered out.

“Remember how you said I was going to be your sex-kitten, and do whatever… even wear whatever you desired? Cater to your every whim?” Tina asked.

I gulped and nodded, seeing where this line of questioning was leading.

“Well,” She continued, “I thought I would let you feel how it would be. You are now my slave… all this holiday weekend. Wait. Your vacation starts Monday, too. I guess you’ll be my little slave girl for the whole party.” I nearly swooned at the idea.

How did I get myself into this? All I wanted to do was have Tina sexually satisfy me all weekend as my sex-slave.

“Let’s think of a name for you while we finish getting you dressed, shall we?”

Tina had me put my arms up, as she pulled the cotton blouse over my head and primped the ruffles to fluff out. I put the denim skirt on. She fussed with a few details then stood back to look at me.

“You look like a proper girl, honey,” she said, “All except that little tent in your nice skirt. But I know how to take care of that.”

“I think I’ll call you Simona,” she whispered as she started to suck me off. “Simona, this is just the beginning of a great two weeks!”Cathy had decided to get a couple of hours of rest, so Reg had befriended Ollie, and between them, they’d decided to play some pranks on Eric! Reg lured Eric into the garden, where Ollie soaked him with the hosepipe. Eric explains what happened next…

I stripped in the garage, not wanting to stay outside with my clothes dripping wet, and I stood there shivering and naked.

“Hurry up, would you? I’m freezing out here!”

“Here you go,” Ollie said with a smile.

“What’s this?” I asked with a dumbfounded look on my face.

What he’d handed me was like a silk kimono that would only come down to mid-thigh.

“That’s the only robe I’ve got that will fit you. I’m sure you’ll look cute in it.” With that smile on his face, I heard Reg start laughing in the background.

“Ya’ll aren’t funny. Get me some real clothes.”

“Dude, the only stuff I’ve got that will fit you is some leftover stuff from the last girl I was dating. Can I help it that you’re short?” Reg decided to add his two cents saying:

“Hey Ollie, why don’t you just order Eric to wear that stuff? After all, he lost the bet we had, and he has to do what you say for the rest of the night.”

“That’s right,” Ollie said, as he looked at me with a glint of mischief in his eye. “For tonight, you’re mine.” I felt a sense of dread at what was coming next.

“Put this on, and then go and take a shower. There’s a bottle of nice smelling soap that my girl used to use. Wash with that, because tonight, you get to be the girl. How much of a girl you are depends on you. I’ll leave some stuff for you to wear in the bedroom.” And just like that, an innocent bet took me towards a night that I would never forget.

After I’d showered, I went into the bedroom, and I found three different outfits numbered and laid out for me to wear.

The first included a baby blue teddy, matching thigh-hi stockings, a darker blue mini-dress, and some matching three inch heels. The second was the classic schoolgirl outfit with a red pleated skirt, white thigh-high stockings, Mary Jane heels, and pink cotton knickers and a pink camisole to wear under the white blouse. The third outfit had sex written all over it. It was a black corset with a black g-string, black thigh-high stockings and black five inch pumps with an ankle strap.

I assumed by the numbers that I was supposed to put them on in the assigned order for Ollie and Reg’s amusement. As I slid into the first outfit, the teddy fit snugly and the stockings felt smooth. The dress hugged my figure and the shoes made my legs look toned and touchable. It took me a minute to adjust to walking in them because it felt like they forced me to tilt forward a little bit.

“Are you coming out Eric?” Ollie yelled. “I figure this is a show we’ve got to see.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I said as I stepped out the room.

Then… a flash, and another and another.

“For our memoirs.” Reg laughed.

“Oh yeah. I love this.” Ollie added. “Hey Eric, why don’t you get us some drinks, and make us some sandwiches, while we finish off this game? I’m feeling so good that if I win, I just might have Reg join you… then I’ll have two girls for the night!”

“That’s what you think Ollie,” Reg said. “If that’s how you want to play it, then I guess I’ll just have to whip that arse, take all your money, and then figure out how to take my own revenge.” Reg laughed, and so did Ollie.

I grumbled and groused as I went through the kitchen, fetching beers and making sandwiches. Finally done, I took the sandwiches out to the guys who were going back and forth with the game. I pulled up a stool and sat down.

“Cross your legs Eric. I don’t want Reg getting any ideas.”

“You wouldn’t go there anyway. I mean this is all fine, but there’s got to be a line somewhere.” I said.

“Oh really?” Ollie got that gleam in his eye. “Come here.”


“Come here.”


“Reg, I think Eric needs a little lesson in obedience. Care to lend a hand?”

“Oh absolutely. We can finish up this hand later.” They rushed me from the table.

“Get your hands off me! You guys are taking this way too far. Let me go!” I yelled, as I squirmed and tried to fight them off.

They threw me across the table and held my hands behind my back.

“Reg, get me the duct tape.”

“Right here playa. First, let me have a piece to quieten her down.”

“Wait. Stop. I’ll be good.”

I tried to plead with them. But to no avail. Reg placed the duct tape over my mouth, and for the first time, I got a real appreciation of how effective a gag it could be. Then Ollie took the tape and tied my wrists together behind my back.

“Reg, since she made such a mess, would you be so kind as to go and get the schoolgirl outfit so we can change her?”

“My pleasure Ollie.”

A few minutes later, I found myself tied to the shower curtain pole with my legs spread by a bar. I was naked, as the guys had seen fit to strip me in preparation for the next part of the night. One by one, they slid the next garments on me.

First the white thigh-high stockings. Then, the black Mary Jane shoes. They took my arms down to get the camisole and blouse on. Finally they slid the skirt up my legs.

“Leave the panties off Reg. We’re going to have a little fun here.”

Ollie started to fondle my dick. Caressing it till it grew hard in his hand.

“Guys, really, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Taking advantage of the bet Eric. You know that. Now be quiet.” And with that, Reg grabbed a ball gag from out of nowhere, forced in my mouth and silenced me yet again.

As Ollie held onto my hardening dick, he produced some kind of ribbed butt plug that was attached to some kind of cage for my dick. Quickly, he put the cage on my dick, and explained:

“This will keep you hard, but it won’t let you cum.”

He lubed the plug and forced it into my arse. I grimaced with pain, and then my eyes grew wide as he turned it on. I didn’t know it was a vibrator, until that moment, when I felt the sensations from the back to the front.

“There, that ought to be fun for awhile.”

My body started to twist to get away from the sensations that were running through it, but there was nowhere to go.

“Reg, untie her feet from the bar, then tie them back together. Knees too.”

After Reg did that, he undid my hands from the shower rod and tied them together behind my back. As they carried me back to the living room, they laid me down on my stomach on the couch.

My dick was stuck beneath me, hard and caught between my skirt, my stomach, and the couch.

Reg took hold of my ankles, and he brought them towards my hands, as he hogtied me. I grunted and moaned, as the sensations from my arse made me shift and struggle. Only, it didn’t make things any better, because the rubbing was stimulating my dick.

“Watch her Reg. I think she’s enjoying this.”

“Oh I’m sure she is. But she’s just not getting any relief is she.”

“Not right now she’s not. I bet she wishes she could cum though.” Ollie laughed.

I did… I was so uncomfortable and feeling victimized, yet I was still stimulated. I didn’t have any control and couldn’t get any release. Finally, after about twenty minutes, Ollie came over and released the cage on my dick and I spurted cum all over my stomach, skirt and his couch. I grunted with relief as my dick softened, even as the sensations continued in my arse. I panted with exhaustion at the surprising exertion I’d experienced when Reg came and freed me from the hogtie position. I remained bound though as they flipped me over onto my stomach, then sat me up.

“She really is kind of cute, isn’t she Ollie?”

“Yeah, we should show her how to really appreciate men though. I mean, now that she’s gotten hers, we should get ours.”

“True, true. I always hate how girls say we never worry about whether or not they cum. Here’s one that ought to be satisfied.”

I was nervous about what was to happen next because I knew it could really only be two things… either they were going to make me give them blow jobs or they were going to fuck me. How little did I know?

“Flip her over the couch.”

With that, they had me standing behind the couch, bent over with my hands tied behind me and my legs tied together. Ollie removed the ball gag from my mouth, and said:

“A little something for you to gather your strength.”

Next thing I knew, he had inserted his penis into my mouth and I felt it growing until it filled up my entire mouth and I thought I would gag. Slowly, he began to move back and forth, fucking my face slowly.

“Go ahead Reg. Have at it.”

Reg, standing behind me, began to force his dick into my arse. It was bigger than the vibrator and longer and because my legs were together, he had to force himself harder.

My groans were lost in Ollie’s pubes, as Reg got himself situated into my arse.

“Shit Ollie. You ought to be riding back here. It’s nice and tight and it feels just right.”

Reg laughed, as he continued his ride. Ollie smiled back at him, as he said:

“Don’t worry. I’ll get my turn riding soon. Right now, I’m just enjoying her nice, warm mouth. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed when it’s your turn up front.” And with that, they continued their respective pumping, getting their push-pull rhythm in sync, until I started to get lost in the overwhelming sensations.

“Reg, I’m about to cum… are you almost there?”

“Yeah Ollie. Ready when you are.”

“Okay then… one… two… three… Awww, shit that feels good.”

Ollie spurted down my throat. Stream after stream, jet after jet. It started to overwhelm me, and as I struggled not to choke, it started to seep out the corners of my mouth. At the same time, I felt Reg cumming in my arse. I felt the warmth deep inside, filling me, making my insides wet and seeping down my legs. Then, by surprise, I felt my own orgasm spewing, as my cock rubbed against the top of the sofa, caught between my skirt and the cushions.

“MMMPPPHHHH!!!” was all that they heard.

“Ollie, I think Eric came too. Was that what that was? Did you like your ride Eric?”

As Ollie pulled out of my mouth, I begged them:

“No more, please no more. You guys can’t keep doing this to me.”

“Oh, but I think we can Eric,” said Ollie. “After all, the night’s not over, and I’ve still got big plans for you.”

Reg smiled at Ollie’s insinuation, and I couldn’t help but wonder what else they had in store for me.

“Quick Reg. Grab the vibrator and shove it up her arse. We don’t want her to lose all her lubrication. She’s going to need it.”

“What’s the plan?”

“First, change her into outfit number three. Then take her to the playroom in the basement.”

“What playroom?” I asked. “I didn’t even know you had anything down there besides storage.”

“My bad Ollie. Here’s the vibrator and the gag. I don’t want to hear her mouth, but I do want to hear her moans and squeals once we get her into your playroom.” Reg was just a bit too excited about the room, and I started to get scared.

They dragged me back into the bedroom, and stripped off the blouse and skirt. They gripped each arm in a wrestler’s hold, while they removed the camisole. They switched the Mary Jane shoes with the heels with the ankle straps, and the panties, they simply tore off.

“Let her keep on the white stockings. It will be a nice contrast to the black outfit. A little trashy, you think?”

“Oh yeah,” said Reg. “That will work just fine. As a matter of fact, I think I remember seeing a black and white corset that might tie the whole look together. What do you say Ollie?”

“Find it and let’s do it.” A moment later, Reg came back in the room with the corset he had found.

As Ollie held my arms behind me, and my legs stayed bound, Reg slipped the corset around me, and then he began lacing it up.

“Do it tight Reg. I want to see her sexy little hourglass figure.”

Finally, tight enough that I felt I could barely breathe, I stood wobbly and bound, but Ollie wasn’t finished.

“For this next part, I’ve got a couple more surprises Eric.” And with that, he taped my wrists together, and then wrapped them in a sheath that covered my hands and my arms up to my elbows, pulling my arms back… and forcing my chest out.

“There we go. Reg, if you’ll be so kind as to get the door, I’d be happy to carry Eric down to the playroom.” And with a smile, he tossed me over his shoulder, moving the vibrator in my arse as he followed Reg down the stairs.

“Are you ready Eric?” Ollie asked.

I tried to squeal out a “No” and begged for them to stop, but the only thing that came out were squeals and grunts. Ollie set me down in a special kind of chair. I knew it was special because my sheathed arms, while under me, were not uncomfortable. I wondered what he was going to do, when he suddenly pulled a strap around my waist, effectively fastening me to the chair. After securing my torso to the chair, Ollie began to untie my legs. As he did, Reg came over and moved one leg into a stirrup, while Ollie did the other. Then they fastened my legs to the stirrups, immobilizing me. Ollie took out the gag…

“Ollie, Reg, what are you guys doing to me? I mean, you’ve already had plenty of fun. Please just let me go. I think this is taking the bet a little far.” I pleaded with them.

“Shh. Eric, it’s okay. Actually, you can make all the noise you want down here. The room is soundproof. As for now, now we trade. One more round of `fun in Eric’, then we’ll let you rest for the night. Reg, you take the front and I’ll take the back.”

All of a sudden, the bed tilted flat, and the part supporting my head disappeared. I found myself looking at Reg, upside down. I felt Ollie spreading the stirrups, and pushing them back, so that my arsehole was pointed just right… before he plunged in.

“AHHHH,” I managed to get out, as Ollie plunged in, before Reg forced his cock into my open mouth.

And they started again, fucking me from both sides. I could have sworn I heard them hi-five each other, but I couldn’t see anything but Reg’s legs.

Harder and harder they pushed. Faster and faster they went.

Time was immeasurable, and I knew they’d take longer this time around, since they’d already cum once. Still, I could feel them tightening up as they started to cum.

On and on, until finally they both let out large grunts, repeated again and again, as they pounded harder and harder, eking out every drop into my throat and arse.

Finally, they were through. I gulped in air and felt woozy.

“Please, just let me up. I promise I won’t say anything to anybody.”

“You’re damn right you won’t. If you do, you have no idea what will happen to you. We tried to make this enjoyable for you, but you just won’t stop begging like a bitch.”

Ollie was obviously getting tired of my pleas for help.

“You know, I was going to let you up, but instead, I think I’ll just leave you here with my special friend… the machine.”

“Ollie, I didn’t even know you had one of those. I always wanted to see one.”

“Well, gag Eric while I set it up.” And the ball gag came back.

I felt some pressure on my arse… again. I looked up, and Reg snapped the head rest back into place. He said:

“Since you’re going to be here for awhile, you might as well be comfortable.”

Ollie shoved the dildo attached to what looked like a large drill into my arse.

“Eric, this is ‘the machine.’ I’m going to turn it on and set it for thirty minute increments. That means, it will fuck you for thirty minutes, and then shut off for a random period of time. At least for the first three cycles. After that, it’s all random. Oh, and one other thing. Actually two.”

“First, over the course of the night, you’ll find that the dildo changes size at random. It’s inflatable. It won’t get much smaller than it is now. Stop shaking your head. Right now it’s my size and I KNOW how much you enjoyed riding me. But it will get larger. The second thing is that it’s hooked up to an ejaculation mechanism. That is, the machine will cum. It’s kind of a mix of cream and water. That will help keep you clean and lubricated. I imagine that by the time we come down in the morning, you’ll really have to go to the bathroom, but there shouldn’t be too much of a mess. Are you ready?”

I was furiously shaking my head no as tears ran down my eyes which were pleading for them not to do this to me. They switched the machine on and I squealed like a girl. I grunted as the machine pumped into me. They watched for a few minutes, until I passed out. I remember waking up periodically through the night to the pumping, but also to periods of calm before the whole process began again. I couldn’t understand what had happened but I knew I wanted things to end. But when would it?

“You are always welcome in my home, and you’re always welcome to come to the card games. Now pay close attention to this, because here’s where your future really rests in your hands. We, okay, I did this to you once. I enjoyed it. I’m not gay, but I did like fucking you. Hell, so did Reg. After we left you last night, we agreed that this was not going to be the last time. Get that panicked look off your face. We’re not going to come kidnap you out of your house… unless you want us to, that is. But know that whenever you come over here, you’re going to have to earn your right to be a man. Anytime you’re over here, there will be betting, and you’re the prize. The bets will vary, the games will change. Sometimes, you might even get off scot-free. But for the most part, once you walk in that door, one of our goals, one of my goals, is to treat you like a woman. You can fight it, or you can give in. Personally, I’d prefer that you fight it. It’s more fun that way. But last night, initially after you lost the bet, you responded with dignity… like a man. And that was cool. You just didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t either… until things start going the way that they did.

Now that I know what’s possible, I have no intentions of stopping. So, the question is… are you man enough to come back to this house knowing what’s in store?”

I sat there looking at Ollie like he was crazy. I mean, did he seriously think that after everything he and Reg put me through the night before, I’d willingly come back over and risk the same treatment?

“Let me up Ollie. I’m going home.”

“Okay, that’s fine. You can think about what I’ve said.”

He undid the straps holding me to the chair, and then released my arms from their bondage. I spent a few moments massaging the life back into them, totally forgetting that I was standing in a bustier, stockings, and heels.

“Where are my clothes Ollie?”

“They’re upstairs in the bedroom. You can take the outfits with you if you want.”

Then he snickered a little bit. I started to feel a runny feeling down the insides of my legs. As I looked down, I saw the remains of the lubricant and machine ejaculate running down my legs.

“Eric, I hate to say this, but you may need a tampon, or probably a butt plug to not make a mess while you’re heading home.”

Then he laughed. I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or pissed off.

“Check the bathroom next to the guest bedroom. Feel free to use whatever you find in there.”

He continued to laugh as he left me there to clean up. I tottered my way to the guest bathroom on cramped and unsteady legs feeling violated and raw. As I rummaged through the cabinets in the bathroom, I found some old tampons.

“Will this humiliation never end?”

I thought to myself as I sat on the toilet to try and insert it. Apparently, the answer was no, because the tampon fell right into the toilet.

My arse was too stretched to keep it in. I gathered myself together, as I dug around in the drawers, until I found a butt plug that didn’t look too intimidating. As I lubed it up and sat on the toilet, I continued to think about what had happened.

The butt plug slid right in. It felt a little loose, but as I stood and clenched my cheeks together, the plug stayed in place. I figured that as soon as I had my underwear on, it would be more secure.

“I still can’t believe those guys raped me. Of course, I’m not going to the cops because I don’t want to explain all this. I don’t care that it wasn’t entirely my fault. I’m not doing it. But I’m damn sure not coming back here,” I thought to myself.

I hustled into the bedroom to take off the lingerie and get the hell out of there. The bustier went first. As I unfastened it, I took a deep breath and felt the oxygen flooding my veins as the air filled my lungs. I felt relieved. Next came the heels. As I sat down, I was still keenly aware of the plug in my rear.

“Just ignore it. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.” I lifted my leg up to undo the ankle strap and saw a flash.

“For my scrapbook,” laughed Ollie. “You look sexy.” Then he walked away down the hall.

“Sonovabitch,” I grumbled, sliding off first one heel, then the other.

I flexed my toes and calves and felt muscles I didn’t know I had. Lastly, I started sliding off the stockings. Of course I noticed the silky feelings on my legs, but that was secondary to coolness of the air on my naked skin. I couldn’t help but notice the different texture of my clothes. Any person who has ever tried on women’s clothes and then men’s clothes would note the difference. But that didn’t matter. I was going home to try and forget that the night had ever happened. After I finished getting dressed, I made sure to leave all the lingerie and outfits right there on the bed. I didn’t want Ollie getting any ideas and thinking that I might have enjoyed it. As I headed for the front door, Ollie called out to me from the living room:

“See you next time Eric.”

“Not on your life Ollie. It’s been nice knowing you.” And I walked out, head held high, but with a slight switch in my hips. “Damn butt plug,” I thought to myself.

As I (gingerly) sat in my car to drive home, I was still trying to come to grips with all that had happened.

“Man, I just need to go home, take a shower, have a nap, and then go to the movies or the coffee shop or something. I just need to feel clean and free.”

I drove home and did exactly that. I stripped off everything as I walked through my door, not stopping until I got into my bathroom where I finally dropped both my shorts and the butt plug. The shower felt good as the water caressed my body. After I finished, I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to have a drink while I dried off and watched TV. I don’t even remember what came on. I know I sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and set my beer on the coffee table, and then I passed out. I was more exhausted than I thought, because when I woke up, it was the middle of the afternoon.

“That’s it,” I thought. “I guess I’ll have to find some other guys to hang out with because there’s no way I’m going back to Ollie’s place. I mean, since I know what he has in store for me, why would I?” And since there was no good reason to do so, I resolved not to.

That was two days ago.Marie had gone off with a few of her friends, and for some inexplicable reason, I decided to explore our hostess’ bedroom… The sexual energy from this party had made me feel particularly kinky, and as I began to rummage through Helen’s underwear draw… I found myself wondering if I’d get turned on, were I to actually feel the material that these sexy items were made from, on the skin of my own body!

I had never considered dressing up in women’s clothing, but before I knew what I was doing, I had stripped off the clothes that I was wearing, and was deciding which garments I wanted to try on!

I found a pair of boy-short panties that fit me well. The elastic material squeezed my arse. It felt like a friendly pair of hands, yet it left enough room up front to conceal my cock.

I slid them on, and then put on a black garter belt and thigh high stockings. Helen had a beautiful assortment of matching bras, but I decided to do something different.

I flicked on the walk-in closet light and found a red dress with a plunging neckline. Helen had worn it to a party a few weeks earlier and had looked fabulous.

I slid the dress over my head.

It was perfect.

The fabric clung tight to my tits and pooled out at the bottom like a cheerleader’s skirt. It was just short enough to show where the garter belt straps clung to the stocking tops. But the best part of the dress was the material. It was thin, which allowed me to play with my nipples through the fabric. Thick bras and dresses block the titties from the fingers, and what fun is that?

I was feeling so sexy; I decided to go for the whole crossdressing experience. Helen had a tray of make-up under the bathroom sink. I found a tube of “lusty red” lipstick, black eyeliner and grey eye shadow. With each brush of make-up, I felt more like a woman. My prick swelled beneath my knickers.

Hardly anything is more erotic than leaning into the bathroom mirror while wearing your hostess’ clothes and tracing your eyelids with her eyeliner. The transformation was almost complete. All I needed was a pair of high heels. I sprayed myself with some perfume and picked out a pair of red stiletto pumps. I had to force my feet into them, but I made them fit. Walking in them wasn’t easy. I almost broke my ankle on my way out of the closet. But once I got the hang of it, I felt like a princess. A very horny princess.

My chest and arse stuck out. This all felt so perfect. I admired myself in the mirror mounted next to my hostess’ bed. The longer I looked at myself, the less I felt like a princess, and the more I wanted to be a stripper. I tried a few moves I once saw in a strip club.

As I ran my hand up my leg and licked my lips, I found that playing stripper wasn’t enough. I wanted to be an all-out, do-anything porn star. I crawled seductively on the bed and kneeled in the doggy-style position. My tits hung down and squeezed together, forming a small but definite cleavage.

“Yeah, baby,” I heard myself saying, “Fuck that arse. Cum on my face. Make me drink your cum.”

Then came the flash… a bright, white light. I thought I was passing out. Was it possible, I wondered, to get so horny your brain short-circuits and puts you down? But then I heard one pair of hands clapping. As I blinked away the spots, I could make out the silhouette of a woman standing in the frame of the bedroom door. The image slowly became clear. It was my Marie’s best friend, Cathy. She had a digital camera tucked under one arm.

“Excellent performance,” she said. “Really.”

“What are you doing here?” I asked. “Aren’t you supposed to be at college?”

“Christmas break starts today,” she said.

“Oh,” I said sheepishly.

I sat on the edge of the bed and hung my head. I was busted, and there was nothing I could do about it. Cathy would surely tell Marie about this. At a minimum, I’d be kicked out of her house.

“So,” Cathy said, “what are we going to do about this?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Whatever you want.” What else could I say?

“Good,” Cathy said. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Because everybody is going to see the picture I just took… and I mean everybody… unless you do exactly what I say.” I was pretty sure she was toying with me, so I offered her a dejected:

“Oh yeah? What you want?” Cathy stepped closer. She was looming over me like a schoolyard bully.

“I want you,” she said, “to be my lesbian bitch for the rest of the party. Starting now.” I looked up at her.

She had a stone serious expression on her face. Just to punctuate her offer, Cathy pulled off her sweatshirt and her jeans. She had on a black bra and panties. Her hair, cut into a pageboy, hung to her shoulders. Simply put, she was as stunning as my partner. Cathy pushed me onto my back. She straddled my hips and leaned down, planting her red lips onto mine. The smell of spearmint gum and cheap perfume filled my nostrils as her soft, wet tongue probed deep into my mouth.

I playfully licked back. But just as suddenly as she started, Cathy pulled back. She shot a hard look into my eyes.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” she said.

“Sure,” I said.

“I’m the butch,” she said. “You’re the bitch.”

Cathy slapped me across the face. It wasn’t going to leave a mark, but it was enough to sting.

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

Cathy leapt up. My eyes traced her legs from her slender ankles to the gentle bend in her knees to her soft, white hips. Her pussy lips folded her lacy knickers into a neat camel toe… but not for long.

Cathy stepped aside and slid off her undies. Her pussy was already glistening. She had her pubes cut into a neat Mohawk. In the time it takes to blink, she fell to her knees, positioning her wet cunt above my face.

“Lick my pussy, bitch,” she said.

Her pelvis pressed into my face. I thought for a second I would suffocate, but my brain grabbed hold of some primal instinct to remain conscious without oxygen. My tongue slid deep inside her. Cathy tasted salty and smelled musty. She writhed uncontrollably as I tongue-fucked her. When I moved out of her hole and onto her clit, she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. Hard.

“Suck it,” she grunted breathlessly, “you fucking whore.”

I had to wonder if the maid downstairs heard that one. But there isn’t much time to think about such things when your hose-beast of a stepsister is rubbing her holiest of holes against your face while you lie on your hostess’ bed.

Pussy juice was pouring out of her as if someone had switched on a fire hose and couldn’t turn it off. But I wouldn’t stop, even when she started shaking like a heroin junkie, begging for a hit. Then she popped. Cathy threw back her head and unleashed an inhuman moan.

Her pussy juice poured down my face. No exaggeration: the bitch almost tore the hair out of my head. When she settled down, Cathy eased herself off my face.

“OK, bitch,” she said breathlessly. “Now that I’m satisfied, I’m going to pimp you out. Off with your panties. Then get on your hands and knees, like a dog.”

Cathy watched me unsnap the garter with a disgusted grimace painted on her face. She shook her head.

“You silly fucking faggot,” she said. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

In the doggy-style position, I was face-to-face with myself in the mirror. My tits formed their small cleavage. I watched as Cathy pushed up my skirt and she spread my arse cheeks. She seemed to be studying my arsehole, regarding it with a mix of curiosity and lust. Without warning, she slid her tongue directly across it. Cathy worked my backside like she’d been practicing, slobbering and sucking from my balls to the top of my arse crack. My cock has never been harder.

“OK, it’s time,” she said. “Don’t move.”

Cathy disappeared into Helen’s closet. I heard some shuffling. When she emerged, Cathy had a gold dildo and a tube of KY Jelly.

“This is my friend’s fuck-stick,” she said. “I found it while looking for drug money one day. It’s been in my pussy, and it’s been in Helen’s pussy. Now it’s going into your mouth.”

Cathy held the dildo up to her pubes, as if it were her own cock. I wrapped my lips around the blunt tip and let her slide it into my mouth.

She face fucked me with her plastic cock for a while, and then slid around on her knees to my back side. I watched in the mirror as Cathy squeezed a dollop of KY onto her finger.

She was surprisingly gentle in the way she lubed up my hole. Her finger gently massaged the outer rim before slowly working its way inside. Cathy went deeper, one knuckle at a time. She would pump me a few times before going to the next knuckle. I thought her long, red fingernail would scratch me, but it never did. When her finger was all the way up my arse, she really started working me. It was like a piston in a car cylinder.

From then on, there were only two ways she would do me: faster and harder. My sphincter was stimulated. My doo-doo walls were primed.

“It’s time,” Cathy said, “for you to become a woman.”

She twisted the bottom of the gold dildo. It buzzed to life. Cathy was done treating me like a girl. She thrust the whole vibrating love toy up my arse at once. I heard myself unleash an animalistic, “Uh!” as powerful shockwaves rippled through my body. Everything fell away except, Cathy, the dildo and me. She wanted to hurt me, scar me so badly I’d never forget.

“You stupid, little whore,” Cathy said in the cool voice of a mistress. “You’re mine now.”

But the harder she fucked me, the more I wanted it. My cock could barely take anymore. I was about to cum, and Cathy hadn’t even touched it. Somehow, she must’ve sensed how close I was. She leaned in close to my ear as she pumped my arse.

“You want to cum, you little whore?” she whispered.

I groaned in affirmation.

“Then you cum where I tell you,” she said.

Cathy shoved the dildo deep inside me then reached behind her back to unhook her bra. An amazing set of tits came bouncing out.

“You cum on these!” she said.

Cathy laid on her back, offering herself to me. As I straddled her waist, I could feel the vibrator humming inside me and her pubic hairs caress my arse cheeks. I shot my jizz with unbridled fury. It poured out of me. Cum splattered all over Cathy’s tanned skin. On her tits. On her chin. One shot even hit her lips.

As jizz spat out the front, my sphincter pushed the dildo out the back. Nothing could’ve prepared me for such a rush. I thought I was going to faint. When my gonads were emptied, Cathy shot me a chilling hate stare.

“You’ve got a mess,” she said. “Lick it up!”

I started with the cum on her lips. I made sure not to miss a single drop. The jizz tasted salty. She refused kiss back, as my tongue swept across her lips. She just laid there and let me do it. I licked the cum off her neck and moved to the tits. First the rounded edges, then the cleavage. I finished by cleaning up her nipples. Then Cathy did the strangest thing. She stood up and got dressed. Without saying a word, she left the room, taking her camera with her. We never said another word about it.

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Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge! Part 3