Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge!

Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge!

I recently discovered that my husband has been going to some ëSwingerísí parties/orgies. What he had told me was that he was going away on business trips, and that he couldnít get out of them!

Since these gatherings are normally meant for couples only, (and as he has been attending them as a ëSingle Male,í) he has had to worm his way onto the groupís invitation list by offering to ëserveí the guests.

The organizers agreed that he could join inÖ as long as he would accept to play any role that they chose for him on each event occasion. He would have to play the role properly, dressing the part as instructed, and behaving in a way that was commensurate with the chosen characterÖ fulfilling its tasks fully, and to the letter.

Philip agreed to these terms! I have uncovered the fact that he has been present at some of these functions as a butler, a waiter, a barman, and as ëMaster of CeremoniesíÖ He has attended some parties naked, serving the guests ënudeí throughout the nightÖ and has also adopted the roles of a barmaid, a chambermaid, and a French maidÖ as a sexy schoolgirl, a female ënurse,í a French tartÖ and a hooker!

Having discovered my partnerís dirty little secret, I have delved into areas of his life that I would previously have considered to be private, personal and confidentialÖ and as such ëout of boundsí to me!

The discovery of his private diary was a revelation.

I found an entry which detailed everything he had done to feminize himself for one of the parties!

ÖI began by putting on my lace-topped, fishnet hold-up stockings. I followed this with a bra, filling it with some silicon ëfalsiesí that I had bought a few months backÖ and gluing them to my chest with the adhesive which had come with them at the time of purchase.

I pulled on a pair of ëSex-Cacheí knickers, especially made to hold my cock between my legs, thus hiding my manhood, so that there would be no bulge through my clothing.

I decided to wear a waist-clincherÖ a corset that Iíd bought, which could reduce my waist to a very feminine twenty-four inches!

With my undergarments on, I chose to wear a leather mini-dress, which only came down about three inches below my pantiesÖ and that showed off the lacy tops of my stockings.

I chose some patent-leather ankle-boots to wear on my feetÖ they had laces from top to toe, and they were the highest heels that I ownedÖ and at six-inches in heightÖ I would need to concentrate whilst I walked, so as not to topple over!

I sat at my wifeís make-up table, and began to transform my facial features.

I thinned my eyebrows, plucking them just enough that I could return to my male persona with minimal explanation.

The foundation came next.

I applied it quite thickly over my face and my neck, so as to cover any stubble that might grow during my ëdressedí phase.

I lined my eyes with Kohl pencil, and I applied some ësuper-lengtheningí mascara to my lashes. I delicately applied eye-shadow to my lids, with pale shades near my nose, graduating to a dark grey on the outer sides. I added some pale blusher to my cheeks, and then went to work on my lips. I outlined them with a dark lip pencil, and then chose a scarlet red for my lips. I covered the lot with an ëextreme-shineí glitter lip-gloss, highlighting the lusciousness of my now very plump and visible mouth.

I decided to go the whole hog, and I attached long false nails to my fingersÖ I did so using very strong ësuperglue,í knowing that Helen was visiting her mother for the whole weekend, which meant that I had at least two days before Iíd have to remove them.

Once they were attached, I varnished them, using a bright, high gloss red that matched my lips.

From my collection of wigs, I chose a shiny, straight haired wig in pure black. It was long, and it came down as far as my lower back.

I enjoyed this, as I could swish it around as I walked. In the mirror, I was pleased to see a very sexy looking woman in the reflection!

I was sure that anyone who laid their eyes on me would think that I was a ëdirty bitchí and would want to try getting into my knickers!

Reading through his diary was getting me really angry, and I began to think of ways in which I might gain my revenge.

Not only was Philip lying to me, and cheating on me sexually, but he was allowing himself to be subservient to groups of virtual strangers!

He was so submissive in fact that he was permitting these people to take away his masculinity, and consenting to serve them as a transvestite sex-slave!

An inkling of a plan began to form in my mind, as my imagination ran riot, and I pictured a variety of ways to get my own back on my errant husbandÖ each one darker and more devious than the last!

ìSo, you little cheatÖ you like to be dominated, do you?î I said to myself.

ìWellÖ Iím sure that I can find a way to oblige you. One that Iíll enjoy tooÖ in fact, maybe Iíll enjoy it even more than you will!î

An evil smile crossed my face.

ìMaybe much more!îI rang my best friends, a small group of girls that I’d known for a very long time. We still met up at least once a month for a ‘girly’ night out, and we had few, if any, secrets from each other.

I arranged for them to all come over to the house, one evening when I knew that Philip would be away, saying only that I had a major problem in my life, and that I needed their help and their advice. They all promised that they would come, and they would help me in any way that they could.

There are seven of us when our group is at full strength.

There’s me, of course… I’m usually the level headed one.

There’s Karen… She’s the bolshy one. She drinks lots of alcohol, and is the most outrageous one of us.

There’s Katarina… She’s really beautiful… she looks like a catwalk model, and is very strict… She likes to be the hard nut of the group, and she pulls it off because she has a black belt in a couple of martial arts!

In complete contrast, there’s Alice… She’s quite short, a bit on the plump side, and is very easily led, but she’s probably the most daring of us… In fact, she’s never refused to complete any dare that she’s been asked to do by one of our group!

Marissa is our wild-child, and her very long legs never fail to attract attention. She’s a real nymphomaniac, and will often suck some lucky guy off in public while we’re out!

Jaqui likes to be in control. I’ve even seen her tie some bloke up in a club. She’ll get his dick out, and will wank, it until he’s got a hard-on… and then she’ll leave him for his mates to find! She likes sex-toys too!

Finally, there’s Sionna… She loves being the centre of attention, is very bi, and loves giving and receiving oral… from anyone!

Our evening finally arrives, and the six girls turn up at my house, eager to find out what’s been troubling me. We have a few drinks… to give me a little Dutch courage, and I finally blurt out the facts that I’ve discovered, concerning Philip’s ‘secret’ sex-life:

“My bastard husband is cheating on me… and it’s not just with ‘some’ woman… but it’s with a whole group of ‘swingers’ at their sex parties!”

“He’s WHAT?”

“How dare he?”





“That’s not the half of it… wait until I explain what he does while he’s at these parties! Once I’ve filled you all in… I want to plan my revenge, and I want you all to help me to carry out whatever plan we decide on. Now, I know this is hard to believe, but listen carefully… Philip goes to these parties as a transvestite, and becomes the group’s sex-slave…”By the middle of the following week, the girls and I had begun to prepare the first part of our plan. The plan was split into several parts, and initially, if all went well, we were about to obtain physical proof of Philip’s feminisation! Proof that would ensure my husband’s full cooperation later in the game… even if it meant my having to blackmail him into going along with our plans!

On Monday, Jaqui and I had visited a ‘specialist’ security shop, where we’d purchased several miniature spy-cameras, some hidden microphones, eight ‘digital’ video and still-image recorders, and a remote transmitter/receiver unit.

Between the seven of us, every room in the house, and our back garden, was now under surveillance… and we would be recording Philip, as he transformed himself into his feminized persona!

I gave Philip the opportunity he was waiting for, when I told him that the girls and I were going away for a long ‘girly’ weekend:

“I hope you don’t mind love, but as it’s a bank holiday, all seven of us are going to a Health Spa. We’re leaving on Friday morning, and we’ll be back the following Tuesday morning. I’ll stay at Karen’s tonight, so we get an early start. You don’t mind, do you?” He grinned from ear to ear as he told me to go and enjoy myself!

As soon as we got across the road and into Karen’s house, we switched on all of the monitors, and we began recording Philip’s movements. It was no surprise to us that we didn’t have long to wait!

Almost as soon as we’d left the house, Philip stripped off his clothes, and he climbed the stairs to the bathroom. He ran the bathwater, adding scented oils to the running water. He covered his entire body, from the neck down, with Nair depilatory cream, and waited for ten minutes, as it did its job.

He got into the shower cubicle before his bath, washing the cream off, and leaving his body completely smooth and hairless. The only exception was a thin strip of pubic hair, in a ‘Brazilian’ style just above his cock.

Now, he slipped into his perfumed bath, looking extremely satisfied!

Reaching over to the counter top next to the bath, the monitor clearly showed Philip picking up his mobile phone, and dialling out on it. Turning up the sound, the girls heard him saying:

“Mistress Olivia… it is Pippa, your party ‘cum-slut’ here. I’ve had a result! My wife and her friends are away until next Monday night. So, I would like to offer my house to you and your guests as this weekend’s venue. Anytime, starting now… right through to Monday evening.” I looked shocked, but realized at once that this would be perfect… since the entire orgy would be recorded for posterity!

I was also amused that my husband had let slip the fact that his ‘feminized’ name was Pippa. I heard ‘Olivia’ reply:

“Good girl Pippa! Master Clive and I will come over to your place in two hours time. Make sure you are appropriately attired! We will begin inviting people immediately, and will bring others over a few at a time, throughout the entire weekend.”

“Thank you Mistress. I will be honoured to serve you, and your guests.”

I called all of the girls together for a meeting, updating everyone as to what was about to take place, and how lucky we were to be able to catch the whole event on camera!

We’d have nearly five days of footage by the end of this… and instead of just catching Philip’s feminisation… we’d probably have incriminating ‘cinematographic’ evidence of the type that many of this weekend’s guests would find to be extremely embarrassing… maybe even embarrassing enough to give us ‘girls’ the power and leverage that we’d need to control them… occasionally!

“God knows how kinky this could get!” Sionna said.

“Quick, he’s getting out of the bath.” Alice noted.

We all huddled together in front of our monitors.

Our cameras followed Phil’s actions, as he towelled off his body, and as he walked into our ‘guest’ bedroom.

To my utter astonishment, Phil removed a panel that concealed the room’s old fireplace.

Behind the panel, I saw a secret door, which he pulled open to reveal a concealed closet.

I zoomed in on the opening, and I realized that this was where my partner stored his clandestine collection of sex-toys, uniforms and women’s clothing etc…

“Things are about to get interesting Ladies!” I stated aloud.

“Very interesting, I think.” Jaqui replied.My degenerate husband reappeared from his secret room, carrying several items into the room.

He placed the bundle onto the bed, returning twice more into his closet to retrieve more of his belongings.

There were four bundles that he’d put onto the bed, before he replaced the panel, and thus, once again covered the entrance to his hidey-hole.

Unpacking each of the bundles was Phil’s next task.

He placed each of the items on top of the bed, revealing to our cameras the exact nature of each. He grouped them in a very specific, and yet orderly fashion.

The first group contained his feminine undergarments… his make up, a wig, shoes, and body enhancers. The next contained outer garments that allowed him to dress as a French maid at first, but would allow for three further ‘garment’ changes during this weekend’s event.

Phil… sorry, Pippa’s other outfits were to be: ‘The Sexy Secretary/Office Girl…’ ‘The Leather Slave-girl…’ and ‘The Street-walker/Call-girl.’

Almost exactly following the routine that I’d read in his secret diary, Philip began his transformation into his ‘feminized’ and subservient alter-ego… Pippa!

The difference being that his top-clothes were those of a ‘French’ housemaid, complete with its lacy ‘apron’ front, the starched cuffs over his/her wrists, (even though the uniform was sleeveless,) and the lacy little cap on her head!

Pippa completed her first makeover just in time, as barely a minute after she’d dressed, the bell rang, announcing the arrival of Mistress Olivia & Master Clive!

Pippa, their French maid, headed immediately to the entrance, and without checking, pulled open our front door.

“Fetch our bags from the taxi, and then go and stand by the passenger door, Pippa. Wait there for our instructions.” Master Clive instructed.

With no thought as to how the neighbours would react if he were seen… standing there, openly and publicly in the street, outside of our house and home… and if he were to be recognized… Pippa obeyed her instructions, ending up at the taxi’s door.

“Get in Pippa. You’re to pay our fare, by giving the taxi driver a blow-job! We’ve agreed to let him cum in your mouth, and that you will swallow every last drop! Don’t be long, as we’ll be waiting for you in the house!”

From my vantage point across the street, I peeped out of the window, and I was amazed to see that Pippa obeyed the instructions!

She sat in the front passenger seat next to the driver, bent over his lap, and removing his cock from his flies, began to suck him off.

Her head bobbed up and down for a while, but the driver shot his load very quickly, and Pippa swallowed every drop of his jism.

She licked her lips clean, applied some fresh lip-colour and gloss, and exited the cab.

Adjusting her clothes, she walked to the front door and rang the bell.

She had to wait for about ten minutes before Master Clive allowed her in, but she didn’t flinch… exhibiting herself openly to our neighbours… and to any ‘lucky’ passer-by!

With my digital camera and a high quality telephoto ‘zoom’ lens, I made sure that we got several shots of my husband.

I took photos of him waiting by the cab door, others as he got in it, still more of him with his head in the taxi driver’s lap.

Finally, I took photos of him, as he stood there waiting to be let in… standing in front of our house… dressed as ‘The French maid’ Pippa!

Of course, as soon as he entered the house, our surveillance equipment continued to record the occupants every move.

In fact, whilst I had been preoccupied with the goings-on outside of my house, Karen and Jaqui had been monitoring Olivia and Clive’s activities within.

Clive had begun by using Phil’s Internet connection, and had posted an ‘open invitation’ to this weekend’s ‘swinger’ party, on their site’s ‘public’ billboard! It read as follows:

Weekend long ‘Adult’ Swinger’s party!

Straight/Bisexual/& Gay Couples Welcome.
Single Females and TV/CD/TS admitted!

Theme: Uniforms/Leather/PVC/Fancy Dress.
(Anyone not ‘Dressed up’ will only be admitted if stripped NAKED!)

Ground Floor: Party/Drinks & Dancing.
Basement/Cellar: Sub/Dom Dungeon.
First Floor: TV/TS Room/Group-Orgy Room.
Loft: Swinger’s Room.

Ages from 18 to 50!

Starts: 12 Noon – Friday 25th May.
Ends: 12 Midnight – Monday 28th May.

Address: ****** ******** ***** Telephone: ********

For our guest’s pleasure/amusement/gratification…
We are offering ‘Pippa’ …a ‘Party Slut’ & ‘Sex-Slave’

Pippa is a submissive M2F Force-Femmed Bisexual TV Cum-Slut…

Her orders are to obey any of the party guests, and to sexually satisfy them in any way requested.

She will comply with any direction that she receives.

She must submit to any person/couple or group, or has agreed to be punished in public.
Castigation will consist of any form of listed ‘corporal punishment’ chosen by the party in question.

Spanking… Hand, hairbrush, shoe/slipper, belt, tawse, wet towel.
Caning… Cane, birch twigs, bamboo stick.
Whipping… Leather bull-whip, cat o nine tails.

Pippa may be used/abused/humiliated sexually, anywhere within the grounds.
(Any room in the house, the conservatory… or outside in the back garden!)


As soon as the ‘Open Invitation’ was posted on their site, Clive began calling his ‘regulars’ on the phone. He told them that this party was special. He explained that this would be an exceptional ‘swinger’s’ meet, and that it was likely to be an ‘unforgettable’ occasion. He stressed that the ‘core’ of his ‘regulars’ should consider coming straight over… and that they were to make the most of it, by staying over until the end of the party, on Monday night!

Katarina shrieked, calling for us all to come over to the monitors. We watched, as Pippa was bent over one of our leather armchairs in the front room. Clive had positioned it in the centre of the room, facing the bay window and the street. He opened the curtains, so that anyone who walked past our house would have an unrestricted view of the room’s interior.

Pippa’s wrists were secured to the chair’s front legs. A rubber ‘ball-gag’ was placed into her mouth, so that her screams would not be heard, and an ankle spreader bar was cuffed to her legs, forcing her ankles apart by a width of three feet. As Clive did this, Mistress Olivia entered the room. She was naked, bar a pair of hold up stockings, some very high heeled ‘thigh-high’ boots… and a ‘strap-on’ Latex dildo, which must have measured a good eight inches, and gave her the appearance of sporting a massive, erect cock… rampant for action!

Raising Pippa’s skirt, she ripped off her knickers, palmed some KY onto her arsehole, and shoved her ‘strap-on’ dick right up her rear. Pippa tried to squeal, but the gag muffled her yelps, as the fake penis penetrated her backdoor… and as Mistress Olivia rammed its full length into Pippa, right to the hilt!

Our surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing… from four different angles! They captured Pippa’s face and her look of surprise. It recorded her look of horror, as she was filled from the rear. It showed Olivia pumping her dildo into Pippa from each side, and caught the rear view, as she pumped the Latex cock in and out of Pippa’s bum!

Olivia continued arse-fucking Pippa for a good ten minutes, during which Clive stripped from the waist down. He removed Pippa’s gag, and replaced it by shoving his cock down Pippa’s throat! As he made Pippa’s mouth blow him, he continued phoning his party guests, inviting them to the weekend’s debauchery!

“I’m sure that this won’t be the only time that you’re ‘spit-roast’ this weekend Pippa!” Olivia commented, as she pulled out her dildo!Before they untied her, Pippa was fitted with a three inch butt plug. It was a unit that could be made to vibrate at different speeds, either softly or intensely, and was controlled using a remote control. Clive handed the remote to Olivia, saying:

“Now you can stimulate Pippa at will, my love. It should be quite amusing, at least until we start to ‘play’ with her more seriously! Pippa… put your knickers back on, to hold the plug in place!” Pippa did as she was told.

“How long before our first guests arrive?” Olivia asked.

“They should be here within the next thirty minutes or so.” Clive replied. “Pippa, unless you are busy with any of the guests, you must answer the front door. You must greet the person/people by saying: ‘Welcome… I am Pippa, the party sex-slave. I will do ANYTHING that I am told to do. Use me, in any way, to make your stay more enjoyable.’ Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl. Now, freshen up your lipstick, and then wait by the door until our first guests arrive.”

“Yes Master.” Within ten minutes, people were arriving, and the party began to swing. Within an hour the guest-list was as follows:

Barbra, a PVC Domme arrived, with Pippa and Helen, her two submissives.
Peter and Marc, a gay couple were next.
Candy, a beautiful, sexy pre-op TS, rang the doorbell soon after them.
Liz, and Charlie, her sub bi TV husband, made it eight guests.
Cathy and Reg, a straight couple followed minutes later.
Steve and Pat, a bi couple, made up the dozen.
Jason and Marie, another straight couple soon arrived.
Trisha, Trixie, and Tami, three bi women came in on their heels.
Finally, Helen and Sasha, (two bi girls) turned up, with Pippa, (the ‘dominant’ Helen’s ‘sexually submissive’ hubby) in tow.

Including Clive, Olivia and Pippa, there were now twenty three people at the party!

“Pippa, whilst you’re walking around and serving the drinks, I think that everyone would love to see how well you handle being teased by your butt plug. I’m going to start with slow, gentle vibrations. You must not cum in your panties! You will be punished if you do, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Olivia. It is my honour to please and to serve you.”

On the monitor, we noticed Pippa’s walk begin to change. As Olivia increased the intensity of the vibrations, Pippa started wiggling her bum, and mincing her way across the room on her high heels. I laughed, as I pointed at the screen. The movement of her arse had made it impossible for her to keep her legs tightly together, and Pippa’s hidden ‘clit’ had freed itself from between her thighs. The anal vibrations had excited her too much, and her cock sprang free, pushing itself out in front of her. Its shape was now clearly visible through the skirt, and like a tent pole it pushed against the material of her uniform!

Barbra and Liz whispered something to Olivia, who grinned and nodded her assent to them, they left the room, returning a short time later, with their hands behind their backs. Liz looked at Pippa, and said:

“Stand still, in the middle of the room. Now, bunch your skirt up over your waist. Show us all your erection, Pippa! Leave it out like it is! Hands behind your back. Barbra, now please.”

Barbra secured Pippa’s hands with strong metal handcuffs. She placed a rubber penis-gag into Pippa’s mouth, closing the buckle behind her head, and then she placed a blindfold over her eyes. Finally, she put a cock harness over Pippa’s shaft and balls, to make it harder for her to be able to cum.

“Do not move Pippa! Olivia, turn the vibrations to full. I have a special treat for you Pippa, but you must stay completely still!” Pippa nodded.

Liz now brought her hands to the front of her body. She wore gloves, and was holding a big bunch of freshly picked stinging nettles in her right hand, which she’d acquired during her short visit to our back garden.

Stepping forwards, she approached Pippa, and her exposed erection. Gently, and very deliberate in her actions, she began to stroke Pippa’s rampant member with these weeds. Pippa’s entire body seemed electrified by the touch, as she strained to remain still, and tried to ignore the sensations that now flowed through her body. Her ‘big clit’ throbbed, as the nettles stung her hard-on.

We could see Pippa’s reactions on our monitors, as she felt the nettles brushing, ever so gently over her glands… almost tickling her to the limits of her pain threshold! The heat of the contact with her shaft’s sensitive skin… the burning sting that those plants impart, swelled her cock/clit to its full hardness.

“Don’t worry slave, they’ll do you no permanent harm,” lulled Helen soothingly, “but they will enhance every little thing that we girls and boys are going to do with you… And to you!” We could almost feel my husband’s aching cock… growing as it was stung… and throbbing, as it grew in girth.

“Let’s continue this outside… in the back garden!” Liz suggested, winking suggestively at Peter and Marc… the gay couple.

“Yeah… we could hang her with her arms above her head, from that big branch at the bottom of your tree. It’s probably the right height to force the little slut to stand on her tip-toes! She’s obviously turned on by what we’re doing to her, so let’s see if she can keep that hard-on of hers erect, while we ‘tease’ it for her a little more!” Sasha added.

“Before we do, let’s strip her to her lingerie! The outfit’s got to go!” Peter suggested.

There were nods and sounds of agreement from the crowd, which were followed by them ripping the maid’s uniform from Pippa’s torso. Her semi-stripped body was then lifted by the men in the crowd, and was carried out of the house, to the tree at the bottom of our garden. Fortunately, we’d placed surveillance cameras there as well, and could see the scene as it unfolded!

Pippa’s arms were loosed, before being repositioned above her head. A heavy link-chain was thrown over the lowest of the tree’s big branches, and her wrists were once again cuffed together. The chain was threaded between her bound wrists, and Pippa was hauled upright, until she was supporting her body-weight entirely on her wrists, and on the tips of her toes.Amazingly, Pippa seemed even more sexually stimulated than ever! We could clearly see that her cock was as hard as ever, and that it was twitching constantly, as she neared ejaculation! Liz wrapped the nettles around her shaft, tucking the bunch into the elastic of Pippa’s panties, holding it firmly in place, as it continued its torturous stimulation of her sex-organ!

“Let’s leave her to enjoy her predicament for a while, and go back inside to our party!” Candy recommended.

“Good idea Candy, but I’ll leave the spotlights on, so that we can watch her through the French windows… I’m sure she’ll be wriggling soon enough! Remember, Liz has given our slut her nettles, but Pippa is still feeling the vibrations from my butt-plug!” Olivia said, as the party returned inside.

I was really enjoying having my husband in this predicament, (feminized and subservient) and I already had plans vaguely forming in my mind as to how I might make this situation more permanent in our lives. We continued to record my husband’s plight, bound to our garden’s tree, dressed only in sexy undergarments, high heels and full make-up, as he was continually and forcibly stimulated. We didn’t miss the opportunity however to record copious footage of the orgy that began within my house!

Barbra told Pippa and Helen to wait in the hallway. She went over to talk to Liz and Charlie, and then all three moved over and chatted to Helen and Sasha. They all agreed to take their respective submissives downstairs, into the basement, where Olivia and Clive had set up a temporary ‘dungeon’ area… complete with a few BDSM items!

“Now then slaves… we are taking you all downstairs into the cellar. It has been converted for the party, and we now have a fully stocked and equipped ‘Dungeon’ area there. If necessary, it will be there that your punishments will be administered. Is this clear?”

“Yes Mistress, it is very clear.” Replied each of the subs, very nervous now.

The sub/Dom group disappeared into the basement.

Olivia and Clive led the way, as the slaves, Pippa and Helen, Charlie, (the sub bi TV) and Pippa, (Helen’s sub hubby) followed meekly behind. Barbra, Liz, Helen and Sasha made up the rear. Peter and Marc, the gay couple followed the group, as curiosity got the better of them. Helen saw them, and decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. She asked them:

“Would you two like to use Pippa, my submissive husband, as your sex toy? He gives very good oral sex to men. Of course, I insist that he swallows!” Marc replied:

“I’d love to, but Peter’s very shy. He just likes to watch. Is that agreeable to you all?” Sasha answered for Helen:

“That’s absolutely fine by us! Why don’t you get comfortable? Take off your trousers and your underwear.” Helen looked at Pippa, and ordered:

“Strip naked. Marc will be your Master for now. Obey him!” Marc moved to the naked Pippa, saying loudly:

“Kneel and get me hard!” Once his cock stood proud, he continued: “Do you want to suck this bitch?” Pippa looked at his wife.

We heard the following, as we recorded the action:

“Don’t look at me bitch. He’s your master now, and you will do what he wants. Beg him to let you suck his cock.”

“Beg me bitch,” Marc yelled at him, again slapping him in the face.

“I… I… want to suck your cock,” he said quietly.

“Master,” Marc said, slapping him harder. “And make me believe it.”

“I want to suck your cock Master…” he said, much louder, and with enough emotion that it sounded like he really wanted to.

Marc guided his cock towards Pippa’s lips, and pushed it into his mouth.

“Suck it, slave.” Marc let him suck on the head for a little bit, and then he slowly started fucking his face.

He grabbed the sides of Pippa’s head, and held him still. A minute or two of that, and Marc ordered him to lick up and down on his cock ‘…like it was a Popsicle.’ At the same time, he asked Barbra to pull the collar and leash out of the bag. Marc strapped it around Pippa’s neck. Marc wrapped the leash around his hand, and he pulled Pippa’s face toward his body, tightly… up against his crotch.

“Lick my balls, slave.”

Sasha French kissed Pippa’s wife, and she played with her tits, while he sucked Marc’s cock.

“I could get used to this.” Helen said.

Upstairs, a few more ‘guests’ had arrived, attracted by the posting on the ‘swinger’s’ site. A small group of six girls, who appeared to be aged between about nineteen and twenty-five, had discovered the helpless Pippa in our garden. They were surrounding her, all appeared to be quite tipsy… and they were teasing her, as they giggled and laughed!

“Tracy, you’ve got gloves on. Throw the stinging nettles away. We wanna see the drag queen’s cock!”

“I bet you Julie can get it stiff with her mouth!”

“Suze can wank it then, and examine it… being our nurse!”

“I want to see Lynne cane her arse with some twigs!”

“We can dare each other to do things to her!”

“Shelle, use your phone and take some photos of her. Debs, you video what we do!”

“After the party, we can post it on the ‘swinger’ site! How cool is that!”

Tracy removed the nettles from around Pippa’s genitals, and the six girls gasped, as they saw how engorged her cock/clit had become with the stinging that it had received. Pippa’s cock-shaft and balls were swollen and red, covered with small stings… and yet, still semi-erect with the excitement that she was enduring! Only then did Debs notice Pippa’s vibrating butt-plug, and the constant stimulus that it caused! Almost simultaneously, Shelle realized Pippa’s dilemma:

“Hey! Look girls! Our ‘Queen’s’ got a vibrator up her arse!” They all gasped, giggling at Pippa’s situation!

“Julie, I dare you to get her ‘clitty’ fully erect! Give her a blow-job until it’s as hard as she can get!”

“Yeah, go on! I’ll dare Lynne to give the slut a good birching, while you’re doing it!”

“Sure! Let’s get a bunch of bendy twigs, and let Lynne use them! I bet that our TV tart will not be able to stop her organ from reacting to Julie’s oral stimulation… even through Lynne will be hurting her arse-cheeks, as she hits them with her birch twigs!”

“Suze, remove her blindfold, and Tracy… take the gag out of her mouth. If she screams… it’ll be her own fault, if a passer-by sees her in this state!”

“I agree. I’m sure that the last thing that she wants is for the press to find her like this… and for her picture to be published… for the local ‘public’ to see!”

Our monitors caught Tracy and Suze doing away with Pippa’s gag and blindfold, before Julie began stimulating my hubby’s cock with her mouth!

The description of the outcome of Pippa’s public discovery, and its possible outcome, as described by Shelle, made Pippa strive to remain silent whilst her excitement grew. She was forced to struggle much harder toward this goal, as Lynne began laying the initial strokes of her caning across her rear, with the birch twigs that she’d collected.

“Go on Debs, I dare you to strip off Julie’s knickers… and to lick her pussy out while she blows our ‘queen’s’ cock!”

“I agree, but I dare you to do it until Julie cums all over your face!” As Debs began to comply with her dare, Lynne added another:

“Tracy, I dare you… to strip Shelle down to her stockings and her heels… hang her next to our drag queen, so she’s tied up… as helpless as the ‘queen’ that she’s imitating… and then cane her exactly as I do to mine! Suze, I dare you to copy Debs, and to make Tracy cum with your tongue, as she canes Shelle!”

Grinning evilly, Suze and Tracy forced Shelle into her role as their prisoner, and began to do as they’d been dared!Simon, Eric, and Ollie, all turned up wearing togas. Victor and Terry, a gay couple… and Lenny and Norman, two bisexual ‘sub’ males, at the party naked, as they’d come wearing no ‘outfit’ were recent arrivals.

Rita, a ‘bi’ pre-op TS, who wore hooker’s clothing, was next to arrive… and Tina, a post-op ‘Domme’ TS, was the newest guest, wearing leather gear.

Almost immediately following their arrivals, three women turned up. Belinda was the first to arrive. She was dressed in a sexy ‘Air hostess’ uniform, and then Carla followed. She looked like an ‘Army Medic’ as she graced the party…

Uma, was last, but was stripped naked at the door, as she wore no special outfit, which was against the rules.

The latest arrivals gravitated into one group, and decided to break the ice by playing cards.

Strip Poker was agreed upon, with dares as forfeits, once a player was naked!

The party hosts, Clive and Olivia, noticed the group, and decided to give the five naked players a choice…

Either they could start the game naked, having to play for forfeits from the very beginning, or Uma and Terry, (being very similar in size) could swap clothes… and Victor, Norman and Lenny, could wear up to six items from a bag that Olivia had brought over. The only catch was that the bag contained nothing but women’s underwear and high heeled sandals! Uma and Terry agreed to swap their clothes. Norman decided to begin the game in the nude, and Lenny and Victor said that they’d dress up!

Olivia added a final clause, insisting that she would make-up the three ‘crossdressing’ players before the game could begin! Twenty minutes later the game began.

The players were dressed as follows… (From the least to the best held advantage!):

Norman… Fully naked. (zero items)
Uma… Jeans, a T-shirt, socks and shoes. (four items)
Simon, Eric and Ollie… A toga, boxer shorts, socks and sandals. (five items)
Terry… A blouse, a bra, a skirt, knickers, tights, and two inch sandals. (six items)
Lenny… A mini-dress, a bra, two ‘hold-up’ stockings, and four-inch ‘ankle booties.’ (six items)
Victor… A blouse, a skirt, a slip, tights, and six-inch thigh-high boots. (six items)
Rita… A mini-dress, a bra, a corset, a suspender belt, stockings, and high heels. (eight items)
Tina… A leather top and a studded bra, a leather waist-clincher, leather panties and suspenders, stockings, a leather mini-skirt, and eight-inch leather thigh-high boots. (ten items)
Belinda… An air-hostess hat, a jacket, a blouse, a tie, a bra, a g-string and a skirt, hold-up fishnet stockings and four-inch heels. (Eleven items!)

The game started pretty evenly, with almost everyone losing one or two of the first hands… Norman was pretty lucky, and didn’t lose until everyone had lost their first three hands!

Norman… (zero items)
Uma… (one item)
Simon, Eric and Ollie… (two items)
Terry… (three items)
Lenny… (three items)
Victor… (three items)
Rita… (five items)
Tina… (seven items)
Belinda… (Eight items!)

Norman’s first dare had been to exit by the front door, to run down to the end of the street… NAKED, as he was, and to pound on a random front door for five seconds… before returning to the house, and our game. He told us that the combination of the late night cold, and of the neighbours’ shouts, had ‘…sobered me up somewhat!’ The next few hands saw our poker players as follows:

Norman… (zero items)
Uma… (one item)
Simon, Eric and Ollie… (two items)
Terry… (three items)
Lenny… (three items)
Victor… (three items)
Rita… (five items)
Tina… (seven items)
Belinda… (Eight items!)

Tina’s next few hands were disastrous, as she lost each one, until she finally lost her last item of clothing! She managed to pull a few back at that stage, until the game stood at:

Norman… (zero items)
Tina… (zero items)
Uma… (zero items)
Rita… (zero items)
Simon… (one item)
Eric and Ollie… (two items)
Terry… (two items)
Lenny… (two items)
Victor… (two items)
Belinda… (three items)

Finally, Uma’s luck ran out, and she had to agree to a forfeit!

Belinda turned to Uma, and told her that her dare was to dance, outside on the garden lawn. As if she was pole dancing in a strip club. She was very surprised, especially when they told her she would have to strip naked. She was going to say no way, but they would not let her back out.

Tina and Rita had already gone in the back yard and stripped naked, and Norman had been sent out to run a block naked. Of course, no one had seen the three of them but the girls. Uma wanted to back out, but they would not let her.

If she didn’t follow through, she might lose her friends. Uma thought some more. She decided to go all out… and damn the consequences. She came out completely naked but for her heels. She went to the middle of the lawn, and she danced slowly; turning, so everyone could see her tits, her pussy, and her arse.

Even though she was embarrassed, she was getting a little turned on, thinking that everyone there was getting to see more of her than they had ever dreamed they would. She sat back on her arse, and she spread her legs wide for them, letting them look right up to her pussy. She could feel a tingling between her legs as she did this, and she watched their eyes, as they stared right at her pussy. She reached down, and with one hand, she slowly spread her pussy lips for them.

Belinda decided that Uma was getting too confident for her own good, and secretly called a group of guys that she was friendly with. She whispered to a few of the other poker players, and they agreed to take Uma down a peg or two, once her dare was over.

When she had finished, they went back inside… they told Uma that she could put her clothes back on, as she’d completed her dare so well. While she was putting them on, and wasn’t taking notice of the other player’s actions, they grabbed Uma, and forced her down over a footstool. Belinda got two belts… and they strapped her arms to two of the legs of the footstool. They used ankle cuffs, attached to a leg-spreader bar, to immobilize her, and to force her thighs apart at the rear. Uma struggled, but couldn’t stop them, and the stool was too heavy for her to move. She was on her knees on one side, and her belly was over the stool.The doorbell rang, and Belinda ran to let eight guys in. She brought them to the room that Uma was in, and they sat on either side of her. The guys stopped short when they saw Uma. Belinda handed the hot guy a pair of scissors.

“She is yours, guys.” The hot guy, who thought that Uma looked like a “nice” girl, took the scissors. He looked at Belinda.

“She’d look good naked, wouldn’t she?” He grinned, and started cutting her shorts off.

When they were in pieces, he did her top and bra, then finally her panties. Uma was again naked, but now in a private house, with eight aroused guys and her friends sitting back watching. The hot guy ran his hands up her legs to her pussy, and started rubbing Uma, then sticking a finger, then two inside her. She began to talk…



“Stop it.”

“Leave me alone, damn it.”

But as he fingered her… she began to get wet. She couldn’t help her body reaction. As she felt herself juicing inside, and little trickles began to ooze out of her around his thrusting fingers, she said:

“Stop it you bastard!”

“Let me alone, damn it!” The guy fingered her for quite a while, as everyone watched.

They were laughing at her, hooting and hollering, as she got hotter, juicier and angrier. All of a sudden, something happened that the girls did not expect. The guy undid and unzipped his trousers, yanked them down, and pressed an impressively erect cock to her pussy. He did not care, obviously, who was there, and he pushed the head into Uma’s juicy, wet pussy.

“Oh nooo, you arsehole…” Uma screamed, as she felt her pussy stretched open around the invading cock.

She was tight, but slick, and with a little effort, he was up her to his balls. He knelt behind her, eyes closed, as he felt her pussy clench on him. Then, he started fucking her. His belly hit her arse on each stroke, making her arse jiggle.

“Take it out god damn you!” she screamed as he pounded into her.

He paid no attention to her. He just kept fucking her until he couldn’t hold back. With a groan, he slammed his cock as far as could into her pussy, and she felt the squirts of his cum jetting up into her pussy.

“Oh nooooo, he’s cumming in me!” The guy held tightly onto her, as he pumped his cum into her hot, wet depths.

Then, with another groan, he pulled back… and his cock pulled out of her with a sticky, wet sound. He stood up, pulled his trousers up, and sat down with a satisfied smile on his face.

Uma was screaming to be let loose, when another guy got behind her and shoved his cock into her. He began fucking her harder than the first guy, making her tits bounce, slamming her thighs against the stool.

Uma was now starting to cry, but no one paid her any attention. They were watching a thick cock stretching her open, even her friends. Everyone watched hungrily as Uma was fucked again. The second guy lasted a little longer, but soon his cock was shooting cum into her.

As he pulled away, another came to take his place, but he looked at her hole, and asked for a towel. With Uma groaning, Belinda ran to get one. The guy took it from her, wiped her dripping pussy, and sunk another hard cock into her from behind. Not content to fuck her, he pried her arse cheeks apart, spit between them, and began rubbing her arsehole. As he got it good and wet, he forced a finger into her arse, making her shriek, as she felt her most private place violated.

Another one of the guys, who had been watching, got in front of her face, took his cock out, and pushed it against her lips. She tried to get her mouth away, but he held her head… and Belinda pinched her nose shut. In order to breath, Uma had to open her mouth, and as soon as she did, a cock was in it.

Now, Uma was plugged at both ends by hard, stiff cocks. The guy in front, fucking her mouth, did not last too long, and shortly came in her mouth. Uma choked on the cum, but he held her head, keeping his cock in her. She had no choice but to swallow or choke. She swallowed. Tears were running down her cheeks. Cum was dribbling out of her mouth. She was still being fucked with a finger, and now had two fingers up her arse.

The guy fucking her was stretching her arse open with two fingers, and she gave a sigh of relief as she felt his cock slip out of her gooey pussy. But then she shrieked again, as she felt the tip of his cock butting against her arsehole. Her shrieks became muffled, as another cock was shoved into her mouth. She felt a burning sensation, as she felt the cock at her arse slowly force her arse open, and it began to slide into her. He was surprisingly gentle, going slowly, but he did not stop until all his cock was inside her arse. Then, slowly, he pulled back and thrust into her again. Against Uma’s will, her arse began to accommodate the hard cock, until he could fuck into her as though he was in her pussy.

“God, she is tight.”

Uma was whimpering now, and before long, she took her first load of cum up her arse, followed by another in her mouth.

The next three guys took her up her pussy, and shot loads of cum into her. When all the eight guys had had her, the entire room sat back and watched, as cum rolled out of her and ran down her thighs. She had cum dripping off her chin, and her arse was still slightly distended by the fucking she had got there.

The eight guys got dressed. They thanked Belinda for the ‘treat’ and the fun. They shared out all of Uma’s clothes, taking them as reminders of the occasion, and they left… grinning!

“Leave her as she is!” Belinda said. “Let’s finish the game. Maybe we can use her in our forfeits!”

“Gag her… and give me that marker pen.” Tina said.

Uma was gagged, and Tina wrote in big letters on Uma’s back:

I’ve been a naughty girl!

Please… spank me, and/or fuck my pussy and/or my arse!



Across Uma’s bum cheeks, Tina printed the words:


Tina finished off by tying a thin strip of cloth across Uma’s eyes, effectively blindfolding her!Trisha, Trixie and Tami were the first to see Uma’s helpless form, and decided to have a little fun with her.

“We’ll give her six slaps each, as the spanking she’s requesting. Then, we’ll each have her for five minutes, to do whatever we want with her, while the other two watch!” Tami said.

“Sounds like a plan!”

“I love it!”

In turn, the girls administered eighteen hard slaps to Uma’s backside, leaving it red and burning. Uma wriggled, but was too well bound to move away. Tami decided to have the first five minutes, and kneeling behind Uma, she began to play with her exposed pussy lips, caressing them gently, and pulling them apart with her fingers. Uma felt her pussy flaps getting puffy, and she was getting wet down there. Suddenly, Tami found Uma’s little nub, and started to stimulate her clit like a pro! Uma couldn’t stop her excitement, and just as Tami’s minutes ran out, Uma exploded in orgasmic lust!

Trisha was next, and immediately started licking Uma’s cunt, probing her insides with her tongue, and licking or nibbling her clitoris! During Trisha’s five minutes, she brought Uma to another six massive orgasms! Trixie had stripped naked as she’d watched, and was now wearing a huge ten-inch strap-on dildo. Before the last of Uma’s orgasms had completed, Trixie rammed her ‘cock’ into Uma’s soaking gash, all the way to its hilt! For the entire five minutes, Uma’s pussy was pounded mercilessly. Her body had no shame though, and she came a further four times, until the dildo was pulled out of her, leaving her feeling empty and used!

Trixie had one last trick up her sleeve. She called her boyfriend, who was at a stag do locally, and told him to bring all the guys over. She told them that she, Tami and Trisha would wank them all off… but that they had to cum over the bukkake slave’s face, hair and body. After that though, they had to leave, as single men were not allowed or invited! They agreed, and said that they’d be there within minutes!

“More fun on the way girls!” she announced.

Jon, (Trixie’s boyfriend,) and ‘The Stags’ that were celebrating with him… Ritchie, Dick, Mickie, Ron, Titch, Sam, Bob, Billy, Don, Jay and Dez, soon arrived. Trixie greeted them at the front door, and showed them into the lounge. The dozen men’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, as they feasted them on the sight before them!

“Read the writing that’s on her back, and across her arse boys! Look closely! She says… ‘I’ve been a naughty girl!’ She’s asking everyone to help her with her punishment. She’s asking to pay for her naughtiness… ‘Please… spank me!’ she asks. I think that you guys should be gentlemen. Do what she asks… six slaps each should warm her hide sufficiently, before we get to the main bit!” Trisha told them.

“She also gives you her permission to ‘…fuck my pussy and/or my arse!’ We ask you to ignore her next request… ‘FILL MY HOLES WITH CUM!’ but to do what’s next asked of you… ‘COVER MY FACE & BODY WITH JISM!’ so that she’s able to fulfil her true role her tonight, the one she advertises so boldly on her bum… the ‘BUKKAKE SLUT!’” Tami says, as she grins to the boys!

“If you agree to do this, Trish, Tam and me will strip off for you, and will agree to suck and wank each of you, until you either cum on her, or are ready to use her arse and pussy till you do! You must pull out before you orgasm though, and ejaculate over her body! Agreed?” Trixie finished off.

The twelve ‘Stags’ nodded their agreement, as they leered at the helpless Uma… their ‘BUKKAKE SLUT’ and the other three stunning women! Jon looked at his girlfriend, and said:

“Strip off then… but keep your stockings and your high heels on!” Trixie replied:

“O.K. Let’s do it girls! ‘Stags’ we want you to strip from the waist down, so that we have unrestricted access to your cocks and balls!”

Trisha, Trixie and Tami were dressed in nothing but their hose and heels within moments! ‘The Stags’ followed the girl’s example, and within minutes were all naked from the waist down! Dez, (whose stag night it actually was) made a suggestion:

“One girl each side of the slut, with Trixie kneeling behind her. Trixie… you are to try to make her cum by licking her cunt and her clit, agreed?”

“Agreed!” was her reply.

Trixie was quickly positioned between Uma’s thighs, and without pause, she began orally stimulating the trapped girl’s pussy and clit. Jon took advantage of his girlfriend’s position, and pushed his hard cock into her cunt, taking her ‘doggy’ style. Ritchie and Dick stood each side of her, and she grabbed their erections, one in each hand. Tami took on Mickie, Ron, Titch, and Sam… one in her mouth, one in each hand, and one in her arse! Trisha did the same with Bob, Billy, Don, and Jay… and Dez began wanking off by Uma’s face, as he watched all the action!

Once again, Uma was unable to control her passion, and was soon having multiple orgasms over Trixie’s face and tongue! Seeing this caused Dez to lose it, and he groaned loudly, as he pumped a big load of jism all over Uma’s face and hair! Soon, each of the other ‘Stags’ followed suit, and ejaculated all over Uma’s body… until she was covered in sticky goo!

“Now we must spank her!”

One by one, the three girls and the dozen men took turns administering slaps to her bum… ninety slaps in all! Once they were finished, they kept to the agreement, got dressed, thanked the three girls, and left the party. Trisha, Trixie and Tami got dressed too, and leaving Uma still bound… and now covered with cum, they left the room to rejoin the party.Back at Karen’s, as we watched the action taking place, I began to formulate another little plan. Karen had collected ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Venetian Ball’ masks for a number of years now, and had more than enough of them for each of us to wear. This meant that we could go to the party, a few at a time, without revealing our identities!

I decided to see if a minor ‘covert’ intrusion was possible. Jaqui and Sionna would be perfect, as I decided that going straight to Pippa would be too risky as a first attempt, and that Uma would be our first target. I explained to them my game-plan, and they giggled as they agreed to give it a go!

Jaqui and Sionna both dressed figure hugging, black Lycra mini dresses, hold-up stockings and eight inch stiletto heels. They wore neither bras nor panties, and each wore a Venetian mask to hide their faces. Jaqui told Sionna that she must act as her submissive, and put a collar on her neck to show her status. She inserted a string of Thai love-beads in Sionna’s pussy, and finished off by strapping a butterfly vibrator over her clit!

“Now that you’re ready… let’s go and party!” Jaqui ordered, as she set the vibrator’s remote control to its lowest buzz.

“Yes Mistress Jaqui.” Replied Sionna, as a small shudder of stimulation ran through her body.

As soon as they were admitted to the party, Jaqui went and found Trisha, Trixie and Tami, asking them to join the fun. Helen and Sasha came up from the basement… and they asked if they could help out. The following description is from Uma’s perceived perspective:

…She had turned my head, so I could see that the women were stripping, and a few were helping each other strap on rather large dildos.

Jaqui was helping Sionna, and as she stood behind her, she caressed Sionna’s tits and kissed her neck. When she noticed that I was being made to watch, she grabbed the dildo, and began stroking it like it was a real cock. Sionna giggled, and began bucking her hips, as if she could feel her hand stroking it. Trisha was stroking her dildo like she was jacking off… watching the two. Tami looked up at Trixie, and said:

“All right baby… work your magic.” I looked frantically between the two… tugging at the ropes again.

Trixie grinned, as she stood between my legs, and began tracing a finger along the inside of my thigh. I closed my eyes, as fresh tears ran down my cheeks. Her finger continued its gentle path up my inner thigh. I didn’t want to like this, the feel of her fingers on me, but it felt so nice after all that had happened to me so far.

In spite of everything, I was beginning to enjoy the feel of her soft touch. Her finger found its way to my moistening slit… she spread my lips apart, and then I felt her hot breath on my pussy.

I kept my eyes closed. I couldn’t look at the others, afraid of what they were doing… and planning.

Her tongue slipped out, and flicked at my clit… making it hard, and making it ache. As she did this, her hands started to caress my breasts. Her tongue and fingers teased for what felt like only seconds before there was a sudden sharp pain on my clit and my nipples.

My eyes flew open; they had attached clips to my nipples and to my clit. Trixie continued to tease the tips of my nipples with her fingers… and to tease my clit with her tongue. My nipples and my clit were swelling, her tongue and fingers felt somewhat soothing, as the clips bit into my skin. I was squirming under her, getting used to the pain of the clips.

“All right… that’s enough for now.” Tami whispered into Trixie’s ear.

Trixie stood and moved to the side. Tami was standing there, wearing the largest of the dildos. My eyes were round, as I looked around, trying to see what was happening. I stopped when I saw Helen holding a camera… she was already taping everything that was happening. Tami bent down to my ear, and whispered:

“The rules of this game are… before the person stops pounding into your cunt, you have to get the woman on your mouth off.”

Before I’d even had a chance to protest, Sasha already had her pussy over my mouth, as she sat with her back towards me. I felt a dildo rip into me, making me scream. I couldn’t tell which one it was, and my screams were muffled by Sasha’s pussy.

“If you want it to stop… you’d better start licking whore.” I had no idea who’d said it… my head was swimming.

I pressed my tongue onto Sasha’s pussy. I was unsure of what to do. I had never done this before, and with the dildo being slammed into me, I couldn’t think straight. I was unable to really concentrate on what I was doing. My pussy was practically dry, as I was being fucked mercilessly.

“You’ll have to do better than that… of course, if you like being fucked like this…”

The pounding became even harder. I closed my eyes, and tried to collect myself. I took a deep breath, and I started to press my tongue into Sasha’s hole.

“Mmmm, that’s a little better.”

I wanted this to end fast. I had to try anything to make them cum fast. I did my best to block the pain from my mind, and to forget about the camera. I started to flick my tongue on her clit, and around the lips of her pussy. I sucked on them, and kissed them, and then I sucked on her clit again.

“Oh yeah, that’s it…” Sasha moaned over and over.

I was finding all the spots, and she began to rub her pussy over my mouth… grinding it.

I moaned and whimpered into her pussy, as the fucking continued relentlessly. Suddenly, Sasha pressed her cunt down on my face… and she began to shudder. Her cum was flowing over my lips.

“Suck it out of me Bitch, drink it all.”

As she came, she flicked and pressed at my clit, making me jump and strain at my ropes. I was screaming hard into her pussy. Once she was satisfied, she climbed off of me… and, at once, between my legs, there was Sionna, with a wicked grin on her face… as she slammed into my cunt viciously. Jaqui came over and licked at my lips.

“Oh yes Sasha… your cum tastes so sweet on her lips.”

Jaqui climbed up next, also facing away from me, but the fucking stopped momentarily… as someone else started to fuck me. On and on it went. I had started to get into licking their pussies; my cunt was even dripping by the time they had finished. Tami came over to me, still wearing her dildo.

“Of course the slut was going to like it. Now it’s time for you to clean off our dicks.” She straddled my face, and she shoved the dildo into my mouth… until I was gagging on it. Tami fucked my mouth, until she was satisfied that it was cleaned enough. Trixie and Helen, who were the last, were about to take them off, when Tami said:

“Wait… not yet, we aren’t done.” I moaned, and the ladies looked at her confused:

“There is still another hole.” Tami pressed her finger against my arsehole… I panicked.

“No, no, you can’t… please, no.” Tami slapped me hard on either side of my face.

“No one asked you for your opinion.”

I breathed in deeply. Sionna waltzed up behind Tami, and handed her a bottle of oil. She rested her chin on Tami’s shoulder, and she watched, as Tami poured oil from the bottle between my legs. They watched as the oil ran down between my arse cheeks. Sasha had the camera, and she came around, and got a shot of it. Tami went first, she pressed the tip of the dildo into my arse. I groaned loudly and tensed, she continued to press harder… finally getting the tip in.

“Oh yeah, fuck her Tami, make the whore scream.”

“Yes… fuck her arse.”

“Fuck her arse… like it has never been fucked before.”

As Tami started to fuck me again, they cheered her on. Tami’s speed picked up. I was straining against the ropes, my mouth open in a silent scream, fresh tears running down my face. The sweat was pouring down my body, and as she continued to pound my arse, her face twisted into a hateful look. The pain was becoming too much, and to make matters worse, Trixie, Trisha, and Sionna stood beside me… and each of them began playing with my nipples and my clit. Each of them was being rough and gentle at different intervals. My voice was hoarse from screaming. Tami stopped, panting.

“I have an idea… get her on her feet.”

They undid the ropes, and made me stand… my knees were weak. Two of them held me up by my arms.

“Here… throw the ropes over the rafters, and then tie her up… with her legs spread as widely apart as possible. We can fuck her arse and her pussy at the same time then!” Tami grinned, as she announced her next plan.

“Since she loves to fuck so much… I am sure she’ll love this.” She sneered.

I would have dropped to my knees, if I weren’t being held up. Once done, Tami came around behind me again, and she rubbed the tip of the dildo over my arse.

“Ok. Who wants to go first?” She asked, as she grabbed at my tits.

Helen stepped forward.

“This is going to be so much fun.”

“Hold her arse cheeks apart for me.” Tami asked.

Helen held my arse cheeks apart, and Tami ran the tip of her strap-on over my arse hole. She then slid it in again, holding it deeply inside me, until Helen had entered me. Helen pressed hard into my pussy, holding my face between her hands, as they began to fuck me. She licked at my lips, and she held my head back, so that I had to look her into her eyes.

All I could feel were their hands, as they were stroking my body… and the two large dildos that were fucking me. It was too much… it didn’t take long for me to pass out. I was exhausted, and the pain was just too much. When I came to, I was laying on the floor, with my hands tied behind my back. Jaqui came over to me… and she knelt down.

“You wrecked our fun… but that’s ok. We still have a whole weekend ahead of us.” Trixie came over.

“Come on, let’s move her.” They had moved me over to the TV.

They sat me on the floor, making me sit with my legs straight out in front of me, and my back against the couch. Everyone came into the living room, and they sat down on the couch.

“We have a little show for you.” Trixie told me.

When they had all settled, they turned on the TV. What flashed across the screen made me gasp. They were making me watch what they had recorded. I had tried to look away, but one of them had pulled my head up by my hair.

Jaqui looked directly into one of the hidden spy-cameras, and we saw her on the monitor, as she signalled to us that her mission was a success. Seeing this, I decided to go ahead with our second, riskier covert action!

Alice would remain to monitor the surveillance recordings, whilst Karen, Katarina, Marissa and I would join the party, dressed exactly as Jaqui and Sionna were, and masked to hide our true identities! Katarina and I decided to take on the roles of Dominatrix, with Karen as Kat’s sub, and Marissa as mine. With collars and leashes attached, we led our slave girls into the party. Walking straight through the house, I led the group directly into the back garden.

Tracy, the PVC Catwoman, Shelle, in her stockings, Suze, the nurse, Debs, in her school uniform, Lynne, the Leather bitch, and Julie, the tart were still playing with Pippa’s helpless body… and each other! Jaqui and Sionna joined the four of us in the garden… and we asked the girls if we could join them in playing with the party slut.

“Sure, the more the merrier! We’ve been playing a game of dares with each other. Trying to outdo one another, as to how far we’ll go with the things we do… and, how far we can push it with the things we do to this poor slut!” Tracy replied.

“Why don’t you start as we did? Give the slut what she deserves. Spank her butt… here, use these birch twigs to warm up her hide. She loves it. I guarantee it! We’ve all done it to her… and she gets a hard-on when we do!” Lynne added.

Katarina and Jaqui immediately took up the offer, each birching Pippa with a dozen strokes! True to Lynne’s claim, my husband’s alter ego could not control its excitement, and Pippa came erect before us!

“Shall we carry on playing ‘dares’ ladies?” Julie suggested.

“Our only rule is that if any of us refuse a dare, the others can choose a forfeit in its place… which cannot be turned down!” Shelle explained to us all.

“OK, as long as we are allowed to keep our masks on!” I added.

We all agreed to the rules, and the game began!

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Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers… ‘Wife & friends take revenge!