Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish

Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish

My wife, Denise, and I have been happily married for over 10 years. Over the years, we have enjoyed a vibrant and adventurous sex life. As we’ve grown in our marriage, we have become very open and honest about our sexual fantasies and desires. Through the years, we have come to realize that my wife is naturally dominant and I’m naturally submissive. As this became apparent to us, we began to expand and experiment with these traits in our marriage. Within the normal confines of our daily lives, we act and appear as a normal married couple. Within the confines of our sex life, we are quite kinky and deviant.

We quickly began experimenting with and enjoying my wife taking control sexually. Almost immediately, we were both very aroused with role reversal and with me being not only submissive but also much more feminine. It was my wife’s idea, but I quickly took to wearing sexy, very feminine women’s panties. My wife started by telling me to put on a pair of her panties. My cock became instantly hard as I slid the panties up. She giggled and I blushed. This quickly progressed to her buying me more and more sexy panties. It progressed to the point that she discarded all of my male underwear and I only wore thongs, boy shorts and string bikini women’s panties. She loved buying me pink, satin and lacy panties. She loved to bring home new panties and have me model them for her before we had sex. She even started taking pictures of me wearing panties while having a huge hard on straining in the skimpy panties. We both loved it. Our sex life was quite steamy.

As we both enjoyed her dominance over me, she introduced another kink that ratcheted up our sex life again. She introduced me to eating my own cum. I have to admit, that I loved it. It started with her playing with my cock in the panties and ending with her sucking me off. My wife would not swallow my cum, but kiss me and flood my mouth with my own load of cum. The first time, I wasn’t sure what to do, but my wife pulled her mouth from mine, smiled at me and said simply…”swallow it!” So I did. My wife continued to smile at me and with a gleam in her eyes, she told me she was proud of me. This led to more and more kinky and creative ways that my wife taught me to eat my own cum. Soon, it was agreed between us that I would always eat my own cum.

This included me masturbating in front of her in a pair of panties and cumming in a wine glass before drinking it front of her. This usually made me hard again and I would be eating my cum off my wife’s big tits or from her hand. She loved making me lick my cum from her fingers. She would smile and tell me, “suck my finger clean, cum slut!” My wife began calling me “cum eater” and “cum slut”. This continued to make us both hotter and hotter.

About this time, my wife had us going on “date nights” once a week. Usually on a Friday or Saturday night, we would always go out on a date. Many nights we were going out for dinner or going to a movie. She introduced additional kinky fun on date nights. One of her first kinks that turned us both on and continued us on a course she had set for us. She always picks out an especially sexy pair of panties for me to wear under my regular clothes. Then during dinner or in a movie she would tease me mercilessly by rubbing my cock in the panties and whispering dirty things in my ear. My cock would ache as she would whisper in my ear during dinner… “Are you hungry tonight, cum eater?…I can’t wait to see you eat your load for me tonight.”

Then one date night, as we were finishing dinner, my wife smiled wickedly at me, leaned into my ear and said, “How about we save dessert for when we get home…I want you to eat a nice fresh creampie for me..” I nearly came in my panties right then. That night, when we got home, I fucked my wife intensely before she had me lie on my back in our bed as she smiled and climbed up on my face. I hungrily lapped my cum load from my wife’s shaved, freshly fucked pussy. I ‘m not sure who moaned louder as I ate my cum from her, but when she came on my face, my own cock was rock hard and straining in my panties. My wife then sucked me off and snowballed my cum back into my mouth.

We continued down this path of date nights. I came to realize that my wife loved to introduce new kinks and push our sexual envelope during our date nights. After about six months of wearing panties and eating my own cum, my wife, found a new kink she introduced to us. My wife admitted to doing online research about role reversal and feminization. On our next date night, my told me we were going to stay in and order Chinese delivery. After dinner, we both took a hot bath together and my wife helped me shave my legs, ass, cock and balls. Then after our bath, she applied lotion to my legs and ass. It felt wonderful. Then she showed me a new pair of pink panties with the word “slut” embroidered on them and a new pair of fishnet stockings. She helped me put them on and by the time I was wearing the new panties and stockings, I was rock hard. My wife squealed with delight and giggled. We were both quite turned on, but my wife was about to take it up another notch.

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She told me to go into the bedroom and wait on the bed for her. I did. About 15 minutes later, my wife appeared in the door of our bedroom. She was wearing a black satin corset, black fishnet stockings, high heels and a large black, realistic strapon cock! My cock actually throbbed in my panties when I saw her. My mouth dropped open and I had to take a few moments to drink in the beauty and sexiness of my wife. She is drop dead gorgeous normally, but her large, full tits were literally bulging out of the top of her corset, her long, muscular legs looked incredible in her stockings. Her make up was perfect and she was grinning with lust as she began stroking her big black cock. I realized I moaned out loud and my wife just giggled. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. I think I moaned again as my cock leaked pre-cum into my straining panties.

“Are you ready to be my little slut tonight? She grinned at me. “Ohhh, Denise,” I breathlessly groaned, “you are sooooo sexy!”

“I thought you might like my new look…I’m going to make you a little cock slut tonight!’ she responded.

That night started many nights of Denise using her strap on on me. That night, I spent the night in my new panties and stockings, moaning, as I sucked her cock for about 30 minutes before she had me stroke myself through the new panties. She had me cum all over my new panties with her realistic strap on cock in my mouth. We both came to the realization that I loved shaving from the neck down, wearing panties and now stockings and sucking and getting fucked by my wife’s strapon.

After that, date nights consisted of her strapping on her cock in her jeans or under her dress and going out to eat or a movie. I would wear a pair of panties under my clothes. She even had me suck her strap on while I knelt on the floor in front of her at a local theater as she watched the movie. I came in my panties that night without even touching my cock. We both loved it.

After a few more months of regular strap on sex, she introduced cuckolding to our marriage. She always seemed to know what I needed or wanted sexually before I did, but she was never wrong. Denise had developed a nickname for my sissy self. She usually just called me, “Sissy”. But she also loved to call me “slut”, “cocksucker”, “cum slut” or just “slut”. I found myself really getting off on the humiliation and feminization. We continued to talk openly about what we enjoyed or fantasized about sexually. She was talking more and more about watching me with another man and I admitted to her that I was curious about sex with another man.

She also said she was very curious and turned on by thinking about sex with another man…especially a large black man. I found myself getting hard as she admitted it. We both laughed and then after another couple of weeks of discussing it, she simply told me she was going to find a black man to date.

Another month of sissy sex with her strap on, my wife told me on a date night, that she had found a “date”. She explained that she had found – or had been asked out on a date from a “large black guy” named Derek. I was taken back and emotionally unsure, but my wife giggled when she noticed my cock got hard.

My wife explained that night that she loved me, she loved our life and she especially loved our sex life, but wanted to experiment and date a black guy. That night, as she had me on my knees sucking her black strap on, wearing stockings, panties and a new camisole, she told me she couldn’t wait to get fucked by a black guy and if I waited at home for her, she would bring me a special treat. I came in my panties when she told me that.

Our next date night consisted of both of us getting dolled up. My wife looked absolutely gorgeous! She was wearing a new “little black dress” that accentuated her curves, her deep cleavage and her muscular legs. I was wearing pink satin panties, black fishnet stockings and matching bra. My wife even took a few extra minutes and applied matching lipstick on my lips. After this, before she left on her date, she took out her cell phone and snapped a few pictures of me all dolled up. I was rock hard. She then told me to wait for her and not to cum before she got home. She again reminded me, “If you wait for me…and don’t cum…I will have a special treat for you when I get home.”

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So I walked around the house that night in my lingerie with a throbbing hard cock. I so badly wanted to stroke my cock, but I knew to wait because I knew my wife would not disappoint me. Around 11:30 that night, I heard the garage door and knew my wife was pulling in. I immediately went to our bedroom. The front of my panties were soaked with my pre-cum. My wife came into the bedroom a few minutes later. Her hair was a mess and she looked disheveled and relaxed. She smiled broadly at me and gave me a passionate kiss. Her mouth was warm and she plunged her tongue deep into my mouth and I immediately began sucking on her tongue. My cock throbbed more pre-cum into my panties. My wife noticed my hard on and the large wet spot in my panties.

“Did you wait for me…slut?” she asked. I nodded. She said, “You’ve been horny all night, haven’t you? Your panties are soaked.”

“I so badly wanted to stroke my cock and cum.. I am sooooo horny, Denise. I need some relief.” I answered.

Denise giggled and said, “I knew you would be and I do have a very special surprise treat for my cum slut.. lie on your back on the bed.”

My wife, hiked her little black dress up and pulled it over her head. She was standing in front of me in a a black thong panties and black bra. Her big tits practically spilling out of her bra. My cock throbbed again and a small moan escaped my mouth. “Do you like what you see, Sissy?” Denise grinned. She climbed on the bed and straddled my waist. Her soft bare skin of her ass resting against my straining cock. I nearly came just from that contact. She leaned forward and kissed me again. I moaned into her mouth.

“Do you know what your treat is…slut?” she asked. I suspected from the moment she left what she was going to bring home, but I had mixed feelings about it. “My date was wonderful, honey, and Derek was very skillful and fun!” Denise gushed. Then she moved over my face…her thong covered pussy just over my mouth. I was panting. “I have a fresh creampie, Sissy…Derek was excited that I was bringing it home for you.” Denise said.

I moaned again, as Denise pulled her thong panties aside and I instantly was staring into her shaved pussy and I instantly noticed how juicy and wet her pussy looked. Denise giggled and planted her wet pussy on my mouth. We both moaned out loud as her wet pussy lips touched my lips. “That’s it, Sissy, lick my pussy…see if you taste a new flavor!”

I sucked on her pussy and was quickly rewarded with hearing her moan as I began tasting a new taste…salty, creamy, slippery. Denise began telling me about her date, where they had dinner, how they ended up at Derek’s apartment, and finally how she sucked his cock before he fucked her silly. My mouth was flooding with a thick slimy fluid that was salty…and delicious. “That’s it, slut, eat his cum…eat Derek’s cum from my pussy!”

I was moaning as I swallowed another man’s cum for the first time from my wife’s pussy. “He fucked me so hard and sooooo good, honey, he has such a big cock…Oh, Michael, it was soooooo good…eat it, Sissy…eat his cum from Meeeeeeee!” Denise groaned as she came on my face. As Denise came on my face, his cum gushed out and filled my mouth which sent me over the edge and I began cumming in my panties without touching my hard cock. My wife and I were both cumming and then we collapsed together on our bed. We rested quietly. When we had recovered from our intense orgasms, my wife kissed me passionately and told me how much she loved me and was so thankful to be my wife.

Then she got up and went into the closet. I was lying on our bed, my belly and panties completely soaked in my cum. My lips and face glazed with a mixture of my wife’s cum and Derek’s. She came back with our digital camera and snapped a few pictures of me lying on the bed in my lingerie, my face and belly soaked with sperm. Then she handed me a new very realistic, veined, dark brown vixskin dildo. It looked and felt so lifelike. “I bought this for you to play with my little slut.” Denise grinned at me. “It’s the most realistic, lifelike dildo I could find and I want you to practice with it…so start licking it, cocksucker!”

I grinned and began licking it. Denise snapped a few more pictures. “Suck it, Sissy…suck it for me.”

I plunged the dildo into my mouth and moaned around it as I sucked it. My cock got hard again in my wet panties. I sucked on that realistic black dildo and the more I did, the more I realized how much I wanted to taste a real cock. My own cock was again hard and throbbing in my panties. “That’s it, Sissy, suck that cock…he he…I think my sissy slut really likes to suck that cock!” Denise was grinning broadly as she continued to snap photos of her husband in lingerie, sucking our new realistic black dildo. I continued to suck it and Denise continued to take pictures… the heat and passion in the room continued to rise. My own cock is throbbing, and I wanted to cum so bad as I sucked the dildo. I am moaning and my wife is watching and giggling.

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Then she sets the camera down, and comes to the bed and begins stroking my very hard cock. I moan loudly as she touches my wet, panty covered cock. She giggles again. She strokes me as I suck. “That’s it, slut, suck that big black cock…you look so hot with that hard cock in your mouth…suck it for me sissy!” Denise teases as she strokes me. Then my wife grabs the base of the dildo and begins fucking my sucking mouth with the dildo. She pulls it out and coats the dildo in my own cum from my belly. Then instead of plunging it back into my mouth, she smears my cum all over my lips and face. “Mmmmm…that looks sexy, honey…a big black cock on your face smearing cum all over your face…chase it with your tongue, my little cocksucker!” I moan loudly and do as she asks. She continues to dip the dildo into my own cum and feeding my cum to me off the dildo. This only lasts a few minutes before I start spurting again. This time, my wife has my cock out of my panties and is squeezing the base of my cock. As I start to spurt, she pulls the dildo from my mouth and coats the new dildo in my spurting cum. I’m cumming hard and I know what she has planned, which only causes me to cum harder. Soon the new black dildo is completely covered with my cum. She brings it up to my face. Her eyes are open wide, she has a small smile on her face. As she holds the dildo over my mouth, she tells me, “Open wide, cum slut! You have clean up duties, again!” I moan out loud which causes her to giggle.

A large drop of still warm cum drips off the head of the dildo and lands on my lips. Denise reaches for the camera and stands up next to the bed, still holding the dildo over my mouth. She raises the camera to her eye, aims and I hear multiple clicks as she photographs the cum coated cock right over my still open mouth. I eagerly lick my cum off my lips and open wide again. More clicks. Then Denise says, “O.K., cocksucker, suck the cum off this cock…” as she plunges the coated dildo into mouth. We both moan out loud and my mouth fills with the realistic dildo and a big load of my own cum.

I spend the next few minutes sucking the dildo clean of my cum load. Denise never stops taking photos.

Denise continued to date Derek. Dates nights consisted of her and me dolling up. Many dates nights, she gave me new sexy lingerie. My collection of panties, stockings, dresses, make up, and slutty outfits grew. Denise would pick out what we both wore and I was always dolled up on her date nights with Derek. After the first date, I met Derek and he usually came in the house to pick up Denise. He was tall, muscular and handsome. I could see why Denise liked him. The first time we met was embarrassing. He just chuckled when he saw me all dolled up, but he was polite and friendly. Every date night, ended with me sucking his cum from Denise’s shaved pussy. We both loved it. After about 3 weeks of dates with Derek, I was eating his cum from her pussy when she told me she had told Derek I loved eating his cum from her pussy. She told me he was very interested and turned on by me eating his cum from her.

The next date night, Denise had purchased a new set of matching black panties, bra, and sheer stockings for both of us. We prepared for our date night. Our lingerie matched perfectly. Of course, Denise’s bra and panties fit very sexy. I didn’t have her curves or filled it out as well, but she did my make up to match her s. Derek arrived and asked for a Crown Royale on the rocks. We didn’t have any Crown Royale. Denise asked to put on an overcoat and run to the drive thru liquor store. So I left Denise and Derek at home and drove to the liquor store. Fortunately I didn’t have to get out of the car.

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Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish

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