Husband And Wife In A Restaurant

Husband And Wife In A Restaurant

Hi! I’m Vihan, 28 from Pune. This is my story on ISS, so please bear with me. This is a fictional story of a husband and wife.

Her name’s Vidya. She was 28 and had long hair. She had a perfect figure. The one which makes heads turn. About 5ft 7 inches. Black hair and had a fair complexion. She got recently married to the love of her life Vir.

It was a love marriage and they were head over heels in love with each other. The bonding was great and so was sex. They made love to each other every alternate day. However, they were always looking for something more in sex. Trying different positions, role play, etc.

Once they went for a candlelight dinner date. Vidya was looking like a bombshell. She was wearing a black dress, the length of which was not beyond her knees. The dress was a low neck and had a cut so deep which exposed her cleavage. Her hair was untied and she had put a bit of mascara on.

They started having dinner. Sumptuous food accompanied with some red wine. Looking at his wife in her sexy dress Vir was already horny. He had already made his plans to have sex with his wife tonight. But before getting into bed he wanted to have some fun with her.

Something crazy went through his mind. He started asking her all the weird questions.
Vir – Vidya, you’re looking very hot today. I am unable to decide whether to eat the food or to eat you tonight.

Vidya was blushing and her face became red – Stop it, Vir. There are people around here. Someone will hear you.

Vir – Let them listen, babe. You’re making it so hard to resist. I could have you right here.

Vidya – OMG Vir, what’s gotten into you today.

Vidya was in a situation now. She was getting excited but was also being cautious of people around.

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Vir – Come on, Vidya. Don’t be such a pussy.

Vidya (infuriated) – I’m not a pussy okay. Don’t challenge me.

Vir with a smirk on his face – Is that so? Let’s see how far can you take it then.

Vidya – What do you want Vir? I’m up for a challenge.

Vir – So what’s color is your bra?

Vidya looking straight into his eyes answered – It’s black.

Vir – I can’t see it.

Vidya – Of course, you can’t see it.

Vir – But I want to see it right now.

Vidya – What? Now? Don’t be crazy, Vir. How can you see them here?

Vir – It’s a challenge.

Vidya rolled her eyes. Banged her hand on the table and said, “Okay fine. I will go to the washroom and click pictures and send them to you.”

Vir – Nope. Show it to me right here. I don’t want any pictures. I want to see it with my eyes in front of me.

Vidya – Don’t be foolish Vir. I’m not showing you anything here.

Vir – I thought you weren’t a pussy. Maybe you were wrong.

Vidya’s nostrils were flaring. She was angry. Her face turned red. But Vir was enjoying this. Vidya took her hands to her neck. She inserted her hand near her shoulder. Found the strap. She looked around and pulled the strap out to show him.

Vir – I can’t see, Vidya. And I don’t want to see your strap.

Vidya was irritated but was getting excited about this kinky behavior of her husband. She took her hands to her neckline into the deep cleavage. And she moved her dress above her boobs to show the covered part.

Vir was now looking at a black bra that covered her 34 sized white boobs. Vir wasn’t satisfied though.

Vir – Now I want to see your panties.

Vidya widened her eyes and was looking at him. Now she understood the game. She was getting much more excited. She took her hands to the end of the dress, which was just near her knees. She inserted both her hands from the end near her waist.

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She took her panties and pulled them down. Took them off her legs and she threw it on Vir’s face. The moment she took of her panties the cool air in the restaurant touched her naked pussy. She was wet.

Vir was not expecting this at all. He quickly took the panties and stuffed it in his pocket. Now he was a bit scared of the people around.

Vidya- Now who’s being a pussy, huh?

That made Vir angry. He shifted to the chair which was by her side. The table had cloth. So no one could know what was going on under the table. Both of them started looking towards each other. He took his hands to her thighs. And started moving it upwards.

As soon as Vidya got to know what Vir was up to she tried to stop him. But it was all in vain.  Vir reached her pussy and started rubbing it. She started moaning but in a low voice with her lips pursed together.

“Vir, please stop you’re going to make me cum…”

Vir – Don’t be loud honey, others might hear you.

Vidya had her bent down. She was holding his arm and was pushing her nails through his arm. She was now biting her lips and trying to hold it together. Vir now inserted his two fingers into her vagina. Her vagina was wet as fuck.

Vir- You’re soaking wet honey.

Vidya – Shut the fuck up and do your job.

Vir got irritated and got his hands out.

Vidya – WTF! Don’t stop now. I’m sorry honey. But please finish the job that you started. Don’t leave me like this.

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Vir saw the champagne Bottle on the table. He got the bottle. Removed the cork over the bottle. He took the cork and inserted that cork in her vagina. Her pussy is wet it got in smoothly.

Her eyes lit up and mouth fell open. The cork was a bit cold. She just couldn’t handle it anymore. Vir got to his job again. He started rubbing her clit. He increased his speed. And went on rubbing her.

Vidya was about to cum. “But I’m cumming. Please don’t stop now.”

Vir increased his speed. He was still at it and kept going. Vidya increased her grip over his arm. And as he was rubbing he heard a noise. The cork fell down on the floor.

Vidya came. She was looking flushed yet Happy. Her face was all red. She was panting. Her hair was on her face. Her face was all sweaty. She looked at Vir and said – That was the best thing, Vir. Let’s go home so that I can return the favor.

Vir – Sure Honey! Let’s go as fast as we can. I can’t wait to get inside you.

Vidya – And I can’t wait to have you inside me Vir.

Just as they were talking, the waiter arrived and said, ” Sir, here, take it, we’re sorry the cork had fallen down on the floor.”

Vir and Vidhya looked at each other and burst out laughing. The waiter had a confused look on his face while the couple kept laughing.

That’s it for now folks. That’s me Vihan. Anyone wants to have a chat can mail me on [email protected]

Let me know if you liked the story. Till then adios!

Husband And Wife In A Restaurant

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