Husband sets up pretty wife with piercing hung stud

Husband sets up pretty wife with piercing hung stud

It was an awesome sight. My beautiful wife spread eagled on the piercing artist’s dentist like chair, the handsome stud nailing her, his huge cock buried deep in her tight pussy.

So how did this happen?

Reema is my beautiful wife, 26, 5 ft 6, slender, long straight hair, lovely oval face, light brown eyes, that make her look really tempting, full lips and nice 34 B cup well shaped breasts.

I am a businessman of 32, handsome, well toned by working out and swimming regularly, well traveled and like most guys out there, fantasizing about seeing a hung stud banging my wife!

It started through porn and lately just made me want it bad. We have a good sex life, not great, but good. I am average in the cock department and manage to stay long enough most of the time to make Reema cum, but always yearn to be able to bang her hard and fast, longer and longer seeing her cum again and again, unfortunately, there are very few studs out there who are that gifted! Well every one has their own strengths, no pun intended, for me fucking like a bull isn’t!

Anyway, after pondering about this real seriously, I decided it was just too risky emotionally and socially to try this at home, I am very possessive (who wont be with a wife like mine) and would not want a stud to fuck her so good that I lose her to him!

So when a business trip to Europe came up, I knew the time has come. I always fantasized about girls with pierced nipples and clit, even shared that with Reema. Reema is a shy girl, not experienced at all, knew it as she grew almost around us.

We had an arranged marriage, living nearby family friends, knew as soon as we were in our teens that we will marry. Luckily we both clicked and it wasn’t that I was not good looking or too old, Reema always wanted to marry me too.

Anyway, the point is she is shy, not experienced and I took her virginity after we were engaged, and after a year we married. Being so close for so many years made us frank with each other, I would ask her what she likes in bed and would ask her to do things which she would do devotedly. She liked to make me happy and even when I wont last long, she would never complain, just smile and always say that she came too, but I knew most of the time she did not — but that made me love her more and want a bull to bang her long and hard even more!

So when I shared my fetish, she just smiled and said innocently ‘wont it hurt’? I just laughed. In fact I had actually chatted with a gal and she told me first hand that though its possible that inexperienced cheap guys could pierce nerves that may numb the pussy, if done carefully it enhances the sensation. She in fact told me that it made her so horny all the time, that she eventually took it off!

Well so I really did not want Reema to get hurt or lose any sensation in her beautiful rose like pussy (it has various layers if you know what I mean). So did a lot of homework, got on the net, checked out websites of artists who would do it, their professionalism, testimonial etc.

And I stuck gold! There was this guy, ran it alone, had awesome site with great testimonials, but what caught my attention was one girls candid feedback — Al is great, not only does he look like a specimen, ask him to show his personal work — you wont find a larger work of art in a pant!

I just knew what she meant and I was hooked. I got in touch by mail asking innocent routine questions and Al was kind enough to reply promptly. I gathered over time that he is from Spain and been in the country for over 5 years now, when I asked for some personal favorite pictures of his work, he sent me some nice pictures especially of some ladies with pierced nipples and clit (no faces which was fine and in fact good). On probing further he also sent me some cock piercing, and some were really big cocks, I wondered if anyone was his! Well I would find out soon.

I pushed my luck and told him about Reema, how shy she was and if he would be able to coax her into it, also if he would be interested to play along my fantasy — he may touch and fondle her only if she wants it would fuck her — with a condom and he has to stop when she says stop. Also for the deal I had to see his cock — he had to be over 8 inches for the deal to take place.

I did not get a response from Al for some days and I though he either thought I was crazy or just fooling around. Then one find day, just two days before we had to leave, I get his reply. He says it’s a deal, but he will decide when he sees my wife in real, no pictures will do — as he has no dearth of pussy so he can afford to choose only the best! Though he did admit that he found Indian gals sexy and had not been with one and would love to fuck her.

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He said his cock pictures are attached just be sure she can take it! I clicked on the attachments and I knew what he meant! He had one of those porn-star cocks, long, thick as a woman’s wrist, thick veins protruding, and two rings pierced on the under skin! I did not need a ruler next to his cock in the picture, I guessed it was well over 8 inches. I knew he was the man!

So I seal the deal, we agree to visit and I bring my wife over, I would ask him routine questions and he can check my wife out, then I try to coax her into getting a nipple piercing, on some pretext I would leave then alone, but I would hide somewhere to watch, all my other rules apply. Al said fine he asked me to come over around 8 so its time to close and he can check out my wife without any distractions.

So we arrive in this beautiful European city, we check into our hotel — near Als studio — and go out for a walk along the river. I find Als studio across the river, but it was just to see it today, we are tired and we go back to our room. After a hot shower, I am so excited I cum in 2 minutes and Reema as always just smiles and kisses me hard, happy she made me happy. I offer to eat her out (which I do when I don’t make her cum) but she just says she is tired and wants to sleep. I watch her sleep and somewhere in my heart I am getting really nervous — do I really want to do this? What if she is not the same, will she ever feel fulfilled with me? I don’t realize when I too doze off.

I plan to finish work early so leave Reema in bed, I have my coffee at the café downstairs and find Als studio not open for business yet. I meet my clients, call Reema to check how she’s doing, she says she is enjoying the view, had a walk and shopped (god women)! I promise to finish early and will be with her for evening stroll by the river and then dinner — I also promise some sexy lingerie for her from one of the stores I spotted, I hear her gush and imagine her looking sexy red blushing and playing with her hair, which she does when she is made to blush!

So we go out in the evening, I buy her some sexy lingerie and also ask her that she has to go without bra and panties when here — well that is what all women here do (not sure true but I told her so) she said really with her eyes wide, gosh I love her innocence. I coax her in doing that and when she was trying out a dress, I made her get rid of her innerwear. I was oozing pre-cum in anticipation.

I bought her the nice figure hugging one piece dress, it had a deep neck and it just showed enough of her beautiful ample breasts and made her nipples poke out begging for attention.

Reema seemed flushed but she always did what I asked her, so she went with it, I knew she was getting excited by all this too! I saw the sales staff — both women and guys eying her and I was loving it. I just hoped Al would find her tempting too!

So we had some dinner in a nice little Italian joint and I ensured Reema had some extra share of wine. Reema was a different woman when we were out of our home, I guess she enjoyed the freedom away from our families where she could relax without worrying about being watched or monitored. She would laugh more, be naughty like nibbling my ears or stealing a kiss, which we could not even imaging back home in India (no matter how developed we were now).

Anyway, Reema was a bit tipsy and I knew things were in place, I were walking back and it was just about 8. I stopped outside the studio and asked Reema what she though. She did not understand at first but then blushed, she said no way. I said come on, what the harm in trying? I reminded her how it would enhance her sexuality and I wanted her to feel that happiness. She hugged me and said ok but what if it hurts, I laughed and kissed her deeply, and said today we only find out, if you want it will be your call, I wont push her, she smiled and said ok lets go.

We entered the studio and it had this initial smaller section with a reception like feel, the walls were full of pictures and Reema just got lost in them. I said Hello, and from the other part of the studio I heard some movement, my heart was in my mouth and I soon saw Al in front of me. He could not recognize me and I saw it in his eyes, but after looking at my wife, he must have realized and smiled. He extended his hands to me but his eyes were on my wife all the time, I knew it was working.

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Al had this deep voice; he looked even more attractive in person. He had a vest on, which allowed his spectacular body to be on display. He was the right kind of muscular guy, un-kept blonde hair, blue eyes and his tight jeans showing the bulge that I knew what was causing it!

He said he was just closing so I quickly explained (acting my part) about how we were interested but not sure, my wife wanted to try but thought it might hurt.

Al laughed and extended his hand to Reema, she was now next to me and had her smile on, it was too early if she had anything on her mind shaking hands with this hunk of a man.

Al held on to Reema’s hand and started to explain what he did, how its not that painful, a bit yes, but not that much, and he said most of his clients liked his way of doing it which was a bit untraditional — he left it with that, and I knew Reema was impressed.

I said it’s her call and we would drop in tomorrow, if for any reason she does not want to go ahead, we would be happy to pay his appointment fee — to which Al just smiled looking into Reema’s eyes saying he doubts if she came in she wont go all the way!

We left and I fucked Reema in wild passion, imagining Als big cock in her pussy, again did not last long, but this time went down and ate her till she came. Reema soon feel asleep, but I was wide awake, not knowing what I have gotten me and Reema into!

So it was next evening as Al wanted us around 7 so that we were his last customers, and had all the time with Reema. As planned I was with Reema in Als studio.

I almost gasped when I set my eyes on Al. He was dressed for the occasion, he had no shirt on, showing off his rippled muscles, he had a few tattoos, but not overly done. He had just had a towel around his waist — he smiled and said, well he thought we wont turn up so sorry about being this way — but did not offer to dress up! I caught Reema eying Al out, her eyes were on his muscular chest and abs, and maybe also eying his tiny towel around his waist!

Al offered us some drinks and said it will relax her nerves. Al would later reveal it was a drink that made women relax and horny!

Reema looked stunning in another one of her dresses; I made her again not to wear any bra and panties as she was going to get pierced anyway. She questioned about the panty which I said was just to make her relax and that way she would know if the piercing really makes her horny or not!

Reema has the most sensitive nipples, she can just cum by playing with them and I just could not wait for them to be pierced and watching Al playing with them!

Al took Reema into the inner room and he had this big dentist like cushioned chair with arm and leg rests that could be extended. He asked Reema to relax and feel comfortable. He would only start once she is ready.

He asked her where she wants to be pierced at which she just blushed; I hurriedly told Al it would be her nipples. Al replied in a matter of fact tone that its fine, he would do one nipple at a time so that Reema is able to decide if she wants both nipples pierced, he looked at Reema and she nodded, gulping, I could tell she was as excited as I was. I guess the drink and the sight of this hunk was taking its toll on Reema.

Al explained that his technique was a bit different, Reema can ask him to stop at any moment she feels uncomfortable. He tries to relax the client and as the piercing is in her sensitive part, he would help her get aroused so that she can feel less pain and at the same time know that he is not piercing her nerve which makes her numb. I could see Reema nodding with her eyes wide, not sure if she understood what it meant or it was just over the stage where she wanted to rethink! She looked at me and I smiled showing her I was ok.

Al asked Reema to take off the top of her dress, she looked at me again and I smiled again, my heart beating so fast, I thought I would collapse! Reema slowly took it down, one breast showing, her left, Al was not even looking at this time and acting professionally arranging his tools. Al pulled a stool and sat near Reema, he slowly pealed off her dress from the other breast too and neatly pulled it at her waist!

My beautiful wife was now totally topless in front of a stranger, her chest was moving up and down with her long breaths, I knew she was very excited. Al was all the time looking busy, not even looking at her, slowly arranging his position, looking at his tools etc, I guess that was the cue and I excused myself and said I have a call, looking at my mobile and moved out, I could see Reema looking surprised and with her wide eyes saying ‘what where are going?’ But I just made a gesture that I would be back soon.

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I moved quickly into the back section that Al had showed me to hide and peek! I had a nice view, it was very close to the two of them and I just had to keep quiet. This situation was also assisted by Al offering to play soothing music, which was just loud enough not to make it audible to the two.

Al had now moved the chair at an angle so that Reema was almost lying, Al started applying a bit of oil on his palms and asked Reema to close her eyes. Reema did so but here breaths were still heavy and deep, her breasts were now moving up and down and her nipples were erect as they could be.

Al started applying one palm to her breast and started massaging it — I thought what the heck, Reema must be over the point of no return to allow this guy to do this. Reema started moaning and moved her head away from Al and that gave Al more confidence and he was soon applying both his hands and massaging both her breasts.

Al explained that he has to see her reach high level sensitivity so that he can move on further. Al said he had to move in front so that he can do it better, he moved the chair so that his back was towards me and he spread Reema’s legs wide so that they rested neatly on the arms of the chair, he moved between her and it seemed that he was almost on top of her! He was now fondling her breasts expertly and Reema was moaning and moving her head from side to side, I knew she was going to cum if Al continued.

Al then stopped moved his palms from her breasts, downwards and rested it at her flat belly. Reema almost moved up with his motion as if wanting him to go on! Al placed his hands on Reema’s thighs, innocently, and asked Reema if she felt good enough to proceed, Reema nodded, gulping and drowned the remaining drink in one go!

Al said she was the most beautiful girl he would be working on, and Reema blushed again, though I could not see her turn red as she was already all red! I wondered if she cared at all if I was going to come back!

Al then played with Reema’s nipple driving her mad, he knew what he was doing and said he will need her to feel more, and with than went down and started sucking her nipple, Reema let out a loud groan and was now digging her nails into the chair cushion!

Al continued to suck and with the other hand moved to her other breast, Reema was in seventh sky by now, I knew she was dying to be fucked. Al now moved his hands slowly from her breast to her tummy and then back, this was certainly not any piercing but I guess Reema knew by now that she wanted Al bad, she was just not able to resist, and with her own husband asking her to do this, why should she! This is want Reema would later explain, she realized this is what I wanted — within the limits, but to be honest after what Al was doing to her she really did want Al to go all the way!

I think Al knew that Reema knew this where this was going, probably she had had enough of starving for a royal fuck and here was her chance. She whispered something and I could see Al respond with a smile, Reema looked surprised then just laid her head back.

With that Al got up, looked in my direction, knowing I was there, and dropped his towel! He had his cock fully erect and even from a distance it looked menacing! I was suddenly afraid that he might hurt Reema!

Al moved between Reema again and took her toes in his mouth, Reema moaned loudly and caught her head with her hands, I had told Al about her toes and he was not just doing all the right things. Reema goes wild when I do it, and Al knew now!

He moved a way and got something from the nearby cabinet and started applying it on his cock, I realized it was a KY jelly! Thank god at least it would make it easy!

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Husband sets up pretty wife with piercing hung stud

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