Hyderabad Housewife’s Unexpected Sex With Erotica Writer

Hyderabad Housewife’s Unexpected Sex With Erotica Writer

Hello friends, my name is Renuka and I am 35 now. My friends tell me that I still maintain a good physique. Today, I am going to tell one of my experiences which I had with an ISS writer whom I am met here after reading his stories. He was such a gentleman that he has fulfilled all my sexual desires which were not been fulfilled earlier.

I am a typical South Indian lady from Hyderabad, who is unsatisfied with my husband due to his busy office work. I did not have any affair earlier and I think my husband was everything for me but all of a sudden, everything changed.

One day I was so depressed and was searching online with random stuff and got a sight of this site online and got addicted to getting satisfied alone. After my husband leaving to work and completing all my work at home, it became a routine for me to visit this site and read the beautiful stories being published here.

I read many sex stories but one writer impressed me a lot and made me think beyond what I am thinking. His name was Raj and he was also from Hyderabad.

One day, I dared myself in writing to him for appreciating him for the experiences he had and the way he fulfilled the desires of the women who were depressed like me.

He was a very nice guy and replied to me saying thank you for my appreciation. I was scared initially writing to him but later on, it became normal and I got addicted to the way he spoke.

One day, in our chat, I opened up myself and said about my sad life story of not getting satisfied to which he replied politely asking me to speak to my husband and solve it. But I knew that my husband was very busy with building his career as many. So I said it may not work and felt sad again.

He started consoling me and said if I wish, he could satisfy me. As a typical south Indian woman, I thought many times about whether I was doing the right thing or not.

One find day, I broke my silence and told him that I want to get satisfied in bed. He replied, “Are you sure?”. I said, “Yes I am sure”.

Then we planned for a day to meet and we planned to meet in the evening.

The day we were meeting, I wore a pink color silk saree and matching deep cut blouse to impress him. We had decided to meet in a mall. My heart was beating fast. My eyes were searching for Raj in the mall.

Then he messaged me asking where am I. I told him the place I was sitting and finally, he came. I could still remember his smile when he saw me.

He said, “Renuka, I never thought that I would be meeting this gorgeous lady today”, to which I started blushing. Raj was a typical south Indian guy with a hairy chest and hairy body.

My heart started beating a lot while we were talking. Sensing my nervousness, Raj took my hand and said, “Renuka, calm down. Everything will be fine”. I felt like hugging him tightly and get consoled by him.

We then talked for a while and thought of leaving the place. We walked towards the cellar where my car was parked.

During the conversations, my body could feel Raj’s naughty looks, and while walking, he was coming close to me, taking my hand into his hand and keeping his hand on my waist. I was feeling like I have become a college-going girl again.

We soon reached the cellar and got into the car. Raj slowly came towards me and said, “You not only look beautiful, but you smell beautiful as well”.

When he came closer to me and talked like that, I was not able to control. And by thinking all his sex stories and naughty acts, my nipples got hard and were protruding from my blouse. As Raj was too close to me, he noticed it too.

He then said, “Before we start, why don’t I appreciate these erect nipples?” and without a warning, he bit on my nipple over my saree. I shouted, “Slowly, you naughty”.

Then I imagined how naughty he was and I got a strange feeling which I never had in my life.

Then we slowly drove to my house and entered my house. As soon as we entered the house and I closed the door, Raj put his hands on my waist and squeezed hard and pushed me towards the door. He swiftly moved my hair towards my front and gently bit on the back portion of my back neck. “Mmm Rajjjjj..”, I moaned unknowingly.

My body was being handled by a man after so many days. I was burning inside for years for such a wonderful touch.

Meanwhile, Raj was slowly gaining control of me. He started kissing all over my neck, and bareback. I was getting tickling sensations. Then he pressed my waist, made kneel down and kissed on the back of my waist. I was in cloud 9. He was making me crazy and I was moaning like everything.

Then Raj slowly turned me towards him and kissed me on my navel. My hands were on his hair and unknowingly, I was pushing him more towards me. By then, my pallu had already fallen on the floor.

Raj slowly started coming upwards. He bit my nipples which were already so aroused and hard. He was kissing my nipples and biting my nipple over my blouse while his right hand was playing on my other nipple.

After a few minutes, Raj started kissing my neck. I was going crazy all the time by thinking I was going to get laid to a romantic guy tonight. Then Raj finally planted a kiss on my lips which were already been shivering by that time. He said, “Renu, shall we lock the door?”

Till then, I hadn’t realized that I had not locked the door.

I will continue the story in the next episode. Hope you have enjoyed the first part. Friends, please write me your comments at [email protected]

Hyderabad Housewife’s Unexpected Sex With Erotica Writer