I Catch My Mom, And She Catches Me by Chickwithdick827

I Catch My Mom, And She Catches Me
by Chickwithdick827

Me, My Pregnant Mom, And Her New Lover

This happened to me and my mom, some of it is made up but mostly true… This is kind of a long story so sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy.

Two months after her mom got divorced, Kristen’s mom (Lisa) became really depressed and soon started acting like a hermet. It was just Kristen and her mom from then on, Kristen had no other brothers or sisters yet so they were on their own. Kristen was 17 at the time, and resembled her mother quite a bit, she had quite similar facial resemblances, nice sized breasts for her age that looked like they were still growing, small waist, slightly protruding butt that was accented by her hips and thighs perfectly. Kristen’s mom started taking several extra sick days off of work every week and would spend all her time on her computer. Day and night, she was on that computer, talking to someone but whenever Kristen asked her about who she was talking to, she would just say an old friend. Kristen always noticed that when her mom sat at that computer for long hours she would become fidgety and would start to twist and turn her legs as if aching to get up from an uncomfortable position but she would always just sit there. Kristen never really paid any attention to her mom until she lost her job and a little bump appeared on her belly which meant her mom was pregnant. Kristen couldn’t figure out who it belonged to, was it her dead-beat dad’s child or did her mom meet someone new and was already having intercourse with them, who knew?Kristen’s mom was very attractive for her age, her breasts were still firm and quite big, her figure was still slim and curver perfectly around her pert butt.Lisa had really hit a rough patch in her life but soon things would change for her and her daughter and a good friend of hers.

It was a tuesday morning and Kristen had got up early before school to make breakfast, and as she was walking to the kitchen she happened to glance over at her mom’s computer and noticed that it was still on. Kristen thought maybe she just forgot to turn it off the night before but as she approached it, she could see that there was an IM box that was still active. Her mom’s screename was newgirlover212 and she was talking to someone named imhergirl212, Kristen kinda just ignored the screenames and just started closing out the open windows on the screen but as she went to close it out, she glanced at their conversation and couldn’t believe what she saw. Her mom was writing to another person about touching herself and from the messages, it seemed that she was writing to another woman as they told each other about touching their bodies. Kristen’s first thought was of why her mom would be pleasuring herself to another woman online, then she heard her mom coming out of the bathroom so she moved away from the computer. Kristen stood behind the doorway next to the computer and watched her mom as she came out of the bathroom. Lisa called out for her daughter “Kristen” to see if she was walking around but Kristen stayed hidden. And for the second time that morning, Kristen was shocked. Her mom had came out of the bathroom looking around to see if her daughter was around, then she walked out holding a pretty good-sized vibrator and she looked relieved and satisfied at the same time when she saw that Kristen wasn’t around. At the time, Kristen had not known what a vibrator was but she was to learn of one soon enough. As her mom returned to her computer, Kristen walked quietly but slowly away from the doorway she was behind to the kitchen where she began cooking. Lisa could smell someone cooking and called out to her daughter “Kristen” and Kristen replied “Yeah mom?” and her mom responded “Can you come here real quick?” and Kristen replied as she walked up to her mom “Yeah mom?” and her mom responded “Hey, how long have you been downstairs?” and Kristen replied “Not long, I just came down and started cooking. Was that all you wanted to ask me?” and her mom responded “Yes, that’s everything.” But as Kristen walked away she could see her mom reopening the closed windows on her computer so it was apparent that her mom was worried that maybe Kristen looked at her computer and read her conversation. Her mom didn’t know it or think much of it, but Kristen had already seen her conversation and was thinking of it but passed it off as unimportant.

Kristen finished cooking then went upstairs to her room to get ready for school. Kristen showered, dressed, did her make-up then was off to school but as she walked past her mother’s room. Kristen was surprised once again. For the first time in months, her mom was giggling. Kristen couldn’t believe it so she eavesdropped on her conversation to see who she was talking to but she couldn’t tell. All she knew that her mother was talking to someone, was in very light spirits, and was planning on meeting someone later that day. As Kristen continued listening in on her mother, she accidentally tipped the door and her mother noticed. Kristen’s mother heard the noise then said quickly “Okay sweetie, I have to go. I think my daughter is leaving for school. Okay. I’ll see you soon. Bye.” and Lisa hung up the phone. Kristen then knocked on her mother’s door to tell her she was leaving for school and to tell her that she had a study group to go to in the afternoon so she wouldn’t be home until the evening then Kristen left.

As Kristen walked to school, she couldn’t think of anything but what was going on with her mom. Who was her mom talking to? why she had all of a sudden found someone fun to talk to? and why was her mother hiding so much and who was she planning on meeting later? This all ran through her mind while she walked to school but as she got to school, Kristen started thinking of the day at hand. The first part of the day went by quickly and when lunch came around Kristen went to talk to her friends who she was having a study group with. Kristen approached Jenny and Lana, the two other girls she was studying with and started saying “Hey, so are you two still on for tonight and the study group?” and the two girls replied “Actually we have another cheer practice tonight, our captain said that we sucked at last friday’s game so we’re having double practices this week. Sorry Kristen.” and Kristen responded “Okay that’s fine but when are we going to have our study group because we still have to work on our project as well.” and the two girls replied “Yeah, yeah, we know. But cheer’s top priority for us so we’ll find some other time.” and Kristen responded with a sort of resentment “Fine.” Then Kristen walked away as the bell for her next class rang. Kristen went to her last few classes of the day and walked home right after school.

During her walk, Kristen wondered if her mom’s friend would be over at the house when she arrived or if her mom would be gone, she didn’t know but it was going to be a surprise that she would never forget. Kristen’s mom didn’t expect her daughter to be home until later that evening so she wasn’t careful with anything she was doing. Kristen walked into her house, called out for her home but there was no answer. Her mom’s car was in the driveway and so was someone else’s who she didn’t know but no one was around in the living room, in the dining room, in the backyard, or by her computer so Kristen assumed that her mom had gone somewhere with someone else. Kristen walked up the stairs and as she walked up the last few steps, she could hear wild, loud moaning coming from her mother’s room. Lisa’s door was cracked open enough for Kristen to look in when she walked by and the sight she saw would be burned into her brain forever.

Kristen peered in through the crack in the door and she could see that her mother was on her back naked and someone was in between her legs sitting up penetrating her, and to her surprise it was another woman. This woman she had never seen before was in between her mother’s legs, wearing a strap-on and making love to her mother. The woman was penetrating her mother with a strap-on with hard-strong strokes as her mother layed on her back enjoying the whole thing. Kristen couldn’t get a good look at the woman pleasuring her mother but Kristen could see the expression of pure-unadulterated pleasure on her mother’s face, and with the loud, strong moans of “Ohhhhs” and “Ahhhs” coming from her mother, Kristen knew that this was the happiest her mother had been in a long time. It was a shock to see her mother in such an erotic scene, but she was happy to see that her mother had found something pleasureable and enjoyable in her life. Kristen didn’t want to disturb them so she started walking away but as she stepped back, her mother moaned “OH KRISTEN, OH YES!!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!! HARDER, HARDER!!!! YES LIKE THAT SWEETIE, FUCK YOUR MOMMY GOOD!!!! SHE WANTS IT SO BAD!!!!” Kristen was shocked to hear her mother moan such things but was so turned on at the same time, she couldn’t move. Kristen couldn’t believe that her own mother was picturing having sex with her. Kristen didn’t move as her mother kept moaning “OHHH KRISTEN SWEETIE, YOU KNOW JUST HOW TO FUCK MOMMY!!!! YES BABY, FUCK YOUR MOMMY LIKE A LITTLE SLUT!!!” Kristen was a bit embarrased by the things her mother was saying but as she kept watching ever so vigilantly, she felt herself getting wet. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the erotic scene and soon she was fidgeting by the door, moaning softly as her sexual tension was building up. Kristen keep herself still anymore, she was shaking from excitement. She unzipped her pants, slid her hand down her panties, and started rubbing herself. Kristen couldn’t believe what she was doing because she had always been attracted to boys and had seen girl kiss/makeout before but was never turned on by it; and this whole situation perplexed her because she couldn’t figure out why she was so turned on by it. But she never stopped pleasuring herself. The whole time her mother just kept moaning little “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhs” until they started becoming longer and louder moans like “Ohhhhhhh!!!!!” and “Yes, Yes, YESSSS!!!!” Kristen’s hand was gently massaging her already moist pussy, but as her mother started to moan louder and as the action started to become more intense, so did her hand rubbing her pussy. Lisa got up from her spread-eagle position and had mounted the unknown woman with the strapon as she allowed it to impale her deeply. Kristen moistened at the sight of this and she soon started rubbing her pussy furiously, almost in rhythm with the loving fuck that her mother was getting. Kristen was enjoying the hot scene between her mother and this mysterious woman but she she was happier with the fact that her mother had found someone new to love. The action really heated up after that, Lisa and her lover were on the bed bouncing up and down as the strap-on impaled Lisa. The bed was shaking and their moans of pleasure had become screams of pleasure. Kristen was loving the eroticism of it all and was still furiously rubbing her own pussy as she saw that her mom was close to climax. Lisa was screaming out loudly “YES, YES, YESSS, YES!!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!” and then she let out one final “YESSSSSSSS!!!!” as she came. Lisa came hard as the strap-on under her pounded her deep and hard and loved every inch of that rubber cock inside of her. Lisa had never had such an experience before, and thought she would have one with a woman but from that point on, she knew that she would never find a man who could pleasure her like a woman. And just as her mother came, Kristen came hard too, she came hard and could feel her panties and pants become very damp as all her girl cum came squirting ou of her. Kristen came hard and moaned a little too loud and saw her mother and her lover stir as they peered at the door. Kristen ran away quitely into her room. She sat down in her desk chair, pretending to do her homework as she heard her mother talking down the hall. Then she entered Kristen’s room still looking kind of flushed from her recent erotic incident. She walked in and walked toward her daughter and started “Hey sweetie, I thought you weren’t going to be home until tonight?” and Kristen was reminded by the words her mother used during sex but ignored her thought to respond “My group partners had to cancel because of cheer practice.” and her mother replied “I see, so what time did you get home? I was in my room and i thought i heard you walk bye.” and Kristen responded quite quickly as if trying to hide something “Oh, I’ve been home for a while, i’ve just been busy doing my homework and haven’t come out of my room.” and then Kristen’s mom said something she never expected “Umm sweetie, I woulda bought the whole lie you just told me but that large wet spot on your pants and the sound of your distinct moan gave it away.” and Kristen just turned bright red as her mother talked. “Kristen, honey, you don’t have to be embarrased, i’m not and you saw me having sex with another woman. I hope you’re not thinking ill of me because i’ve decided to try having sex with women now but it’s my decision to do so.” and Kristen responded “No, it’s not that, I’m just embarrased because you caught me touching myself while you, my mother was having sex.” and her mother replied “Oh honey, don’t worry about that and I have to tell you something. I know that you were watching us for quite a while and i’m sure you heard me call out your name while we had sex, and that was because lately i’ve been seeing women as more attractive than men and I see you everyday and you look more attractive everytime I see. And I knew I could never actually do anything with you so I had to find a woman who would be willing to do some role-playing so I could get the closest thing to a sexual experience with you.” and Kristen replied “Wow, I never thought that you would be attracted to me, i’ve always admired how sexy you are and have always hoped to be as beautiful as you. It is a little weird to hear that you’ve been sexually attracted to me but from the moment I saw you in bed with that woman, I wanted to be in her place so bad.” and her mother responded “Really?” then Kristen knew what would happen and what wouldn’t happen depending on how she answered and she replied “Yes, when I saw you laying there naked there with an expression of pure pleasure on your face, I wished I could be giving you that pleasure.”

And after that no more words were needed. Lisa pulled her face close to her daughter’s and they shared their first passionate kiss as lovers. Kristen didn’t know how to react to her mother’s move but she loved the feeling of her mother’s lips and the warmth that came with them so she didn’t break the kiss. The two of them kissed ever so softly but passionately for a long time, to the two of them, it seemed like ages before they broke from their passionate embrace. When the blissfulness of their first kiss wore off, they stared into each other’s eyes and knew that they were both on fire inside, and they wanted to each other to put out the flame. Lisa turned her daughter’s chair so she could get access to her whole body, and began to undress her daughter slowly. Kristen felt like a little girl again as her mother undressed her but she felt like a woman as she knew that her mother was undressing her to have sex with her. Lisa was only in a robe so when she removed all of her daughter’s clothes, she opened her robe to expose herself openly to her daughter. Kristen was amazed at how beautiful her mother’s body was at arm’s length and how much more she could see at that range rather than from across a room. Lisa’s voluptous breast, her shaved pussy, beautiful long hair all made Kristen wet, she didn’t know why this turned her on but she liked it. As Lisa saw her daughter naked for the first time in many years, she couldn’t believe how she’d grown and how sexy a woman she was. The two of them moistened at the sight of each other’s naked body and they acked for each other. Lisa made the first move on her daughter as she sat in her chair expectantly. Lisa kissed, licked, rubbed, and played with her daughter’s nipples and from the first touch, it sent a shock through Kristen’s whole body that she loved. Kristen felt her wetness seeping out of her little pussy as her mother continued to fondle her breasts. Once Lisa knew that her daughter was nice and moist, and ready to be pleasured, he moved down in between her legs. Lisa looked up at her daughter for reassurance before she wen’t past the point of no return and Kristen just smiled and knodded knowing what was about to happen

Lisa started licking her daughter slowly and gently in between her legs, caring for her as a mother cares for her daughter but making love to her as only a woman knows how to with another woman. Kristen cherished the whole experience, she couldn’t speak from the immense amount of pleasure she was receiving from her mother. Kristen wasn’t turned on by the fact that she was having sex with a woman, she was turned on by the fact that she was having sex with her mother, and that’s what was making her so hott during their hot sexual experience. Gently and softly, Lisa kissed and licked her daughter’s pussy lips, and would flick her clit ever so gently with her tongue to produce more and more moans of pleasure. Each lick and kiss released hearty moans of “Ohhhh” from Kristen, her mother knew that she was having a great time and Lisa loved to make her daughter feel so good. Kristen began to moan and groan, and her whole body stiffened, as she felt the first orgasm of her life approaching and the first of many orgasms that her mother would give her. Lisa licked and kissed her deeply now, trying to push her over the edge to feel that ultimate-sexual release, so she started pushing her tongue in between her daughter’s pussy lips and started tongue fucking her while massaging her clit at a furious pace. Kristen loved it, she moaned in pleasure as her mother made the sex that much greater, and then it came. Kristen bucked wildly and screamed “YES!!!! OH YES!!! MOMMMY OHHHH!!!!!” as she had the best orgasm of her entire life. Kristen came so hard that she squirted her girl cum all over her mother’s face, Kristen had never squirted before and she knew that she had her first orgasm when it happened. Lisa give her clit a final rub to get that last small orgasm out of her daughter and saw her daughter cry from the intense pleasure she had received.

As soon as Kristen calmed down, her mother said “So how did you like that?” and Kristen replied “It was great, I never knew anything could feel that great. I felt as if you showed me how much you loved me by making me cum so hard.” and Lisa responded “Well sweetie, you know I love you an I just wanted to make you happy.” Then Kristen shed another tear and her mother asked “What’s wrong honey?” and Kristen replied “Nothing mom, I just love you so much and I hope I can reciprocate all the pleasure you just gave me.” and her mother replied caringly “I love you too baby, and if you want to return the favor, i’ll give you the chance to do so tonight.” The two of them laughed, smiled, shared one last passionate kiss before Lisa said “Honey, there’s someone I want you to meet. She’s going to be my lover out in public and possibly your second mother because of my baby and sometimes she’ll be my lover here but you’ll always be my lover as well as my daughter which is greater than any lover can ever be.”

Their eyes met and another kiss enveloped them in the moment as they forgot about everything around them


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