I caught my husband masterbating to my friends social media pictures

I came home from a shopping spree, expecting to show my husband ,Jon, a few of the things I had bought. I looked in the front room and saw no sign of him so I went upstAirs and found him in our bedroom on the bed lying on his side with his trousers and pants down and our laptop next to him. He was looking at the social media site we use to keep up with family and friends. The photo I saw on the laptop was a holiday photo of my work college, Claire, on the beach in a pink bikini and judging by his erect penis and the tissue he had at hand, he was clearly going to enjoy himself. The few seconds it took for me to see all this and process what was happening, and get over the initial shock, Jon had got up and turned off the computer and run to the bathroom. I just stood still in disbelief.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind Jon going solo, I must admit I usually masturbate once in a while, but him wanking over my friend Claire really annoyed me. Jon eventually surfaced and apologized and I forgave him. I asked if he thought she was more attrActive than me and he replied that it was just fantasy and he would never be unfaithful to me. He was very embarrassed and although Claire was slimmer and more beautiful than me, he spent the next few weeks really making me feel special. I got so used to him giving me attention that I suggested he looked at her picture’s more often if he was going to treat me so nice after wards. That started a new avenue in our sex lives.

It began sometime after Christmas when I was using the laptop and was viewing my friends status when Jon walked in. I joked that he could view Claire’s photos if he liked and the next thing he was sitting with me on the sofa and we were talking about him having sex with her. Things began to escalate quickly as Jon began to get aroused. With one hand i undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. I flicked my thumb on the top of his shaft and rubbed him gently until i could feel his pre Cum. With my other hand I rested the laptop on the arm of the sofa and got to my knees. With Jon looking at the slim and beautiful Claire in her pink bikini I began to wank his throbbing shaft. I told him to imagine fucking her as I took his cock into my mouth. He began to buck his hips and as I flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock he told me he was about to cum. I sucked him faster and as I felt him about cum I pulled him out of my mouth and wanked him faster until he shot his warm load over my blouse. It felt so wrong but in a jealous way I felt so sexually excited.

As time went by we began to fantasize about Claire and our sex life evolved around talking about her. It was difficult seeing Claire at work knowing my hubby was secretly fantasizing fucking her but I knew I would never say anything. After all it was only a fantasy I would never let him have her for real. Worked finished earlier than expected so I decided to go shopping. I had the good fortune to be able to get a hair appointment by chance so I decided to go blonde and have the same style as Claire. Next on the list was a pink bikini in my size. I could just squeeze into a size fourteen and I know I will look good for Jon with my ample breasts fighting for release. Next i sent a text to my horny hubby and told him to call me Claire when he got home tonight.

It was around six when Jon finally got in and I called him to our room. I was lying on the bed smiling as he entered the room. I told him that his wife was out and I knew he wanted me so “I snuck in for a bunk up”. He took one look at me in my bikini and said “Claire I want to fuck you right now, you are so beautiful.” He put his mouth straight to my pussy and sucked me through my bikini bottoms.

He then pulled my bikini bottoms off and pushed his cock straight into my wet hole. He was thrusting faster and harder and his breathing was getting loud. He made little moans which turned me on and I started to have an orgasm. I am rather noisy during sex and when I reached a second and final orgasm I must have screamed the roof off. Jon was always quick to cum but this time he pulled himself out of me and got me on all fours. He entered me and fucked me from behind all the while calling me Claire. His grabbed my hips hard and thrusted once and then shot his hot spunk deep into my hole. We then collapsed in a heap with his cock twitching in my filled up hole.

We now have pictures of Claire printed off the computer and hidden in our draw. When ever he wants to go solo he uses the pictures to get himself off. What I get in return is a chance to masturbate over his friends photos ,especially a guy he used to work for, Danny. He has even hinted that someday I can fuck him if we invite him over for dinner. I know Claire would not want to fuck Jon, she is not that type of girl really, but I have said maybe one day we could find a nice couple on a swingers site. Here’s hoping this greedy girl will get her fantasy played out for real and have his former boss Danny.

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I caught my husband masterbating to my friends social media pictures

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