I Didn’t Forget My Brother’s Present After All

I Didn’t Forget My Brother’s Present After All

You can call me Alice, I won’t be mentioning any real names for obvious reasons but I feel like sharing a dirty secret I’ve kept for 4 years. You could say I’m your average girl, I had my fair share of boys chasing after me in highschool even though I was never the popular type, I prefered the mismatched crowd, more quiet and collective types, ended up making most of my friends through learning web development online.

Anybody would think I was pretty normal at a first glance, grew up in a small family, nice house, quiet town, did well in school, had a loving mom and dad, and a little brother who we’ll name John, but all his friends called him Jman. You should remember that for later. I eventually moved out into the city 30 minutes away to start college for programming, and with that racking up a debt that would take me an eternity to pay back.

After graduating it was tough finding real work, sure I could grab the small contracts on top of my minimum wage job but my rent ate most of my check, and after groceries I was back to zero. Luckily I made some close friends, one that comes to mind I’ve always questioned the fact she had cash on her all the time, almost effortlessly. To my surprise she didn’t hesitate in telling me she worked at well known club. A stripclub to be blunt, and they’re reputation wasn’t the cleanest, but the rate was much higher than their competitors, and really really popular, always in demand for new girls, I was sold.

So began a new chapter in my life, found it sexually liberating, it was fun to experiment and get outside of my comfort zone. I always got a little carried away, I couldn’t help myself really, I think I enjoyed it more than most of the other girls. Most nights were smooth, although I had a few bad experiences with some asshole deadbeats and some touchy feely types, “no touching” First rule right before you signed in. Well, no touching unless you wanna pay extra for a private session downstairs.

I always considered going down there, with the rate tripled, and after hearing the other girls stories, it tempted many fantasies on what I’d wanna try. I wasn’t so interested in the private rooms, a little too intimate for my liking, but they had gloryhole booths which stirred something in me that I don’t like to admit. It was dirty, guy after guy, and you had all the control. Eventually I gave in and they scheduled me for my first night downstairs. The lights were dark down there, all a neon purple. I was paired with another girl, usually they do two per booth. She was more than just a little friendly, she got me out of my comfort zone real quick and

by the end of that night my face was dripping wet, and under all that cum that I’d generously received was a dirty smile that wouldn’t wash away until the morning after.

Two weeks in and I had only really played around with my mouth, and I could have been content with the compliments and tips I was getting on top of my earnings, yet I wanted to go a little further. I wanted to feel my pussy get fucked by a total stranger, the thought really turned me on and I was determined tonight was the night I’d let it happen.

I started a little later that night, took my time in the powder room before my scheduled shift. Overheard one of the girls excitement about how the club received a reservation for a birthday party of twelve tonight, and everyone started giggling at who was gonna be the lucky two to end up servicing their booth. All kinds of ideas flushed to my head, but I quickly laughed at the thought as it was only a 5% chance from 20 booths. Not to say I was super turned on by the idea even if I didn’t happen. By the time I had my lipstick on my spot was up. They handed me my number and I headed downstairs to my booth.

Just before I opened the door, out came one of the new girls, nearly knocking me over as she clenched her stomach and ran down the hallway to the nearest washroom. Poor girl, happened at least once a week, not every girl liked the taste, but I did, …I loved it. I stood for a second as I realised I was entering a empty room that I had all to myself. I thought I could manage it more or less and hey, I’d make double the tips, make it look like two girls hahaha.

Closed the door and hung up my panties, sat down on my chair for what felt like 15 minutes, I was growing a little impatient, it wasn’t like it to be this incredibly slow. Maybe the manager forgot to schedu– Suddenly a loud knock on my door came a voice that yelled “Hey, ready up ladies, you have the birthday party!”. Holyshit, what my luck! Started to get a little nervous from the excitement as I heard a rowdy crowd of drunken voices make their way down the hall and into the stall beside mine. I was dripping at this point, I got my chance to fuck and I was ready.

I heard some laughter and snickering between them as one of the guys egged on the birthday boy to go first. His dick appeared on my side of the wall, already fully erect, perfectly shaped, looked cleaned to, I always liked that. I bent down to admire him as my fingers trickled the underside of his shaft making his dick jump with every touch. I pulled him toward my lips for a quick soft kiss, noticing quite an impressive girth, and wondered if he’d fit. I could taste his precum and knew he was just as excited as I was.

I stood up, turning around while still holding him, gently brushing his head against my ass, he kept pulsing in my hand, edging him closer to my dripping cunt. I could hear his friends cheer him on… apparently he was a virgin? Well, tonight’s his lucky night. I was gonna show him a good time. I could feel him pulse on my clit making my knees jump a little, pushing myself farther back onto him, his dick probing my pussy with a hot warmth. He tried to push closer but the wall prevented him from getting closer, I couldn’t help but tease him, brushing up against him, so close but out of reach.

I couldn’t keep up my little game up much longer and gave into my senses, pushing myself back into him, allowing him to slide his cock deep inside, filling me completely. I shook slightly and tried to regain my composure, my pussy twitching around him as I began to rock myself side to side. I slowed my movement to a halt, waiting for his response, I wanted him to fuck me.

I pushed myself far back to the wall as I could, with my pussy gripping his cock tightly. He began to thrust slowly into me, each thrust emitting a wave of pleasure that seemed to fill my body with my clit begging for release.

His pace picked up quickly, his cock twitching inside of me. I heard the boys pressuring him on. “Cum in her bro” “Just do it man” “it’s okay she’s a slut” I wanted every drop of it inside me, I could hear him moan as he got closer and closer, my clit ready to release, I knew I was gonna cum hard when he came, I couldn’t help myself. His friends kept pressuring him to cum in my slutty wet pussy “Get some” “Finish in her, Jman” “Hurry up dude” Wait WHAT!?

My jaw dropped as my eyes opened in disbelief.

I was frozen as I felt him slam into me when his cock errupted. I could feel his hot cum spurting deep inside me, my clit then exploding violently, sending a wave that vibrated through my entire body. My arms quickly clawing the wall behind me as he kept pushing deeper inside, pulse after pulse, with my pussy pulling and pushing down on his cock, milking every drop out from in him.

I could feel his cum slipping out between us, his cock still very hard, resting inside, still pulsing. I couldn’t move, seconds that felt like minutes, I didn’t believe it, my pussy was buzzing with what was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, it was so wrong, it couldn’t feel that good.

His friends all congratulating him with laughter as I felt him slowly pull out, cum came pouring out down my leg as I fell to the floor for a moment, then frantically checking my phone’s calendar in a state of shock.

…It was, holy shit, It was his birthday…. In that moment the realisation hit me real hard, panic and shame took over as I just let my brother fuck me raw. It was so wrong but just the thought made my pussy twitch hard, still dripping his warm cum, couldn’t help but smile a little. I liked it alot more than I hated it. Damnit, I felt like the biggest slut I’ve ever met.

I looked up at the newly appeared cock through the hole, patiently waiting for my attention. Nobody saw me, no one had to know, all I’d have to do is keep going as if it never happened, and I could keep my dirty little secret all to myself…

I hope my brother doesn’t mind sharing his birthday present… 😉

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I Didn’t Forget My Brother’s Present After All