I had never had a gay or bi desire until I met him

His tight black shirt clung to his broad, muscular torso like a second skin. It bulged over his well defined pecs as the outline of his obvious erection protruded from his tight jeans drawing my eyes to it like a moth to a flame. I had never been attrActed to a man and it shook me to my core. I felt his penetrating gaze from across the bar and I looked tentatively into his icy blue eyes. A wry smile spread across his handsome face sending a shiver down my spine. He had sharp features that bordered on pretty and full lips.

He stepped towards me and I felt a moment of panic. He held my gaze as he approached and my heart started to race. I wanted to bolt from the room but my knees felt weak and my legs were heavy.

“Hi,” he said confidently. His voice was deep and masculine but something about him left no doubt that he was gay.

“Hey,” I replied nervously. I attempted to appear calm but in actuality I was as nervous as could be. I smiled weakly and felt a lump form in my throat. My heart thumped in my chest and I wondered if he could hear it over the noise in the crowded bar.

“Mind if I have a seat?” He asked as he pulled out the chair beside me and settled into it before I could respond. He looked into my eyes and blood rushed towards my groin. I felt like a teenager on my first date. My mind was reeling and a myriad of unfamiliar yet graphic images filled my head. I was confused by my reAction to him and terrified by what it said about me. I had been raised in a somewhat conservative home and during a time when homosexuality was considered wrong and male bisexuality was considered a farce.

“In town on business or pleasure?” He asked. I felt his fingers brush lightly against my knee and I shuddered. I had never felt anything like that before. I was being seduced, successfully, by a man. I had never harbored a conscious gay or bisexual thought before and yet strange urges, images and questions filled my head. His lips looked surprisingly soft and I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. He smiled brightly as though he knew what I was thinking.

“Ah, business,” I stammered nervously. His fingers crept higher, dancing lightly on my thigh and I felt goosebumps form on my arms and neck. I felt like I should say more but the words caught in my throat.

“Have you been to Charlotte before? ” he said casually. He was calm and confident and his demeanor was infections. His hand crept higher and grazed my semi erect dick through my jeans. His touch was knowing and surprisingly welcome and I stifled a low moan as my legs tensed.

“No, first time,” I said gaining confidence as I spoke. My heart was racing and I felt a bead of sweat roll down my spine. “Are you local?”

“I’m from Savannah but I come up here about once a month.” He inched closer and I looked around nervously. I didn’t know anyone in Charlotte but I was momentarily self conscious that I was being felt up in hotel a bar by another man. A man whose name I didn’t even know. He rubbed his hand up the length of mycock almost fully erect cock and I moaned softly giving him the signal he had been waiting for.

“Let’s get out of here.” He tossed a $20 on the bar and took my hand. My cock strained against my pants as I stood up and I adjusted it with my free hand before we walked out into the lobby of the hotel.

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I was in a daze as he led me to the elevator. My hand was still in his and my palm felt sweaty. My cock was still hard and I felt like I was incapable of rational thought. We stepped into the lift and he eased me against the wall as he pressed the button for the sixth floor. My heart pounded and it seemed to echo in my head. His lips moved towards me and mine parted of their own accord. I looked into his eyes until our lips met and then closed mine as we kissed. Kissing him was much different than I had expected. His lips were surprisingly supple and I relaxed as my body responded to his touch.

His tongue slithered along my lip and grazed my teeth. I felt his body against mine. His cock, hard and pulsating, made contact with me and I released a low groan. My hands, theretofore passively at my sides, moved up to his torso. I could feel his well defined back and it was surprisingly hot.

I returned his kiss and shamelessly ground my hips against him as I clutched at his strong muscular back. My body was on fire and a mass of unfamiliar urges filled my head.

The chime of the elevator snapped me out of my lust fueled trance. I was breathless and still in a haze as he led me by the hand to his room.

The door closed behind us and I grabbed at his shirt. I wanted to see him naked. I wanted to soak in his body and feel his bare skin against mine. I felt ravenous and I tossed his shirt aside and ran my hands up his body, cupping his pecs as my eyes devoured him. His was a specimen and while I had never before appreciated the beauty of the male body I could certainly appreciate his.

He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me again. Our tongues danced together in the warm enclave of our joined mouths and he backed me slowly towards the bed. Our lips parted as the backs of my legs touched the bed and he lifted my shirt off over my head. I felt a pang of insecurity knowing that while I am in good shape for a man in his forties he was build like an Adonis but his knowing smile quelled my fears.

I sat down on the bed and looked up into his warm blue eyes. My hand caressed his chest before moving down his taut abs and tugging at his belt. I glanced at his crotch and shuddered when I saw the prominent bulge just inches from my face. I could feel his hungry eyes silently urging me on and I pulled his pants and underwear down freeing his big delicious cock. I had obviously never seen another man’s erect cock up close before and it was breathtaking. The tangy musk of his body wafted into my nostrils and it was surprisingly appealing.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said nervously as I looked up at him with a soulful expression. My tongue flicked, snake like, from my mouth and slithered up the underside of his shaft. He tasted salty like sweat and once again it was not unpleasant.

“I know, just do what comes natural,” he responded. His fingers ran through my short hair as I continued to lap at his hard pulsating member feeling it pulse under my tongue.

My hands roamed freely over his bare flesh and I raked them down his stomach leaving red welts in my fingers wake. His breathing was heavy and I got a wicked thrill knowing that I was making him feel good. My mouth opened wide and I wrapped my lips around the bulbous head of his long circumcised dick. His cock head tasted different than his shaft. It was sweeter and tastier and I sucked hard drawing his precum into my hungry mouth.

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He moaned his encouragement and stepped out of his his pants leaving him in naked splendor. My eyes devoured his hot, hard body as I slid his cock deeper into my hungry mouth. It tickled the back of my throat and I gagged slightly before backing off. He let me suck on him for several long moments and the experience was epic. My saliva coated his big circumcised dick when he pulled me off it and back to my feet. He daftly unfastened my pants and pushed them down as his lips found mine again.

I returned his deep kiss as our cocks rubbed together. His strong hands gripped my back and his hips gyrated against mine. I was completely out of control and I had never been more excited. I groaned into his warm mouth as his hard body rubbed against my needy dick. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum and that need consumed me. My hands gripped his meaty ass pulling him tighter as our lips mashed together and our tongues danced.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered in my ear. His warm breath felt nice on my neck and even though I had never had, nor wanted, anything in my ass before I groaned my agreement. I was, at that moment, his to do whatever he pleased and that realization was incredibly comforting and very erotic.

He guided me onto my back and climbed between my legs. My cock throbbed and twitched with excitement and I held my breath as he slid down and took my dick into his mouth.

I sighed with contentment as he gave me the best head of my life. His tongue swirled around and his head bobbed taking me down his throat with surprising ease. My toes curled and I felt the early signs of an orgasm begin to surface. My legs trembled and butterflies battled in my stomach.

He released my cock from his mouth and took it in his hand as he sucked on my smooth shaved balls and I moaned long and low until he released them and slid even lower. His tongue slithered across my asshole and my entire body shook with wanton desire. He pushed his long tongue inside me, slowly fucking my ass and sending me into orbit. He drooled spit on my asshole and eased two fingers inside me making me pant like a bitch in heat. He knew exactly what to do and I felt an incredibly pleasurable pressure on my prostate as he toyed with my insides.

“Do you want me to fuck you? ” He asked as he rose up with his cock in one hand and a small tube of lube in the other. The visual of this muscular man, whom I had just met, kneeling between my legs was one I would never forget. He squeezed lube onto his dick and then rubbed his dick against my asshole.

“Yes,” I hissed,”god yes fuck me.” My eyes were wide like saucers and transfixed on his handsome face. I was overcome with desire and my tremulous voice betrayed the intensity of my excitement.

I wry smile spread across his face and his hips pushed forward. “Relax and it won’t hurt a bit. I promise.” I trusted him implicitly and I took a long, deep breath. My body relaxed and I felt him enter my anus. A brief pang of pain as my sphincter stretched to accommodate his girth gave way to a warm feeling of being comfortably stuffed.

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His hips jogged slowly forward filling me with his manhood and I watched his taut muscles ripple as he moved. Our eyes met and a playful smile danced on his lips as he backed his cock out until just the tip was inside of me.

“Feels good doesn’t it? ” he asked. I could hear the pleasure in his voice and I nodded as I returned his smile.

“It does,” I sighed. My legs were shaking and I knew at that moment that my whole life had changed.

He grabbed my thigh and started to thrust into me with long languid strokes. He fucked me slowly but his momentum built and soon the room filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together.

I grunted and moaned with each stroke and I felt an unfamiliar yet pleasurable pressure inside me that built with each thrust of his big delicious cock.

“Oh god,” I groaned. I watched a steady stream of precum drool from the tip of my impossibly hard dick and the waves of pleasure spiraled outward from my prostate like waves in the ocean.

“Stroke yourself,” he said confidently. His deep soothing voice pushed me over the edge and I gripped my rigid shaft and flogged it in time with his thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum, ” I cried out as my body shook and my eyes fluttered closed. I felt a massive load of thick cum surge up my shaft and erupt from the tip. The first shot flew past my head and landed on the pillow. The second splashed onto my neck and chin before the final few pumped onto my flat stomach. I was breathless and sated as he continued to pound my quivering hole.

“Are you ready?” He asked as he pulled his glistening tool from my gaping asshole and fisted it. His blue eyes held mine and his hand stroked and squeezed his delicious cock.

“Yes, ” I hissed loudly. I was still excited despite my recent climax and I tensed in anticipation of his climax.

He moved up my body, his thick powerful legs straddling my chest as he aimed his cock at my eager mouth. He came hard, his cum spewing from his cock head and painting my lips and face as I sat with my mouth agape like a hungry baby bird.

I swallowed the cum in my mouth and licked my lips savoring the delicious salty flavor of his seed as he looked down at me with a warm glowing expression. In the moments that followed my mind reeled as I dealt with guilt and confusion. I had no regrets and I had thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our tryst but I wondered what that said about me. I knew I wasn’t gay because I still loved women but I was certainly bisexual.

He slid down beside me and touched my chest as he looked into my eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked in a soft comforting tone.

“Yes, I’great,” I replied honestly. “I am more than okay. I am great.” I reached out and touched his firm chest and sighed. I felt sleepy and my eyes closed as a feeling of warmth and contentment engulfed me.

“Good,” he said as he pulled the covers over us and joined me in post coital bliss.

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I had never had a gay or bi desire until I met him

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