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I requested my friend to impregnate my wife

I requested my friend to impregnate my wife

Parineeti was a beauty queen 38-34-40 with skin which was so beautiful. She was sexually overactive and wanted me to fuck her every night. She normally wore sarees which were tied low and backless sleeveless blouses. She wanted to attract male attention. She also wanted to have group sex.


Parineeti continues “Apne dost Raghav ko bol mujhe chode aur mujhe uska bacha bhi chahiye. Uska lund pant se dikhta hai ki bahut sakt hoga. Mujhe Raghav se chudwa.”

I was flabbergasted. Never had i imagined Parineeti would openly ask me to get a fucker to chodo her.

Parineeti continues “bolo to mein Raghav se chudhai karne ko bolti hoon. Woh 6 ft kad hai, 30 saal ka hai, uski biwi Sharmila zyada to maike mein rehti hai. Sharmila usse umar me badi bhi hai.”

“Raghav 40 saal ki Sharmila ko chodh sakta hai to mai to sirf 35 ki hoon, Uska laurda bhi sakt rehta hai. Chooth to milti nahi hogi bechare ko. Meri chooth mein woh zor se jayega to uska juice bhi niklega aur uski tension bhi kam hogi.”

Parineeti then said “Meri chooth mein tension nikalega to phir tum bhi uska laurda choos sakte ho. Tumko aadmi ka ling choosna bhi acha lagta hai. Mujhe ek aur bacha bhi chahiye. Tumse to hoga nahi. Toh ussi se bolti hoon mujhe chodh kar pregnant kare.”

Agae Parineeti boli “Pet se hoongi toh tumhari maa, babuji aur behen bhi khush honge. Pichli baar jaise meri pooja aur dekhbal bhi hogi. Woh sab bache se bhi itne khush honge. Unko to lagega ki tumhare bache se hi pet me hoon.”

“Usko mere baal bhi ache lagte hain aur chumi ki koshish karta rehta hai. Woh bangali hei magar usko punjabi aurat achi lagti hai.”

Subah hui aur Parineeti ne phir se baat ki Raghav se apni chudhai karane ki. I asked her how do you know he wants to fuck you. The reply was we women know when someone is interested in us. I reluctantly agreed and she said she would call Raghav to arrange the days events.

I had just reached office when Raghav called to say “I will be picking up Parineeti in one hour and then I go out with her. I hope its ok with you that we will be having fun without you.”

I was at a loss of words and just mumbled something in reply and continued with my work. After some time I called my wife to enquire on the progress.

She said “Mujhe mazaa karne do. Baadme bolungi. Main to uske lund ke liye abhi tadap rahi hoon.”

After some time I was surprised to find Raghav and Parineeti in my office to take me home. I accompanied them and then got a barrage of complaints. They were basically saying they need me to be present to fuck each other. We then settled down and started chatting.

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Parineeti was sitting on the sofa chair in a cotton saree with a deep sleeveless blouse I loved her in cotton. She looked beautiful with the cotton saree enhancing her beauty.

We chatted for a couple of hours and then went to the study which basically had cushions on the floor and no chairs. We were all sitting on the floor.

Raghav was at one corner speaking of some woman he had fucked in Seychelles Africa. He described her saying “She was wearing a short skirt with stilettos. Her boobs were a 48E (for readers I actually know someone who is 48E) and her hips were huge. Her skin color was a beautiful ebony black and so smooth. We met in a bar and she was a mother of two. She was saying the most raucous things and wanted to be fucked without saying it. I started to neck her and right in the bar my hands went up her skirt into her twat. Before I knew it she was moaning. Fortunately no one could hear due to the loud music. Her hand went to my zip and she removed my cock and she gave me a hand job. The effects of her hands on my brown Indian cock were magical. Right on the bar stool I was moaning saying FASTER BABE FASTER. MILK ME. GET ALL MY JUICE OUT. OH MY GOD. THIS IS HEAVEN. FASTER FASTER. I ejaculated and soon my semen was soon all over the bar stool. She cleaned me with her hands and licked all the semen from her hands. We then left the bar and went to the closest lodge where we fucked till the morning.”

All this got me hot and also Parineeti I could see was also in heat. Her saree and petticoat went up. Her legs were fully naked right upto her chooth. She was not wearing a panty. I pulled her to my side and started kissing her. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck.

Parineeti was below me and she opened my shirt and said “Jaldi pant kholo. Lund do. Chodo mujhe.”

Raghav in the corner was enjoying watching the scene and had his cock in his hands. He was playing with his cock.

I started to suck Parineeti’s big 38 boobs and they were perfect. Parineeti was screaming “suck my milk. Fuck me Fuck me hard. ZOR SE CHODO JALDI CHODO. POORA ANDER JAO. MADERCHOD CHODO JAISE APNI MAA KO CHUDHAI KARTE HO.”

Hearing MADERCHOD I started ramming her harder because I loved ramming my mom. We kept ramming for a long time with Raghav watching us and soon my semen was all over Parineeti’s legs, petticoat and saree. Her smell with her chooth, my cock and my semen was overpowering. I then got off to her side and continued sucking her boobs.

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Now Raghav came over and without ado rammed his cock in Parineeti’s chooth. It was a dream fulfilled for the couple as they had been dreaming of fucking for a long time.

Parineeti was moving her lips in tune with the cock ramming her. She was saying “Raghav kya mast lund hai. MUJHE CHODO. APNA BACHA DO. MUJHE EK BETA EK BETI CHAHIYE TUMSE.”

I on the side was cheering “Raghav ache se chodo. Ek bacha do. Usko pet se karo. BAHENCHOD USKI CHOOTH MAR ZOR SE MAR. TERA KYA LAMBA LUND HAI. MAZAA AA RAHA HAI.”

This way Raghav kept fucking her and she was enjoying it. Raghav did not say anything. He only kept grunting, ramming her like a piston and after a long time his cum was all over her chooth and legs. He then put his cock on her boobs and his cum was all over her bra, blouse and boobs. Raghav then kissed her like crazy.

After he got off her I went had licked her chooth and eat all the cream. She loved the feel of my tongue and hands and was so happy I had arranged for her servicing by Raghav. She also wanted to have his child even though we already had one child.

After this we all got dressed and went out of the room. We found our 25 year old maid Anjurie standing. The room was full of the smell of sex, semen, chooths and that typical smell when people have been fucking and having an orgy. Anjurie asked Parineeti “Didi mazaa aaya kya.” She also asked me “saab chudhai kaise thi. Mein hoti to mujhe bahut mazaa aata. Mujhe group mein mast lagta hai.”

Parineeti replied “Haan bahut acha tha. Raghav bhaiya ne bahut ache se chudai kari aur Ankit (thats me) ne bhi bahut ache se pyaar kiya. Aisi chudhai roz ho to zindagi ka alag hi mazaa hai. Tumko chudhai karani hai toh woh bhi agli baar ho sakti hai.”

Raghav then left after having a cup of tea. He now kept visiting us so as to fuck Parineeti.

Anjurie also established relations with me with blessings from my wife. More on that later.

After a few days Raghav called and said “Parineeti is not talking to me. What should I do.”

I asked Raghav to meet me and told him if you are serious then you should make it clear to her. Buy a synthetic saree (the kind amids wear), bangles, mangal sutra, payal and bichooa and I will arrange the rest.

In the meantime I told Anjurie “Raghav bhaiya aur didi ki pooja karni hai mandir mein. Hum pujari ko bolenge ki didi ka bacha nahi ho raha hai to pooja karni hai. Do din ke baad talab ke paas jo mandir hai usme pooja hogi subah saat baje. Wahan didi, Raghav bhaiya, tum, mein aur didi ki saheliyan Reshma, Rita aur Amrita honge. Is pooja ke baad didi Raghav bhaiya ke bache paida kar sakti hai aur woh jab marzi yahan aa sakte hain ya usko bahar le jaa sakte hain.”

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We had the pooja in talab ke paas wala mandir. This was a very popular temple where childless couples went to pray for children.

For the religious ceremony Parineeti wore a synthetic red color saree, glass bangles, mangal sutre, bichooas and a ring. Her saree was worn in such a way that her petticoat could be seen and the saree was a little up. She wore a gajra. Her blouse was backless so her back was very inviting and sexy. Her lipstick was bright red. She wore typical chappals like what maids wore. She was dressed like a maid because the priest said maids are more fertile and dressing like a maid will inrease fer fertility and the Gods will be happy.

The priest did the ceremony and explained that the effect of the prayers is she will definitely conceive if they do enough chudhai. Within a year she should deliver.

He asked me (her brother as per him but really Parineeti’s husband that I should provide all opportunity for her to be with Raghav. I should also try to help in the conception (he did not elaborate).

After the ceremony we had a small lunch and then took the couple to Hotel Kanishk, a five star hotel for the night. The newly weds entered the suite and from what I heard did masti like never before. From what the two of them said the night was full of “chodo, fuck me, kiss me, your chooth is sexy, your cock is huge, OOOH AAAA MMMM.” It went all whole night long.

Anjurie and I went home and at night she came to me and started playing with my cock. She said it was a long time since she had sex and wanted a fuck.

I immediately obliged, started kissing her and removed her clothes. I was sucking her boobs, sucking her chooth and she even pissed on me which I enjoyed.

When I penetrated Anjurie she was in ecstasy and said “chodo, zor se chodo, laurda do, bacha do, tumhara lund bahut mota hai.”

I was saying “Kya chooth hai, mast hai, mera nufta lo, ache se lo. beti paida karo.” This went on the whole night.

The next morning Parineeti came home and Raghav went to his wife.

After a year a child was born to Parineeti and she was thrilled. My parents were thrilled and we were one happy family.

by pinkykumar

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I requested my friend to impregnate my wife

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