I usually like being in control when I’m having sex

Before the event I’m about to share with you, I had done just about all there was to do sexually, with the exception of bondage. The idea of things being totally out of my control never really appealed to me, but all that changed at Steve’s birthday party.

Steve is a friend of my husband Mark, and I suck him off about once a week. He’s really into bondage and he’s always been after me to give it a try. Anyway, Steve’s 50th birthday was coming up, so Mark and I decided that as his gift we’d throw him a surprise bondage birthday. We put a really thick, comfy duvet on our kitchen table, which I lay down on. I was naked, except for my black, stay-up stockings and 6 inch heels. Mark slid me down the table so that my legs were dangling over the end of the table, and he put a pillow under my ass, making my pussy easily accessible. He then tied ropes around my wrists and ankles, which he then tied to the table legs, and he blindfolded me. 12 guys were invited to the party, not counting Steve and Mark. They were told to arrive by 5:30, as Steve was supposed to come over at 6:00 for what he thought was just going to be a birthday blowjob.

As the guests started to arrive, Mark explained that I was there for their use, and they could do anything to me they liked, anytime they wanted throughout the evening, as long as it didn’t involve pain. And he also told them not to cum on me or in me until Steve showed up, because as the birthday boy, he had first dibs on me. But that sure didn’t stop them from fondling and fingering me and sucking my tits and licking my pussy. Having all those strange hands and tongues all over me while being blindfolded was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

Once Steve finally arrived, my pleasure got kicked up several notches. Steve was very surprised and extremely grateful that we had granted him his bondage wish. He came over and kissed me all over my body, saying “Thank you Carolyn” with every kiss. Then I suddenly felt him licking my pussy and pinching my clit as I moaned in ecstasy. A few seconds later I felt his hands on my thighs and suddenly his hard cock slammed full force into my pussy.

As Steve pounded my pussy, I started to feel more and more hands and lips all over my body and I lost track of how many orgasms I had. Eventually I heard Steve yell, “Oh God, I’m going to explode”, so I begged him to feed me his cum. He pulled out of my pussy and the next thing I knew his cock was at my mouth. Almost as soon as I had wrapped my lips around it he started shooting his load into my mouth, and it was the biggest load he’d ever given me. I had to swallow 4 times! Once he was finished he thanked me again, and Mark then invited all the guys to enjoy my body. And they sure did! I couldn’t keep track of all the cocks that were in and out of my pussy and mouth, and a few guys even managed to fuck my ass by draping my legs over their shoulders. And when all my holes were full, the guys who were waiting their turn would play with my tits or shoot loads of cum on me.

After what seemed like forever, but which Mark later told me was about 2-1/2 hours, things slowed down as the guys got 2 poker games going. After that, whenever a guy folded his hand, he’d come over and fuck me, or if he was all fucked out, he’d just put his cock in my mouth and let me suck on it while he played with my tits or pussy. By the time they all left, I don’t think any of them had a drop of cum left in their bodies, and I had enjoyed the most amazing sexual experience of my life.

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I usually like being in control when I’m having sex

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