I’m a married woman but a young black man on my job was gave me jungle fever, the best … of my life and a lot to explain to my cuckolded hubby

I’m a married woman but a young black man on my job was gave me jungle fever, the best … of my life and a lot to explain to my cuckolded hubby

First off I’m a married mother of 2 girls. My husband and I are farm people who were forced to sell our farm and start working in
town.I got a job with a catering house and my Husband John joined the merchant marine and is a crewman on an oil tanker. He’s gone for months
at a time and I get so horny without him. I was always and open minded person even though I’ve never seen much of the world. During Johns long absences I’d masturbate regularly to a growing collection of porn tapes.

I was fascinated with interracial porn. I never really met many black people because in our little farming community it’s all white
save for a mexican family here and there. I loved watching well set up young black studs with their thick long cocks plowing into little pink white pussies. When I sent my girls to their grandmothers house for the summer I’d have all night to watch porn and play with my wet cunt, giving myself orgasm after orgasm.
I started to fantasize about black men. Porn stars mainly.

The guys on the tapes. I dreamed about being fucked by Mr Baron a black muscle stud with a 10inch cock. In my dream I was in a submissive doggy
style with my face way down and my ass real high. As he pumped it hard
into me i felt his strong hands grab my long blonde hair. The contrast of our body colors;pale blond and deep ebony exploded with sensuality.
I awoke to a soaked bed. From then on I couldn’t keep my mind off of black cock.

About this time John told me a story about one of his shipmates whose wife was expecting their second child. She went into labor only 3 days before he was to go back out to sea and he felt so lucky that he was ashore for the delivery. He sat with her through 12hours of labor only to see her give birth to a 9lbs 7oz black baby!!
The wife never told him who the father was but she left town soon after with the baby and he divorced her. John told me straight out if I ever cheated with a black man he’d kill me. He said he couldn’t bear the thought of some big black animal having his pleasure with me. But it was the best thing i could think of. The danger of his threat made
my fantasies even more intense.

So when John left for a 3 month voyage and my girls went to their grandmothers I was alone and working 10 hour shifts at the catering house. I was shocked one morning when i came to work to find
a handsome young black man working as a kitchen assistant. My boss said “Pam this is Desean he will be working with us in food prep. Look
after him”.
I smiled weakley and put my apron on. My god I couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was. Tall and muscular he was a dead ringer for one of the guys on my tapes. He smiled openly at me and I felt that he was as strongly attracted to me as I was to him. I’ve got to give myself some credit. With child bearing and age my body became thicker and more voluptuous.My husband calls me double butt because it is twice the size it was when we married but I know that black men like that and especially on a blonde woman. I’ve heard some of the waiters say I have a black girl butt. I love it. I started to dress in ways to show it off and I could see in his eyes that my ass was a prize to Desean.

As the days passed Desean and I played the age old game of seduction. We firted and talked. He was smart and funny but extremely direct, even blunt. He told me his time in the service had taught him that a straight line is the quickest way and soon we were both just saying what was on our minds.
He told me he wanted to fuck me and he didn’t care that i was married.

His aggression was a little embarassing in a crowded kitchen. He’d always find ways to brush his crotch against my ass or lean over so his arms touched my titts. We laughed about it in private but my boss would have fired us both if he’d ever caught us. Once after hours we were together cleaning up and the boss went out for a smoke. Before I knew it Desean was on me and we kissed and fondled each other like a couple of teenagers at lovers lane.

Desean told me how much he wanted me and I told him how much I wanted him and we planned to meet at my house later. I was going to fuck him in my husbands bed. Down the hall from my childrens room. Luckily I came to my senses and got him to take me to a motel on the edge of town. He went in and I parked the car. If any one saw my car I was dead so I hid it behind a dumpster…I stumbled up the steps to the motel room as fast as I could. Every second I was scared someone would see me as I walked along the outside balcony looking for the room. It was on the end and the light above the door was out just as we had planned it. Thats how i knew which room Desean was in. In the darkness I felt like a Kid waiting to ride a roller coaster. The excitement was delicious and I savored the thought of what awaited me behind the green door of the motel room.

This would be a night of pleasure and uninhibited sex. I wanted to fuck his black cock so bad I was probably certifiable at that point. I still can’t believe it happened. I was temporarily insane. It was truly jungle fever. It still makes me laugh to think of. It’s like it all happened to somebody else.

I opened the unlocked door and stepped into my black lovers arms. He had heard me as I approached and was waiting by the door. His tongue slipped into my mouth as he pressed me against the door. My hands fumbled at his pants. We fell headlong onto the bed and he was on top of me pulling at my jeans when I freed his cock from his pants. I looked bug-eyed. There in my hands pulsed a fully erect 11 inch black cock, as thick around as my wrist!!

It’s one thing to see a cock like that on film or in a picture but to be holding one and feeling it jump in your hands like it has a life of it’s own is amazing. And then to imagine it inside of me made my stomach do flips.
“Is it gonna hurt me” I heard myself say in a fearful disembodied voice,as if i was talking about his pet snake.
“Maybe a little” he chuckled.
“But it’s a hurt your gonna love”

Gently he pushed my head down on his stiff prick. I opened as wide as I could and took the bulb like head into my mouth. It tasted slimy with pre cum and a little tangy. Desean sank back onto the bed and said with pleasure. I sucked as I pumped it with my fist close to my wet mouth. My eager tongue made circles around the most sensitive underside. I licked the shaft up and down slowly. It seemed to never end. The curly hairs at the base tickled my nose and I remarked how different they were from my husbands. This cock was three times the size of my husbands and it seemed to be getting harder as we went on.

Desean played with my hair and fondled my breasts as I gave
him the longest sloppiest blow job ever. The sight of my blonde head bobbing up and down on his cock was driving him wild. I felt his free hand grab the back my head and gag me on his meat. He was stuffing it down my throat. Reflexively I started to puke up but he relented before anything came up. I coughed and spit and he let me breath but turned me so my head hung off the bed and my throat aligned with his cock. He slipped off my panties and expertly began to finger my wet cunt. Suddenly he pushed his cock deep down my throat. As I relaxed my throat muscles I reached over my head and pulled his hips towards me.

In seconds he was in full stroke fucking my mouth like it was a pussy.
As he thrust half his dick down my throat my cunt quivered with passion. I was moaning and humming. I could see his black balls nearly tapping my forehead with each stroke.
“Your gonna make me come baby” he grunted.
All I could do was moan and feel his hot seed come bubbling out filling my mouth and nearly drowning me. It spilled out of my mouth and up my nose. I swallowed what I could, gulping a mouthful but it kept shooting out. A gob hit my closed eye lid and ran down my left cheek. Oh my god he came like a horse !!
The volume was incredible. It was like 4 men had cum on me
He was a one man Bukkake !! And it was sweet tasting. I licked his ass
and balls as he rubbed his still hard cock all over my upturned face.

At first his cum was watery and then it was thick and white as more came out I was covered in it. We kissed and he wiped what he could off of my face and out of my hair. I was waiting for his cock to go down but it never did. It stayed as hard as a crowbar as he posed me in front of him. He kneaded my ass with his fingers and played with my cunt.
“Aw shit baby I’ve been dreaming about this pretty white ass.I’m gonna fuck this white pussy like it’s never been fucked”. He said it with such unbridled passion that I got goose bumps. My husband never looked at me like that; like i was something good to eat and he was starving. The power I felt at that moment was better than anything. I felt worshiped and desired beyond all reason.
Desean looked so young at that moment that I almost came to my senses and stopped the whole thing right there but before I could he sank his head down between my legs and started eating my pussy and I turned to jelly. He moved his tongue in and out,back and forth, exploring every fold of my cunt which opened like a flower and he slurped like a piece of ripe fruit.

I groaned and held his head firmly between my legs. To my suprise the blood rushed to my pussy and I squirmed out little orgasms that made my body vibrate. He flipped me over and ate me doggy style as his nose touched my butt. My ass and his face seemed welded together as he buried his tongue deep in my pussy. When I came he plunged a finger into my asshole and prolonged my ecstacy for what seemed like forever. This was the big one my body shuddered and my sphincter locked around his finger. AHHHH… I hollered but he wouldn’t stop licking. I tried to move but my body suddenly convulsed and my pussy squirted warm juice for the first time in my life. It bathed his face and kept leaking in a steady stream. I was soaking the bed sheets and it was a little scary. Was something wrong with me. That had never happened before. Desean for his part took it all in stride and it all seemed perfectly normal to him. He couldn’t get enough of the warm fluid and rubbed his whole face in my sopping wet pussy.
“Give it all to me baby” he demanded and slapped my ass hard and that started it again. I came hard but this time the juice squirted forcefully onto his face and tongue like I was peeing on him.
I couldn’t stop it. I felt that orgasm deep in my guts and his stinging slaps heightened each throb. I fell over on my side screaming for him to stop and let me calm down. It was my first multiple orgasm and it was wonderful.

I lay curled in a fetal position as he opened something he took from his pocket. I was swimming in a puddle of warm contentment my pussy still wet and throbbing he pulled of my top and lay me totally nude now across the big bed. He was rubbing something onto his cock, he had stroked it back to it’s full size. I was afraid of getting pregnant but he refused to use a rubber saying he wanted me
the natural way; bareback like Adam & Eve. He said he wanted to give me a black baby!! —

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I’m a married woman but a young black man on my job was gave me jungle fever, the best … of my life and a lot to explain to my cuckolded hubby