Impregnating Indian childless sister to save her future

Impregnating Indian childless sister to save her future

We are an orthodox Muslim family living in U P. My father name is Saifuddin Khan is working in Dubai and he is there for the last about 10-12 years. He is working as a carpenter there. We live in a village near Lucknow. We are 3 members in our family. Me Ahmad Khan age about 22 years and a student in a local college. My mother name is Kulsum Khan am, aged about 45 years and my elder sister Salma aged about 28 years.

My sister is about 6 years elder to me and so she has already been married in a nearby village. As with the most of Indian Muslims, we are also less educated family. I am also doing simple BA. My sister was just 10 class pass and my brother in law is a teacher of Urdu in local Madrassa (religious school). My sister is married for about 8 years now but she is still childless. This is the biggest problem in our family these days. As in orthodox Indian society being childless and that also in a village community is the biggest problem. My sister is very beautiful and plump. She is so sober and nice and she is very much liked and loved in her in laws, but lately due to her being childless has been causing family problems.

Many a times, I had seen my Ammi talking with my sister on mobile for long hours. I knew that there are family problems as she had not given birth to any child. As I am her brother and we are orthodox Muslims and in our society talking in family about such issues between mother and son or brother and sister is not even thought for. But I had overheard sometimes and knew that my sister’s mother in law was very upset over her not getting a grandchild and so she was thinking of getting her son remarried after giving divorce to my sister or if she does not agree she was even ready to marry her son one more times as we Muslims are allowed to marry four times.

This all was very frustrating and shocking for us. I knew that my brother in law is a nice man and he loves my sister very much but due to family and society pressures he may also give in.

My sister used to visit us many times as there were many Dargahs (religious places) in our city and mother was taking her to different shrines to get heavenly blessings to get her pregnant but till now all in vain.

Lately I had found my mother in very gloomy mood as she came to know that in-laws of my sister had started searching for another girl for my brother-in-law. I was also very upset with this development but I could not do anything. I found that now the mobile talks in my mom and sister had gone longer and normally they were engrossed in talking even many times a day. Overhearing their conversation I had come to know that all medical tests were conducted on my sister and brother-in-law and they were positive. There was no medical problem in my sister and she could bear a child. Only the sperm count in my brother-in-law was less, but that also was sufficient to become a father. So perhaps the right time had not come or even GOD didn’t want them to bear a child yet. As doctors had said, that it is just a matter of time and my sister will become pregnant.

One day when my mother was sitting in drawing room and lost in some thoughts, I felt very bad for her, as she was facing this problem all alone as my father is already in gulf country and was away. I knew it is not correct to talk to her about my sister but I thought it my duty to talk to her.

So I went to her with a cup of tea and sat near her and started talk, ” Ammijaan! I am sorry to interrupt you but I see that these days you are very sad and always in thoughts. Is there anything wrong? Ammijaan please share your problems with me. I am grown up and as Abbajaan is away, I am there to share and help in your problems.”

Ammijaan turned towards me and she remained lost in thoughts as if thinking if to talk to me about sister or not. Then as if she decided something and said,” Look Ahmad! You are not a child and a grown up now. Further as your father is away and no one else is there with whom I may share my problems. I think the time has come that you also know the things going on in the family and suggest some suggestions as you are educated. Ahmed! The problem is about your sister Salma. It is long time since her marriage and still she is not having a child. This is causing problems in her family and now her mother — in- law has started searching for another bride for their son. They will either give Talak ( divorce) to your sister or simply get second wife. In both the cases the life of your sister is ruined. If she stays there only, her position in the family will be reduced to a simple house maid, doing all the family chores just for food. And no family respect or love. And if she is divorced, she has nowhere to go. You know in our orthodox Muslim society, there is no place for divorced and barren ladies. People just want to get rid of their girls by marrying them even to old people or widowers and even divorce. Your sister will be known as barren and also divorce, so she can never be remarried. She has to come to us forever , as she has nowhere else to go. I am so much worried about your sister’s life and don’t know what to do? Your father is also far away and can’t help us.”

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Saying this Ammi started sobbing and crying. I also felt very bad for my sister and also my mother. I was furious about the family of my sister’s in-laws. In angry tone, I asked,” Ammijaan! This is so wrong. How can they do such thing to my sister? What is her fault? They should contact a better doctor and now with the advancement of medicines, this is not a problem, which cannot be cured. ”

Ammijaan said.” they have already consulted so many doctors and all say there is no problem with your sister or her husband. It is perhaps, that the time has not come. There is some minor problem with your brother- in- law, but even then it is not so big that he cannot beget a child. Hence his mother — in- law is naturally putting all the blame on your sister and wants to remarry him.”

I was dumbstruck and silent. I knew the position in our Muslim society and knew that mother was right. They can get there son remarried and throw my sister out of house and we our even law cannot do anything. That was a difficult situation to handle. I and Ammijaan both kept silent and lost in our thought to sort out some solution for some time, but could not get to anywhere.

I asked mother, “Ammijaan! You are taking Salma Baaji to so many dargahs and even that is not of any use. What do you think? My suggestion is to go for better medical treatment. Though it is very costly and chances are not always 100%, but still we can’t sit still and see Salma Baaji’s life ruined. You also consult with your friends in neighborhood and perhaps some lady may give some suggestions.”

Ammi hesitated for some time, as if thinking if to tell me something or not, then after a long pause, she made up her mind and said,” Look Ahmed! It is very personal, and it is so odd and weird for me to discuss such things with you my son, but I don’t know what to do and there is nobody else, whom I may share my concerns, so I tell you. I had already discussed the matter with my ladies and all have no solution. Shanbnam Aunty, who is one old lady in the other lane, even suggested some very odd and weird solution. She has suggested that as there is no problem with Salma and the sperm count is a bit less in your brother-in-law, so instead of getting your sister kicked out of house, she should have extra marital relation and get impregnated from someone else. That was so wrong a solution. We can’t even think such things.”

I interrupted Ammi and said,” That is very unusual solution. Think of the position of our family and reputation of family and Salma, if anybody comes to know such things. The old Shabnam aunty should be ashamed of suggesting such things.” I was angry.

Ammijaan stopped me and said, “Ahmed! You will not believe that in the state of frustration I have given thought to even this solution.

Though, it is so wrong to talk such things with my son. But I have no alternative. You are right this is so wrong. Even think, if Salma goes for this way and anybody comes to know of this, then what will happen to her? Also the person may blackmail her and even after getting her a child, he may keep asking for continuation of this relationship or may ask for money etc. to blackmail us. Also another problem is there, even if Salma goes in that way, and the child she gets resembles the father, will her in-laws not be getting suspicious? Also where can Salma get such a person who helps her?”

I was also stunned. This was the first time when Ammijaan was discussing such matter with me. And in the mood of gloom she had spoken about such things with me , which we just could not even think of talking in family .I understood the position so I kept silent and kept thinking for some way out, but could not.

After 2-3 days, when I came back from college, I found Ammijaan in worst mood, seemingly she had been weeping for some times and her eyes were red and she was so gloomy. I thought, it might pertain to my sister, so I went near to her and asked her what the matter was? She again started crying and after some time, she stopped and in sobbing she told me that Salma had told her that her in-laws has started searching another bride for her husband and had decided to divorce her. Today the father of the other girl had come to their house to discuss the matter and other things. They were planning to marry after about a month after Ramdan (the holy festival in we Muslims). Salma was crying in her home there and Ammi told me that she had told that she may commit suicide, as she don’t want to come to her parents after divorce.

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This, way a bolt from the blue, for us. I could not speak anything with anger and told mother that we had to do something fast. Mother seemed to be in some determined mood and she wiped her face and eyes off tears and said in a solid tone,” I will have to do something to save the life of my child. I just cannot let my daughter die of shame or been kicked off her in-laws home like this. I can’t let them ruin her life as such.”

I kept silent and felt very sorry for my sister, and went to my room and fell on the bed and started crying. Ammi had a long talk with Salma baaji (Sister) on mobile, I was in my room so I could not understand their words, but both went on talking for long time.

In the evening, Ammi came to my room. Her jaw was clutched as if she was very tense and came to me. She sat beside me on bed and it seemed that she wanted to talk to me. I asked her, about what the matter was?. For some time she kept silent and then in a determined tone she spoke, “Ahmed! I am very much ashamed to talk to you. It is very much frustrating and wrong for me, as a mother to talk to you, such things. I don’t know how to start and what to speak.”

I told.” Don’t mind Ammi jaan! I am your son and you can talk to me about anything. There is nothing to hide or to hesitate. You tell me what the matter is?”

Ammi kept silent for some moments and then said,” Ahmed! I can’t speak to you in light. Please switch off the light and come to bed and hear attentively. It is about your sister Salma.”

I switched off the light and there was very less light in the room now. We could not even see each other faces properly. Mom cleared her throat and said, ” Ahmed my son! This is very personal so please this should not go out of us both. I had been thinking of your sister whole day and trying to find some way out to save the life of my daughter.

Her in laws are bent upon ruining her life without any fault of her. We have to save her. I had been thinking of all the possible solutions and finally found that somehow she has to get pregnant at earliest otherwise they will marry her husband again. Finally I found out that there is no other way than Salma, getting physical relationship with another man and get pregnant. But the problem is that there is no one whom we may trust that after pregnancy he will not blackmail her or will not tell the people about his relationship with Salma. I could not think of anyone. So ultimately I decided that there is only person on the earth, who can do this favor to Salma, without any fear in future and that is YOU”.

The last word by Ammi , was like a bomb dropped on my head. “What” a big scream automatically came out of my mouth. “Are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about?”

I screamed and was blankly looking my Ammi like she had gone mad. Ammi patted on my shoulder and said,” Ahmed! Calm down. Just think it over, there is no way out. Don’t you love your sister and want to save her prestige and life? I have thought a lot. It can be only you and no one else. With you it can be safe and no chance of black mailing in future. Further nobody will come to know. And also as you both are siblings, so resemble each other. Even if the child looks like father or mother, we can easily say that it is like mother (Salma). It is only, if you love your sister and ready for this sacrifice.”

I was stunned and kept sitting like a dumb rock for a long time. Then like some fog cleared from my mind and I started thinking on the lines my mother was speaking. When I gave it a thought, I found that perhaps, in the given situation, this was the best possible way out. I myself could not find any other way. I was just sitting silently and thinking and thinking. Ammi was also sitting beside me and watching me with anticipation.

After a long pause, I raised my head and in a slow voice asked,” Ammi! Have you talked to Salma Baaji about it? What does she say? Is she ready?”

On my words, a meek smile came on mother’s face, she said,” I have not talked about this to Salma, but as you are ready, I will make some arrangements. I have thought of it. I am sending a message tomorrow to her in-laws that for 10 days, we have planned a special prayer / Namaz at a local Dargah. As they already want to get rid of her, so they will send her here. Then I will give her sleeping pill and you can perform your duty. Ahmed! This is very secret. You have to keep it secret for the sake of our own family, your sister Salma and also for the child. O.K.”

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I kept silent, I was of the view that Ammi has already talked with Salma, during the day. Otherwise how is this possible that without her permission, we can indulge in sex? But perhaps Ammi was hiding it from me, so as to save the mutual brother / sister relationship of us.

After a long pause, I said,” Ammi! This is incest and sin in society. I have never in my life thought about Salma Baaji in this way. But as I think, perhaps you are right. There is no other way, so I am ready. You send a message to Salma to come and we will try to save her life from being ruined.”

A faint smile came on Ammi’s face. What a unique but weird way she had thought out? I don’t know what GOD has in store for us in future.

Ammi silently rose from bed and went out. I kept thinking about the about to change relationship with my sister and don’t know when sleep took over me.

Next day, I woke up and after my usual morning rituals; I went to kitchen for breakfast, as I had to go to college. Ammi was hiding her face and trying to avoid eye contact with me. I was also feeling shy and silently and fast ate my breakfast and went to college.

When in the evening, I came back from college, I found Salma Baaji (elder sister in Urdu), was sitting in the drawing room.

I bid her Slam Alekum (wishing good morning), she shyly replied me. I thought she must know the plan so she is shy of me. She was trying avoiding eye contact with me and also she was talking less with me. I was also feeling shame as at least I knew what for she was there and what I was supposed to do. For the first time in my life, I saw my sister closely as a girl. She was fair in color and very beautiful. She had grown a big voluptuous after marriage. Her boobs were big and she was wearing a light blue suit, which was tight fit and her body contours were clearly visible. She was wearing low neck shirt and half of her milky breasts were clearly open. For the first time in my life, I felt a pang in my cock, looking at her. Boy she was hot.

Mother gave me a cup of tea and after some time the dinner was ready which we ate silently. There was a charged atmosphere in the home. Like everybody was tense. After dinner mother cleaned the dishes and Salma Baaji went to her room. After about half an hour, mother called me. She was sitting in drawing room. I went there and stood silently near to her.

She told me,” Look Ahmed! Your sister is here. Now all depends upon you, her life and future is in your hands. It is very unusual and also I myself feel like dying of shame, for what I have asked you to do to your own elder sister, but there is no other way out. So please go to her room. She will be sleeping, don’t wake her up. And be gentle with her. After you finish, please rearrange her clothes as before, so that when in the morning she wakes up, she does not find anything unusual. Now please go.”

I was feeling hot as I was going to fuck my own elder sister and that also with the permission of my own mother. My cock was twitching and I was getting a hard on already. I was afraid that as I was wearing just a lungi, mother may not notice my hardening cock.

I hesitantly asked,” Ammijaan! Salma has just gone to her room a little while before. How can she be sleep so fast? Also does she know the plan? What happens if she wakes up? What will happen then?”

Mother spoke in irritating tone,” Ahmed! Don’t spoil the time. When I have told you that nothing to worry, why you ask such foolish questions? I again tell you, she will not wake up and she is sleeping now. You go and do your duty. Please just go, I feel ashamed talking all this to you. It is weird.”

I hesitantly said O.K and went to Salma’s bed room. A little night bulb was lit in one corner and the light was so dim that I could only see the silhouette of her body on bed. She was lying in middle of bed and wearing a maxi (a long one piece gown type cloth from neck to toe). I did not know if she was wearing anything beneath it or not.

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Impregnating Indian childless sister to save her future

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