Indian and Pakistani couples share

Indian and Pakistani couples share

Rekha gave one final look in the mirror at her shapely figure. Her sleeveless blouse and sari looked stunning on her well maintained body. Like any other day, she was dressed to kill. But tonight, she made double sure that she looked as ravishing as possible. Going to Waseem and Masooma’s place was fun. This Pakistani couple lived only a block away from their apartment in an upscale Singapore neighborhood and remains their best friends. It seems odd that how many Indians and Pakistanis get along well together in foreign lands, keeping away the bitter rivalry their countries have.

“We are getting late babe,” her husband Vinod said entering the room. He looked at his pretty wife adorably. “Simply stunning,” he said encircling her slim waist in his arms from behind.

“You will mess up my dress,” she said trying to wriggle out of his grip as Vinod tried to massage one of her boobs. He ignored her protests. “We will be late darling … Waseem and Masooma are waiting for us.”

“Okay,” he said reluctantly. “But I simply can’t resist,” he said ogling at her bare tummy. The sari was really tied low — below the navel. “Waseem will surely like it and you will make Masooma jealous,” he said jokingly.

“You are a real pervert,” she said smiling. “One should not talk about his wife like this.”

Unlike many South Asians, they had an open relationship and suggestive talk was a routine.

“Waseem will surely feast his eyes today, Vinod said driving the car.

“And you will do the same with his wife. You embarrass me the way you ogle at her. It is not nice,” Rekha said in a serious tone.

“She seems a real sexy bitch. If you allow, should I try my luck?” Vinod said in a mocking tone.

“As you need my permission … but get ready to be thrashed by Waseem,” Rekha hissed, getting a bit angry.

“You can save me … I allow you to do some serious flirting with Waseem.”

“Shut-up,” Rekha said. You are really out of your mind today.

“Yes, I am.”


Waseem welcomed the guests with a broad smile — warmly shaking hand first with Vinod and then with Rekha.

“Bhabi (brother’s wife — a common term in South Asia used even for friends) you are looking nice and fresh as usual,” he said greeting Rekha.

You never gave such a compliment to this bahai (brother) of yours,” Vinod joked. “Where is Masooma. I will also throw a couple of compliments to equal the score.”

“She is in the kitchen … go and say whatever you want,” Waseem said laughing.

“You are removing me from the scene so that you can flirt with Rekha …. I will give you this opportunity and in return avail your offer,” Vinod said pouring Whisky in the crystal glass. He winked and hurried toward the kitchen.

“He is crazy, Waseem said offering Rekha a seat right beside her. “As I have permission from your gallant husband to … if you don’t mind.”

What has gone wrong with you two, Rekha said blushing.

Waseem’s eyes were roaming on Rekha’s figure… her smooth arms, her low cleavage, her tummy, her navel. He liked this Indian beauty the first day he met her some six months ago at an office party. Her oval face, raven black hair, firm round breasts and shapely hips … he was in a trans. He had a lovely wife, but then there are so many shades of beauty in the world. One can admire them all. Rekha was slightly darker and slimmer than Masooma. But they both were killer beauties in their own right.

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Vinod sneaked into the kitchen and for few seconds admired Masooma’s well-formed back — especially hips. She was wearing a white top and a pair of rugged jeans.

“Bhabi today I have permission from your dear husband to express my long-standing devotion, and love to you,” he said in a light tone.

Oh my God! It’s you …you frightened me,” Masooma said turning with a knife in her hand with which she was pealing onions.

“Where is Rekha?

“Getting cozy with Waseem in the drawing room … And I am here to express my love and devotion to you,” Vinod said in a mocking dramatic tone.

Masooma laughed. “Please go in the sitting room. I will join you people in a minute. The first glass is really getting on your head.”

I am serious… I want to worship like a goddess — if you just let me kiss your feet. But remember I will not stop there.

Masooma’s face flushed. In one sweep of hand Vinod grabbed her waist and tried to implant a kiss on her lips. Shell-shocked Masooma pushed him back violently. “You ass-hole… How dare you,” she hissed.

Vinod shrank back. Masooma glared at him with knife in her hand. “Get out of here.”

“Yes Madam… but you should treat your admirers with respect.”

Masooma threw the knife on the table and stormed out of kitchen. Vinod followed with an evil grin on his face.


In the sitting room, Waseem and Rekha were engrossed in discussion about a latest Indian movie. Masooma entered the room with a huff with Vinod close to her heels.

Waseem your wife got angry when I expressed my love and devotion to her,” Vinod shouted entering the room.

“He is silly,” Masooma said trying to control her anger. She never expected Vinod going on the offensive.

What happened? Waseem said ignoring the flushed face of his wife.

Nothing much … as per your permission I was only trying to flirt with her, Vinod said.

Rekha understood that Vinod had tried to make a failed attempt. She felt embarrassed.

She got up and greeted her friend with a kiss.

Masooma tried to look normal. Please sit I will join in five minutes. Just have to give finishing touch to today’s surprise dish, Masooma said.

Let me help you, Rekha said

No way. You sit here. I will be back, Masooma said gliding out of the drawing room.

What did you do … she really looks angry? Waseem asked his friend.

I don’t know why women are so conservative, Vinod said ignoring the question. “I only said nice things.”

Men are also like that, Rekha retorted.

What happened? Waseem asked again

Vinod looked into the eyes of Waseem and said I only tried to kiss her.

“What?” Waseem did not know how to react.

Do you think it is an offense? Vinod said.” If you kiss Rekha … I promise I will not mind. Go on try.”

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Rekha put her hand on Waseem’s hand, trying to calm him. “He is drunk … he is acting crazy today,” she said.

Waseem was speechless.

Please go on what are you thinking? She will not melt away with your kiss. Don’t you find her lovely? Vinod said slowly emphasizing on every word.

Stop joking now … Rekha said trying to smooth things.

I am not joking. I want to know my feelings when I see my wife kissing another man. Waseem please oblige as a friend, Vinod pleaded. “We should not be afraid of new experiments”

Waseem thought fast … Where Vinod is pushing things? He asked himself.

Come on, Vinod said.

Waseem looked at Rekha. Her quivering lips, her overflowing breasts in the tight blouse … he obliged his friend with a little innocent kiss on her right cheek.

Rekha was taken aback.

Come on … she is not your sister or daughter. Adults men and women kiss on lips, Vinod said. He already had a raging hard on seeing his wife sitting inches away from his friend.

Waseem found the offer difficult to resist. This time his lips brushed Rekha, who was cold with embarrassment and fear.

Kiss her like a grown up please, Vinod whispered. Explore her tongue.

Waseem followed the advice. For a moment Rekha tried to keep her lips pressed close but then hungrily received Waseem’s intruding tongue. They were locked in a kiss — slowly exploring each other’s tongue, exchanging saliva.

You can take her waist into your arm and she likes when you press her boobs, Vinod gave new instructions.

Automatically one of Waseem’s hands tightly held Rekha’s waist while the other fondled her breasts.

“I have shown you the door. You can now go till the end. I will not say a word now or disturb you,” Vinod said sitting on a sofa at the far end of them room. The room was semi-dark as Vinod had put off a couple of lamps.

Rehka had sensation running in her whole body. She never expected this. She never dreamed of such a situation. Her husband urging another man to kiss and fondle her! Wanting to see her fucked! She knew he was using her as bait to get Masooma. But as the ball has been set rolling, she should enjoy. Make the best of it. She liked Waseem. He was a handsome creature — over six feet tall, fair and broad. He had pleasant manners and a cute smile. Viond on the contrary was short, stout and dark, but a damn good lover.

During the intense kissing session, Waseem took only a minute to remove Rekha’s blouse and bra. He knew how to handle a woman, how to please her, how to peel off her clothes. He massaged and pinched her nipples. Sucked them hungrily … as with one hand, he squeezed her hips and with the other rubbed her back.

Rekha moaned as she showered kisses on Waseem’s neck, lips, ears, shoulders.

As the two lovers loved and the husband watched, Masooma entered the room. She froze for a full minute on watching her husband nibble Rekha nipples.

What the hell is happening in this house? She was about to scream — when a pair of hands firmly planted themselves on her breasts.

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Don’t disturb them … just watch please. It is an experiment,” Vinod whispered in her ear. She pushed him away, but remained silent. Vinod released her and gently pushed her on a chair.

“Just watch your darling husband and my dear wife,” he said slowly.

With their eyes shut, Rekha and Waseem explored each other. They knew they were being watched. Waseem knew Masooma was watching them. He knew where the things were leading to. But he liked Rekha. He loved to love Rekha. He was tasting a different taste … and he liked it.

Rekha’s tongue was licking Waseem’s face. She had crossed the point of no return. She was now sitting in Waseem’s lap. She was all his. Her Sari was lying on the floor crumpled. Waseem hands were tearing away her petticoat. He had already removed his shirt and his hairy chest was pressed against Rekha’s breasts. He lifted her to remove the petticoat, her underwear. She was all naked now. Her pussy was moist with her juices. Waseem threw her on the sofa — with legs wide open, she waited for Waseem to remove his trousers, underwear. His seven inch circumcised cock stood proud and erect. It was throbbing, oozing with pre-cum fluid.

“I can’t wait. Put this in me,” she moaned and begged. Waseem turned his head in the direction of his wife and friend, winked and placed her head between the wide open legs. He want to smell the fragrance of this pussy, he wanted to kiss it, lick it, finger …..

Rekha’s moans grew louder as Waseem’s tongue fucked her pussy. Vinod had a raging hard-on. Masooma, despite her anger was engrossed in the proceeding. Her pussy was wet and mouth was dry.

Please fuck me — Rekha shouted

Waseem finally got up and changing his position gently started pushing his cock into her cunt. It was a traditional fuck in the missionary style. He started building his pace of his thrusts slowly. Rekha’s hips bounced back with equal force to match his thrusts.

Aaah …. Aaah, she shouted waiving her legs. Am exploding …. Am Cuming Ah Ahhhhhh, her fluids flowed.

Waseem was also on the brink. He wanted to put his seed inside this Indian beauty … Oh my God … he was unable to control his orgasm. He exploded. One wave of pleasure after another … he collapsed in Rekha’s arms. He knew his life has changed.

Masooma sat thunder stuck. Vinod his heart beating fast watched his naked wife crushed under the weight of another man. He had pangs of jealousy and lust — all mixed together. He never imagined succeeding — so quickly. He turned his head toward the waiting prize of his sacrifice and labor. Masooma only gazed at the sofa where her husband and Rekha were locked in each others’ arms.

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Indian and Pakistani couples share

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