Indian woman descends into murky world of criminal law – Sanjukta: Indian Office Fantasy

Indian woman descends into murky world of criminal law – Sanjukta: Indian Office Fantasy

She was helpless and she knew it. She could do nothing else but obey whatever he made her do. Sanjay threw his head back and let Sanjukta take his thick cock deep down her pretty throat. He clutched the arms of his seat as his orgasm approached. His balls stirred and a jerk ran up his thighs. Instinctively, he pushed his cock deeper down her throat. She gagged a little but tried to keep up as he shot four jets of warm, thick white cum into her tired mouth. She pulled away after taking most of it and coughed a little.

He watched her curly, black tussled hair fall on her face and smiled as he saw some of it was knotted with his cum.

It’s funny how it all started. Sanjukta was a young, bright intern fresh from law school looking to make it big in the murky world of criminal law. She wanted to work for Seth & Chouhan Associates — the revered name in Indian law firms that usually dealt with high-profile cases. Sanjay Chouhan was a powerful man.

As managing partner, he ran the day-to-day affairs of the law firm and was responsible for giving the company its reputation as having a ruthless take no prisoners and win-at-all costs credo. He also had a reputation for being a very cold and calculating man with a fancy for nubile, young women.

Well-wishers and friends warned Sanjukta of the same, but her determination to make it big made them shut up. Sanjukta came from a lower-middle class family where she always had to make compromises on clothes, makeup, etc as she grew up. She was determined to reach the higher echelons of society as fast as she could. Some of her peers thought she was willing to push herself to any limits to reach the top… but in reality, Sanjukta was a timid girl with traditional Indian morals and believed that with enough hard work and dedication, anybody could succeed. She was out to prove that you could make it without ‘being cheap’. She was out to prove to herself that she could succeed.

She came in dressed in smart, tight-fitting business suit that made his balls stir. She was very fair, had soft brown eyes and a proportionate figure. Her lips were thin and had a natural pout. As she handed him her CV and talked about her gold-medals in college, he nodded appreciatively. In his head he was undressing her slowly, taking care to do justice to that soft, white body of hers… one item of clothing at a time. The coat, the white shirt, the white bra… her ‘corporate’ spectacles… a bead of sweat broke on his forehead as he imagined her on her knees in front of him.

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“You do know this is a difficult profession, don’t you?”

“Y-Yes sir,” She began hesitantly – her voice sweet and almost musical. “But I think I have what it takes to make a good criminal lawyer.” She was now brimming with confidence.

She was hired at once. As she walked out of the room after shaking hands with him, Sanjay noticed her ass. It had a cute, bubbly shape that twitched seductively as she walked. He ran into the restroom immediately to relieve himself. Sanjukta was now his new muse. He had to make a cum-loving slut out of her before long. Sanjay smiled to himself as he imagined Sanjukta to be the common office ‘fuck-toy’.

“Fuck toy” He smiled. “That has a nice ring to it”.

She was good around the office but made errors here and there, common amongst new recruits. Sanjay tried the normal advances, but she snubbed them tactfully and elegantly hoping that he got the message. However, it only made him hornier. Sanjukta — the prude, Sanjukta — the good girl, Sanjukta — the corporate whore in making…

As he thought of that first interview now, his balls begin to stir again. The lust, which had been slaked a little while ago, began to take over him again. He reached down and started to work his dick again, only to find it hardening. He looked down at Sanjukta, who was by now thoroughly exhausted.

“Come here, I am not done with you.”

“No. Please. I cannot…” Her voice protested.

“Shut up.” He smirked as he shoved his cock in her mouth and it started to harden immediately. He could feel the wetness of her mouth, the walls of her cheeks and her tongue as it nervously tried to wrestle with his cock.

She was on her knees. He held her head with his hands and thrust his cock in. It must have been disgusting for her as she was not used to giving blowjobs. She had been intimate with a few guys, but the real reason why she was a cock-tease to so many men was that she was secretly scared of being physical. Even the levels of intimacy she allowed herself were a few, frantic moments of cute teenage love in dark movie halls. Nothing extreme. Nothing sexy… nothing satisfying.

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She tried to push herself away, but he held her. A strong, firm grip… not hurting her, not causing her pain… just reminding her of the futility of her situation. Surprisingly, she found a little tingling in her pussy as she felt being humiliatingly fucked in her soft mouth with his thick, smelly cock and hairy balls. She tried not to enjoy it, she reminded herself that this was a bad situation but could not help but moan a little when Sanjay, in his throes of passion called her his ‘randi’ (whore).

His dick had hardened to its 7-inch length, and it was roughly 1.5 inches thick. By the standards of Indian males, it was quite thick and he was proud of it. It completely stretched the limits of her soft mouth. She tried her best and even though he was shoving her face on his cock, she couldn’t take more than 4-5 inches. He took one of her hands, which was pasted on his thigh, as she looked for support and put it on his balls. She proceeded to massage his balls as her mouth was ravaged.

Unlike her blowjob skills, somehow Sanjukta’s ball-massaging were simply awesome. He was moaning before long as her thin, bony fingers tickled and teased his balls. She never hurt him, snaking her fingers around them while gently clawing and teasing him.

“Fuck Sanjukta, you’re good at that.”

She looked up at him briefly with a proud look. Perhaps she didn’t want to be thought of as giving lousy blowjobs or perhaps just the suddenness of that compliment got through to her… either way Sanjay saw hope in that. It meant that somewhere deep down that ‘good Indian girl’ garb was a slut who was waiting to come out.

He knew that unless a woman enjoyed some part of any blackmail, it really cannot be extended beyond a certain time. He thought of ways she could deal with him once the madness of her situation leaves her. The police, women’s groups, lawyer councils… yes there were many places she could go to eventually; but now he breathed easy for a while.

He could feel himself close to an orgasm. He started fucking her face with faster strokes. Her eyes were shut tight as she tried to muster up enough stamina and strength to keep up with her throat’s ravaging.

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He continued to pump faster and faster. “ooo…ooo…ooo…” Sanjukta grunted helplessly.

“Yes slut. Take it.”

“Ughh. ooo… ooo… ooo.”

Then he felt it a split-second before it came, he held Sanjukta’s head tighter and pulled it harder towards himself even as he pumped deeper and stronger this time.

“Ughhhhh.” He emptied down the constricting walls of her throat.

“Gakk.” She mumbled as his thick cock went down her mouth and pushed halfway down her throat. He pulled her closer. Her lips stretched as her face reddened… he let out one, two, three thick jets of cum down Sanjukta’s throat.


As soon as he eased his hold a little, Sanjukta violently pushed herself back and stared.

“Phuu Gakk.” She finally spat out a large pool of thick, white cum. She was defeated and humiliated, and broken… satisfied? Sanjay smiled a content smile to himself. Before long he would be fucking her cute pussy and whoring her out to fulfill his business ends.

Most of cases Sanjay’s firm dealt with were about the Mumbai underworld, the politicians of Bihar and UP, and other such low-lives. Such cases often warranted for ‘out-of-court’ settlements as can only be imagined in the Indian system. Sanjukta would soon be having quite a life.

Sanjay fondly recollected how he had first started to fudge documents and trap the poor girl. He made false testimonials and vouchers which although did not directly incriminate her, indicated that someone in the company was passing confidential case-details to gangsters. Sanjay’s doing was so clever that it was it seemed that Sanjukta was the one who had been planted in the company to do precisely that. He threatened her with a public scandal and trial and possibility of jail from the news going public. Not to mention the rival gang trying to get even on her. Sanjukta was reminded how easily she could be shipped out of her home and made some stinking gang’s fuck-toy unless she was willing to accommodate Sanjay.

As he now watched her lick his cum of the carpet, Sanjay smiled at his evil genius. For now he was happy to see her just there.

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Indian woman descends into murky world of criminal law – Sanjukta: Indian Office Fantasy

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