An Office Affair. Ch 2

It was 10:45 of quiet winter night as we reached home tightly squeezed in a hired three-wheeler. We all were engrossed in shame and didn’t speak a word to any one.

Ruchi was avoiding her eyes from every one including me. I went straight upstairs to our room and dropped me on the bed. I tried to relax from hurricane that I had in me but the incident had strongly engulfed all my senses.The most powerful man of my company, whom we always thought like God, had openly asked my wife for sex.

In about twenty minutes, Ruchi came up after finishing down stairs works. It was the first time after the incident when I could look at her for a minute continuos as she was carefully closing the door and bolted from inside.

She was looking damn sexy in dark yellow sari that perfectly contoured with her broad hips and even crack line between them. The metallic whitish nail polish and silver toe rings were peeking from her yellowish-strapped lather sandals on her feet, a sign that she was married.

Surely she would have killed any man with that look!

Through an intoxicating Impulsive I suddenly came out of my hangover thinking that she was the only woman there who took out all the senses from such a powerful man before all. Astonishingly, I also felt a control over that top man.

Just to cool her sourness, I got up and carefully took her in arms as if she was frangible and put my lips on her thick lips. She kissed me back.

She appeared surprisingly cool and unaffected from that horrible assault. I kissed her and then lowering me on knees I brought my lips on her sari covering her left bosom and kissed it softly. I moved my lip few times sexily over her mound and tried to locate her nipple for another complete kiss.

A sexy smile flashed on her face but she was not at upset, as I had feared.

I put my lips on her and smoothly pulled her to bed and we rolled on mattress, still our lips locked in each other. I laid her flat on her back and not disturbing a single fold of her expensive sari, I again carefully put my lips on her bosom. She might have expected me to continue the same nipple searching exploration and she adjusted her little up to bring her mound peak near my lips, but kissing there I glided down to her flat belly over her elongated tiny naval pit and caressed it by my wet mouth.

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Gradually I slipped my lips to her sari over her leg joints and that too had her belly like flatness. I tried to feel her depth by my tongue through the annoying layers of sari and her petticoat and I felt jolts of tingles in her veins passing her thigh’s joints.

Surely her out side was intact by that hostility.

My right hand moved below to hem of her sari and began pulling it. Sensing my intentions she reacted and tugged her sari securely between her legs.

I heard her sultry voice,” What are you doing there! ”

“Please!” I pleaded in a bid to release the trapped sari.

“Let me change sari, I have to pee, I have not gone bathroom since evening.”

I was in rag of passion and wanted to affirm the impregnability of her femininity from the attack before she could arrange herself.

I did not let her go and visualizing my strong will, my darling loosened her legs so I could tug off her sari from her leg holds. Once released, I began delicately pulling the hem of her sari.

As I was uncovering her nakedness, her eyelids became heavy and automatically began closing. Her face too was turning pink.

She scrambled to my allure and reluctantly opened her thighs.

Like a juiced child my eyes ran to that married crack line around that some hairs t had grown in past fifteen days, Her tiny overhanging femininity just above the entering place for males was as before!

Thanks God! I said to me.

I again thanked my six-inch penis that had preserved her female crack line from any deformation. It appeared as fresh as it was on wedding night, although I had fucked her incalculable times.

As I brought my face near to her femininity I was surprised by the crude mushy smell coming from her genitals. With out actually touching her, I sensed that her fenny was extremely wet. I was not in illusion that at least it was not wet due to few stipulations I had made to her.

It flashed in me –Did Reddi bring her that wetness to her? Feeling uncomfortable by that thought, I hoped might be, she become wet later in three- wheeler while we sat squeezing each other.

The puzzle of her unexpected wetness was not yet over to me but I couldn’t resist my intoxicating lust to touch her wet crack.I lowered my face between her open thighs and her erotic sex smell had completely over powered my brain.

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I brought my lips closest to that neat sex line. Sensing my breath there she jerked her half-open groin. I made few feathers like tongue slips on slippery crack and felt more of her salty wetness flowing in my mouth. My touches at her sensitive place were making her restless and she tightly pressed her lips in each other. I continued flying my tongue over her front crack amid her hissing giggles coming from her tight lips.

She let me have my feast uninterrupted for about next five minutes and then she closed her thighs trapping my head.

She said pulling her thighs away from me, “Pleassseee leave me, I have to pee, It is enough, leave me now.”

She tried to move but I again restrained her and opened her thighs. She lowered her head and saw what I was doing and gave my head annoying jerks by her hand. She even tried to hinder me by bringing her palm in between my mouth and her sniffing sex. I removed her hand and prevailed over her resistance.

For next ten more minutes she continued shaking violently on mattress as I played with her fenny till became unbearable to her. She jerked my head out and closed the thighs decisively with an implied order,” No more please.” She wanted to flee to bathroom.

I did not let her go of her own but escorted her to bathroom in almost an embrace, my palm pressed on her sari just at the love spot. Looking in amazement at me with her mouth open, she asked me to go out but I shamelessly insisted her to pee. She waited for more than two minutes for me to go but I didn’t move.

Delay was making her restless and she hesitatingly squatted in the corner near drain of bathroom. I adjusted her sari to clear the space for delivery and she peed with force in sputtering sound. She had not finished and few stray drops still trickled from her pee slit but I pulled her up and drained the floor to with two mugs of water.

I arranged her sari and again escorted her to bed keeping one arm around her waist. We again came on bed. For the first time I saw irrelative surprise in her eyes as if I had turned mad. But these were only love reactions.

I laid her flat and pulled hem of her sari up to again open her. I opened her thighs and her soapy love celebrate with wet hair around it was again before me.

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This time as I put my lips on her exposed sex she exhibited changed reactions. Lowering her eyes she looked at me for a while. Her opened territory in between thighs was hot and pulpy wet with more fresh smells and salty taste. I licked the slit up to down and down to up again and again.

Moaning from tight lips, “Uuueeeeii seiiiii seiiii aaeeiii sseee ssssiii,” She extended her hand and tried to stop me but for me there was no tomorrow. Seeing her denials grossly ineffective she at last put a pillow over her face to control her sensational cries and I spread her thighs more. Now I could comfortably accommodate my face between her thighs and that extra stretch had also opened her slit giving me more visibility of her sensuous inside pink.

I had been licking her from for more than half an hour. She began vibrating in louder hissing by every move of my tongue. In between many times I moved up and tried to kiss her lips making my way through the pillow tightly pressed on her face by her arms. She was cumming in jerk after jerks and had become steamy wet and slippery. I had never seen her like that.

At around 1 A.M, I stopped and rolled up to take her in arms.

I spoke First time to her since we came back from function.

“Were you upset by Reddi ji, darling?” I asked her.

She said in un-cared words, “I think, it was he who was troubled, he thinks himself bull but he would be beaten by sandals one day.”

“Why did you not beat him?” I said whispering in her ear.

“He is your big boss.” Her voice was lower than mine.

“Oh! That is why he had so big there in his pants, you saw that. ” I said in mushy words.

First time I had talked about some other man to her.

“He is only a street bull,” She said clinging to me before we slept.

I took her in my arms and we slept.

That was how exactly my lovely wife acted after that sexy encounter.

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