Lessons in Lust – Ch. 03 – Pt. 01

Chapter 3

Next morning, the Singhania family was assembled around the dining table for breakfast. Rohini played the role of a perfect wife and a mom. She cooked and served, forced Rahul to finish his bowl of porridge, which he always disliked, and then joined them.

Rahul appeared lost in his thoughts. He ate slowly. Every now and then, he tried to steal a look at his mother, and often he found that she too was staring at him with a wicked glint in her eyes. However, her face was calm and it was difficult to find any trace of what had transpired between them on the last evening. Although, Rohini was maintaining a straight face, her mind was in a continuous state of arousal. Just a thought of last evening was enough to cause her pussy twitch with delight.

Thankfully, Sooraj was very much preoccupied with his ongoing work to notice the change in behaviour of his son and wife. Rohini hadn’t told him anything about the episode.

After the breakfast, Sooraj immediately left for his workshop. Rahul remained there, sitting silently, waiting for his mother to return. Rohini followed Sooraj to see him off and reappeared after locking the front door from inside. Her heart was suddenly beating very fast, and she could feel the wild throbbing in her cunt.

Rohini pulled a chair and sat beside Rahul.

“Did you sleep well?”

“No…mom.” That all he could answer.

Rahul was right. Last night, was the most tumultuous night of his life. He could sleep only after he diddled his shaft for one more time…again thinking about his beautiful mother. Still, the nude figure of Rohini continuously kept lingering even during his sleep…his mother fingering her sweet pussy…cajoling him to beat his cock; he finally woke up to find that he had wetted his underpants.

“Lets now talk about your problem.”


“As I told you yesterday, it’s nothing very serious. Lots of young boys go through it. With time they learn and become excellent cunt men. So you can also be like them. All you’ve to do is to learn to be patient…never rush for it and use your brain.”

“Brain…?” He looked at his mother questioningly. “What brain has got to do with it?”

“It’s the brain who enjoys a good fuck. The body…or your cock is only a mean to achieve that. Everything from your erection to ejaculation is controlled by your brain.”

Rahul looked at his mother, rather sceptically.

“Believe me…”

“You may be right.”

“I’m right honey…but don’t worry…I’m not going to teach you any mental exercise, what I’ll teach you is a technique that’ll help you a lot. Once you master this technique, you’d be able keep your thing up for the whole night.” She pointed towards his crotch.

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“Really…is it possible mom.” Rahul looked at his mother expectantly.

“Why not…just do as I’m saying and you can yourself vouch for the results.” She ordered. “Okay…now remove your shorts.”

Rahul stood near her, and immediately lowered his shorts.

“That too.” She pointed towards his underpants.

He didn’t wait for another instruction, lowered his underpants and stood their, naked; his cock already rigid with anticipation. Rohini felt her mouth watering; her pussy was already quivering with passion.

“Have you ever heard about PC muscle?”


“It’s a muscle between your scrotum and ass.”

Rahul had never heard about it, he looked at is mother naively.

“Come on I’ll show you.” She got up from the chair and hurried towards her bedroom. Rahul followed her silently. Rohini directly went to the bathroom, to the toilet.

“Now you’re going to piss for me. But don’t rush, just be slow.” She slowly lifted the lid of the toilet seat.

Rahul guided his cock to the toilet and began pissing slowly. His cock was already erect with excitement, and he had to continuously guide it to the commode. Rohini watched for a moment, and then suddenly she gripped his cock at the base…between his scrotum and ass… with her two fingers and the thumb, completely stopping the flow of urine.

“Can you feel where my fingers are pressing your cock?” She asked.

He nodded.

“That’s the PC muscle.”

Rahul didn’t reply; he was reeling under the feel of his mother holding his cock…a strong electric shock radiated through his body. His cock was on fire…his balls churning…his face twisted with excitement. Rohini looked at his contorted face and released the grip from his shaft. Rahul was not ready; his cock jerked, and the piss shot through its tiny hole, jet of his golden liquid splashed over her hand and the front of her nightdress wetting her lower abdomen just between her thighs.

Rohini felt that she would die of her burning desires. The jet of pee felt like a molten lava, burning her hands and pussy. Her legs shook with a mysterious pleasure.

“I’m sorry mom.” Rahul was apologetic. He controlled the flow of piss and directed it to the commode; but she could see that his face was suddenly more flushed. He had enjoyed his accidental mistake.

“Forget it.” Rohini watched lasciviously the hot fluid splashing against the walls of the commode. The piss, which had fallen in front of nightdress, had seeped inside her panties wetting her already dripping cunt, aggravating the itching in her pussy.

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“Now try to stop the flow again, first using your own fingers and then without using your fingers.”

Rahul fumbled with his cock, trying to locate the correct location to press and stop the flow. Watching him grope, Rohini helped him in locating the correct muscle, putting his fingers over it and pressing it hard. In the process his piss again splashed over her forearm and nightie. The flow ceased again and she removed her hand.

Rahul held his pee for a few seconds and then let the stream begin.

“Now try to stop it without using your fingers.” She instructed. “Draw your ass inside, squeeze your PC muscle and try to stop the flow.”

Rahul did as he was told. His face grimaced as he drew his ass muscles inside, and exerted pressure at the proper place. With a little effort he was able to stop the flow. He looked at his mother triumphantly.

“That’s nice. Continue doing this, stop and hold for few seconds and then release; stop, hold and release until you’re finished.”

Like an apt pupil, Rahul got himself busy with the task assigned to him. Rohini watched him silently as he finished pissing.

“Now you’ve got to practice it again and again…ten times…fifty times or hundred times…depends on you. You need not be pissing every time; you can do it anytime. The key is to squeeze, hold and release.”

“How long am I going to do it?”

“Fifteen days…a month or more. You’ll do it until you get the results. I think you’ll start getting some results in about ten days.”

She looked at her wet nightie. Her whole abdomen and thighs were drenched with his piss. The transparent material of her nightie was clinging to her tummy and thighs, exposing the creamy white flash beneath it.

“You silly boy…you pissed on mommy.” She reprimanded him mockingly.

“I already said sorry.” He protested. But she was not listening to him and was busy removing her nightie. Rahul watched in fascination as his mother undid her nightie and stood in front of him in white cotton panties and bra.

Rohini had deliberately worn her skimpiest panties, barely able to cover her wet mound. Rahul watched her mother in admiration. The front triangle covering her pussy mound was soaked with his pee, and he could clearly see her dark hair clinging to the cloth. The cloth was pulled into her pussy, explicitly showing the two halves of her fat pussy lips. His cock twitched with a wanton excitement.

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Rohini looked at his son’s cock jerk. She was dying to take hold of that beautiful specimen. But she knew that Rahul was overly excited and he would not be able to hold it long if she allowed him to fuck her; and she didn’t want him to fail. She got to wait…for Sooraj…for Rahul and above all for herself. She took a deep breath.

“I know now you need a release.” She gently stroked his cock with her index finger. “Go ahead…mommy want to watch you again.”

Rahul immediately grabbed his cock between his fingers, and began rubbing it. Mother and son looked into each other eyes. Rohini inserted one finger inside her panties and played with her clit as he masturbated. Rahul looked at her thick bush covering the upper part of her cunt as she inserted her finger inside her panties, stretching the elastic at hem. It was a deliberate show; Rohini let him see her bush but didn’t reveal her pussy lips. Within a minute, Rahul groaned and muttering incoherently, he released his jism.

Rohini watched in wanton abandon as her son’s cock spurted again and again releasing his cum on the floor. The throbbing in her cunt was reaching a crescendo, and she was aware that she too needed a release desperately.

She continued gazing her son’s organ, until the shooting subsided.

“Okay…I’m going to take a shower, so you can get out of here.”

With trembling legs, she watched as he reluctantly went out of the bathroom. When he disappeared behind the door, she striped her bra and panties, and stood below the shower. Her fingers again moved to her cunt and she inserted her two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. She closed her eyes and began fucking her cunt with her fingers.

She had not closed the bathroom door. After a while she opened her eyes partly, and noticed a shadow disappearing behind the door. She was not bothered about that.

“You should not watch your mommy masturbating.” She called out, smiling lewdly. But she didn’t stop, knowing well that her son was watching her masturbate. She ended up having a terrific orgasm.

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