Seema: An Ambitious Maid – Pt. 5

Gangaram kept staring at the ‘two’ in front of him and finally zipped up to leave silently.

He really did not utter a word and that was very unusual, Aadesh felt sad and also very confused at the turn of events, he was ashamed to some extent but also relieved. After all it was not that he was caught in an ‘act’ which Gangaram hated or was spying on, well as it usually is, Aadesh got over it pretty fast and Seema in her sheer naked state made it easy for the young boy, Aadesh took the sweating beauty in his arms once again and her in a missionary style – making her moan repeatedly for 15 minutes before cumming in her cunt. Her spewed his juice in total and her cunt was full of his juices, from both the times.

” I am sure this will make me pregnant, just hoping that the tablet I took yesterday still works” Seema wore a worried look.

Aadesh was not concentrating on her, as of now while getting dressed he was more worried about his father, he really wanted to go and talk to him, he did not want this to be a ‘family rivalry’ between him and his father. He was willing to listen to his dad and do whatever was okay for both of them. He quickly slipped out of the house and was towards his house in no time.

Gangaram was just round the corner and after Aadesh left the place, went back to Seema’s place and quietly knocked.

Seema opened the door and was pretty bewildered and taken aback, the docile Gangaram had venom in his eyes and was looking very revengeful.

” Wear the nylex saree, which I gave you last month, and put on a black bra before slipping on the half sleeved blouse. Ensure your midriff is showing and don’t cover it, wear a mangalsutra and yes, wear kajal around your eyes and also braid your hair properly. Ensure mehandi between the braid and put flowers in your hair, I am waiting outside, your life as a whore begins from today”.

” Fuck off man, don’t dare to talk to me any more of this nonsense, limp pricked impotent, get lost and don’t show me your face” – Seema was about to say this, when her inner self stopped her from the same, and she politely requested him to come inside and quietly locked the door.

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Taking his face in her hands, ” Sorry, Aadesh is beautiful my Raja, don’t be jealous of what I did with him, you should be happy that it is happening this way, otherwise he may become wayward and get spoilt with prostitutes outside, in fact I am planning to go over to his college and stay there as a cook and maid in his house to help him overcome the lust for sex and women”, she spoke real confidently.

Gangaram slipped her hand off his face and rose from the chair and standing straight in front of her slapped her fully on her face making the maid-slut lick the floor literally. He bent to pick her using the hair and this time slapped her on the other cheek and by the time he was over, she was black and blue all over. ” Roger, my boss wants a good pussy, I was planning to take Reena and put her on the nuptial bed in front of him, he is a lecherous asshole, he will ream women in all their holes and fuck them till they bleed, but pays well, I also make money. Isn’t it good to have your master, now as your pimp? I will pay you some money of course”.

” Suppose I refuse” – Seema was testing the waters, she had no mind to go and sleep with some unknown stranger.

Gangaram smiled, running his hand on his stubby cheek, ” You will have no reason to refuse, Seema darling. I have already spoken to your husband and he has seen Aadesh going from you house, earlier he was under the impression that it was only I in you life and he was willing to forgive but now he is convinced that you are a born slut. He is not very interested in loyalty and other things neither do he bother what happens with you. He wants money. I just gave him an assurance that I will fund his ‘paan ‘ shop and also help him ‘divorce’ you. He is very happy. He has told me that he will inform your parents if you try any stunts, he has given me a clean chit to ‘own’ in every possible way and ‘enjoy’ you in all possible places with whosoever I desire”.

“I need some time to think, can I come back to you by tomorrow “. – Seema was very upset while saying this.

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” Fine, but not a word of this to Aadesh, I promise you that you will regret if you do so and for the rest of your life you may have to spend in places which you haven’t dreamt off till date, maybe you can ask your husband about the lives of holed up prostitutes. At times they drink their clients excreta because water in those holes is worse than the human urine”.

Gangaram left the place and Seema was in a state of total darkness. She did not know what to do and how to proceed.

She lay back on the rumpled bed as though she were a broken rag doll.

She though of the day, very similar to today when it all started, the moment after which she became a whore, her legs were spread obscenely apart, one knee slightly bent, her breast jutting out from her chest, and one arm limp across her sperm-filled stomach and standing over her watching her with his mouth still leering and leaking saliva was her next door neighbor, the man who had just raped her putting his clothes on. She was 15 years old and knew this man for sometime as her ‘nice’ neighbor.

On a day when all was good and things were real fine for her, her father sold her to this lecherous man without telling her mother and on pretext of an errand sent her to his house. She was mauled and raped with no chance given to escape and all was over in 20 minutes. Seema fled from the scene and left her house forever and took help of all ‘sundry’ to reach the bus stand, from where she took some transport and managed to come to the capital city. Life had been tough for her till she learnt to use her nice body-skills while at ‘work’. She did not want to make it her profession, it was an avocation- she would do it to ‘enjoy’ and not ‘be enjoyed’.

Her past was a nightmare and in no way she will make the mistake of making her future follow a similar path. She has to get out of the Gangaram chapter and she had to use Aadesh to her advantage and help. She called him at home, hoping against hope that he picks up the phone. His mother was on the line, Seema was about to hang up, when she thought of a brilliant idea, ” Ma’am have you got all clothes from the laundry, I think Aadesh babu’s shirt was still in the bathroom and couldn’t be given, I was worried so called up, could you let me know.”

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The lady of the house was a simpleton- she would not go far to analyze all this, she just shouted at Seema on the phone and told her to check it out the next day and banged the phone. Seema knew this would work, in a matter of 10 minutes there was a call on her phone and it was Aadesh calling form a public booth. ” Babuji is blackmailing me, he is forcing me in to ‘randi panna’ (prostitution) and I have to tell you a lot more, I love you Aadesh, I will remain your love all my life, and even bear your child but please help me, I do not want to have sex with anyone who is not to my liking “.

“Okay let me think it over, may be I need to warn my dad not to make this an issue “.

” NO NO NO , for god sake don’t tell him any of this- he will make my life miserable. He has warned me to keep this away from you”- sobbed Seema.

” Seema, Seema don’t worry I will come over and take care of you, okay, will be there shortly, don’t cry. I will not speak to my father, don’t lose control, you are a brave woman, and I also love you Seema. I really love you…”

” No, Aadesh don’t love me, you are from a different caste and I am already sullied, battered and a used woman. Love me to enjoy me and let me enjoy you, I am also looking forward to make you share me with your best friends. Enjoy me like your ‘own’ but doesn’t make me ‘yours’. Marry a decent girl and she will love you and you love her”. – Seema was emoting

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